Heads Up, Scorpio! Mars & Pluto Turn Retrograde Next Week

Vintage scorpio mugThis is unique!  Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Both planets turn retrograde at nearly the same time. Mars on April 17th, Pluto on April 18th.  Scorpio and Scorpio rising is sure to feel this. A marked change of direction.

You may withdraw your energy. Pull your horns in, as I like to say. Or you may go back and revisit something or someone. Dig a little deeper.

This should be interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts on it?


Heads Up, Scorpio! Mars & Pluto Turn Retrograde Next Week — 36 Comments

  1. I’m scorpio rising and a bit frightful of this in a sense that my life Is gonna slow down because of this. It’s already pretty slow.

  2. I’ve been charging hard, making a lot of changes lately, so knowing it is time to slow down and revisit my decisions should work alright. Thanks for the heads-up, Elsa!

  3. Some of my progressed chart (Sun, MC, Uranus, Mercury) is in Scorpio.

    Plus Pluto is about to turn retrograde in direct opposition to my 7th house Mars.

    I’m feeling jarred here!!! >:(

  4. My husband has Scorpio rising there are some issues and people that need dealing with he has been avoiding dealing with for a long time like a kid with his eye closed tight hands over his ears running around screaming la la la la to avoid acknowledging the issues and the people causing them because if he acknowledges them he will have to deal with them I am hoping it’s time for him to handle his business with them once and for all what a blessing that would be to our whole family for sure. Fingers crossed hears hoping.

  5. I’m already there. Taking it slow, one day at a time. Work is slow but steady. Not overwhelming. I hope it does slow down a bit. I am still trying to gain my sea legs. I let the fam stuff go. Just quietly walked away.

    I just hope I don’t have to revisit health issues. I have had enough already 🙁

  6. I have Scorpio rising. Mars right now is in Sag in my first house, not sure how many degrees it’ll retrograde but it’ll be going back closer to my north node. Pluto in Capricorn will be moving back closer to my moon, again, not sure how many degrees. So I guess this will be going back over my self and my self worth, what I value.

    ajm, I think I started the process today of dealing with someone who’s been avoiding me, love your description. I put my foot down via a harsh email and now yes, I think I’ll “pull in my horns” and focus on myself and wait..not totally sure how this will feel or play out. There’s a lot on the social calendar for the two weekends after the retrograde begins so I’ll only be able to hermit-up during the weekdays.

  7. I am very scared with natal sun, moon and ASC in scorpio. The full moon in scorpio next week will be exactly on my natal sun. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect.

  8. I have Scorpio rising and my husband is cusp libra/Scorpio with Scorpio rising….He is a difficult man in good times, I am so often on high alert it gets exhausting. Well, I’ll go with what happens.

  9. Plan to avoid problems with everyone, lay low; do not engage; avoid accidents; work hard; stay out of the way; do nothing self-defeating; mail taxes April 18; get dogs’ rabies shots; stay on diet. Keep mouth shut, Face Shadow, Withdraw Projections; Cool Jets; Pay Attention. Have learned the hard way; many stupid mistakes. Scorpio Sun intense; Pluto backing over Midheaven; Mars backing over Chiron; Uranus crossing Aries Asc; back and forth.

  10. Scorpio rising here. My Scorpio Mars and (29-libra) Pluto are both in the 12th and retrograde natally. Does this mean I will be in my element and things will speed up?

  11. Just this past week I offended an old acquaintance over where I put my monetary investments. Mars had recently gone into my second house while pluto is in my third. Now mars will back into my first house and the scorpio full moon will be on my ascendant. I’m hoping I can reconcile the friendship while still maintaining my decision to invest where I want.

  12. Please God let me get well. I am doing everything I can to be somewhat healthy. I don’t understand why I keep taking two steps forward and three back. I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke….I eat healthy and try to sleep. I just don’t understand. This journey just keeps getting more painful every day. Why? Why when I am doing my level best? How much more….how many more times can I land in the ER in a year? I can hardly stand another minute of it 🙁

  13. My divorce will be finalized on Monday the 25th. Definitely, a marked change of direction. My ex offered to pick me up, but I’m going to walk to the court house and feel every single step. I’m going to pray and let go. …and if at all possible round up some friends for afterwards to celebrate my new life…

  14. Oh man! I feel like a volcano is going to erupt soon. My husband’s family are like snapping snakes! The tension is growing to a crescendo and all bets are off! This year is going to be one to say I survived if I do.
    ALP ing people….Avoiding like plague.

    • Avoiding Like Plague. Trying to keep out of the line of fire. Anger is everywhere and it just seems to keep building and building. Not to mention, the fact that little problems seem to keep poppiing up and adding fuel to the flames.

  15. Scorpio rising 7 degrees.I sustained a severe fracture to my left shoulder on the 18th. Chart ruler Mars/12th. Will be laid-up for God only knows how long 🙁

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