Self Defense For Pisces

This is from 2008, part of a series of videos on defending yourself… here is an example of a Saturn Neptune defense.

“Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band

For more on this topic skip to – Escape Via Imagination


Self Defense For Pisces — 31 Comments

  1. More! More!
    I really like the way you use astrology to think of alternatives to deal with such variety of things.

    How do I defend myself? That’s a tough one. My Saturn’s in Scorpio so I probably sting right back with all the poison I can muster. Nah, not so much. I also have Venus there. I do it gracefully.

  2. Saturn in Pisces. Which maybe means I don’t defend myself well at all, and that’s why I am constantly SHOCKED when people do hurt me. I can’t believe it, and it doesn’t register, almost.

    Then again, more often I am sensitive to trouble brewing, so perhaps my defense is a good offence.

  3. Ooh, yeah, I like this thought train too, Elsa.

    Saturn Leo in so I defend with the Leo warmth and dominance and love like I have the divine right to. Sort of patronizing with love.

    Either that or I’m really bossy and banish them from the kingdom.

  4. mabelle – I will make a point to do that. I am intending to load one tomorrow and the next the next day (they are written) and then do some more if something occurs to me. Otherwise I am going to move on to mars and fighting which is the next thing on y mind.

  5. good good. i’ve been needing some of these lately. well, longer than that, but i’ve become more aware of how subtle some of this can get. and my relative inadequacy at doing so gracefully.

    unless i do? well. saturn’s in aspect to venus and pallas and pluto.
    i’ll have to think about it. there’s a lot i do. more than just withdrawing (11th house saturn) but that’s the first instinct.

    my saturn’s in the eleventh, on the cusp of the twelfth, and i’ve never quite figured the dynamics of that. i think there may be a lot more twelfth to the way i use saturn than i’ve considered. particularly as a defensive mechanism. why didn’t somebody mention saturn is our defender before? it’s so obvious now that i think about it….

  6. Elsa! Thank you so much! As I watched the video, I couldn’t believe how similar the situation you described is to the one I will face at a party this weekend. I am a pisces (sun, moon, mercury, 8th house) but have Saturn opposite in Virgo. I usually feel pretty defenseless and have no idea how to come back with a witty retort or good defense when someone attacks me. And yes, shocked and hurt, or try to avoid any conflict. Seems like I am responding more with my pisces than my Saturn in Virgo?? Anyway, I can’t wait to hear your other tips, pretty please share them with us before the weekend! Thanks again

  7. my other defense is – too slow! i don’t think of what I could have said until the next day, when it’s too late! Does anyone else do this? aargh….

  8. I have Saturn in Taurus in the 9th and, sure enough, I tend to defend when justice or truth (9th) is being trompled. And I defend one of two ways: patiently and placidly (Taurus) or by verbally butting (Taurus) until the truth is brought to light..
    Very lately, though, I have chosen the transcendent route, and while my sense of justice feels momentarily shafted, I have endded up feeling much, much happier (North Node in Pisces and Progressed ascendant in Libra?).

  9. hey maybelle– if that line doesn’t work for you (and believe me, I have it loaded in MY hopper now) I have one that might. I got it from Joe vs the Volcano and it has worked for me PLENTY.

    they say something
    you–::bored look::
    ::blank stare::
    “I have no reply to that.”
    turn, walk away.

    it works so well. when it fits it’s classic.

  10. satori–lol! Heather I have Saturn/Leo too (trined Neptune and Venus as well).
    I had a horrible break with a friend and how I dealt with it publicly was I zippered my mouth shut and oh hell yes baby a power struggle broke loose (she is Scorpio Sun, Sag. Moon, Aries Rising–I’m Taurus Sun, Cap. Moon, Sag Rising).

    It became a battle of wills. Whoever spoke first was going to be the asshole…and guess what? It was NEVER going to be me. People (generally) resent being put in the middle. They don’t want to hear about your nasty fights with other people, especially if they have to live with BOTH of you on a day to day basis.

    I think it did both of us good in the long run. Sadly this person has a wicked mouth, and forcing her to shut her it by shutting mine was not easy but almost two years has gone by and on the whole things are okay. And yes it makes me sound conniving
    (hey, I do have Saturn in LEO) but I never, ever wanted to drag people into this mess.

    I have heard indirectly that there were more than a few colleagues who had said ‘I don’t want to get involved’ and so that also confirmed to me it was a good course of action.

  11. Saturn in Aries in the 5th.
    I’m not very quick witted or creative when it comes to defending myself, but I really want to be. This is a good question for me since I tend to not have very good feelings about my Saturn anyway. Some day I will master my Saturn 😉

  12. satori – thanks 🙂 between you and elsa i will be set. good luck at your party! i’m sure we’ll do well! (had a feeling you were the piscean friend elsa spoke to?)

  13. Saturn in Pisces, so I retreat.

    But, thanks to PixieDust for articulating it so beautifully. I too am SHOCKED when someone hurts me. It is the same exact feeling every time. Like this quick and deep jolt of lightening. I never get used to it either, even when I expect it.

    I’m also very sensitive, so I know who I can trust and am very careful about what I say to whom.

    Great topic! Can’t wait for more!!!

  14. Without even watching the video yet I feel this rush of relief and gratitude that you are presenting a defense for the Pisces/Neptune types. Big sigh of relief!

  15. Yes, sounds like she had herself some kinda stalker-like situation…this has happened to me many times, once on a grand scale with a full blown stalker who followed me from state to state for five years until I finally lost him. It really didn’t matter what I said to that creep, but I am sure this response you’ve modeled would work very well for less less systematic and well integrated stalking syndromes.

  16. Elsa, I have always LOVED that song!

    Satori – you friggin crack me up, all the time! Also, thanks so much for that come back – I’ll have to store it in my hard drive ;o)

    Another Saturn in Pisces here, (hmm, lot’s of us, I guess)in the first house.

    My ex was quite the fighter – he always was on me so much that I would forget what I was gonna say. I would have to come back later and say it! I got better, but it was always a struggle. Oh well, he was pretty much always the one apologizing!

  17. Brilliant topic – defense – my weak point. No grace here. First, I have Mars in Scorpio so I can fight swiftly, to the point and I am deadly. Defense??? My worst. Saturn is in Aries in the 8th. When I am attcked in my home – which often happens, by men, about money it seems – and without an appointment – so unplanned and therefore I am unprepared – I lose it. If I don’t know them well then I just make as if they do not exist. I will not even look them in the eye. If I do know them, then from out of nowhere comes somehting truly frightening, so aggresive and vicious, but somehow aimed at myself. It is weird this energy and it takes me days to recover. If I am in an open space and am prepared for the attack it is much more controlled and takes less from me and I can defend myself more effectively. I have had to enlist older men either familial or legal at times which has been brilliant. Without the benefit of hindsight though or without help, an Aries defense/Saturn is a ‘push the button / fuckit’ response.

  18. my saturn is in virgo tenth house- in the middle of sqaures form my mars in gemini 7th house and neptune in sagittarius 1st house. and my defenses have been really zero…. humiliation/embarassment is something i can recall pretty easily…
    now my defense is just a stare with bafflement and a confused , half thought defense to bite back. pretty lame at dfending actually.

  19. Saturn in Aquarius, 10th house.
    My defense is not to take it personally. I try to be detached and impartial and rational.
    I too went to a party a few weeks back where a nasty exfriend was also attending. I rehearsed the scenario before I went. Guess what? they didn’t show up! Later in the night I suggested to the host that I knew why they didn’t come along…because they knew I was coming!
    So sometimes energy can be spent on building yourself up in preparation for a distasteful exchange…that doesn’t eventuate! I’m glad I went to the party, rather than being intimidated into not going!

  20. More! My Saturn is in Virgo. It’s meshed up with Neptune and my Sun. I try really hard to defend myself, and I love your line! I may use that someday.

  21. Honestly, I don’t know how I defend myself. And my Saturn is in Libra. Which is probably why I can’t decide. 😛

    It depends upon the situation and how I feel at the moment, I guess.

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