Astrology Quotes – Scorpio In Their Own Words

Scorpios are the psychologists of the zodiac. They are known to be intense, emotional, loyal, passionate, all or nothing and disinterested in anything superficial.

I think ‘destiny’ is just a fancy word for a psychological pattern.
Jodie Foster




You may be as vicious about me as you please. You will only do me justice.
Richard Burton




A fever is an expression of inner rage.
Julia Roberts




I really hate when people put that label on a film, that it’s ‘dark.’ I don’t know what that means. What people call dark, to me actually makes it more interesting.
Joaquin Phoenix



I’m only upset that I’m not a widow. [On her ex-husband Tom Arnold]
Roseanne Barr



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Astrology Quotes – Scorpio In Their Own Words — 47 Comments

  1. I am a scorpio rising-and I love these quotes. One of my favorites is:

    “Success is not instant combustion, you must set yourself on fire.”

  2. Funny, if I call a movie ‘dark’ it means that it’s definitely not fluffy-bunny-crap. It’s a compliment! But then I have a kinda busy 8th house…

  3. Its always more interesting to find out what’s going on beneath the surface… not always fun, but always more interesting. Such is the life of a Scorpio.

  4. I am also a Scorpio Rising but and Aries…and they say Scorpio Rising tends to dominate the whole chart because it’s position is so powerful. I feel very powerful and invincible alot of the time…and I constantly feel that I am different. I don’t TRY to be different, I just know I am. I have an incredible feel for things and people and I feel I have tremendous potential.. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m Pisces, blissfully married to a Scorpio. He’s surprised that everyone he deals with (especially professionally) feels his intensity. He asked me once (long ago) am I really that intense? I spent the next hour laughing. He knew he was, he just thought it didn’t show. ha!

  6. I prefer my counselling psychologists to be in the Pisces or Cancer framework.

    Scorpios do have an innate kind of intuition and a good deal of potency which are good traits for a counsellor.


  7. Hmm good stuff here. I have Scorpio Mars, Mercury, and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are conjunct 6 degrees, 10th house Mars, Pluto and Mercury in 11th house. Well actually Mars is at the end of my 10th house so I guess you could read like it’s in the 11th house (no wonder I attract such INTENSE friends haha… Not so great when you throw in the opposition to my 5th house Taurus Moon, but that’s life… “…Ain’t always beautiful but it’s a beautiful ride.”) Just quoting some country lyrics there. I am a Texan after all πŸ™‚

    Anyways… Something I say a lot that really seems to either put people over the edge or get them moving is:

    “Can we just cut the bullshit? It’s either on or off. I know no in between so quit fence sitting, and let’s get this done.”

    Hahahah. I win. πŸ™‚ Deletes those who are there without purpose, and allows me to keep those who aren’t afraid to move forward, wherever that may take us.

    And “I’m loyal to the bone, that’s who I am, but don’t think you can fuck me over and get away with it, because you won’t.”

    Yeah, no one walks all over me. Everyone gets one chance, you mess up and I’ll push you away. It’s possible to work yourself back in, but if I sense that you’re not ready for what I’ve got to offer, I will let you know, and let you go. The end. πŸ™‚

  8. “And if you have the courage to face yourself, the whole package, you will receive an extraordinary amount of power you may have never realized was there.”

    K.D. Lang – one of my favorite Scorpios – I just find her mesmerizing.

    Oh, and that quote from Roseanne Barr, ya can’t get any more Scorpio than that, lol!

  9. Speaking of all or nothing:

    Scorpio friend: Toni, I’m fat.

    Me: No you’re not, you’re chubby. Very chubby.

    Scorpio friend: No, Toni, you’re either fat or you’re not!

    Me: Whoa, dude calm down, I was just being nice.

    Scorpio friend: I would rather you stop bullshitting me Toni and tell it straight to my face. I don’t like it when people kiss my ass.

    Me: Gee, XX, you’re tough!

    Scorpio friend: I’m just pulling your chain, I like you Toni, it’s just that I don’t like it when people feel like they have to put on a facade to make me happy, I’m a straight shooter! I tell it to your face! I know you’re trying to be a friend so I guess I’m sorry for blowing up on you!

  10. it’s just that I don’t like it when people feel like they have to put on a facade to make me happy, I’m a straight shooter!

    This is so true! I had a very similar conversation with my step-daughters when we were first getting to know each other. They were used to sucking up to their Aries mom by telling her how good she looked and when they did the same to me, I told them I was well aware I no longer looked like I did at 30 but was fine with that. Both little Gemini mouths dropped open in shock!

    I have Scorpio rising with Mars/Mercury conjunct it – and a VERY low tolerance for brown-nosing behaviors. If someone wants/needs something from me, just ASK! Unless I’m having a Libra day, the answer will be yes or no . . . πŸ™‚

    • Oh god yes, Toni and Neith:
      “Have the courage to tell me the truth, to my face
      ..and even if it hurts, I will respect your courage and honesty for being real in this relationship…
      …and know that you respect my goddam intelligence, integrity, infallible BS-half-truth-suck up-hiden-agenda detector, and share the value I place on authenticity in relationship…
      ..which means I will trust you (crucial!) even if you shit me or wound me through truth occasionally, and will still love you even in the moments that I hate you…”
      (Quote from Me, Scorpio rising).

  11. β€œI’m loyal to the bone, that’s who I am, but don’t think you can fuck me over and get away with it, because you won’t.” Ro, that’s exactly something my Scorpio friend would say. Something I admire very much.

    I have two planets in Scorpio in the 8th and love Scorpios. One of my favorite exes was a Scorpio. (Ironic). I also have people tell me all the time that I look like Jodie Foster.

  12. β€œCan we just cut the bullshit? It’s either on or off. I know no in between so quit fence sitting, and let’s get this done.”

    Ha, Ro, this is exactly my way of thinking, although I’m not a Scorpio, or Scorpionic. Only one planet ( Neptune) in Scorpio but I do have 8th house Sun and Venus, and Pluto is pretty strong in my chart (it’s conjunct my Ascendant and aspects almost every planet in my chart, including 8th house Sun and Venus).

    I love Scorpios. My sister-in-law is a Scorpio Sun. She’s a social worker and she’s great at penetrating right to the heart of things, whether it’s someone’s mood, motivations, whatever.

    The men that came into my life who I’ve had instant, intense sexual attractions to have all been Scorpio suns. πŸ™‚

    And Joaquin Phoenix is excellent.

  13. This is GREAT! Scorpio Power!

    I recently posted a little nugget on another blog regarding Scorpios:

    Because we are intense, others need to be sensitive to that and just roll with it, baby! Only GOOD can come of a relationship with a Scorpio. Lovin’ at its finest πŸ˜‰

  14. Joaquin watched his big brother River die of a massive drug cocktail OD in front of a trendy hollywood nightclub (owned by Johnny Depp at the time?)
    It broke my heart. River was amazing and had barely started what could have been an excellent career. That gift seems to run in the family. Though Joaquin’s edgier. Way edgier. Which is interesting because River was pretty edgy for his time. But he never had the chance to play mature adult roles, either.
    Not surprising Joaquin’s a Scorpio. He seems to have some potent internal strength.

    I like scorpio’s because they don’t tend to waste time with trivial stuff πŸ˜‰

  15. Haha Amy, that’s awesome. That is really how I feel like everyday. I hate when people try to just aaah go around the entire building before they’ll walk in the door. So to speak. Seriously, just come in and quit wasting my time.

    I don’t know, I never thought of myself as Scorpionic but I guess I am. I mean that is 3 Scorpio planets, two in power positions (Mars/Pluto) and those two are conjunct, and then that Mercury. Haha but then you get my Sag Sun and it’s like… I’m whoever I want to be. But I’m always, always, real. Even when it’s ugly. At least it’s real. A lot of people can’t accept that, but that’s my way of life. Love it or leave it.

  16. I’m with you on River Phoenix, wyrdling. Such a talent. It’s so sad to see anyone die at such a young age. Whenever I revisit some of the movies he made back then it’s so obvious how much potential he had. Joaquin definitely has even more of an edge, more intensity.

    Ro, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio is definitely enough to make you Scorpionic I think. Two planets in the sign they rule (well, Mars co-rules). And you’ve got a 3rd planet there, so…yeah. πŸ™‚

    I always thought my “just walk in the door and don’t waste time walking around the building first” attitude was my impatient Aries Moon and Mercury, lol. The Pluto energy definitely makes me want to analyze and get to the core of the matter of things though.

  17. Haha Amy, you’re probably right. I guess I just thought “Well I’m a Sagittarius, the end” before I went on this whole astrology quest and really got into it. I learn something new everyday, and I have decided to kind of tackle each planets energy one by one as they relate to my chart… So I’m just now really grasping the Scorpio energy. It certainly explains a few situations in my life. Haha.

  18. Also that little scandy cinnamon bun Bjork in army of me: ‘If you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me.’
    She’s like, 5 foot-nothing and looks like a 12 yr old but you know there is metal in there-
    Just watch her lose her shit on a Japanese reporter after the reporter goes up to her son at Tokyo airport. You don’t want to poke the mother bear! Even if it’s a little cute one.

  19. I don’t know, I know everyone is singin praises ‘n all… but Scorpios scare do,I mean I have Pluto directly on my Sun and an 8th house Mars (in Cancer), but I don’t know if that equips me with quite the intensity that may be required to truly understand them.

    An ex-friend who has Sun in Scorp. was very jealous of my looks, to the point of throwing little jabs at me when my defenses were down.She seemed fixated with my style and something about the word “beautiful” in particular, when others used it to describe me would set her off and she would get insulting but hide it with humor.

    Funnily, I had the extact same with a Leo friend( they don’t know eac other) with Scorp. venus (and possibly ascendant as well).What got me was that she is gorgeous herself.I put a lot of distance between myself and these two.I guess that’s my ‘sideways’ Mars in Cancer.

    Let’s not even TALK about the Scorpio sun/venus guy I dated for a hot second.Ugly.

    Hmmm…although…two of my favorite cousins are Scorpios and we get along swimmingly.My little brother has a Scorpio moon and we understand each other’s emotions (well…to the extent that he lets me in).And, my boyfriend’s Scorpio moon satisfies my intensity in relationships…maybe you guys are not that bad after all.Lmao.

    • Having Pluto smack on your sun makes you more Scorpio or Plutonic then someone having the sun just in the sign of scorpio πŸ™‚ The planet itself is always stronger then the sign alone πŸ™‚

  20. My husband: “I’m not like you- i dont need people…i dont need friends.” “Is it just me or did___ seem to have some kind of issue he doesn’t want to show people.” “It’s black and white– it is or it isn’t. You are or you aren’t.” Etc etc.. I could go on all day.

    • Just recently: “I think that dude got picked on as a kid” a few weeks later, the guy tells us his life story and lo and behold, he did. I can always count on him to size someone up accurately. It never fails.

  21. Geez Louise. I’m embarrassed by the contemporary crop of Scorpio actors. The old film Scorps were very, very cool though, like Vivien Leigh and Burt Lancaster.

  22. i saw a woody allen film my mother in law took us to (she’s a fan of his stuff and even Scorpio sun, Emma stone, is called, the woody allen girl from her) the film is “the irrational man”. Was a good film though, but very typical of Allen films. i notice that Joaquin Phoenix has 7th house moon and hasn’t really had any pernament SO. I also notice that with Leonardo DiCaprio who has 7th/libra.

  23. Matthew McConnaughy has been fast becoming a really good actor, or known for better roles that he’s taken. He shied away from all the romantic comedies earlier on his career — he’s so charming, he does a great job and ladies can picture themselves wanting to be with him. I see only Scorpio Josh Duhamel doing romantic films, and i think that very elegant Jonny Lee Miller who was married to Angelina Jolie.

  24. “I don’t like nor bother with “hi and bye” types of friendship”. My own quote haha. I rather sit alone then intearcting with people talking about the weather and other shallow things. Its all or nothing baby! Even in daily interactions!

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