Scripting Your Comments – The Astrological Mercury In Action

A friend told me she was ambushed at a function she attended. Apparently there was another woman there who had it in for her. The second woman started taking pot shots are my friend.

She didn’t get very far before my Pisces friend had what she called an “intuition”. Her intuition told her that this gal had these comments scripted. Yep. She had her insults pre-loaded and figured in advance. When my friend realized this she was able to mitigate the damage in her mind.

Listening to this. I was just stunned. For one thing I have never had this type intuition but I bet this happens all the time. People d0 plan attacks like this. I thought I should post this so others like me might be informed. But I was also interested because I would never, ever plan my comments.

With Mercury in the 9th (cowboy) conjunct Mars (impulsive), whatever I am going to say is going to come out in the moment. I say now and pay later.

This led me to consider what the scripting gal’s Mercury might look like and while I don’t know, planning always smacks of Saturn and/or Capricorn.

So what do you guys know about this? Have you ever scripted your comments or realized someone had scripted theirs?


Scripting Your Comments – The Astrological Mercury In Action — 43 Comments

  1. Mercury conjunct Saturn and square Cappy Moon. Yes, I have on occasion elaborately scripted interactions. And I can always recognize when someone else is doing this too.

  2. Asc lord Mercury in Capricorn, almost unaspected.
    If I really need to say something I’d need to script because I am regretting all the time not to find the right word at the right time. It’s like the right words pop in my head 12 or 24 hours later and it’s way too late 😉

    Not that I need to script anything, really, but I would understand the need for Saturn colored Mercury.

  3. I have Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn and I wouldn’t say I script them intentionally. But I do think about things in advance or reflect about current situations and sometimes when the event comes up again I say things that I’ve said in my head before. But doesn’t everyone sometimes? 😉

  4. man – I feel like a fool. It has never in my life occurred to me someone had planned their stuff ahead… I mean unless they are breaking up with your or trying to tell you something difficult – but planned insults? I am astounded.

  5. I know of one particular person who did this (an ex-friend).

    It gave me great relief, thwarting her attempts to aim her scripted daggers at me. In the land of self-help talk it would be called ‘taking back my power.’

    As for my scripts? Only when I have a build up of things I’ve wanted to say, but no opportunity to say them. Then my little Taurus pea-brain starts plotting an approach.

    (Mercury in T-square with Saturn and Uranus).

  6. hehe. I only ever script mine after the fact. All those wonderfully cutting things I could’ve said, if only I hadn’t been so flustered at the time. Never fails.

    • There’s a term for that, in French! “Esprit d’escalier” (meaning, what comes to you as you’re leaving the situation, on the stairs away from it).
      Frustrating when it happens.

  7. Not really. Sounds boring. However, there are certainly times when I would have been way better off if I had. (Merc Tau opp Sat Scorp).

    My sister, the third Taurus, (Merc conjunct South Node in Taurus, to the exact degree and opp my Saturn) will be ‘in town’ on Wednesday if my mom (Taurus) gets out of the hospital by then. She and I do NOT mix well anymore, so I’ll plan a nice script in the unlikely event that I cannot avoid her all together.

  8. By ‘nice’ script, I mean to say, a script where I am saying nice but superficial things. Mom doesn’t need the stress of our incompatabilities.

  9. I don’t tend to script but I can definitely tell when someone else is. Definitely definitely definitely. It happens ALL the time but only with certain types of people; some people just have a problem being genuine on the spur of the moment.

    I tend to suffer l’espirit l’escalier, ‘the wit of the staircase’ constantly– I only realize on the stairs outside what I should have said in a particular situation.

  10. maureen – hell yes, that’s happened to me. But if I tweak it up just a little higher I wind up like this:

    “I said this and this… oh hell, I don’t remember what I said but I sure as hell meant it!!”

  11. in tennis you’re taught to hit the ball softly, just barely in reach of the person across the net. in theory this forces them to scoop the ball directly up to you while off balance then you “ram it down their throat.” but if you know what’s coming you can scoop it up way high over their back with no way to get under it. then YOU win the point.

    I prefer a nice, graceful exchange until a well-placed shot can be scored with finesse. that type of point gained also garners respect. I prefer sportsmanship in gaming and in conversation. just because you CAN ram it down someone’s throat doesn’t mean you should. people who ram it down someone’s throat lose all my respect.

  12. I have never planned my words (or insults!) in advance. But.. has this ever happened to anyone here? I have sometimes just snapped and talked and talked and spoken my truth so forcefully and set the boundaries so strongly with another that I remember exactly what I have said afterward, so much so that I can write it down word for word, maybe just to reinforce what I’ve said FOR MYSELF! This is rare but when it happens it’s like I’ve been reciting a script I wrote for myself in a past life! Just learning about astrology, but I’m Gemini Sun/Mercury, Libra rising, Scorpio Moon, etc. Pluto’s been a real doosy for me these past couple a years..

  13. I can’t say I plan out in advance, but I have stopped conversations dead in order to have time to think about the best way to get my point across. Otherwise I end up going off on a tangent or my meaning gets obscured and no one understands what I mean. I have Mercury/Saturn conjunct, trined Neptune.

    Planning insults sounds like an enormous waste of time to me, though. Think about what else you could be using that energy on! Not to mention spending all this time obsessing over someone who, in all likelihood, couldn’t care less. There’s better stuff out there than making yourself miserable with this kind of thing. *shrugs*

  14. no i don’t script, although i sometimes end up saying things I’ve thought to myself beforehand. much more frequently, i’m sudden transported to an understanding od something i wasn’t consciously aware of until it comes traipsing out of my mouth. i’ve got a very busy little mercury, but it’s conjunct uranus and pluto, so i can shock others and myself by cutting right to the underbelly without thinking even seeing the dive coming up.

  15. It happens to me a lot. Like one time this person went out of there way to tell my “boss” that I had a money situation. Which was not so far from the truth. But far enough for me that I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive stealing. The exact amount of money that I had told some co-workers I needed at that. She stole money and made it seem like, I took it. Bet I kept my mouth closed after that. Then again, who are these people stupid enough to believe that someone would steal the exact amount of money that they said they needed.And yes the amounts did change. So if you can take out an action best believe this person trashed my name with gossip also.

  16. This is very interesting… I have mecury/saturn conjunct but its also hit with a trine from my neptune/mars conjunct. In fact I have such a concentrated chart that its hard to seperate.

    So.. I can be a culprit of this behaviour and also not a culprit. My mercury/saturn does causes me to think before I speak if I decide it speak out all add the fact this aspect is apart of my 8th house stellium so Im very good at cumlinating information to be use right when I need it. However like I said mercury is trine mars not to mentioned my 9th house jupiter (in scorp). So sometimes I plan(saturn) sometimes I blurt in the moment(mars/jupiter) but either way it going to sting or hit your at the core(scorpio/8th house) and you wont even know which to expect( Neptune)

    And yes I can pick out a scripted attack I guess it takes one to know one 😉

  17. mercury in capricorn, cnj sun, square saturn and jupiter,

    I sometimes prep comments in my mind but they’re usually positive. ‘Must Remember to tell x that I loved y’. With saturn I often come off judgemental (I think) and when I like people I like to make a point of letting them know what and why and how (Virgo moon) cause I like to hear those things myself. The only other times I prep comments are when I have previously been attacked, I totally prep my defense along the lines of ‘if that person x then I’m going to y’.

    I try not to too often because I’ll have entire huge imagined conversations. They just (sq jupiter cnj sun)expand and expand and expand until I get overwhelmed. Then I bury my head under the blankets and duck the situation altogether.

  18. Ebay, I had a very similar thing happen many, many years ago. Money stolen from someone co-workers wallet in a locker or something. The way I reacted to getting accused made me look guilty when I was not guilty. I kept saying “give me a lie detector test” and he kept saying, “you will flunk it either way you are so agitated.” I was! Because ethics in the workplace is my main thing & that false accusation made me go all wacky.

  19. Script insults? No, that’s sad and pathetic to me. Merc in Aries, 8th house here… If you can’t insult on the fly, then you need to go home and leave it to the professionals. *snort* I can tell when someone has planned their lines ahead of time, but it usually takes me a little bit to realize that’s what they’ve done. It sounds strange when folks do it, but scripting just isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I hear it. I’m more likely to think they’ve lost their minds. lol

  20. Do you want to say pre – writing insults?
    I thought for a moment java scripting. In the first case, I don’t script anything except commercial letters. – mars X sextile mercury XII- In the last case Once some time ago, did it It was the case of a forum webmaster, he systematicly was insulting or dedicating sarcasms to members of forum. It was in the local newspaper online In that opportunity I nicknamed myself “black ant”. After several flames I decided java scripting my comments then the forums went down, all of they except one I selected just for Caprice.
    It was a difficult transit of pluto Sadge. Then I knew the dark side of my sadge nature, or it was Scorpio,Mercury nature? I Justify myself because the webmaster was against many of my sacred values (sadge!). And because only an idiot would allow the java scripting option enabled (geminii?) “not my fault”. The forums were down for a month , a month a complete delight for me. I need to confess it. Although I am a completely inoffensive person, however I hate the injustice on defenseless persons.

  21. well i practiced things i’d say in particular occasions. i was really socially awkward as a kid and having a few things planned out from time to time made things easier…. i was always thinking of things to say looong after the fact.

    but, eh. i don’t insult people. sometimes i get snarky when discussing someone i’m irritated with in the presence of someone else, but the intention is never to hurt someone and i try to be real careful with direct criticism.

    i always say if you can’t say it to their face you shouldn’t say it, but there are more and less respectful ways of doing so….

    • Ha ha true. I once got caught out by someone who had been violent to his partner, who I didn’t know was sitting in the back of the vehicle while I laid out all his faults for miles. He then jumped out the back when we got to the venue and it actually ended in a near fight. Oh ive got so many examples… but I usually find many people love someone standing up to bullies as long as they can be on the sidelines. Or go hide! It’s like being on another level where social embarrassment comes a poor second to putting the world to rights, one silly person at a time…

  22. hmmmmm I never thought of this before :)))

    I also script comments all the time but very rarely I use the script when the actual conversation is happening! (I plan in my mind when I am anxious or when I look forward for something)

    I usually do this when I want to go somewhere with my car! I always plan the trip but I end up getting excited and go somewhere different before the destination

    It just makes me feel prepared -( the planning)

    Mercury-Saturn in Sag. trine Moon

  23. I do both. But usually it’s Mars / Scorp arrow when it’s someone I’ve got figured. Even just a perfect silence will do it.
    Once, a guy I knew proposed a quiz to a couple of us, out of the blue ‘…If you were an animal what kind would you be?’ He quickly moved to me and said I looked ‘like a preying mantis’. I realised this was all elaborately premeditated and part of his weird stuff around me. I totally get the thing about people being attracted and repelled by Scorp rising. I actually don’t look like one I assure you! I felt it said much more about him than about me. I get this kind of thing, usually a more subtle barb from women who are threatened, and I usually relish the chance to bide my time a bit before the bite back.

    • Stargirl, I have Scorpio rising too and I react in a similar way to you, and people react to me the way you describe them reacting to you.
      “…it said much more about him than about me” is one of my pre-prepared scripts that I always keep in my pocket in case it’s needed.

  24. I script remarks for class ahead of time. After I read whatever assigned readings we have, I try to think of relevant remarks, but I don’t do it very often at all for everyday convo. The only reason I would do it is if I really really felt someone deserved it. I have pluto and saturn h3

    I get the pisces intuition thing too. There’s one guy who may or may not be around here who tries to do this but I can practically *see* him in my minds eye furiously researching info online to come back like he thought of it right then to try to prove me wrong or god knows what? But the picture of him that comes to my mind is ridiculous so its impossible for him to get at me the way he wants to.

  25. Ive had imaginary conversations in my head. Like what i would say to someone if i could have a do over or have a confrontation, but it never turns out how i imagine. I dont do well in a confrontation and frankly i detest it and will avoid it if i can. But the fights i have in my mind are epic lol.

  26. I can hear scripted remarks. Sometimes they don’t even match the situation. Think of a poorly-timed dubbed movie.

    I do it too. Usually I will be thinking of something, form an opinion or defense/offense for it and store it in my back pocket. And ALWAYS, a conversation will come up where I will pull it out because it fits. But since a I have noticed this in the past, it’s made me way more selective about whether I really need to open my mouth or not. Very interesting…

    I have Mercury in Cap. It’s conjunct Venus so maybe I try to be charming.

  27. I don’t script. When I care a lot, I make mental reminders about what I want to convey, when the opportunity will eventually arise. Insults don’t figure in that stack (waiting list). Those come when I lose the leash on “speaking my mind,” fueled only by emotional reactions – othertimes, I use reactions as info. Sigh.
    It’s not so much of a virtue on my part, as a difficulty navigating such a machiavellian exercise. ADHD, has its benefits.

  28. This is happening to me right now, I cannot go out or make public appearances without being gaslighted or pre-speech insults. I want to do good work, and find all this below my dignity and I certainly would never ever do this, as it is not good work. I have merc in capricorn trine pluto in virgo square moon saturn conjunction in aries. I beleive in planning one’s words and thoughts for clear intention and correct projection but not to injure or scandalously damage someone’s innocent reputation. I believe this is why I am so attacked because I am truthful and don’t stoop to manipulative games or attacks. I bascially don’t fit in for this reason and have no choice but to exit public life. The sun / merc conjunction has certainly surprised me. There are other forces and intentions at work which do not want higher values on any level. Are we already feeling clamping down of the Saturn pluto conjunction? What is happening to the higher values of both of these outer planets? I am not sure I will be able to rebuild my reputation or work in the fields I have loved and worked hard on in the near future. Perhaps it’s simply the neptune effect or post eclipse rubble, but wow, like a comet, I’ve been ricocheted into another place. !!! I can’t stand revenge it is so unhealthy, so I’ll have to rebuild in the underground bombshelter, there must be a way.

    • Ahhh, Jimmer, I’m so sorry.
      I think the forces and intentions who undermine good projects are due to people (not planets) who – purposely or unconsciously – want everything to stay the same.
      I hope you find good allies, in your regrouping.

  29. I was verbally attacked on Thursday 2/15 (eclipse) by a co-worker and it certainly felt scripted to some degree, as though he’d been waiting for an opportunity to arise. Unfortunately for him, the “opportunity” he choose was something he completely misunderstood and had nothing to do with him! He ended up apologizing and blaming his foul, angry rant on yet another person… dude has issues. I still reported him. What’s interesting to me is he’s a Leo Sun and I’m Aquarius Rising and this went down on the day of the partial solar eclipse.

  30. I don’t do this – it wouldn’t come out right anyway (only, as Libra noir says, in my mind).
    But I was thinking what a lot of HATE there must be behind this: Saturn Mars Pluto(?)

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