Sex Drive: Mars in the Natal Chart

I have Mars (sex drive) conjunct Mercury in the 9th house (expansive); my Mars runs free. I have a nearly constant awareness of sex and an accompanying urge to have some. My sex drive is much like a man’s (as I understand it) because I sort of scan around all the time, having the sex appeal of others register inside me.

At times it’s intense enough to be annoying. For example sometimes I go in the gym and I’m distracted by all the men who look good in there. I am distracted with desire to mount them as they pass by when I would really like this kind of thing off my mind. It’s like having your lower chakra always on and I have been wondering lately about other people’s experience, with the astrology attached.

For example, what it you have Mars attached to Saturn, rather than Jupiter (9th house) like I do. Does this mean your sex drive is squelched? Do you repress your sex drive the way mine is irrepressible?

Or alternately, is your sex drive even worse than mine because it is restrained? So which is it?

Where is your Mars and how is it aspected?



Sex Drive: Mars in the Natal Chart — 88 Comments

  1. I adore sex but I am very choosy about who I do it with. That doesn’t mean, however, that I have to be in love with the person, or even that the possibility of love be present. It just means they have to be good-looking.

    I love looking at men. It’s true. But it is rare that I go buzzing around like a hornet like you’re describing. I just don’t see enough men that I want to do it with.

    Scorpio Mars conjunct MC, and my Pisces Moon trines the Mars too … I don’t know if that means anything.

  2. Cancer Mars conjunct Saturn. It’s there, it’s sky high, it’s troublesome to the point of putting pressure on relationships. And then it’s off, non-existent. When I’m in a relationship I can’t get enough. When I’m single most guys don’t even begin to catch my eye, much less my mind and they certainly don’t turn me on.

    Stop, start. It makes me amazingly desperate for a relationship and highly monagamous.

  3. My sex drive is pretty high – I find myself making sexual comments without noticing and glancing at good-looking men when they’re unaware (i’m shy).
    Usually it’s all in my head because I like fantasising. My Mars is in Libra, 6th house, squaring Mercury, opposing Moon and the Ascn. and sextile Uranus. sorry for the boring details. Oh and I just noticed it also squares my MC (my poor Mars, snif)

  4. Well, I picked sky-high & ever present. My Mars is in the tail-end of the 3rd House & could be read as in the 4th House. It’s in Gemini, conjunct Venus & Saturn, opposite Neptune, trine Moon & Pluto. It’s curious you mentioned Saturn, b/c while I’ve always had a very high sex drive, I’ve had relatively few partners. So, that might explain how Saturn might “squelch” ones natural desires. πŸ˜‰ And with Venus & Mars conjunct…well, I’ve been told I’m insatiable *evil grin* πŸ˜€

    Of course, I also go thru ebbs & flows…the past few wks have been rough b/c the normal level of desire is 1000x’s worse than usual, but the horizon looks fairly empty from here. hehe

    Which brings me to something I’ve been meaning to ask – astrological signs, aspects, etc. often run in families…I’ve often wondered if some people get hornier at certain times of the year b/c (if they or their partner conceived then) it would produce a child of a particular sign (or with a certain aspect)? What do you think?

  5. i buzz like the bee when i’m feeling great – but it’s off if i’m feeling low then i barely notice – my mars is conjunct my sun, venus and pluto but squares saturn.

  6. mars in cap, sun sextile mars, mars in the 1st house.
    My husband says I am more like a guy. Poor guy, he’d like to be able to keep up.

  7. I’m on the fairly low end; I like sex, I just generally have other priorities. And a whole complex where I’m pretty sure I’m not very attractive, so what’s the point anyway? Other games in life work out better for me.

    Mars in Gemini in 10th house. It appears to be part of a strong and a weak grand trine – formed with moon in Aquarius in 6th and then sun and uranus in the 2nd.

  8. Mars in the 9th in sag conjunct mercury, neptune, mc, moon, square saturn and ascendant, sextile pluto. I have a sex drive, but since Saturn has been transiting the fifth (just finished recently) I really haven’t had much of one. In my mind, yes, but no real action regarding it, even though I have the opportunity.

    I was a late bloomer but then I exploded, but when in a relationship I don’t look elsewhere for that. But for me, as hot as a man is, I don’t so much want to have sex with him, I can appreciate the beauty but I need a connection. When I was younger it was about ‘getting him’ but now, not so much. I have Venus in Scorp in the 8th and that’s where that comes from, I’m guessing. And then comes the control problem, but that’s another story πŸ™‚ All I know is I want my real sex drive back!!!!

    My b/f has mars conjunct venus in scorpio and I have never met a more insatiable person. Goddamn, I was always the aggressor until meeting him, it was all new territory.

  9. mars in aquarius, house 1. conjunct sun, trine pluto… I used to have and excessive sex drive when I was a teenager, then I become almost frigid at around 18 to 27. Now it’s getting normal, but far from high. 1-2 times a week or less. depends alot on the time of the month. This was due to a hormonal unbalance, I don’t know of any astrological transit that would back it up.
    I’ve done a litle research on my own about this, I love talking about sex with friends. I’ve noticed both saturn and jupiter contacts to mars can make for a huge libido. I was surprised about saturn.. it also gives loads of self control as would be expected, but no effect on low libido that i’ve noticed.

  10. Sky high but I think I might have been foiled by the laptop mousepad and clicked the wrong button on the poll. I have Mars conjunct Pluto and Uranus in the 10th part of a t-square involving Mercury in the 7th and Saturn in the 4th. I spend a lot of time being frustrated beyond belief when I’m not in a relationship. Scorpio moon and Ascendant and an 8th house Venus. When things are good, it’s really really good.

  11. I’ve been accused of being oversexed…but I’m a responsible Cap, so I try to repress it πŸ˜›
    Mars-sag, 1st house; square jupiter, conjuct. neptune, sextile pluto.

  12. I have a highly aspected Mars in Leo in the fifth conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and trine Jupiter and Uranus.

    Sexuality is just part of life for me, and it pervades the way I look at the world. It doesn’t really stand out to me because it’s so intermeshed with everything else. It can also be sort of frustrating when it comes to actual sex. If sex isn’t fun (Jupiter), unusual (Uranus), loving (Venus), and an opportunity for me to express (Mercury) myself (Sun/Leo) and my creativity (5th), then it’s unfulfilling. That’s a lot to cover!

  13. I am so over sexed and as for mars and it’s aspect….I am not sure…still astrotarded. Oct 31, 1970 Co. Springs. Co

  14. Mars conjunct merc in 5H leo with ‘easy’ aspects to venus, moon, chiron, asc, mc and jupiter but squaring neptune…..I LOVE sex. I am also a very monogamous person and if not in a relationship feel starved for my ‘other’…though can be content w/o.

    I see sex is such a part of enjoying the body you were born with in this lifetime that I don’t analyze it. I have always noticed that I think about sex a lot and everyday throughout the day (wondering what someone looks like naked, what they are like in bed, what they are like with their spouse/so in bed, etc…gosh!). I guess it just feels normal??

    Definately when I am single, I need to ‘click’ with someone or it’s a no go. In due part I feel like most of my relationships have been quite karmic. It’s like we energize each other with good dialogue, interests laughter and more laughter. I feel pretty freakin’ normal, happy and sexualized. πŸ™‚

  15. Mars in Aries, forms a Grand Fire Trine with Saturn and Neptune. Conjunct Venus. My sex drive is high, and I consciously chose a life partner who has a higher sex drive than me. Previous relationships have seen me grow depressed and left me totally unfulfilled.

  16. Mars is in Leo in the 5th house, conjunct the Sun and sextile the Moon.

    I’ve always had a strong sex drive, but kept it under wraps for a lot longer than most young women. That’s due to a Venus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. I wasn’t going to do it with anyone just for the sake of doing it. It had to be with someone I loved with everything I had in me.

    Even now, after marrying and having three kids, I feel the same. Casual sex and experimenting with many different partners are just not for me.

  17. Oh, one more thing–and this has got to be Mercury in Virgo in the 5th, as well as Venus/Pluto…there has to be some kind of strong mental connection, or I lose interest in a snap.

    Looks and other physical attributes never attracted me. I’ve never been attracted to stereotypical “handsome” men.

  18. Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus! When it’s on it’s on, and when it’s not, it’s not. Drove a lot of men bats over the years. Very selective about lovers because it’s the emotional connection that Scorpio is interested in as much as the sex. Interestingly enough, since the hormones aren’t racing through my system anymore, I feel free . . . goes back the control thing(Mars in Scorp sq Pluto). Resented feeling like I was being led around by my damn blood chemistry!! Still notice a really nice butt though . . . πŸ™‚

    My guess is that Mars in Water signs need the emotional component to feel fulfilled in their sexuality.

  19. It varies…high when I am with someone, nonexistent when I am not. I think my body figured out that there’s no point in having a sex drive when there’s nobody to do it with.

  20. I have Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house sextile Jupiter. I would have checked no sex drive sometime ago because I was less aware of it. Sometimes I don’t know how aggressive I am or how in sexual situations I tend to tenderly take charge. I also haven’t associated myself with anger. I’ve finally had a sort of sexual awakening now and notice my root chakra on a lot too. As a Gemini I resent my shoulder surfing when I talk to someone and have tried to curb it, but I talked to this one spiritual guy who compared me to my Chinese astro, the tiger, and see that I can’t help but notice every sexy man I see.

  21. I have lots of illusions about sex and what is sexy/attractive. Like, somehow women having sex shouldn’t be real, but the tan, hairless, large-breasted pornographic plastic women. And when I find out what men want (through speech and things I read/watch), that their standards are more stringent maybe, I get confused. I feel like there are many different kinds of sex, some that are portrayed in movies I find depressing and boring. This is very confusing. Do you know what I mean?

  22. I really don’t know how to answer. (The pesky Mars Venus Pluto conjunction in Libra rears it’s head! RAR!)

    I went from having a fairly normal sex drive to a sky-high period from the late 90’s into early 2001 where I felt more like the idea of a “male” sex-drive. Then I gained a bunch of weight and my sex drive plummeted – although I still need between one and three sessions a week to stave off crankiness, depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle. (Sorry if that’s TMI, guys.)

    So I suppose I vote “Two times a week” and call it a day. πŸ™‚

  23. Mars in 12th in Gemini square Saturn – what sex drive? πŸ˜‰ Do I have any? I seriously consider I’m asexual and the Moon conjunct Pluto doesn’t help.

  24. scorpio mars inconjunct saturn: I have the drive of a succubus, except when I don’t.

    last night I thought I was going to get laid and then I didn’t. I cried. seriously.

  25. My Taurus Mars is part of an earth grand trine involving my Cappy Moon in the 2-6-10 houses. In my daily life, sex is pretty much a biological drive. I either feel it or I don’t, and I can satisfy it with or without a partner. But Mars also opposes Neptune, so sex also plays an integral role in my fantasy life. I can be easily overwhelmed with desire and then have it disappear altogether.

  26. Scorpio mars in the third house, conjunct Saturn and Pluto, Square the Sun and opposing the MC, and a Venus sextile.

    Sex and drive has been a big conflicted deal since I was extremely young. High drive, always on my mind, and a hefty dose of “Oh but I shouldn’t.”

    The sextile manifests itself as no shortage in my ability to attract what I want.

  27. I picked moderately high because once in a while I get bound up in something emotional and don’t wanna …. but it’s rare. I need a connection with my partners, but I get along with people pretty easily so if someone’s reasonably intelligent and not an asshole, I can usually forge a bond.

    Mars is
    conjunct Venus/2nd/Cancer
    opposite Jupiter/8th/Cap
    square Uranus/5th/Libra

    On a side note, my Mars and Venus both are all squares and opposites, no easy aspects there at all.

  28. Mars in Leo conjunct Uranus in the fourth – I love it with the lights on even though I’m not real happy with my body. My Cancer SO gives me lots of touching and attention, which I love. I also enjoy a little role playing or dressing in something unusual – usually hidden under my clothes until the moment arrives. I can see the Leo/Uranus. I didn’t have sex for 13 years, so I guess I can sublimate pretty well, and I am very picky about who I share myself with, but now that I’m back at it I’m pretty hot all the time. Go figure.

  29. Mars in Aries, 5th house (square uranus, neptune; trine sun, mercury; sextile jupiter).

    None of which has anything to do with my sex drive, apparently. It’s next to nonexistent.

  30. I look at and wonder about every man I see. You know why? Because you truly never know what someone is like sexually– someone who seems like a hottie could be a real dud, and someone nondescript could have this hidden intense drive that is really hot.

    I also love unspoken sexual tension in interactions– when they’re wondering the same thing about me and we’re playing with each other. I see nothing wrong with acknowledging sexual attraction– it the force that makes the world go ’round!

    Virgo Mars 12H. Just noticed the “hidden” theme in what I just wrote. Ha ha. πŸ™‚

    High sex drive. I think about it all the time. I think it’s really good for your health, too, seriously.

  31. on, or off, depending on who’s around. totally depends on their “vibes” πŸ˜‰
    but i can go for a loooong time without noticing it, lacking the proper company. but when it’s on… well… yeah.
    (pisces, square neptune…)

  32. What wyrdling says…

    Mars in Taurus, conjunct Mercury exact, loosely conjunct Jupiter, but all of them opposing Neptune from the 12th house cup (Placidus). And Venus in Cancer in 8 has a lot to say who and what turns me on as well…

  33. Mars in Scorpio in the first house unaspected. Since I also have Scorpio rising, it is also my chart ruler. For most of my life, I was pretty much a horn dog. Then menopause hit and it’s tamped down quite a bit. Honestly, right now I like not having one. It is really freeing at this stage of the game. It also helps that I’m not in a relationship now and not looking for one. That will probably change a bit when I get my Mars return in a few months.

  34. I notice some of the people w mars in Air, and the MArs in Virgo here confuse the thinking about sex w actually having sex. Since your mars’ are mental in nature , the thought may seem like doing the act to you.
    Don’t get the two confused. How much you actually have sex is your sex drive.

    Being a Mars in air native, there has to be a mental component to turn me on, otherwise I can basically take it or leave it. I can turn on and turn off in an instant, if I become disengaged mentally. Ive done experiments so to speak w women who have air venus/mars. I posed some ideas to them, I hit buttons. It seems they all liked the idea of watching eachother masterbate, or playing over the laptop cam. They all liked whispering into the ear, dirty talk, flirting etc.

    But they also could easily turn disinterested and start thinking about other things. My opinion about mars in air signs is were pretty disengaged from the physical body.

    Mars in the 12th, mars hitting neptune will severely effect the physical vigor/sex drive adversely regardless of sign.

  35. I have Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto/Pallas and Uranus in the 8th. It also trines Saturn. Whenever I think of my mars, I think of the tarot card Strength. It can be a wild vicious beast. But, it can be controlled.
    My sex drive is ridiculous. And, I’ve found–due to my own self-condition in response to personal experience–that I’ve trained it to be like a male sex drive. I’m in the process of re-training and learning to re-direct.
    I can attribute the need to do this to my marriage. Our composite chart has Mars in Cancer. Watery Mars (even though mine is in a water house) is not something I’m accustomed to. I’m learning.
    Coincidentally, today is my Mars return.

  36. I have Mars in Cap conj. Sun., loosely trine Virgo Moon. When I was with my ex, sex was frequent. There were issues there (his Saturn is conj. my Moon, his Mars/Moon opp. my Sun/Mars), but I wanted it only a little less than he did.

    Now, that I’m single, I think it would be nice if I had something going on, but I’m not raging inside. I tried casual sex a couple of times, and it just didn’t do it for me. (These guys also underperformed to the high standards my ex – also my first lover – set for me.)

    I get very sad if I think that the rest of my life might go by without having another sex partner. I think sex is a very important part of life. My life, anyway. So I hope for another partner, one that can rock me twice a week. πŸ˜‰

    Gah, tr. Saturn is square my Sun/Mars right now. Maybe when that is over.

  37. @Astrochologist: “I notice some of the people w mars in Air {…} confuse the thinking about sex w actually having sex. Since your mars’ are mental in nature , the thought may seem like doing the act to you. Don’t get the two confused. How much you actually have sex is your sex drive.”

    I have to strongly disagree! Sex drive isn’t about how often you get it, as that’s dependent on other people (the right people) being there! I think the strength of one’s sex drive (by drive, it’s something inside of you, just like other drives relate to anger etc) is about how strong your desires are when they are expressed and how central sex is to your being (be it in your thoughts, feelings or in practice).

    I have Mars in Libra in the 8th conjunct Moon, Pallas, Saturn and Pluto (all in the 8th). I have very strong desires and WHEN I have sex, it can be overwhelming for me and the other person, it’s that strong. So it’s never a great idea for me to be with someone who doesn’t have equally intense desires. My saturn being in the mix means I don’t always “get” sex, but that has nothing to do with how strongly I feel about it or express it. That’s external πŸ˜‰

    One thing I do agree with re the Mars in Air is that I have to be turned on by someone mentally as well as emotionally. There’s got to be that mental click with someone too.

  38. And my Mars in the 8th is parallel Sun and trine Ascendant, so it’s very strong in my chart – I don’t care how “debilitated” it’s supposed to be in Libra! πŸ˜‰

  39. Wow, lots of comments so far. Must be a hot topic!
    I just checked out my chart and noticed Mars in Taurus in the 3d house squaring Jupiter and the Sun in the first. Appears ominous, can anyone explain this? Is my sexuality basiclly screwed;)?

  40. Aging myself here…

    Anyone recall “Karn Evil 9” by Emerson Lake & Palmer? Yea, well, Mars/Leo 7th house. That’s the only song that ever comes to mind.

  41. @Elsa, I have Mars conjunct Moon in my 9th house. My sex drive was really high as a kid (does that sound weird? It felt weird, I was raised strict Catholic).

    Now I find it’s unpredictable and directly related to my stress level and emotional demeanor. I rarely find strangers attractive – they are like cardboard cutouts. But in the past I was much more physical and direct about it. *shrug*

  42. Mars in Capricorn conjunct sun and moon , all trine Saturn in Virgo, I voted what sex drive?! Venus in Scorpio, but in 12th house, repressed….

  43. Leo Mars opp Aquarius Venus conj Saturn

    You tell me! πŸ˜‰

    CAN’T do casual, libido is strong on my mind for action WHEN in a relatioship. someone catches my eye… I have an eye for beautiful ‘vibe’ energy.

  44. This Uranus/Pluto square hitting my Aries Mars is murder on my sex drive. It’s been really, really horrible. I’m hoping I’ll bounce back before I’m an old lady and all my eggs have died.

  45. Hi! First time I comment…I have mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Sag three degrees from Mars and one from Jupiter… sex drive ever present!

  46. I try my best to transform my sex drive into something creative becuase if I didn’t, it would be something procreative. There would be a lot of little Heroes running around the earth, which doesnt sound bad. Except I wouldn’t be able to pay the child support.

    Mars conjunct midheaven

  47. i was thinking…shall i say something or not? i am glad you did. drive is *motivation*, not necessarily realisation. and the blocks, within or without, to realisation are a whole other ball game.

    perhaps its just a matter of semantics…i see a lot of that. there is not real disagreement often, in the end, just different word definitions.

  48. Thank you!! i love your blog! sorry about what happened in your community. So much pain for all those families. Terrible loss of life.

  49. Mars in Cancer in the first conjunct Sun & Venus. I wouldn’t say I’m always “on” but its more trouble than I care to say not because of my drives but other people’s reactions..

    Jupiter & Moon sextile Mars.. Saturn quintile Mars. Pluto quintile Mars. Mars trine MC.

    Mars is my 11th house ruler.

  50. Great topic! Ive got Mars in the third in Pisces, Sextile Saturn, Trine Pluto and Jupiter. Lets just say that my sex drive is ALWAYS on (although that might just be because im a 22yr old, red-blooded American male lol) and I am always flirting with everyone (Mars 3). I disagree with Saturn repressing it, in my experience Saturn makes it worse! The only sign as sexual as Scorpio is Capricorn, amiright? The old bastard is as randy as they come! It makes the art of the conquest serious business, and nothing to mess around with.

  51. I voted the second one down (cut a break now and again) as I have mars in my 1st conjunct merc. If someones a real bore, I’m out, lol! But get me around a smart witty person and WOW!

  52. Lol, well re saturn (as I mentioned earlier, I have it widely conjunct mars in the 8th) and they do say “saturn in the 8th = strong sensuality needs restraining”. I always wondered where they got that from, but saturn doesn’t always cool what it touches in my experience, does it add delays and frustration? For sure, but maybe it also makes it all (our desires) that much more serious!

    Lol @ AstroGeek πŸ˜€

  53. MMM… nice topic!
    Elsa, my 1st H Mars in Gemini conjuct 1st H jupiter in Cancer! need I say more? Ok, Aries Moon square Mars in Gemini… need I say MORE?? OK, Aries Moon trine Venus in Leo and square Uranus in Scorp. :)) i think of sex very often πŸ™‚

  54. hmmm…I’ve got Mars Aquarius in the 5th house and a Scorpio Stellium. I can turn it on and be more than happy to have zee sex morning and nite, but I can also turn it off totally.
    My husband was very ill before he died… so from the age of 36 until I was 48, I lived a celibate life and focused on raising my child alone.
    I’ve had 3 relationships since and have made up for lost time. πŸ™‚

  55. Mars in Capricorn in the 8th House, conjunct Venus, Sun & Mercury, trine Uranus, Pluto & Moon, sextile Chiron. Super aspected.

  56. Scorpio Stellium…it controlled much of my youth but not in a trampy way…I always had a one and only. It was fun, I enjoyed it. But, I promise no matter how much you love it or think about it….hormones will def change it for you.

    I really wish when I was younger I didn’t have that in my head so often. I could have accomplished so much with that energy. It was a priority for me and it got in the way of a lot of other good stuff I could have been focused on.

    I’m talking like I have one foot in the grave ahahahah….nope. I still love it. Just found some other ways to spend that energy….

  57. Mars 11 degrees Aquarius in the fourth. on the cusp of the 5th house at 16 degrees. Trine moon, Acd, Neptune, Lilith and in opposition Pluto.
    I like the 5th house fun and romance thing. I have Sat square venus so I chalk that up to relationships that were once hot and heavy sometimes turning cool.

  58. Mars/jupiter/neptune conjunct in 11th, in capricorn (except neptune at 29 sagg) all sextile pluto.

    I do not understand it and I am not sure I ever really will, but when I put forth effort I accomplish things. It’s that easy. It’s the motivation that’s hard. I had a difficult beginning, but I’ve had a lot of luck and support in my life and I try not to take it for granted. I have in the past, but I know it won’t last forever and I don’t want to be a drain, so that is my motivation I suppose. I also had this problem of my fantasies becoming real, so I’ve stopped fantasizing and things are going great.

    As far as sex drive – it’s restrained. I’m not sure why. No abuse issues or serious hangups. I certainly have the drive. Venus/saturn in scorp?

  59. Sun, Mercury, and Mars conjunct in 9th Aquarius…. trio TRINES LIBRA Pluto in 5th house…. 7th house Venus QUINTILE PLUTO — very idealistic in love…My man needs to be smart and funny, otherwise no missiles launching, not even a spark.

    I say mars in air have great imaginations …The brain is the real sex organ after all.

  60. blankI havemy 5th house. Also, I have Mars conjunct my moon, trine Venus, sesquiquadrate Saturn and square Pluto. I have a strong sex drive. If my Saturn aspect has cooled my libido, I really can't tell. I tend to go after my prey ruthlessly (Venus in Aries), on said:

    I have Mars in Sagittarius in my 5th house. Also, I have Mars conjunct my moon, trine Venus, sesquiquadrate Saturn and square Pluto.

    I have a strong sex drive. If my Saturn aspect has cooled my libido, I really can’t tell. I tend to go after my prey ruthlessly (Venus in Aries), but being a Taurus, and quite feminine, I’m very good at appearing as if it were all their idea and not mine at all (Venus/Mars trine). I do tend to be a aggressive, which I think is the Mars-moon conjunct. I was always puzzled by the Taurus stereotype–very patient, hard to anger, phenomenal earth moving explosion when finally mad–which is not me at all. Instead, I get annoyed, easily irritated, quickly vent and then I move on and it’s out of my system. I have none of the Taurean common sense, either. I’m impulsive and if my emotions are involved, common sense and reason go completely out the door. I will be faced with extreme consequences and just not care. I see the risk, but what I feel right now is all that matters.

  61. I have high sex drive when i am in a relationship.I have Mars in Leo conj Jupiter in Virgo in the 5th house cusp.I ahve also Saturn in Virgo in the end of the fifth.
    My problem is that i found the man of my life and he has low sex drive(maybe with me?!).In the past i had a long term relationship with a man with Aries mars.After that relationship i haven’t been with a person with high sex drive..:((

  62. Well my Mars is in excellent shape and is part of my mystic rectangle. It is inTaurus in 8th house trine critical Libra Jupiter and Saturn, sextile Pisces Moon (exact), opposite Scorpio Uranus, and inconjunct Libra Pluto. I’m super energetic, athletic, and spontaneous. I am a risk taker amd believe in go big or go home- and I never go home. Crazy people have called me crazy which is funny. But what most don’t know nor see is that if I have to, I can shut my body down and I have complete control/maintain discipline at all times. I’m what most would actually call a “square” bc I don’t drink alcohol, do any drugs, or eat junk food, etc. Pain doesn’t get to me, I can drive through anything on the most instinctual level- just get the heck out of my way.

    Sex drive…well I haven’t been with many, but when I’m with someone, sex is very often and animalistic. There isn’t anything kinky or dirty, just simple sex repeatedly and lots of touching and hugs. The man always say dirty things and he always gets attached to me sexually. I am not someone that men can easily have a one night stand with as I’m very slow, luxurious, absorbing, and deliberate. I’m not hard, fast, nor an aggressor. I never had to chase any man nor ask/demand sex from him- they can’t keep their hands nor other body parts away from me. My danger has always been that if I’m alone in a room with a man- his clothes will come off and he will try to get sex out of me so I tend to not be alone with any man in a room (unless he’s gay then that’s ok).

    Having relaxed Taurus Mars in 8th house exudes sexy and alluring vibes which is great…but many men get either overly excited about me or they can’t handle my deep Scorpionic kind of energy that’s mixed with Taurean sensuality and femininity. Perhaps my Venus trine Pluto (exact) may have something to do with this too. I would never trade my Mars and aspects for anything else!!!

    I’ve only been with men who have Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus Mars (earth and water). The fire Mars men are too shallow to grasp my slow and below the surface feel and the air Mars men are too amped up on their ideologies to give me the earthy and sturdy energy that I need. I don’t give a rat’s ass about kink or fetishes or any of that complicated bullshit. Sex to me is simple, natural, comforting, deep, bonding and secretive, warm; major necessity for relationship. It’s not a weapon nor an ideology, and it’s not something that is thrown around like a commodity nor should it represent status-all that is pure nonsense.

  63. I am a Scorpio (rising and sun) with my Mars in the 8th house Cancer. My Mars is trine my Pluto in the 12th house conjunct my sun in the 12th house. My Mars is also opposite my Neptune and Uranuse conjunction. Pluto is conjunct my ascendant.
    As far as sex drive- I have a very high one. It may be dormant for awhile if I am not getting any physical results but that is due to my own mind forcing it out since the desire is so strong. I am not immediately sexually attracted to people and I do not ‘go after’ someone I have my eyes on (Mars opposite Neptune). If I find someone attractive I will normally try to lure them with my energy and respond positively to advances. I am easily repulsed and easily turned on (I’m not sure if this is because of my Venus in the first house, Aquarius moon, or Cancer Mars). My Pluto trine Mars gives me a bit of a dark attraction and I am into BDSM and the sort. I have very passionate, emotional, sex.

  64. Elsa, I have the same natal position of you, with mercury conjunct mars in the 9th house. When my 19 year marriage ended, the first thing I missed was the “sex”. Over the years I had a bad habit of looking at other men and having obsessive thoughts with some of them. But I always remained faithful and was fortunate to have a man with a strong sex drive. Now that my marriage has ended, I found the best way to release those sex urges is to buy sex toys. I chose a Scorpio man in my last relationship hoping for passion and hot nights, but he was not what I was expecting and was not willing to “experiment”, even when looking at his chart I saw his “dark moon” was in Scorpio at master degree 22. I am considering moving to another country to start a new life, but the place I have chosen will result in my relocation chart having both my mercury and mars in the 8th house instead of 9th. I am afraid that may make me sexually out of control!

  65. Sometimes I wonder if I might be a sex addict. My urges are so intense. I look at every man through a sexual lens and some females too although my cravings are generally for the male anatomy. I have mars conj Uranus sextile Jupiter and Saturn. I haven’t had sex in a while and I feel anxious, emotional, and overwhelmed with desire. I was just telling someone last night that I feel most at peace and free when I’m having sex. It’s where I feel like I’m the most myself. Everything else I do is is just coping with reality. And sex is art.

    • Hi Elsa,
      I was searching here for clues to my peregrine Mars in Sag. conj. Pallas in 3rd (which also forms a Thor’s Hammer Saturn in 8th (apex), Pluto in 12th). I’ve read some of the commentary here about many different aspects in astrology, but haven’t received, as of yet, an accurate assessment of my own astrological sexual nature, either in searching online or from a professional astrologer. One assessed me as being “frigid,” and well, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, the first orgasm I ever had was as an 11 year old in dance class (I was doing a split). I have been an athlete for most of my life, appeared in a men’s magazine layout, have had lovers of both sexes, been to sex parties, and feel orgasm in a way that is quite aggressive. I also place an inordinate amount of importance on words (for arousal) and voice. My sexuality has been an issue and a problem for several of my past relationships, and men have often said I have an inordinate amount of sex appeal. (Jupiter Libra Asc also). I have also suffered physical (medical) sexual trauma and recovered miraculously. Mars lacks Ptolemaic aspects in my chart. Combined with the Thor’s Hammer and conjunction to Pallas, along with what seems a very masculine oriented sexuality ( I prefer men to women) that is quite pleasing, I have not been able to have an astrologer accurately give me feedback on Mars in my chart. Any thoughts how it is manifesting? My Venus is in Leo (10th) and conjunct Vesta and Black Moon Lilith (Vest and BML are in Cancer), as well.

    • I also have Lilith and Juno in house Eight, plus a trine of Mars with Moon. But I’m absolutely not like you. So these factors can’t be made responsible. Of course it must also be considered that I never have opportunities. But opportunities would be the first thing for an astrological chart to show, wouldn’t it? Already because otherwise observations could never have been made and astrological theory could never have been formed.

      • Perhaps also important that Lilith in a man’s chart differs from Lilith in a woman’s chart. For a woman Lilith represents her wild side, for a man how to scare him away.

        • Falkor, isn’t it possible that chart aspects that are dormant in yours are more activated in mine due to my other planetary placements? I’m no astrologer, but if you read a few descriptions of what’s most immportant to an 8th house Lilith/Juno, you’ll see why I connect them to libido.

  66. My Mars is also conjunct Mercury in the 9th, but both are very close to the 10th house cusp and Midheaven. The Mars/Mercury conjunction is opposite Neptune (Capricorn, 3rd house/4th house cusp), trine Pluto (Scorpio, 2nd house) and sextile the Moon (Virgo, 11th house). And if I include asteroids then there is an interesting trine to Juno in Aquarius, 5th house, completing a water grand trine… but the orbs aren’t very close.

    I identify as asexual with an extremely low sex drive. I’m also aromantic.

  67. Lol, I also have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th, yet my sex drive is nonexistent. I identify as asexual. Never had a sexual thought or tingle for another person. Just goes to show that no aspects ever exist in a vacuum I guess. Mars and Mercury are in Cancer, tightly conjunct Midheaven, opposite Neptune (Cap 3rd), trine Pluto (Sco 2nd), sextile Moon (Vir 12th), square Libra ascendant and square Lunar Nodes (NN in Ari 7th). Not sure if it’s the Cancer energy, Virgo 12th Moon or Neptune that does it… but don’t really care anyhow, being asexual is awesome! Especially since I’m also aromantic… Life is very simple! πŸ˜‰

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