Seizing The Opportunity: Mars Opposite Jupiter

planets GameStopSeize the opportunity.
“To accept or pursue an opportunity (to do something) with alacrity or conviction.”
– Free dictionary

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter represents opportunity. I often tell people to look for a door out of their untenable situation. When it appears, you have to leap. This is particularly true when Jupiter is tied up with Uranus. Opportunities come up suddenly. If you don’t snag them, they can cease to exist.

This is relevant now as Jupiter prepares to turn retrograde on what I am calling a Special Day.  The planet will head back into Aquarius.  Luck is erratic. Doors open in places you would never, in a million years, expect.

I expect this effect to be energized; hotted up by Mars in Leo. Mars will oppose Jupiter near the end of this month into July. I’m the kind of person who backflips for joy in this type of climate. On your mark, get set, GO!

Do you feel you’re inclined to seize an opportunity? Why or why not?


Seizing The Opportunity: Mars Opposite Jupiter — 8 Comments

  1. There are silver linings to a fire that happened at the facility I have self Stirage units in. Opportunity is opening up there, it’s helping me keep my sanity and it will be interesting to see how it plays out with all of the astrological happenings.

    Not ready to do back flips just yet but I think they may be a part of the future. Sending love to all!

  2. Yeah, my back is against the wall now. I have resorted to something I was always very afraid to do which is channeling. Spent twenty minutes today slowly saying words and having no idea more than 50% of the time what the complete sentence would be. Even being sure it would be something else sometimes.

    No reason not to do this every day. I will be bringing in tons of information.

  3. That was so out of this world back in 2017. I was on holiday, and our family was togteher and we went to the beach to watch it. Amazing.

  4. Opportunity…

    I used to follow the “free” section of the local buy and sell, but, it got too stressful having to NOT go after all those “opportunities”.
    Yep. Every cool freebie caused me to dive into an analytical quarrel – do I go for it, or, pass… leading to the inevitable remorse of the lazy.
    I’ve worked out a plan where the feebies seek and find me.

    Is that my natal Jupiter/Mars oppo speaking now?

    I think so.

    Eyes peeled…

  5. Not sure if inclined but could sure use a step up in the income box, or could sure benefit from a spur of the moment nap, days so long and hot
    Ready and waiting

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