Sensing The Shadow Of The Collective

I have Neptune in Scorpio on the Midheaven. The midheaven rules the “public”. Often times I get out there and pick up all kinds of stuff… really dark stuff.

This happened to me yesterday at the grocery store and the fact is, I don’t know for sure that it is not coming from inside me. Maybe these are my dark thoughts and feelings and I assign them to you and you and you and you. Or maybe what I sense really is what is running through people’s minds and hearts.

I suspect it’s the latter which does not excuse me because I am a people too. But does anyone have any experience with this? More specifically, have you ever picked up on something you thought belonged to the collective and then realized it was you, all you – not them but you?


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  1. Hate to say it but it’s always the case . . . it’s always really about us or parts of us (albeit from other life times, other dimensions etc). However, when I don’t want to take responsibility for this I am more than happy to blame everyone “out there!” 😉

  2. I get it

    My Neptune at the Midheaven gives me perspective others seldom share.

    And yes I have noticed things like that like a guilt mirror

  3. stella, you may be right. The reason I question this is when it comes to shadow stuff / gross and bad stuff, rotting stuff, I do have a real sense.

    For example, I was driving by this strip mall, it included a Target at the time and a Jason’s Deli, my son was in a car seat so this would have been 10 years ago. I just instantly knew all the businesses were going to close and told my son’s dad, exactly this. “None of these businesses are going to be here. They are all going to close.”

    It was a surprising statement at the time. He asked me when and I told him about 5 years.

    That proved to be correct though the mall was thriving at the time. I said it because I knew it – I just knew it.

    I could give other examples (I have a packed 8th). Frequently I see words coming out someone’s mouth that they don’t realize are lies. They just don’t know their insides or their inner landscape at all so. It’s very obvious when someone it “relatively” integrated because none of us ever fully get there and also obvious when they are not.

    What I am describing here is more broad but in the same vein. I have Jupiter trines to my 8th house and I am just not convinced one way or the other.

    As an example, you put a person like me at a soccer game and I really wouldn’t want to go to one because I would be able to feel the people and how close (or far) they were from breaking out into violence.

    Last, years ago when I first started writing about astrology online, before I started a proper blog (early 2001), I looked at the chart of the day and somehow knew there was a race that day. I don’t know how I knew because I don’t follow racing but I wrote on the board where I was posting back there that it was a bad day for a race and I would not go to one, that’s for sure. A few hours later, Dale Earnhardt was dead.

    So some of these things are real. They are my sense. And of course there are dark thoughts and feelings in others, not just me so I am not at all sure that you’re right though you may be. But even (in this circumstance) it does come from others, I am part of the others! I would not know this otherwise. I am part of the collective, not gazing down at it or up at it or looking at it sideways. I most definitely absorb.

    • Also, for the record – I know I am a base human being. I refer to myself as a dog, for 15 years now. I know I act on instinct and have written about this quite a few times. I do not claim to have made it up? or out of the animal kingdom whatsoever.

  4. I hate to rant but sometimes I would like to kick the media in the “you-know-where” for brain washing the public into thinking that most of reality is negative.

    Now I’m not one to state that it’s mostly positive either. Reality is, for the most part, pretty neutral. Then there is some good and some bad. But way more neutral than negative or positive.

    In fact, if truth be known, I suspect there’s more positive than negative. But then that’s me speculating.

    I’m sticking with the “mostly neutral” theory. It’s my theory and I’m entitled to it. The public (at large) can have the “world’s going to hell in a hand basket” mentality if they prefer it.

    Not me.

  5. Yeh, that reeks of Neptune . . . no boundaries and being able to pick up on everyone else’s shit. Sure, some or most of the shit is also ours but I think it’s a separate question/issue you’re talking about. In my experience, Neptune blends and blurs and not everyone is comfortable merging (esp earth signs such as Cap and Virgo) whereas Pisces for instances loves this type of Neptunian merge . . . their like pigs in shit 😉

  6. I would say both. As in, if there was not some sort of knowledge or understanding of the behavior within yourself then you would not be able to comprehend it in another. In that, however, you have the filter not to play those actions out because you see them as “ugly.” The person you perceive it in may not have that filter or reasoning. Does that make sense?

    I have some pretty ugly thoughts, especially when I’m mad. And, I can pick up on someone else who may have similar running their heads. It can be a recognition and it can be a projection.

    My Neptune (3 degrees)/MC (5 degrees)conjunction is in Sag 9h. Pretty close to that cusp of Scorpio but definitely has more of a Sag flavor.

  7. I also have Neptune conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio. I am President of a small high tech company employing 65 people nationwide. Quite often I’ll be at a round table meeting with my managers and they have all come to expect my uncanny ability to “cut to the chase” regarding their interpersonal dynamics. “How did he know that?” is a phrase I’ve heard so many times…..lost count. The fact is….sometimes….usually….I just “know” seemingly inexplicable complex issues that were supposed to be “secret”. To balance out my comments here, there is a downside. Quite often I become overwhelmed with this little talent of mine. When that happens the remedy is to listen to soft music, meditate, take a nice walk in the warm sunshine or….. pop a valium it’s the going gets really tough.

  8. I’ll give you another example. A couple years ago I told someone they were not going to have any food. I just blurted it. ‘You will not be able to afford to eat.” ::shakes head:: I guess I may not be the funnest person to know but I told this person this several times… 3 or 5 times, a couple years ago and now this has happened. They have no money to buy food for their family.

    I blurted it so that they might see what was coming, take me serious and take steps to change the future. I said it so they could avoid this but this is the kind of thing I know, pretty routinely.

    Now I have been hungry. It is definitely in my realm of experience so I can sound hysterical, like someone who did not recover from the trauma of being deprived of food for a prolonged period of time but the fact is – I just knew this… like there was going to be a kinship of some kind. This person was going to experience what I had, in the future. Sadly, I was correct.

    Other times, I just know a person is dying. They’re just dead. They may be up, walking around but I can see they are going to die – they’re a dead man, walking.

    Everyone is going to die but I am talking about SOON.

  9. Well I know you can pick the collective vibe up. I know it’s “them” & not me because I spend so much time away from it all… no “input”. So then when I go out, I can feel it clearly & it’s not coming from me. I might feel fine & be in a good mood etc, go to the supermarket or wherever & the vibe can be so rough it catches me off guard.
    Actually, this is the main reason I DO spend so much time alone.
    As an example of how it feels, picture getting on a train at 7:30am, mid Winter in pouring rain on a windy Monday morning. Ain’t no one feeling too happy, right?

  10. @Elsa, I can totally relate to what you are talking about. I am an Aries, Cancer rising, Cap moon my Midheaven is in Pisces as well as my Venus. I have always had that strong intuition. To the point, where people seek me out for my thoughts about their careers and love lives. I believe that you can usually tell when it is your stuff and someone else’s vibe. There is a lot of dark energy out there out which has been long ignored and now we have no choice but to deal with it. Thanks for the great posts everyone. I love reading this blog!

  11. @Elsa… if I hang around too long, that’s what happens… I become an us. Which is cool if it’s a good vibe (cause it’s not always bad!) but if it’s bad, I don’t want any part of it. I can’t change it for the better on my own, so I have to get out or sucked in. I don’t like taking part in the darkness if I can help it, it wasn’t of my doing =)

  12. I’ve got it too (Neptune in Scorp on the MC).

    It is why I spend so much time alone, whenever I can help it. Because in company with others, known others or strangers, small groups or in crowds, I pick up on things, a lot of which I’d rather not.

    While I do know that we are all “one”, all interconnected parts of a collective, it seems to me that it is definitely possible for the parts of the collective to be compartmentalized and quite separate. Not all of the *ick* I pick up on is directly from me – but I find it *ick* because I have that possibility within me, and know it.

  13. I can definitely relate. It’s rare that I get confused as to the source, but it happens. I think those of us with such dark sides own them in a way the “lighter” folk can’t.

    I sometimes feel my Neptune/MC is winking or laughing at me. But then, it is in Sag…and how can you miss that kinda horse laugh 😉

  14. I have a similar experience, but it’s very challenging for me to articulate. It’s pure emotion. My Neptune is conjunct my Moon in Scorpio (1st house) and trine my stellium in Pisces.

    I wish sometimes that this ‘sense’ was as clear as your describing, but it takes me time to process, and I’ve found it’s easier if I do so by talking my thoughts out (Mercury, Mars in Pisces), which is fine, if your dealing with someone one-on-one, but nearly impossible when you’re picking up on a whole room of raw emotions.

    I never thought about whether is was ‘me’ or ‘others’ emotions… maybe because I naturally don’t draw much of a line between anyway, so I find that idea interesting.

    This used to scare me, I used to hide from people to avoid it- I’m still a little uneasy with it, but finding ways (like Ricky described) to remedy it when I get overwhelmed has helped a lot.

  15. I always think I have Neptune conj Midheaven, but I don’t. Neptune Scorpio conj my 10th House Cusp. Mercury Jupiter Pisces also Trines the Cusp. I have the same situation.

    Earlier in the week, I bought some maple honey turkey from the deli, and I just knew the guy waiting on me was screwing with my order. I didn’t want him to wait on me. I finally used the turkey yesterday, and it’s not the stuff I ordered (or what is on the label of the bag). He gave me some old oven-roasted crap that gave me nausea and stomach issues. I knew it!

    I could always read minds as a kid, which is why I trust no one. When I have forced myself to trust, I get kicked in the ass.

    I don’t think it’s me or my thoughts. I would never cheat someone like that POS deli guy. It’s just Quantum Physics and we’re all related.

    I’ve always wondered why I always pick up the bad stuff in people. I think it’s because the energy is heavy and more noticable. It jars you – it gets your attention. And I think it jars you because it is so NOT who you are.

    I’m not a crowd person. If I go to the mall, or grocery store, party, etc., it takes me an entire day of isolation to get over the emotional overload.

    • It also occurs to me, I think it would be hard for someone to pick up something they have never themselves thought or experienced. For example, a 24 year old woman is going to have little insight the phenomena we call the “baby clock”.

  16. I understand what you are talking about. If it comes completely out of the blue, then it’s something I have picked up on.

    If it’s something I have thought about before, then I assign it to me.

  17. You’re quite psychic. My ex had Neptune right on the MC and he could do that too. I could pick a card from the deck and he would know exactly which one it was. As an empath, I pick up other people’s stuff all the time. If I’m around others and suddenly start to feel quite angry, or depressed or whatever for no real reason, then its usually someone else’s stuff. I do a clearing visualization when I get home and it just goes away. Its a bit different than what you’re talking about though….you just have a line into the future. Too bad its all negative stuff though, and that the feelings you pick up are all negative. Although, as an empath, I only pick up others anger, grief, sadness or whatever too….its never the extra happy joyful feelings. Not sure why that is.

  18. right here “See, I never think it is them, not me. I am part of them – it is “us”, the collective.” knowing how your left arm is. You are not your left arm and your left arm is not you but you both are parts of the whole. sheesh, I can’t put it into words but I’m sitting over here going uh-huh uh-huh we are pinging ALL OVER it

    Dead people thing..check and have literally had those same words “dead man walking” thankfully I’ve embraced this as a blessing instead of a curse over the last 20 years.

  19. Thanks for another post on Neptune conjunct the Midheaven. I have Neptune conjunct Midheaven in Scorpio. It is something i hadn’t paid much attention to until I started reading your blog. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

    For along time, I knew things, but didn’t know how i knew them. I started paying attention! I get the thought, I consider it, remember it and act upon it.

    As for dark thoughts, I’ve always instinctively paid attention to them, and i think they have kept me out of harm’s way. Every once in a great while i meet someone who absolutely makes my skin crawl! so i stay away.

    I do not have Elsa’s ability, such as seeing death. One of my more common type incidents – i kid you not – is while driving. A thought wil pop in my head about police, i look down – going to fast – so i slow down. Invariably I meet a cop a little way of the road. So i learned to pay attention to these thoughts, rather than disregarding them.

    I do not identify at all with the concept that some dark thought are my own and I am projecting them upon others. But guess I’ll keep an open mind on that! I identify more with what Isernia stated “It jars you – it gets your attention. And I think it jars you because it is so NOT who you are.” That’s my experience. Some of the stuff I picked up on was so dark, it scared the hell out of me. The dark stuff was of such – I hate to use the word evil, but I can’t think of another – evilness I could not fathom it.

    Thanks again for the post!

  20. Elsa, this thoroughly freaks me out. I don’t like those mucky feelings. I’ve had them, mostly as a young child, and I feel like I’ve set up some elaborate sewage system just not to experience it again, to such a degree, EVER.

    I wonder, if you get these intuitions, do you ever predict victory? Do you ever get the vibe that people will reach a new height in happiness, even a brief one?

    Also, if you predict a terrible situation for someone, their experience/reaction to the situation can’t be predicted, right?

  21. “Do you ever get the vibe that people will reach a new height in happiness, even a brief one?”

    Oh yeah. Some people worry for nothing… 🙂

    “Also, if you predict a terrible situation for someone, their experience/reaction to the situation can’t be predicted, right?”

    Yes, there is FREE WILL. I told this gal what she was going to come to but this was if she took no action. She did take action, eventually but not enough, fast enough, I guess. But I don’t fault her – I sound like some kind of alarmist, except I have no history of running around sounding alarms! 🙂

    I mean, I did tell those rich women that the beanie babies they were hoarding and buying and trading for $1000 a pop were not going to pay for their children’s college, but aside that – no.

    They looked at me like I was insane and barely tolerable when I said that. Sort of like what happens around here, lol.

    But I bet you they’ve love to talk to me today – however, I’m gone. I left because they denigrated me after I said that. They diminished me. They had to, in order to keep veil up. Not fun from my perspective. The audacity, telling them to sell those beanie babies immediately, not in 10 years… 🙂

  22. I think it’s both you and them (or me and the collective). My thinking is that you attract that which you are dealing with or need to deal with or whatever. I’ve had a lot of mirrors (shared b-day people) to help me see this better, since trying to see myself is like trying to see myself in a shattered mirror (12th house sun inconjunct neptune by 1degree). In the shattered mirror, I get small glimpses at best, but with the mirrors/other people, I can see things much clearer and learn to understand what’s in me via the other person (that works for me with saturn/venus in gemini and a 7th house nn).

    Anyway, I get where you’re coming from, and think it’s a two way street. You draw in the energy you’re giving out, at least imo.

  23. Someone with pluto on the MC told me I, implied really, that I would die of cancer. It was unpleasant because she had already predicted something else in my life although she has no idea. *shrugs* I just kinda let it roll off my back. It was a dream she had is all. I’m psychic but only with family and close friends. Scorpio in the 4th.

  24. yes. the stuff i confuse with my own is a certain degree of common sense. of logic. some things are just so blindingly obvious and i wonder why, five years later when cause meets effect, people are so surprised.

  25. I have the scorpio in neptune and also being a pisces its my backyard pool as they say , taking a shower after being in crowds helps me to rid myself of the negative pond scum people carry around . My cap moon keeps my eyes on the road.

  26. oh hell yes. gemini mars on the MC opposite neptune. and unfortunately, for a looong time, i subscribed to the train of thought stella mentioned in the 1st comment. i assumed EVERY energetic i picked up on was MINE to resolve.

    thank god those days are over.

    & while i 150% expect myself to be responsible for my own shit (fears, shadow, etc), when you are highly empathic it’s a necessity you create some boundaries around what is yours to address and what isn’t. mass consciousness is filled with fears that ANYONE can adopt/relate to, considering we all have a survival instinct.

    having a 12th house stellium and a pisces DC could also have a lot to do with my connection to this topic.

    either way, AMEN for boundaries.

  27. Elsa: “They looked at me like I was insane and barely tolerable when I said that.”

    Makes me think of that show HOARDERS. Pretty gruesome. I’m kinda ashamed to admit it, but I don’t have much tolerance for people’s denial. I try to deal with my own (a lifetime project in itself) so when I’m confronted with other people’s denial, I use my laser-focus trying to be helpful, but end up alienating them, because I’m not holding their hand and going along with the program.

    But what’s interesting is that you don’t see this as a ‘me vs them’ but as a collective “we” issue. I’m still wrapping my head around that. I tend to think of surviving as an ‘every man for himself’ thing, (to some extent it is), but I’m learning that I need other people to help me see my blind spots. Lifetime project.

  28. dorchid, I definitely think I am in this world. People may daydream about excluding me and people like me but you can’t along without us. We are part of the whole.

    They may also daydream about excluding themselves – good luck with that… over time.

  29. Hmm…this does sound like a familiar feeling…I have Neptune in Sag in the 8th… Does this post apply to planets in the MC by transit? Pluto in Cap conjunct MC?

  30. Wonder if Pluto conjunct 10th house MC explain my tendency to smell a rat if my boss/employer is up to no good. I’ve had a boss who I didn’t trust–AT ALL–and he left after nearly running our facility into the ground.

  31. This reminds me of something that happened to me last week. I don’t know anything about the chart, since it was a total stranger, but I chalked it up to the Grand Cross.

    My best friend from high school was visiting that week and I hadn’t seen her in 3 years. It was her 4th day in town and we had just had an enjoyable dinner, and were on our way to a bar to make a pilgrimage.

    On the way, we realized we needed to use the bathroom, so we popped into a different bar along the way. My friend thought the pinball machines were awesome so I went out to the sidewalk for some smoke while she was playing.

    There’s sidewalk seating and a couple people around my age (probably late 20’s) were sitting right outside the door and I saw this guys velvet jacket I really liked, so I said I liked his jacket. He seemed pretty nice. I noticed he had some menthols so I asked if I could trouble him for a cigarette and he kindly gave me one.

    I dunno, they were nice enough people and they gave me a smoke and let me sit with them. We had been talking for a few minutes, nothing controversial, I think just talking about catching a good sunset and she was talking about seeing forest fires etc. After a few minutes this woman I’m talking to suddenly gets very irritable and says to me “You’re carrying a lot of negative energy and if you don’t let go of it soon it’s going to fuck up the next year of your life. I don’t want to know about it, I don’t care about it, but there are a lot of dead branches hanging off you.” That’s not verbatim but more or less, and it was just she was suddenly very hostile toward me, I asked her if she could see auras because I knew a couple people that claimed to, and I’ve known people who are perhaps more intuitive than your average bear. But she was just really forceful about it and kept saying she didn’t want to hear about it, but I was not going to say anything to these strangers about my life. And then her friend said he could feel it too. I did say that I was aware there is currently a difficult Cardinal Grand Cross (astrology) making things very tense and I have some stuff I’m trying to work through. So I thanked them for their hospitality and went back inside and talked to Erika about it in the bathroom. I tried not to let it bother me the rest of the night, but I did. I just wanted to understand how she picked up on it, if I was giving off a bad vibe or I made a facial expression. I don’t think I *said* anything that could be taken badly. Then I wondered if it was some passive/aggressive mean girl tactic used to get me to go away.

    But I let what that bitch said to me bother me the rest of the night and after.

    Now, we made it to the bar we needed to get to.

    It happened to be the 2 year anniversary of the (accidental?) overdose of my best friends other best friend. She was a bartender there a couple years before she died and I don’t know if she wanted to find out if anyone knew her? Or if we were just having a kind of memorial.

    But if that woman wasn’t just trying to fuck with my head because she’s a bitch, then she’s probably referring to the issue I’m dealing with as to whether I was assaulted/abused by someone or if it was my fault and what am I going to do about it, how am I going to get past it.

    It made me REALLY ANGRY.

  32. I think my Sagittarius 12th house may spare me some of this. I have Neptune on the Ascendant, so I think I may be sensitive to the same energies, but I don’t think they settle in my subconscious. I deal with the ugly straight up, and it goes where it goes right away. That’s why I have a hard time biting my tongue sometimes. It’s all straight up, and I fight through the issue, gather resolve, and keep moving. It’s like I can’t absorb negativity at such a deep level. It’s like: “It’s gonna be you, or me. Probably you.” And I’m at it.

  33. not sure if what I experience fits but I’ll give this a go…
    So I have Neptune conj. the Capricorn I.C. from the third house. There is no coincidence that neptune is considered THE fog. A lot of times at work I feel like some of the people are out to get me for some reason or another and I don’t know why. I had thought that maybe it was me sending out emotions/thoughts unawares and getting them back but (neptune being involved) i’m in a fog about everyone/thing here. Not meaning to sound completely paranoid but maybe it’s a negative expression of nep. on the angles of the chart??

    I have found out that several times there are some ladies (not really) I work with that will get you to say anything about another person as long as they can turn it into something completely false and negative to tell said person. One of them works in HR so I don’t think I would be believed if I tried to talk to anyone. I have Neptune Sq. Sun 12H Lib., Moon 8H Gemini opposed to Saturn in 3H Sag. Female malicious intent directed at me? Or am I sending this out b/c I’m perpetually having to guard my back? not sure.
    Anywho, as far as feeling things such as death or something occuring to me before it happens; I’ve had a few instances…
    I have had times where I had a feeling and something came about shortly thereafter.
    My Aunt was having terrible migraine and had suffered with them for years when I got a bad feeling about her. The family kept on telling her to go to the doctor and when she finally went, she found out she had a glioblastoma.

    One day at work I started having an awful foreboding feeling ALL MORNING. It started when I first woke up to get ready for work at 5:00 and stayed with me. All week I had felt that something was going to happen to me on the way to work then when I got to work I felt that it had something to do with my Mom and sister. something terrible. I couldn’t stop the feelings or get my mind off of it. My heart was beating faster, my hands felt shaky. The lady from HR (small company btw) came out on the floor and told me I had to go to the office. I asked her if it was something I had done wrong (you would ask this too if you worked here) then she replied no and said that someone was there for me. She refused to tell me anything else. It was my fiance, my Mom and sister telling me that they had found out that Dad had died sometime that morning and was found on his gf’s living room floor. I wouldn’t want to be the bearer of that news either. He and Mom were seperated at the time and he wanted to reconcile but that didn’t happen.

    There have been countless times that things like this would happen (well NOT to this extent, but you get my point) every so often.

    It doesn’t have to be family. Just today i was thinking about how a couple I know had been together even though he is a complete ass to her and she would stay with him no matter what. Not that their relationship is anything to me, just a passing thought. Cut to this evening when I was talking to my Sis on the phone. I found out that the aforementioned couple are getting a divorce. Good for her.

    Not sure if it’s all Neptune and the Moon or if some Pluto is mashed in there somewhere as well.
    What do you guys think?

  34. My 8th house Moon in Pisces picks up all kinds of stuff. Problem is I don’t know why someone is feeling negative, I just pick it up at face value. When I was young I would be feeling great and then someone would walk by that was in a bad mood and I would suddenly be in a bad mood.
    I have learned to shield this to some degree but I will most likely always be extra sensitive to energy of other people.

  35. I’ve been accused of this. Enough to start listening to myself. But the words get in the way. It’s a struggle for me. I get drawn into the story I’m being told.

    My maternal paternal grandfather had this, as did my mother. My father had great quiet intuition which served him well in business dealings. I had great wordless conversations with my parents. They were the masters.

  36. Sag Neptune conj. ASC, I see the best illusion more than the Scorpio darkside. I’ve also got Pluto conj. MC in Libra, paints a happy face perhaps on all this upheaval … all for the best ya know. Got confirmation tonight, met with the ex … all those good things I saw in his potential are starting to manifest. He has been a disconnected sort for a long time … the good is percolating. He won’t give me credit, but it’s painfully obvious in his tattoo choice. Ha, ego much for me?

  37. What Ocean said goes for me as well.

    If one takes a shower it takes the little slivers out of the aura.

    Iyengar Yoga taught me detachment.

    Yes you see these things, but you are not supposed to interfere.

    No, wait, I think I learned that from Star Trek.

  38. Hmmm… now I’ve posted that, your nick is ringing a bell…
    don’t know whether to blame Neptune or Merc Rx! Anyway… nice to see ya!

  39. Mercingemini makes a good point about interference. I’ve found it’s not so much the knowing but what I do with it. Knowing feeding ego is a recipe for disaster. Monster out of control.

  40. One time I was walking along a city street and I got this sharp pain right in my vagina…totally out of the blue. It seemed so random, and I looked around and saw a letcherous guy gawking at me from in front of a bar. I figured it was his thought form violating my astral body. Need to do a better job of shielding myself. Actually this has happened several times and always I discover I am being watched by some creepy guy right at that moment.

  41. I’ll have to come back later and read all these comments tomorrow or after that, but it seems like you guys are also talking about the intuitive ability to sense that dark side of the collective or the self… and it’s just the strangest coincidence of all that I just started reading this book today:

    Meeting the shadow: the hidden power of the dark side of human nature (The author offers exploration of self and practical guidance dealing with the dark side of personality based on Jung’s concept of “shadow,” or the forbidden and unacceptable feelings and behaviors each of us experience.)

    It’s a collection of essays that each address the topic in a different manner and from all sorts of angles: cultural, spiritual and psychological. Pretty interesting so far! It even has an article on astrology, but I still have to get to that one… 🙂

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