Selling And Observing Couples In Nature: What Do You See Out There?

t mobile logoTalking about throwing the dice when it comes to a natal chart, what about when two people hook up? It’s the same thing with the composite (relationship) chart, it is what it is…

“What was that girl’s name? he asked. The one in the T-Mobile store?”

“Um… Tabitha. Her name was Tabby.”

“You liked her?”

“I thought she was grand. Why? What did you think of her?”

“I liked her too. I thought she was in the right place. She was young but she is definitely good at sales. She’s cut out for it, but did you see her try to get a load of us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she never saw two people like us together before. She didn’t know what to do. You know, she comes out and she is going to sell us a phone. This is what she does and she’s good at it but when she got out there and looked at us she just had no idea what to do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, P, we were scattered all over the place. You’re over there opening up boxes and looking at stuff. I’m doing this. We’re talking back and forth… most people think we’re yelling. We just overwhelm people and here’s this girl trying to figure out what do to. Who she is going to sell to…”

“Oh yeah. Good luck. Good luck trying to get in there.”

lit match“Right. She was mixed up but she kept her composure. She kept her face composed but you could see behind her eyes she was scrambling.”

I laughed. ‘Well she did good though.”

“Yeah, she eventually figured out she didn’t have to sell. We’d already done the research, knew what we wanted. All she had to do was fill the order. I’m just telling you we sure do mess people up.”

“Well we don’t intend it so why do you think this is?”

“Oh, we both have such strong personalities and while we’re obviously together, it just doesn’t look like we’d be together.”

“Really? You don’t think we look like a match?”

“Hell no.”

“Oh, well I am surprised. We are the same color so I thought we looked like a set.”

“P, we do not look like a set. We look like people who should not be together. Our personalities are both too strong and you wouldn’t expect we would get along but you can see that we do and anyone who has to deal with us together just gets all jacked up watching us.”

“This is why we can go yell at bikers and get away clean?” (Rancho Diablo and the Biker Bar)

“Yeah. They were too stunned. Nobody wants to set us off.”

What do your see most of out there? Like with like? Two strong personalities paired or one dominating the other? And if you are partnered, what’s your status on this front? Which situation do you think is ideal?



Selling And Observing Couples In Nature: What Do You See Out There? — 7 Comments

  1. I think people find someone that matches. My friend Regina is married to a guy named Alex. I went on one date with him and at the end I told him he should go out with her and everytime I look at them I get a kick, because they just have the same sort of energy. My friend Roxanne (a Cancer) and her boyfriend Rob never leave home! But they’re happy.

  2. In my personal group of friends, I mostly see opposites. Some of the opposites work well together, some of the others don’t. I think it’s just a matter of embracing the differences than trying to change them. My hubby and I are polar opposites. I’m Leo, he’s Aquarius. When we first met and started dating we both had the same interests (which mostly consisted of going out and drinking and having a good time) but as the relationship progressed and (and we started maturing) he became more of the homebody (which I thought was odd for an Aquarian), and I was NOT ready to be a homebody. He gave me the appropriate space and time to go out alone and I made sure to spend enough quality homebody time to suit his needs. Now, seven years later, we are both somewhat homebodies but both give eachother time alone to be ourselves. It works out well.
    I am an overly-emotional Leo sun/Scorpio ASC….and he is a cool as can be Aquarian. His logic helps me out when I get in way over my head. And I use my gut instinct to help him make decisions in life, which has proved to be helpful 99% of the time.
    We are different in many ways, yet fundamentally the same.

  3. Oh my GOD that is soooo funny! What a vivid image. I do think that like attracts like, but also unlike attracts, if you’re in the way to change something about yourself.
    Sometimes the oddest thing in common can bring a couple together (for example my parents have nothing in common except for the fact that they are loners, so neither of them has any social pressure, ever. Other than that there isn’t much).

    Of course, sex is a common common denominator!

    I’ve actually had the odd experience of someone laughing incredulously when they realized me and my SO were together. What this person said was: “No way! YOU TWO? That’s HILARIOUS!” I thought this reaction was hilarious, to be honest I’ve had it myself!

    As for ideals…I think it is very important to be unified about certain emotional things ie. If someone is very kind and willing to live emotionally fearlessly, and if someone is committed to ‘mutual growth’ as a couple then it can really work. I think that freedom to be yourself and allowing your partner to be themselves as well is SO SO SO important. Accept that the person is not the same with you, and it can work.

    My SO and are are incredibly different and I think we are drawn to each other for that reason…I want something he ‘has’ and vice versa.
    Neith gave me the gift of looking at our charts in synastry, so there are astrological indicators, but I think I’ve written enough, LOL!

  4. In my group of friends, we tend to date complementary polar opposites, like we’re better for the friction or something.

    In my relationship, while we agree on some things, he (Aquarius) tends to defer to me (Pisces) on everything else. I am easily the most dominant in our coupling, and sometimes (I think it’s the Soldier and Southern Gentleman thing) he has issues with that, but overall, it works best for us.

    My BFF (Aries) is dating another Aries, and they’ve managed to figure out how to make their combined stubbornness work in their favor, despite their seemingly overwhelming differences, like his preference for going with the flow versus hers for strategy, schedules and structure. I’ve never seen either of them happier!

  5. oh, i’d go for the two strong personalities every time. i want someone i won’t just roll over when i get going. and definitely not some sort of carbon copy… where’s the room for growth in that? (eh, well, the pluto venus thing makes evolution necessary if i’m not going through the self-destruction route. which i’d rather not.)
    but strength can be a subtle thing, sometimes.

  6. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m with who I’m with and I have no idea how people see us. One person said we made a “cute couple” but it seemed like the sort of thing she would say to everybody.

    I don’t even know how it works. It just works … the fact that he’s so different is kind of the best thing ever.

  7. I’ve seen two doms, two subs, two neutrals, one of each… and some more complex mixes.

    Some of any of these pairings work, some don’t. There is no “better” version.

    I think successful relationships are a complex soup of factors.

    Me, I need to dom in certain areas or ways, while needing a partner who will dom in other areas or ways.

    That being said, I haven’t been in a relationship in a very, very long time and don’t expect I will ever be again.

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