APRIL – Shift From Pisces To Aries – Quickening

I am very sensitive to Mars energy.  We’ll have this stellium in Pisces until mid-March when the planets will ingress into Mars-ruled Aries, one by one.

“Quickening” is the term used to describe the fluttering feeling a mother feels when her baby begins to move inside her. I feel this now.

There is a new moon in Pisces on March 11th, right before Mars enters Aries on March 12th. Once that happens, things are going to pick up speed as this incubation period ends.

The chart pictured is the solar return on this blog which takes place in April. Click to see full-size. It’s a thing of beauty! I am so excited for this upcoming year.

I am sure to shake things up here, initiating change that liberates.

Here’s my theme song!!

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APRIL – Shift From Pisces To Aries – Quickening — 18 Comments

  1. My natal mars is at 10 degrees Scorp, thank goodness for this pisces energy. I think it might be a harder transit if my chart ruler was not so mellow right now. Paying attention to NOW cause yes I do feel something under foot.

  2. I thought March was the Pisces New Moon and April was the Aries New Moon?

    I don’t want to miss the Pisces New Moon, as I’ll be getting a nice trine to all my water & earthiness :). I am looking forward to the Aries energy though. It will trine Mr. Leo’s, stellium/spread and make a Grand trine for him. That will be handy right now 😉

  3. I only noticed this when you first posted 2013 SR chart for the blog, but that’s my Husband’s Solar Return too. He is a 20’02 Aries Sun. Timezone difference will put his Pisces/Aries planets to 5th/6th house.

  4. Mars in Scorpio in the 9th house of education things will take off school wise for me. I am just starting to get into a possible Master’s program for the summer (I know I am in planning stages) whilst doing another program at another town in Music. I cannot live without my education/religion and music I have a stellium in the fifth and ninth houses. I know myself pretty darn well 🙂 People hint that my career is more of the 9th house but I try and fight it. I know some pretty scary and crazy, zany secrets that 21st century folks can’t handle. Its like feeding water to infants while I can take milk because I was at a time I was drinking drops! And I studied much. So yeah Mars in Scorpio this will be an awesome time, I was thinking I wanted to investigate into end times prophecies and makes some links about our politicians and their respect to eschatology because in essence symbolic language was used to denote a incarnate being who had malice for lack of better terms and yet retained a human nature, prime example, hitler. Anyway I know where I’m going with this. I just need a foundation. That’s where the MA comes in. I am not a bible thumper try to stay away from that too. But, in any case I love what I study and do.

  5. Okay, I need to keep this baby inside of me until then, i am going on 34 weeks and 2 days (yes, I really count the days you would too if you we’re as big as me right now!) but besides me, I must say that EVERYONE I know is coming to a sort of quickening the same time my baby is due. With my brother having to move out, my sister in law selling her house, my in-laws moving in right next to us, and a whole bunch of other things I thought it was just me influencing this energy, my husband keeps telling me the world doesn’t revolve around me, lol… I guess not, dang.

  6. i have 3 planets in Libra (mercury Jupitor and Uranus). Already tired of Pisces heavy load becuase I have 2 planet (sun and pluto) is virgo. No more energy to fight …

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