Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy

scorpio spiderman cover vintageRox asks:

“You say that Scorpios absorb other people’s energy and being one I can say this is totally correct. I find I’m a magnifying glass. Whatever emotion is floating around I tend to mirror and magnify it. So my question is, with all of this absorbing, when do Scorps get to have their “own” energy?”

Rox – It’s Pisces that absorbs energy. Scorpio exchanges energy which is a different phenomena. Scorpios have their own energy which they use to attract other people’s energy into their lives whether they are aware of this or not. I’ll explain the difference since I can access both scenarios.

Say I go to the gym and I happen to be having a Pisces type day. My boundaries are compromised. I’m on the mat trying to workout and here comes some guy wanting to talk to me with an agenda on his mind. What he wants to do is screw and this is plainly obvious to me, regardless of what comes out his mouth. And I don’t want to deal with him but I will be defenseless.

My daughter is ill and there are periods when it is so demanding and grueling it is barely survivable. During these times… well I am alone. So after awhile, after going 80 rounds, systems begin to fail and it gets pretty scary. I just have no idea how I am going to cope, but I do. And then eventually an opportunity will present and I’ll crawl to the gym to try to escape (1) and to attempt to get grounded and back into my body (2).

Essentially I’ll be trying to begin the recovery process and I’m pretty much desperate in this state. I’m desperate to gather myself and get back on my feet and the last thing I want to deal with is some horny guy, but here he comes.

Too beaten down and beleaguered to fight, he will invade my space, waste my time (which at this point with be precious) while I just stand there wondering why he can’t see that I’m ready to cry.

By the time I finally manage to deflect him, the little bit of steam I may have collected will have dissipated leaving me no choice to to go home feeling defeated, somewhat victimized but mostly just incredibly sad.
cross trainerSo that’s Pisces. You have no boundary! Being as you feel like a puddle, people come right up and step on you and you just watch (and marvel) as it happens. Lack of compassion.

In contrast, on a Pluto sort of day, I might be on the cross-trainer alongside someone with a lot of energy. I can feel them… and I know they feel me.

I don’t care if their energy is good or bad. Its energy, therefore it is useful and we workout in tandem, in affect “getting off” on each other.

I work off (feed) off their energy and my energy is there for their use as well. Help yourself, it regenerates.

This energy comes right through the crotch by the way, where the Pisces type surrounds you like a fog. It disappears you, leaves you with a sad feeling… the so-called “divine discontent”. This is how I see this…

Anyone else?


Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy — 44 Comments

  1. I am unsure how my chart really reflects this, but I know as a Pisces, when it rains, it pours, and I manage to survive (how?), despite the fact that everyone seems to want to invade my space just when I’m almost completely done in and add their own energy (and angst) to what should be so painfully obvious as an overflowing well.

    Yet, when I’m at the top of my game, I use the energy I absorb and either push back or pull them in. Though that could be my Scorpio Ascending talking. 😉

  2. Oh yeah, Scorp Sun here…I can get into a happy free-flowing energized mobius loop with someone and we’ll feed off each other for hours. Very nicely described Elsa!!

    And in the opposing vein I can hijack ‘vampire’ someone’s energy and/or freeze them out like little fractured bits of ice cubes if that serves. I try to save these latter two moves for those who deserve to become deflated blue ice-pops! As I’m working on being the ‘soaring eagle’ portion of the Scorp program these days I truly do try to save that for the scum suckers.

    Elsa, I believe that was what you were witnessing when Elizabeth Smart was shutting out Mz. ‘NO’ Grace, a Scorp doing her ‘thing’ beautifully and just think she’s a beginner!

    On the Pisces front – my Dad is one – and he was the one laying in the hospital bed getting ready for five by-pass surgery and folks just HAD TO come by and get all THEIR business talked out just in case he didn’t make it! SHEESH, can you not see the man is majorly ILL?????

    I was fuming real live steam and obviously have not forgotten it five years later and yet he was making nicey-nice excuses for them.

    Sometimes we people are just oblivious and sometimes you Pisces are just too sweet for your own good!

  3. That is so fantastic, and written so clearly. Thank you. I understand. I have been attempting to access more of the Scorpion energy these days. I do understand what you mean by the energy coming from the crotch…which is a challenge to feel comfortable with if it is a foreign experience.

  4. I’m wondering about the reverse effect of the Pisces energy. I have a pisces guy friend who just cannot keep boundaries. No matter how clear I am with him about the boundaries and space I need, It’s like he can’t help not trying to go through them. It is frustrating, now borderlining on too slippery. Pluto is squaring his sun right now… maybe it’s making him a panicked fish, but sheesh.

    Any Pisces out there who can talk about there feel of wanting to go through boundaries?

    • Well I am a pisces and I can tell you that, a pisces can never be able to keep that boundry. Its just like they are some kind of idealistic. They are meant for different world. Or god has made them for some kind of special mission. May be they have got responsibility to balance. But in the process they have to be consumed. They have to sacrificed. Pisces can bloom better in peaceful and noble societies otherwise they suffer.

  5. dreamsareality – the story about your father… yikes, and I can relate. I’d have my daughter in the hospital fighting for her life and people still have to let me know how I suck.

    I used to write about this (my daughter)on my other blog and I would post the exact situation and an hour later have a mail “Elsa, I read about your daughter, wow! By the way, can you do this and this and this for me…”

    This is the lack of compassion. And on that front, the kids who tease my daughter at school. They ought to try being her for week.

    Anyone ought to try being anyone in my family for a week and I guarantee you they would shut the fuck up!

    Same goes for the soldier (Pisces rising) and the judge. His life is inordinately difficult, it always has been and hers is not. You would think these people with the easy lives could leave us shadow types alone to try to cope, but no! They come to feed.

  6. That sucks. One of the nice things about being a Scorpio is being able to communicate to someone with a glance that you are a fraction of an inch away from obliterating them. Tends to keep away the creeps.

  7. Hi Mary R. I can’t speak for all pisces… but according to christopher from soulgarden (horoscopes on youtube) all pisces are now learning about boundaries in relationships, this sure is true for me. Boundaries are a foreign theme for a piscean brain, it hard to wrap our minds around it. But we learn. just be very clear and coherent. like you’re training a puppy. I think that will do. We see too many sides of an issue, it’s hard to be firm about one perspective. It just doesn’t make sense. pisceans live in the grey area. no black and white.

    I feel for you Elsa, on your piscean days 🙁 being a full time pisces, we eventually get defenses. Part time pisces is harder. Either my aquarius rising kicks in in those days and I detach, or just have a nervous breakdown and cry, which is very rare.

    • Hi, I am a pisces and I am slightly disagree with you. I would say by own experience that , the problem for the pisces is they can see everything in black and white and they believe in both the things. Its just they deeply care about others that makes it difficult for them to take decision quickly. Here let me add that pisces have very strong understanding of what is just and what is unjust, and that also keep them away from acting offensively or even a slightly harshly with others. But yes once they decide that now its enough then they will create’ great wall of china’ not the boundary. But people should act nicely with them because pisces are most sensitive people, very helpful and kind. If they accept you as friend they will do anything for you before even asking.

  8. (responding to elsa’s comment)

    well, if you’re out of touch with your own shadow… oh, yes, there’s feeding going on. but it’s not healthy.
    everybody has a shadow. not everyone has been forced to live in it. forced to face it. but trying to live it through someone else is a false way of trying to experience one’s own darkness….

    does this make any sense? i’m not sure how to make words of this idea.

    elsewise, i really appreciate the way you clarify the distinction between neptune and pluto energetics. the idea of a pluto _exchange_ makes perfect sense…. and clarifies some confusions about the way people act around me. (i’m so baffled, sometimes.)

  9. I’m a Pisces and I am really serious about my boundaries. It seems to me that people who don’t want to respect mine, have some really selfish motives anyway. I don’t think I have a problem with the boundaries of others.

  10. Boy .. I don’t experience it this way, well, not anymore. Neptune as simply feeling pathetic and inviting boarishness (sp?) from people around me? It’s also been magical experiences where I feel sympatico and connected with someone who’s completely different than me .. like with the drivers and sometimes guesthouse owners in Cambodia when I went .. One driver, Thy, & I just magically connected, he was my helper, protector, but not even slightly sexual, lewd or threatening. And I could feel his situation of losing his father to the Khmer Rouge, and the feel of his ancient heritage, and the totally different tangents the souls were on in that part of the world .. I could relate because I could imagine what it was like without actually coming close in this lifetime to experiencing it.

    Pluto *to me* has been about disrespect and lack of boundaries.

    Funny isn’t it.

    I hope Elsa you’re at least not having to battle ins. companies, Dr.’s opinions, etc., with your daughter’s illness .. I went through a period of being sick with Pluto op Sun and though I met some interesting, intense, ‘renegade’ Drs. it was also like hitting my head on the wall to get the nitpicky details processed.

  11. Regarding pisces energy: “it disappears you” is a perfect description. You either disappear, get disappeared, or disappear the other person. like a magician at work 😉

    The scorpio energy is more like a zero sum game – for one person to gain energy the other has to lose energy. the energy exchanged is equal of course, but one person gets stuck with a negative balance. i’ve become wary of giving any energy to these sorts until i know what their motivation is for wanting my energy. I haven’t met any of these types who engage in this “exchange” to lose!

  12. I’m a Scorpio and I really tune into other people’s energy, without necessarily being conscious of it. I also, with a 12th house Sun and Mars in Pisces, can take on other people’s negative emotions and get drained and depressed if I don’t get away quickly or at least put up my psychic force field.

  13. Hi Elsa,

    Once again – resonance!

    First off – strength and grace to you. And blessings to your girl.

    I’m a Scorpio Sun/Pisces Moon so live what you’re describing almost every day 😉

    I come across (I’m told) as this together, sussed, professional girl – no matter what. My life could be falling apart and still people come to me for advice and support. All the while, my little Pisces *heart* is going ‘Help, I just really need a hug or someone to listen to me’.

    I’m grateful for my Scorpio strength but am learning to acknowledge ‘Pisces’ more… be more vulnerable, to not always wear the brave-face.

    And, finally, to answer the question…….Scorpio’s create their own energy, all of the time!! And we often, give it to other people too.


  14. I don’t know that it is just pisces/scorpio…I have no water/earth in my natal chart and it seems I am someone with a core group of casual friends and once in a while one needs me and talks/shares with me for sometime then leaves. It’s fine, I like it even though it’s draining I also feel a lift. I like being of service, even just to listen and be nurturing…maybe it’s more a compassion thing and aspects to neptune?

    I have no scorpios in my life…don’t know why.

    My pisces pals and SO do like to merge. I like when it’s with me…it’s interesting to act on the different and I like sharing energy with them. Coming from a fixed fire.

  15. Hi Elsa & Carrie,
    another Scorp Sun/ Pisces moon–most of the time I feel like a pack animal w/regards to other people. I know I can take it, but it does make me avoid people sometimes.

    Now, wouldn’t it make sense to work on the boundaries? I shoot myself in the foot, because it means I’m denied support in relationships with people.

    Wow, thinking out loud–this is a breakthrough. I don’t feel enough support in my life, and obvs. my problem is boundaries, and keeping people away so I’m not drained. But that’s not the solution, is it? Hmmm….

    Thanks for bringing this up!!!! 🙂

  16. Oh my God ana, you said: ‘The scorpio energy is more like a zero sum game – for one person to gain energy the other has to lose energy. the energy exchanged is equal of course, but one person gets stuck with a negative balance. i

  17. Hey Pixie-Dust,

    An astro-twin! 🙂

    No, i don’t think keeping people away is the solution. Besides, i don’t know about you, but I LOVE people.

    My astrologist advised me to ‘do something nice for myself every hour, every day, every week’ *SWEET* and to do something like yoga or meditation. I, apparently, absorb people’s energy like a sponge. Not in a parasitic way *i have to justify being a Scorpio *wink*, but I get very affected by other people’s emotions.
    Let me see one of my kid’s in pain and it’s like a knife in my heart ;-(

    Keep the faith, Pixie-Dust, it will be worth it because LOVE is what it’s all about, this whole crazy merry-go-round that we call Life!


  18. Hi all,

    I just discovered this site and have been very intrigued by all of your postings. My question is,,, what about the third water sign–Cancer???
    I am definitely an emotional empath and often, other peoples’ energies channel through my body to the point where I even take on their anxiety. This past year, I developed health problems, related to my stomach, of course, where us cancerians are most vulnerable, and I am trying to recognize how my relationships may be affecting my health. Of course Im not a spineless, sappy, rag doll. I know some people with this problem become hypersensitive and introverted. I tend to be the opposite, however. I am attracted to excitement, crowds, and for more superficial relationships: strong, passionate, very extroverted personalities. I tend to be at my best with these strong personalities, because I match that energy and get into a flow. I dont think its parasitic, though, because I give as much as I take–Im just matching a positive energy as opposed to a negative, depressive one. In general I steer clear though, of going deeper with callous, insensitive personality types. In fact, Most of my friends are water signs-cancer, pisces, scorpios, with some leos mixed in. It seems my problems may come from all of my relationships with Geminis–my mother, my sister, a few friends. Especially when my guard is down, I seem to become super vulnerable and when if I am already weak, it can trigger an immune system collapse.
    Well, I know this post is a little off subject, since yall are discussing pisces/scorps, but im wondering if you have any insight on the third aqueous element here…..

  19. No problem Stella about the age of the posts.

    What do you do to keep your energies and/or energy shield up around Geminis?

    I’d be interested in your answer as I’m surrounded by Gem femmes in my family and they are the ones who can take me down with the stray comment – others not so much, but the family has inside info that others don’t.

  20. Hi DreamsAreality,

    That is interesting… In my case, these gems are the sweetest people I know. Way too sweet to let out a corrosive comment. But under that sweetness is a TON of emotional baggage. (I don’t know, is this typical of a gem?) A couple examples: In my sister’s case, its super low self-esteem, to the extent that she suffered from anorexia in high school. In my best friend’s case, it’s extreme passivity and an overbearing ethnic family that is a ridiculous burden. In my mom’s case, it’s crippling indecisiveness. I seem to bear the brunt of all of it, if I let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, they are all excellent people and also offer love, support, etc. AND all have very playful, fun, light personalities. But it seems like the majority of the time, they are down.

    To answer your question, I haven’t found a great way to shield this out. My sister and best friend are at least partially conscious of the fact that I can only provide so much support before I become overwhelmed. And its not that I am a so called fair weather friend, it’s just that their angst can be an endless abyss. I realize that most of the time, my coping mechanism has been to just shut them out, to varying extents, especially when I’m feeling really vulnerable. I try to check in very briefly but go on hiatus from long phone calls and meetings for about a week. It’s more like an escape, I guess.

    I recognize that the problem is mine. It’s a question of intensity and feeling too much. If I weren’t so empathic, Id have a higher melting point and not let it affect me so much. I also read something about sending back their energy to them. I realize that I was doing this with my best friend, the complainer, for a while. It worked in the sense that I didn’t seem to get sucked into her swill, but it also seemed to backfire. It kinda became like a competition, from her end: I ‘didn’t have it nearly as bad as she did’. And I just felt unacknowledged and resentful. Besides, the ‘give it back to em’ attitude just seems kinda petty and dangerous… I don’t know.

    I’d love to hear your experience and insights…. And any thoughts on shielding. I think probably it has to come from us, setting limits and boundaries. (?) Its just easier said than done.
    I love being empathic, I feel it’s made me a very intuitive person, and that feels powerful. But I gotta let some of it go….

  21. Elsa, 2 water signs down 🙂 is there a connection here with cancer? How do they best handle or experience this?

    I am working with a client in clinic tonight for the 3rd time. I Have experience the Pisces and the scorp in the 1st two sessions. This is our last session together and I believe I have something big to learn tonight. I just realized that the cancer moon and Leo mars will be trining my 29 scorp moon. It feels pivotal and I would like to be prepared, have a plan to nurture without being lost.

  22. Great thread Elsa. My mom ran a lot of scorpio energy, I ran a lot of pisces energy and my sister ran a lot of cancer energy.

    It was interesting growing up.


  23. Pluto or Neptune in fight?

    neither because Eris can beat both

    I have Sun-Eris opposition and I`m writing about the stuff out of experience aka myself in a hidden way

    I had my fights with Scorpios and Leos … surprise-surprise a guy born in the sign of the kitchen appliances can outwit them

    hmmm, there must be grain of sand in the system 😀

    (sorry if I`m narcissistic)

    Eris`s style is like this new James Bond, it`s edgy, cold, experienced, it hits where it hurts the most and allways bounces back and of course makes sure to mock the enemies if possible

    something similar would be the perfect roman ruler

    this is different from Pluto or Saturn

    Pluto enjoys the bloodbath and Saturn just wants to get even if mad and none of them cares about the motivation of the incident, they just do it, because they`ve been hurt

    Eris wants to understand, to take cold revenge and move on, Eris just does it, so there will be no more of the same kind of bad things around him and takes into account the laws that he can leverage if applicable … if success happens to be the best revenge in that case, Eris will choose that path

    Pluto wants a completely new order, based on his image

    Saturn wants the old order to stay the same

    Eris wants the results and to move on

    consider it a darker form of Zen and wu wei

    I like your website, so I`ll subscribe 😀

  24. Thank you Elsa for such a great post/explanation! This is so helpful to me – Scorpio Moon/Rising/Neptune trine Pisces Chiron/Mars/Mercury… I’m bookmarking this one!

    Learning to manage this is key for me!

  25. Hello everyone. Neptune rising and Mars in Pisces 3rd house. I’m a sponge. I was invisible for a long time and nicknamed the “autist” because people could not figure out who I was (and neither could I – the fog was very very thick!!) Because they called me an autist I decided to work in communications and to challenge myself (well I figured that out later because it wasn’t semi-conscious at the time – mars in Pisces!!) . Now this ability to soak up has become an asset because I can restitute and write easily for other people, I get a feel of situations, I can write with their words. I have also build better boundaries and learned to say “no”, but I have to fight all the time to keep them up.

  26. Scorpio Sun in twelfth, trine Cancer moon-Uranus conjunction and Scorp rising squaring Pluto.
    I have been called a Dove of the Scorpio sign.
    I usually felt confused, confined and not very effective.
    Powerless too.
    I attracted the Pluto types, with Uranian pleasures, who caged the Dove and tortured it by no nourishment and darkness.
    Right now going through a Saturn return and a Jupiter return.
    Am I going to repeat the past, no way.
    This dove is a Pheonix now.

  27. venus in pisces and i absorb energy of those around me. boundaries are key for me, but sometimes i get distracted and forget to put them up around certain people. lol.

  28. Wow! I love how you describe the difference between Pisces and Scorpio energy.
    I have both but with more Pisces and I never really got why I always felt this sad at times but now I get it. I knew about it and never really understood. Thanks Elsa!

  29. wowza. this explains A LOT. i have been spending more time with my pisces friends and am just beginning to understand their sensitivity – and the fact that it actually defies true understanding. one can only accept that the fog is there, and wait for it to roll back.

    i totally relate to that scorpio energy. i usually shut it down for my day-to-day, but it is incredibly regenerative. and if it’s not used as a source of healing (if you refuse to share it, to let people feed off it basically), it can really fester and be quite toxic.

    fascinating post. i wonder how cancer, the third water sign, fares by comparison.

  30. @chickadee: I have been called a dove too. Scorpio rising conjunct Neptune trine Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in 12th. I go through periods of feeling confused, confined and not very effective too. There is power in the dove archetype, though not the traditional kind. But I totally feel you on identifying more with the phoenix now. I identify with both. I have faith that I will always rise from the ashes.

  31. Wow. That’s weird. Every Scorp/Pluto thing in my chart is mitigated by Pisc/Nep. Or vice versa. Scorp asc.conjunct Nep. Lower octave ruler of Scorp, Mars in Pisces. Jupiter in Scorp in 12th. Even my Pluto in Virgo is opposite my Mars in Pisc. What a pattern. Scorp sharpens and “protects” the Pisces energy, tho Pis energy is quite capable of protecting itself in its own way, by deflecting, eluding, taking the high road, or letting go. I think the Pisc energy is the one I live the most. When the Pluto energy comes out full force, it scares even me. I liken it to the X-Men character Cyclops. Very intense, focused, sharp, laser-like energy.

  32. I’m with you Carrie. Learning to manage this is key for me too. So often I get stuck in the fog, and forget that I have a laser, and how to use it.

  33. Pisces sun with Capricorn moon & venus. I have no problem telling someone “I’m not in the mood to talk, thanks, I’m having a bad day.” Or “I’m sorry, I just need to focus here.” I suppose I may have learned through experience, but – I try to make sure nowadays that my boundaries are consummate. 🙂

    Love & boundaries, people – love & boundaries.

  34. Wow. This is a great post for me and a pretty accurate desription of my life, really. And with so much saturn on my Scorpio stellium, sun, mercury, neptune and north node in the 8th house now, mars in pisces in the 12, Pisces ascendant (neptune energy intensified there with the current neptune in pisces) I am really dealing with energy issues and really trying hard to muster the energy to live daily…. Pluto is straignt on my natal Capricorn moon and I am quietly hurting and enduring and praying as I plan for a new and clearer life. Birthday coming up, I just want to make it through this grueling time and actually get better….. I am trying all alternative healing modalities. Leaving my job is not an option now, but I recently moved to a new office and a new position, which I hope will turn out to be more reclusive although I will have to do groups in the psych units. I will be fielding fewer calls during the day……

  35. Like you Stella i have neptune transiting on my stellium sun and mars and chiron in pisces in the 7th house and im finding my boundries just disolving away now i have neptune natally on the 4th and saturn is now building those boundries back up, i just have to be alone right now just don’t feel or have the energy to deal with anyone at the moment

  36. Hi Most of my planets are in Scorpio. I have no planets in Pisces, and yet I feel like a Pisces why is that?

  37. I live everyday with Scorp/Pisces energy in my home.

    Husband is a Pisces me the Scorp.

    I will tell you this. To me there is nothing better than Pisces. I love them. They are my true soul mates walking this earth. While they will tell it like it is they have held me up and been my TRUE friends when no one else was willing.

    I think both absorb energy but I believe it is my Pisces husband who takes on the most and is able to somehow calmly handle things with dignity. But, people hurt him and they would take and take if I didn’t step in. There have been many that have tried to lay their shit on him. I see it immediately and STOP it at once. He will try to kindly make excuses for them, even when they are assholes. He can find some reason that a fool is acting like a fool.

    Not me. I am like a guard dog circling around him….saying…back off him now. And, surprisingly he is the same way with me because we understand it and we know.

    My kids (who were not easy to raise) who are now grown call him a saint. And they call a spade a spade daily. 🙂 My oldest son has a Pisces moon and really did all he could to help his ex wife and her nuttiness. He still helps her and they have been divorced for 3 years. Why? Because she is the mother of his child and he wants her well so his child will have a mother…because she needs one. He is Libra with Pisces and I watch him do all he can…and get worn down over and over. Then… and only when it really gets stupid, I step in and she backs off…and quickly.

    I take on energy, but I give it off too. I feel it when I notice people are repulsed by me. When I haven’t even said a word HAHA….but no one is ever repulsed by my husband or son. They just try to cross boundaries with them constantly. I can see it happening from 3 states away.

    I have a lot of planets in the 4th. I am mostly water and I get it. But even feeling like a total Scorpio/Cancer people don’t get away with near the things they do with my husband and son.

    The difference is – I used to be really sweet. A walking love bug. (Cancer asc) (planets in the 4th) Well not anymore. I stand back and wait now. Silent. But my husband and oldest son are still really kind hearted people. I don’t expect them to change. My Gemini youngest son with the Leo asc and Aqua moon (and the Scorpio Mars) ….HA…there is NOTHING sweet about him. He will knock you out with little provocation.

    I find this all fascinating.

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