Selling Astrology To Generation Z!

virgo beddingThe other day, I heard someone on the radio suggest that Gen Z was abandoning religion for astrology.  I thought it was interesting.

If you’ve been on this site awhile, you probably notice I like to use vintage zodiac pics. In the 1970’s, the zodiac signs were applied to everything, everywhere.

I don’t know what you think of this bedding. I cannot imagine having sex in that bed!  But you can buy it on Amazon and check out some others: Zodiac Bedding. (That’s not an affiliate link.)

I’m bewildered in a way. It’s slightly comical.

virgo virgin glass

The new zodiac “art” looks familiar to me.

Compare that rendition of Virgo to this one, take from a 1970’s Arby’s glass.  Buy some roast beef sandwich… and get a Zodiac glass.

The bedding looks like a mashup between 1970’s Virgo and Elsa of Frozen.   Is it fresh or is it dated? Libra can’t decide!

There are also zodiac lines designed for children and for babies too, of course!

It really seems, astrology is ramping up. It’s all over the news, how the market is worth billions.

I guess that’s good if you’re an astrologer!  But some wonder about the superficiality of it. Slap a brand on and read a fortune cookie deal, about your sign. I’m hearing about this. People are concerned the depth of insight you can glean via astrology charts is being obscured.

Others are concerned about Astrological Discrimination. I have always been against labeling people and just as important, don’t label yourself!

I’m just going to keep doing what I do. I feel I have a gift, being able to hold chart in my hand and help a person. I think my gift is supernatural.

I also want to keep this blog going, beyond my retirement, if possible. There’s always been something of value here. We all want to keep it this way.

You can help us stay afloat in what’s become a sea of competition; by linking content you like and shopping here, when you see something intriguing. We appreciate your support!  Because we are individuals here, making an effort with our hearts and souls. We are not AI or sterile apps, backed by venture capitalists. Consequently, we do need your help and your energy to feed ours!  Thank you!

How do you feel about today’s astrology market?



Selling Astrology To Generation Z! — 16 Comments

  1. The Internet: what was once wealth of information and diversity of perspectives is now a wealth of algorithms and advertisement. I’s increasingly difficult to find real, meaty information that isn’t a 10 Ten Dogs Breeds for Libra or Top 13 IBS Cleanses for Earth Signs. Wtf.

  2. I have been a student of nodal astrology and people bug me to do their natal chart.
    I think maybe this new generation feels let down and a there is a sense of loss.
    They didnt have neighborhoods to explore.They didnt roam their neighborhoods with a gang of kids. They didnt know their neighbors nor did parents talk to each other and bond over childrearing challenges.
    Instead, they were swept away to soccer practice or dance class. So the village of friends a child made there was tenuous at best. Tied only by membership dues or age brackets.
    They werent “owned” by the neighborhoods or the people in it like we were.
    Their schools are departmentalized. Lower grades separated from the higher grades.Teachers taught not to get too involved in their students.

    This generation grew up at arms length from everybody… turning to the internet only to get lost in the sea of humanity there.

    I think They just want to find their place in the world. Their purpose. That they mean something despite 7.2 billion other people.
    Astrology is a wonderful combination of science and spiritualism. It helps them answer the age old question that every child asks…who am I and where do I belong.
    I cringe that conglomerates are involved. What damage it can cause.

    • Really interesting. On this:

      “I cringe that conglomerates are involved. What damage it can cause.”

      The key thing is, does the entity that you’re dealing with *CARE* about you? Or are they just trying to sell widgets like some Shark Tank person?

  3. I don’t know I think they’re so much better than my generation (like in midara’s posts.)

    The listicles are crap.
    I don’t know how I feel about the rest of it. I like that they don’t dismiss it even if their knowledge is more surfacing. I don’t like that some stupid websites profit off it.

    There’s some things I like about the more ‘customized’ internet. The internet of 4chan, IIRC, pitchfork, PerezHilton, newgrounds, boredpanda was cruel and ironic. There was such veiled nastiness. The thing I like about reddit for instance is its hyperspecificity.

    I love podcasts and unfortunately Spotify.. often on the radio there were a lot of duds you’d be forced to listen to or things that you ‘should’ like based on arbiters of taste. I’m glad gawker tanked and that go fug yourself or whatever that gossip blog was that was written by a dude. I’m glad cobrasnake isn’t a thing anymore.

    I’m also super bad at digging and tend to get distracted by things I should like.

  4. Optimistic nihilists. Pluto in sag. They seem chill and fresh but I think they are born into a disconected frame. Ironically one click a distance but disconected. I experienced the freedom of playing outside until it got dark. To run and laugh, feed ducks, pet dogs, get sunburnt, play with kids my age from around the neighbourhood, have fond memories with my childhood friend. Writting letters! Forgot about that one. Some might say what’s so nostalgic or good about that- but it makes a world ton of difference. Technology got into my life only when I was 14-15 years old. And that’s nothing their fault. They just got here when the world was shifting it’s ‘platforms’. Maybe they are better equipped to handle it since they also might have neptune/uranus in aquarius. But it’s better to be an optimistic nihilist than a pessimistic nihilist. Pluto scorpio signature.

    • That’s interesting but I would disagree. Why do you use the word nihilist? If one is a nihilist, why would they fight for change or create art or be spiritual?

      I don’t know that anything super concrete and interesting came out of Pluto in Libra or Pluto in Scorpio generations. Where were our Greta thunbergs? Pluto in Libra generation seemed disaffected by divorce and the most ‘nihilistic.’ It was the generation that gave us ironic postmodernism, garage revival, and most tellingly, the slacker generation that seemed to be proud not to amount to much. And it didn’t. I’m glad the era of postmodern irony has taken a pause. I’m ashamed that most of the pluto in Scorpio generation didn’t give any major creative contributions (and I’m talking about my own generation here).. and there are waves of gen z artists and activists. I didn’t expect that and don’t understand, but I like it.

  5. Many well written and well researched astrology books that don’t preach cookie cutter views convinced me of the validity of astrology. You also learn psychology, mythology and fascinating facts about the planets and space itself. Centuries of valuable information have been preserved and cherished by scholars.

  6. I think the resurgence of astrology is linked to the younger generation’s search for meaning in an increasingly uncertain and secular world. The ancient art of astrology provides a comforting sense of order, patterns, cycles, symbols and meaning. However it is a worry that it is being trivialised, simplified and diluted in the mass media. But I still think it will lead true searchers to the ‘real stuff’.

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