Shooting in San Bernardino

Zodiac LanguageThe morning after the shooting in San Bernardino, I woke up to read that the motive for the shooting was a mystery. This seemed ridiculous to me. The article went on to list numerous other violent events until the whole of the piece was nothing but a jumbled ball of non-information. I clicked away. Why have this crap in my mind?

I then went to write a newsletter for Friday. My intent to keep it clear, simple and reliable. Non-insane, if you will.

In looking at the charts, I see the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune.  No wonder the meaning and the truth (Sagittarius) and reality (Saturn) is obscured or denied or dreamed up or down. You can probably see through the veil if you want to.

This relates to yesterday’s post, Loss Of Confidence.  It’s like being in the hospital, dying. The nurse, the doctor and your family says you’re not.

You can still feel confident but when authority (Saturn) lies (Neptune), look elsewhere for support.

OBFUSCATE – The word of the day.


Shooting in San Bernardino — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you for taking a stand, Elsa. I realize you try to keep your posts non-political, but the turning point in this country has arrived with San Bernadino, and public figures need to speak out on behalf of the rest of us. Young Muslim haters like this Bonnie and Clyde couple will continue to slaughter us until we push back very hard on their communities.

  2. I think you predicted this week this way, I read deep psychic underlying etc etc. Yes. Me too. First my dreams are rational but strong psychic like helpful to depression of lately but yesterday. Awful. Get this my former significantother.he lives in San Bernardino. Yes I sort of wish him wake up calls he refuses to take. Maybe something happened here??? He got himself into parts of my family he didn’t belong. He came from a very educated family. Why crawl into mine. Many have. I wonder if their test of fate keep showing up karma like.

  3. My son volunteers with Syrian refugees at his local center. I have known people very well who were Muslim and relocated to U.S. from various middle eastern countries. I only knew them to be extremely good citizens and back then ( 1980’s – early 1990’s). They seemed to have more in common with me than not.

    I believe now there is a hateful and violent component being preached in places like Egypt and of course the ISL strongholds. I think there are heretic leaders in the mosques who are urging followers to commit terrorism. I think they believe that coercing “westerners” to rise up against them will bring on their final religious war and end times. Total nonsense and self full filling prophesy.

    I personally think the female terrorist and mother of their baby brainwashed and masterminded the plot. I think the male was somewhat passive and a follower. I think someone from her city of orgin pursuaded them to commit this horrific slaughter of innocents. And I think there are alot of people who knew them who are not telling the truth at all. If I were the leader of a muslim community in the U.S., I would speak out in an extremely loud and vitriol voice against this alarming idealogy and expose it for the poison it is.

    After all, if I as a white person am made aware of a white supremacist, I do not stand idly by complacent. I make every loud and obnoxious effort possible to denounce and condemn mercilessly their belief as I feel it is a danger to myself and everyone else in my community. I judge that behavior as dangerous, disturbing and deranged and view myself as a crusader to prevent and attack it. I just do because I know that it is of a criminal element and that no good whatsoever can come of it. Until the muslim community stops idly sticking their head in the sand and insisting they know nothing of the violent extremism in their ranks, this will continue to plague everyone.

  4. As the sun and saturn square neptune they are also conjoining my natal sun, squaring y Asc and Desc while squaring my moon.

    Not my strongest week.

  5. I agree about the content of the article..instead of continuing information about the shooters,the article jumped into gun control…it was not informative at all..

  6. That road where the shooting took place is the road I drive straught up into the mountains to where I live. It is where I go when I go to stock up on supples, dentist, etc. Not far at all. Many of us on the mountain were very glad they were caught because sometimes the outlaws will go up itno the mountains and hide out. The cashier at the one grovery store here knew all of the injured. It was a really weird place to have a shooting. They were county workers. Very obscure place. My father was at hospital that morning and all the docs were coming in to take care of the injuries. Very odd place for a terrorist shooting. It seemed more personal. Work place and county politics. But the news keeps saying something different. I can’t tell what the news is up to this days. The gossip in the area is probably more accurate. If this was chosen as place to boost gun control , they chose the wrong place. It is very pro 2nd admendment around here.

  7. All I heard is that the couple was at a party, got pissed off, returned with guns, and mowed people down. If ya got a complaint, just shoot people about it. Or do ya get pissed off to have a reason to shoot people. I really don’t know.

    • I might believe this had they not found a bomb making factory in their home. A fight at the party may have triggered this specific attack, but they were up to no good anyhow. I wonder what the actual original plan might have been.

  8. Don’t believe anything you read in the news. Things are definitely being obfuscated… for reasons more obvious than we want to believe. Obfuscation is the right word for it. There are so many agendas right now, all at cross purposes.lies are told, information covered up, false information out out in the media. Have you ever heard of a false flag event?

  9. Personally my own natal chart is being strongly aspect it by this right now. Especially in the past week with the sun in the mix. I feel so spaced out. Can’t focus, I am losing things right left and center, things are being stolen, two bikes and counting etc., I am missing appointments. Or they get unexpectedly canclelled… that happened twice yesterday!
    Great for dreams and meditation and my creative juices are flowing. And my intuition is way activated …. almost to the point of paranoia.

    Yesterday I just felt this anxiety and fear, which is not normal for me. I chose to redirect it, but it took some effort. Strange times!

  10. So what do you even mean, Elsa? What’s the point with writing this and painting the illusion of an opinion, and then not acknowledge the (fear-mongering, disappointing) opinions of your readers? Either to smack them down and take a stand for human decency and common sense, or to at least own up to your aversion of the same.

    For the record – radical Muslims and specifically ISIS do not, and did not, form in a vacuum. To all of you: stop trying to blame the state of our world on one religion, one people and one group. Stop denying the fact that we are ALL part of why things are how they are, and stop giving in to the paranoia, fear and xenophobia that is being fed to you.

    And I can’t help but wonder – Elsa, how’s that Saturn-Neptune square working out for you? Seeing things superclearly and rational now, are we. Do you feel like you’re on the right side of things; that is, on the right side of humanity and the collective? Do you feel like you truly understand what this square means for us, and are you really integrating the lesson of how we should not meet confusion with hate? That we should not let fear of religious or political extremism divide us?

    We are really just one people, sharing the same planet, all of us calling it home. And you, you’re an astrologer. You should already know this. You have all the right tools; so do better. Try again.

  11. I didn’t pick up on any political undertones in what Elsa wrote. [*Scratches head*] Reminds me of the saying, attributed to the Talmud (paraphrased): We see things not as they are, but as we are.

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