Seeing The Full Moon In Libra Manifest In Life!

The full moon in Libra has just peaked. She’s conjunct Jupiter, opposing the Sun and Uranus and squaring Pluto. What happened in your life?

Here, I find myself wanting to work (more) with others. My husband and I have started a kid band. There are now more than twenty-five people involved. It’s going incredibly well.

I love Satori’s writing but she’s only posting twice a week now.  I’ve really enjoyed Diane’s writing on the site. It’s been fresh and interesting.

I may be sick of hearing my own voice or it may just be that I think the blog is better with more variety. Because of this, I’m looking for people who might want to join the site; try their hand at this.

The kid band started with small. It’s grown rapidly, in a healthy way. It’s produced an offshoot group; a youth choir, and it holds a lot of promise for the future. I want to do the same thing here.

The 2017 Solar Return chart of this blog is so powerful, I think it can take off in new directions. I feel compelled to try! If you have any interest in contributing to this blog in some way, please let me know.

I really intend to push it this year.  I’m sick of moseying along. I want to thrive!  I think this is in line with the t-square. Creative innovation (Sun Uranus), expansion via partnering (Jupiter in Libra) to empower (Pluto).

How do you feel, post the full moon?

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Seeing The Full Moon In Libra Manifest In Life! — 25 Comments

  1. How do I feel? Too much planetary energy on relationships at the moment. If you are in a relationship, you are hurting with Venus conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn. You are sensing things about the relationship that are deal-breakers, things that are not going to go away, and it is often in the context of a relationship you had a lot of hopes for because the person has a lot of good qualities. Having a Full Moon in a relationship sign on top of it is just way too much, it beats you over the head with the reasons why the relationship is probably never going to work.

    • Oh my goodness! I definitely see what you mean, BUT!

      It works if you work it!! Come on, man. Jupiter is there!

      This sounds like pure, poison:

      “…it beats you over the head with the reasons why the relationship is probably never going to work.”

      Defeatist attitude!! Very anti-Jupiter! 🙂

  2. Some relationships need to end for a variety of reasons. If its not healthy or happy its time to move on and find one that is. If the relationship has substance it can be worked. If not, these are the ones that end now. Just my 2 cents.

    • Just looked at the ephemeris and saw how many planets are retro right now. Holy cow- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn…

      Sun in Venus’ (Rx) sign. Mercury (Rx) in Venus’ sign (Taurus), Jupiter(Rx) in Venus’sign (libra), Jupiter in Saturns(Rx) exaltation. Saturn in Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter conjunct Sun. Venus(Rx) and Saturn(Rx) exactly square.

      Not sure what all this means, but it seems important. It definitely feels like an ending. I like it – I like it a lot. :))

      (Finally seeing the light)

  3. Had the MOST AWESOME connection with DOZENS of wonderful people from my home country, engaged in online discussion about traditional practices APPLIED NOW, and IN PLACE … where ever we find ourselves. The conversation began at 10 PM (I’m usually way into dreamtime by then) and lasted well into midnight. I’m loving the Jupiter out of it! Expanding the core of life with the applied energy of this Libra Full Moon. Yeh, my husband and I are building on a foundation be began eight years ago … slowly and now it feels like we have a solid base to apply our AHAs. Feel great about it!!

  4. This site has been invaluable in my journey to learn Astrology. I am definitely willing to start writing, and contributing. Elsa I will send you an email.

  5. Elsa, how can one use this to “work it”?? Or work on the relationship?
    Chiron-Venus is SO SO heavy these days, tweaking the thumb screws on all the painful stuff ?

    I know you say “serve or be served” with Chiron. Stop taking the victimized role and all that.
    But with Chiron it’s not only about victimization, it points to aspects that are a deep wound and connected to each other. It’s true though, that the datk side of Libra is about projections. Own your sh*t coukd be the theme here I guess.

    Could one of the ways to “serve” and use this energy be to dig into these wounds, releasing some energy here, to SERVE the relationship In the long run? Taking responsibility for your wounds perhaps?
    Or are there other ways to do it do it as well? This is like a glowing iron stick being held down onto the skin for the moment…. ouch!!! A deep deep heart ache.

  6. I went on a disconnection mode with my boyfriend right when Venus started its retrograde period.

    Post this full moon I actually feel content with my decision, not very sad !!

    Although this full moon was square my natal mars which is the ruler of my 5th house and sextile my natal uranus. Also I must add transiting Chiron is sextile my natal moon within 2 degree orb ..maybe this is me accepting the pain and hurt and finally healing.

  7. The full moon had the same effect on me like most other transits: absolutely nothing happened, absolutely nothing changed.

    • Yeah, same here. And it touched some very strong points (MC/IC conjuctuon and opposition)but nothing has changed except that I went to a great house party and had an inspirative night for my own change of residence.

    • A few hours ago, I saw a brock (right word? bauson?). Although I live in the countryside, it’s still quite rare, especially during daytime. But shown in transits?

      • Holy Synchronicity Batman! I posted below after gazing out the window at the bright full moon tonight. Just as I drew back the curtain I noticed a strange, large gray animal trotting down the road. At first I thought it might be a possum but it didn’t have the characteristic tale. Meanwhile I had noticed your post and looked up what a Brock is, I think you meant a badger? And then I looked up pictures of wild animals in this area and guess what I saw too in the moonlight, a badger! Reading about badger as spirit/power animal, very deep messages for me now.

  8. Awesome!!! It’s been a grrrreeat day here. Busy but the fruits of our labor paid off in marvelous news and spectacular achievements. Now it’s time for beeed. ?

  9. I am a big supporter of our local church and all its various works. The Libran full moon gave me the umph to help and support one of the local priests and the altar boys under his guidance and by surprise today (sun conjunct uranus!?) another priest (newly ordained and fab with the kids and youth)’dropped by’ to bless and anoint my 5 yr old son who has leukhemia. It was beautiful to see them together, my son also has Down’s syndrome and communicated so readily (in his way)and loved the priest. A lovely day – like you say Elsa in your post – ” I think this is in line with the t-square. Creative innovation (Sun Uranus), expansion via partnering (Jupiter in Libra) to empower (Pluto).”

  10. With this full moon plus Mercury retro, I’m feeling volatile and rehashing old stuff. Writing Plutonian Email in my head to blow off steam but keeping a lid on not sending them or engaging with draining petty battles. I know from past mistakes that often during Mercury retrograde it’s really wise to try to keep quiet and not say things to stoke negative attacks or skirmishes. But during Mercury retrograde it seems is when I most want to blurt out my angry reactions. I am really trying to keep it together to avoid unnecessary complications. One thing I’m noticing lately is more ease of introspection and getting to heart of things when I reflect on matters.

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