Shocked At Your Circumstance?

climbhandspringI often work with people who seems shocked with their circumstance and I mean I see this when their circumstance is good!

You get a person who has done nothing but plan and think ahead. They contact me for a reality check and I tell them, hey! You don’t have anything to worry about.  You’re going nowhere but up!

This will be obvious. A person will have such a base under them, it’s amazing. I want to say, do you not recall doing everything right for the last dozen years?

I’m posting this to encourage people who showing up every day, and doing their best. You really will get somewhere, eventually.

Could you be doing better then you think you are? Where is your Saturn?

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Shocked At Your Circumstance? — 20 Comments

  1. Yes, I feel like I could be doing better if I had been more productive. I lost precious years. Saturn in virgo in the 7th. square neptune. opposite sun and mercury.

  2. Saturn in Sagittarius in 5th house, N. Node Conjunct Saturn, Saturn Square Pluto,
    Saturn Trine Uranus, Saturn Quincunx Asc.

    Ah SATURN — the great instructor !!!

    Things are definitely on the up & up. Finally fell like I’m on my way ~

    AND thanks for the encouragement Elsa — most appreciated!

  3. I’m always doing better than I think I am, and almost always getting better!

    1H Saturn conj. Moon & NN, trine Merc., sq. Venus & Neptune, sextile Uranus, trine Chiron, and rules Sun & Mars.

    Saturn is the boss in my chart. I have very few problems with this. 😉

  4. I am! I know because you told me LOL.

    Saturn in Cancer in the 11th. Square Jupiter, inconjunct Moon, trine Lilith, trine IC, sextile MC.

  5. Showing up everyday and doin your best . . . it works. (Not only that I enjoy working and rejoice at results).

    It is at those working points though where the opposition steps in for me. But to be honest, the opposition was there all the time. I think the punishment for succeeding was so severe, I had to hold everything and rethink exactly what was going on. But I did learn about uncontrollable rage and what it is capable of. I had to learn the larger success (jupiter in saturn’s 10th domain, saturn in the 1st squaring pluto mh). The rewards of the success always come in a different way. My virgo sun jupiter in the 10th is encased by leo pluto on the mh. I’m phenomenal behind the scenes on a job as long as the wrong people don’t recognize it.

  6. I remember being told about my 11th house Saturn to “dream a little…bigger”. LOL I make sure my goals are attainable, and my Sun-Saturn quincunx makes me wonder sometimes if it’s really what I want, but lucky me – Jup in 7th – I usually have some great people making sure I get there. Sometimes you need that cheerleader…

  7. I hope so..but the word ‘hope’ to me has lost its meaning. Having ‘faith’ that my past actions will produce good results feels more natural. But lately i have not been so kind on myself. I have to do better, my Saturn in Scorpio is asking me to. & Treat people with more respect!

  8. Sun opp saturn, moon square saturn,saturn square neptune, saturn opp MC.
    Saturn conjuct my natal moon in scorpio now.
    All you can do is you best everyday even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home”. And with Elsa and Company right here. 🙂

  9. Saturn in Virgo on the ASC
    I can’t help but compare what is perfection to where I am. I even initially read the question as “Could you be doing better?” LOL, yes, I suppose I could be doing better than I think I am.
    : )

  10. saturn at 12th house (Taurus). Saturn oppose moon and transiting saturn sitting on natal moon. so saturn oppose saturn going on, will remain for the whole 2013. dealing a lot since 2008 because of Virgo sun!! exhusted !!!

  11. My Saturn is in Sagittarius, in the 10th house, sextiling Mercury, conjuncting Uranus and squaring my Sun. I feel like I have to keep on putting effort and keep on moving, but it turns out I am doing pretty well overall.

  12. Yes, for sure: Saturn in Cancer in the 1st conjunct the ascendant, as part of a loose grand cardinal square involving Mercury/Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. Different people have been telling me not to be so hard/harsh on myself lately, all independent from eachother. They’re probably right, but i’m not feeling better about myself or my life in general one bit. To be honest, sometimes i wish i could slap them in the face with that grand cardinal square, asking: And what to do about this??!! Which is probably what i’ve been doing to myself, which makes them say: Don’t be so hard on yourself. And so the story continues. Working that chart of mine is eehm…hard.

  13. This is heartening to read for those of us having our pluto square pluto and saturn square saturn transits. I made a good base for myself: Masters degree in a solid profession that I enjoy. I worked hard to complete 8 years of college in my early 20s. I made the ‘right’ choices, coming to my family’s aid in times of need. Honored the contract I went into having a child with a man I couldn’t stay married to by moving myself and my daughter close to him. I only made love when I was in love, with men I still care for.
    It is words like yours that I whisper to myself when I look around at my temporary crappy apartment, face another colposcopy and review my ridiculous amount of student loan debt.
    Things will change again. Downloading the necessary understandings about natural boundaries now. Giving myself the necessary time and love to stay safe during these ‘difficulties’.

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