Shock! Cost Efficient Astrology!

zodiac charm germanEdit to add – two more days left on this!  Thanks!

I was writing for a client this weekend. It was an hour-long consultation. Most of my email consultations are for thirty-minutes so this was unusual for me.

As I was writing, I realized that the majority of the problems the client was having was due to her Neptune in Capricorn. Soon, Saturn will enter Capricorn and conjunct Neptune for her generation.  It’s going to be a mess.

I realized that even though I had a lot of time to write, she would be best served by reading my Saturn Neptune workshop. It’s sixty pages long! It just seemed it would be a better deal for her.

Since she’d paid for the time, I decided to offer her the workshop transcript in lieu of some of the time she’d paid for. I brought up a calculator and to my shock, realized the workshop would cost her SIXTEEN minutes of her consultation. I was floored!

Having this hit me, I’ve decided to raise the cost of these workshops.  Every single one them is a phenomenal bargain.

I’m going to do this as soon as I finish my latest class (Using Astrology To Solve Problems). This will be mid-month. If you’re interested in buying before the prices go up, here you go:

Saturn In Scorpio – A Serious Piece of Work

Saturn in Sagittarius – A Real Education

Saturn Neptune – Staying Stable As Reality Morphs

This workshop is meant for people who have Saturn in their 12th house, natally or by transit. Also people with Saturn in Pisces or Neptune in Capricorn, Neptune in the 10th house, or Saturn in aspect to Neptune; especially hard aspects (conjunction, square or opposition).

Venus Saturn – Find Your True Love & Soulmate

This workshop is for people with Venus in the 10th house or Capricorn, Cancer or Capricorn rising, Saturn in first or seventh house and people with Venus and Saturn in aspect.

These workshops are all well worth your time, money and trouble to study.  Thank you!

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Shock! Cost Efficient Astrology! — 11 Comments

  1. Your classes and consults truly are worth every penny Elsa 🙂 I have always felt I got more than my money’s worth. You do have a way to get to the heart of a situation and always offer a path of action.

    Quick question! On my last consult, I never heard back from you after I responded to your initial email offering very good advice. In fact all my emails are always marked as going into your spam folder (after all these years for some reason that bothers me). So I wonder, do you even get them or are they lost in the Sea of Spam? I realize you have a ton of email to scan and go through, plus real life of course. I just thought I’d let you know the perspective from this side of the fence . . . Are you thinking I didn’t respond while I’m thinking you didn’t? I mention this here because I wonder if others might have the same problem. I seem to be having a problem communicating in general these days . . . argh! Super frustrating for me . . . what I say and what people hear are two entirely different things.

    • Yes, I am thinking you did not respond! I never heard back from you, Tess. But I did not react because I know you are busy and sometimes take your time to process. Please resend! 🙂

  2. Hi Elsa,

    I really like the Neptune/Saturn report so far. I have a question if you don’t mind 🙂

    I have Saturn in Cap trine Moon in Virgo exact.
    I also have Neptune in Cap trine my Moon with an orb of 2 degrees.
    Does this make me more porous?

    Many thanks!

  3. I have Venus in Capricorn in 10th house but it’s trined by Saturn. I’ve been eyeing this transcript for a while now – do you think it would be good for me? I don’t see myself as having love problems but then again, I probably don’t see myself they way my partners see me.

  4. I bought this workshop about a year ago and it has been well worth it. Saturn is about to enter my 12th and it was making me nervous…then I remembered this workshop. I find the first chart really helpful over and over again even though my specific situation is totally different!

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