Settling In Under The Cancer Moon

moving truck saint louisWe’re here!

After all the hijinks, we arrived safely. We did not get the house we wanted, due to the appraisal report not being delivered and accepted until FIFTY days after it was ordered.

This caused a tremendous amount of stress…mostly due to the fact we have three dogs. Would you rent your house to someone who had three dogs? Probably not!

But in the end, we did find someone to rent to us and we’re happy with the deal. We paid three months (inflated) rent in advance…but avoided signing a year’s lease.  This gives us 90 days to find a new home. If not, I’m sure we can go month to month…

The house is small but adequate.  We did have to rent storage because there is no garage. However – and this is big – we are completely unloaded now and will return the truck today.

It’s big, because we’re old and this was hard work for all involved.

I have other news…our house in Colorado went on the market yesterday. We had a full price offer within two hours. Our agent is holding an open house today and tomorrow if necessary. One way or the other, we expect to be under contract within a few days.

We had a rough couple days, sitting in a hotel with three dogs and everything we own, packed in a truck in a parking lot…with no one answering our calls on various rentals. However, at no time did we regret this move. On the contrary, we’re all happy to be here.

I’ve already had my first visitor – the gal I met when I came here in February to shop houses.  She came over and met the dogs…hung out in our lawn-chair living room, telling jokes.

If you’re waiting and wanting to consult with me, I will be opening up my schedule here pretty quick. I blocked everything out through the first week of April. I should be back on the job a bit sooner than that. Setting up this little rental house will take a lot less time and effort then would have been necessary had we got the big house.

Thanks for your patience!

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Settling In Under The Cancer Moon — 57 Comments

  1. Yeah! Congratulations on your fortitude in these trying times, dear one. You are truly an inspiration to those of us in similar straits – it’s GREAT to see a happy ending in the making!

  2. Well done, dear Elsa. As ever, impressed with your resilience and can-do attitude. You show the rest of us how it’s done. Congrats, and may much serendipity flow your way.

  3. The ‘best’ is yet to come..when ‘things’ don’t work out with the best of energies and wasn’t meant to be…
    An even better home and property will show itself to you..
    Thank you for your grace, wit and style….

  4. So happy you arrived safely and that you can now focus on finding the right home. My husband and I have two rental homes and we know people who love children and dogs make the best tenants. Venus is so big in the sky right now.

  5. Congrats!!! I’m moving across country myself tomorrow! I am leaving it all behind and it had been a challenging past 6 months to come to making a swift decision. But I know it is what I am supposed to do. I made the decision to move on the 10th of this month. Packed everything up in 2 days, sold everything else. divorced my husband but gained a best friend again. lots of hard difficult choices but I believe I have made the best choices for others and myself included and left my successful business behind for my ex husband to continue to run as a gift for everything I had learned in the past 5 years that i consider as priceless.
    Lots of heart times saying goodbye to all but I am going forward knowing that I had done what Saturn had needed me to do and I had persevere for the best of all. Including ME.

  6. Congratulation! Glad to hear your trip was successful and you and your family made to the new location safe and sound. Sorry to hear you didn’t get the house you wanted but may be it was not meant to be. Something better usually comes along when that happens.

  7. Elsa
    Sending you much love. Not many people could do what you’re doing and stay as centered as you are. It’s very inspiring. My fixed Taurus planets are in awe of your courage and your ability to embrace change and go with the flow. Go Elsa!

    • Thanks! Tomorrow is Sunday…I doubt we get a refrigerator or stove before Monday. However, we’re all pretty comfortable, all things considered. 🙂

  8. First night in a different place, know that feeling , it’s quite refreshing yet mildly anxiety ridden. Glad it worked out,things usually do.

  9. Glad you are settled in your temp-home. It is good to know that you are feeling a relative level of comfort now, making friends and celebrating life in flow with the universe and its unpredictable nature. The house sale is going favorably, you definitely deserve something to flow effortlessly now and it seems you are being blessed by that.YAY! You have been through a great deal, I am so glad you are all there in one piece and the dogs are more secure. Praying that you end up in the perfect abode in the next few months.

  10. I promote you routinely, Elsa, on Facebook. I am particularly interested in this trip you’ve made because any move takes courage … and strength … and vitamins. I wish for you every happiness in your new digs. Being all together, safe, secure, 4 walls… is heavenly after such stress. Look forward to your being back up and running. I am talking my husband to move East (I moved west, 3000 miles to marry him and spent 17 years here… now I’m ready for some colder, wetter and snowy weather. (In SoCal) Rest and refresh.

  11. We did not get the house we wanted, due to the appraisal report not being delivered and accepted until FIFTY days after it was ordered.

    Oy. Merc Rx that is. I don’t think Merc Rx is as all consuming as people make it out to be – but it does mean that things just don’t pan out when they look like they should. You wanted to move anyways, so that didn’t get reversed, but suddenly it turns out you don’t get the house. That might be for the best: as nice as it was, that thing looked like a money pit.

    We had a rough couple days, sitting in a hotel with three dogs and everything we own, packed in a truck in a parking lot…with no one answering our calls on various rentals. However, at no time did we regret this move. On the contrary, we’re all happy to be here.

    Yay! Glad you got there intact and managed to get a house. I’ll bet the house hunting goes a lot easier when you live in the area.

    [‘Still paying inflated rent.’]

  12. Inspection on Monday…
    I see calls from the seller on the house here that came in last night. I don’t know how I missed them. I must have been on the phone last night, sorting offers.

    Honestly, I’m afraid to listen to the messages if he left them. He said some upsetting things.

    ::waiting for my husband to wake up::

  13. My husband and my brother in law also put up a dog run yesterday. I think it’s 100 feet long and with the leads, the dogs can cover the whole yard.

    Lila and Sparky this is. Iggy behaves. 🙂

  14. Whheeewww – after all these turmoils!
    I hope you can take it easier now that you’re temporarily settled and get to see how everything falls into place.
    To get a calmer view of things and then find what you need and are looking for.
    So glad that the really heavy part is past and now the good part can accomplish.
    Wishing the best to you and your family, including dogs, of course!

  15. You’ve been on my heart this week and am so glad your house is being sold quickly. Hoping that you find exactly what you need and want in the next 90 days! You talked me through a pretty harrowing move a year and half ago, so I know you’ve been able to handle it all, but it must have been a little nerve-wracking. Welcome home!

  16. Glad you’re settled in and safe, Elsa. Hope the Light and the Power remains with you as you plot out the next stage of your adventure. (Your story seemed like a cautionary tale of “things that can go wrong – will” during a retrograde Mercury.) Hope you get to enjoy a little peace and calmness…

  17. All the best for you and your family in your new environment! Wishing you happiness & contentment for the many years to come in your future new home.

  18. We missed several “great” deals on homes and finally ended up where we are. In hindsight, I am grateful those other deals didn’t work out. Hope you have the same luck. Everything is going to work out great. We’re so happy for you and yours.

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