She Moved To A New Country – Landed Hard!

PlaqueHi Elsa,

I have moved from my country for working reasons. I couldn’t find a job my country due to my age. I got a decent job pretty quickly here, but can not fit in – or better, I am not allowed to fit in, because I am an immigrant and people want to keep their distance.

Am I doing something wrong or it just means I have to move on again? I am a bit lost, I thought this moving was the start of a better phase, so I grab all my courage and started again at 52 years old, alone, in a new country. Do you have an advice for me?

Sagittarius Moon

Hi, Sagittarius Moon.

Your chart and your actions show a brave, realistic person, willing to experiment. You took a leap of faith and you’ve landed hard in some respects.

I say that, because most of your plan has gone well. You may be lonely, but you’ve established yourself in a new country. You’re self-supporting. You really only have this one problem to solve.  You need some friends and some emotional support.

Here’s the interesting thing: Saturn is transiting your moon in Sagittarius at this time. This tells me, you’d likely be feeling “lack”, wherever you lived at this time.  It also explains why you feel shut out (Saturn) by the locals who are foreigners (Sagittarius).

Basically, your confidence and optimism (Sagittarius) has collided with reality (Saturn). But this does not mean you can’t resolve this.

You have two choices.

  1. You can keep rambling.
    Notice this is your first instinct. Sagittarius Moon is restless. If it’s no fun, then move along!
  2. You can acknowledge you have a decent foundation built and try to approach the local people in different ways (experiment) until you break through.

I’d probably go with the latter. You’re pretty well established, I’d hate to see you start from scratch. It is harder to find work in your fifties and you’ll be in your sixties before you know it.

I also think if you ground a bit, you’ll see this is a problem to solve, and you’ll figure out how to address it, the same way you realized you had to move to work.

It also occurs to me, if you were supposed to move, there would be far more indications of this. Nothing would be working. Doors slamming all over the place.

Instead, you’ve got everything work, outside this one door, which I think you can pry open if you wish.

If you do move on, make sure you think hard about what you’re supposed to learn from this. Because if you avoid that and move to escape something you’re supposed to work through, you’re bound to land hard a second time, to face the same lessons.

Good luck!

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She Moved To A New Country – Landed Hard! — 16 Comments

  1. I moved to other locations within England twice in my late 20s. I found it hard to make friends because it takes time to make friends. It was at least a year before I began to feel part of the groups I’d joined.

    I found that when you move to a new location other people already have their lives sorted and you’re expecting them to make allowances and include you. That’s quite a big expectation as they usually already have their friends and family in place.

    I suspect that you have to invite them into your life rather hope to be invited. And it’s likely a lot harder if you’re an immigrant.

    Time and patience and showing other people you can add value to their lives are surely part of the equation.

  2. Yes, I’m a Sagittarius and have learned the hard way that if you don’t find an effective way to solve a recurring problem, it will happen over and over again until you pull together a game plan to deal with it. Pulling up stakes and starting over just delays the inevitable.

    • Yes. I have had therapy for it. And it is an issue in my whole family to, we’ve all have
      struggled with it. When I was much younger I tought I was the only one but now I know (and saw) more and better. I am so grateful my therapist, she was a light for me.
      That also took years before I could see that! 🙂

  3. I’m a Sagittarius too and I’m also looking to move to Portugal in the not too distant future. I have a couple of British contacts in Serra da Estrella, one of whom is just setting up a retreat centre for all things spiritual. If you would like to contact me I can put you in touch – that is if Elsa would kindly help by forwarding my details to you. (this is the first time I’ve ever posted on someone’s page …..)
    And Elsa, love what you’re doing 🙂

  4. My heart goes out to you Sagittaris Moon. Twenty years ago a very similar things happened to me when I moved overseas and like you I got a good job but I couldn’t connect properly with others. I didn’t solve the issue then or maybe it wasn’t the right time. I’m working on it now I’m back home again. Good luck!

  5. @ Sagittarius Moon.Personally i would not call it “landed hard”, – just very normal process. Even if you got a new neighbor, of the same nationality, i am not hurrying to embrace them for two reasons: first, not everybody likes to be approached right the way and second reason, – let the things unfold naturally. I have moved out my country to another, where i am living right now for about 23 years ago. Although i was not accepted by everybody around here, when i see new foreigner, i am also not always very enthusiastic, cause sometimes the newcomers can be full of helplessness and sometimes expectations coupled to it. As harder you try to be friendly, as harder people will back off. Act natural, keep your dignity and you will be all right. Just a question for reconsideration: Were you always accepted by everyone you have met in your own country and are people there always friendly?

  6. This was me a couple of years ago. Although it is the same country I moved within I had a VERY hard time landing. Saturn transited my sun-venus and jupiter stellium in 9th house at the time.

    I had to leave a very nice job behind though – and I had a giant mass of failed attempts at job hunting while Saturn ran amok in my 9th/10th house those years (2014-2016).

    I learned the hard way that giving up everything you’ve worked hard for (a really good job after three years of unemployment) to be with a man is not a viable solution. So yeah, Saturn is a hard task master…

    But I kept pushing on. Untill my BF broke up, and my mother told me she had approx 10 years left to live because of parkinsons desease. All this happened around the Virgo Solar Eclipse this september.

    And since “letting go” so many things have been going great after I moved back. I had some lessons to learn, and Saturn ensured that I learned them… I was practically all by myself over there – and that taught me to be alone. To sit with my loneliness and just be . It taught me to rely on myself. And that’s what I think this Sag Moon has to learn as well. After two years I had gained one friend. One. Friend.
    The culture barriers has been a brutal but efficient teacher, and I intend to use this period to the fullest.

    Also – really sucks the happines out of you to live right on the astro lines of Saturn AND Pluto square your ascendant… can’t recommend it. But very maturing…

  7. I know how it is. You may want to become a regular in a coffee shop or restaurant or go to the Portuguese are a friendly people. Maybe ride this transit out and find out when it is opportune to get out there. Also, if you are religious it is easier to find community. Or take classes.

  8. Everyone just about in my country (ireland) moves about until we settle down and have kids—then we move home. We all agree that it takes at least two years to properly settle in a new place and start to feel at home. It takes time (saturn) to work out the etiquette in a new place, who wants to be friends and who’s just being polite, and to adapt to the new culture. Give yourself time, and it will work out.

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