Scorpio Moon ‘Round Here

This blog usually hits a high point (even it’s low) when the Moon is in Scorpio. For some reason I feel I can get away with things and often take full advantage.

A few days back I was feeling so incredibly tweaked. Of course I’m laying low now but I spent half a day wondering it the Moon’s transit through Scorpio might open a door.

I have affinity with Scorpio Moon but also it crossed my midheaven and Neptune as it transits the sign and I really like that feeling. I know there are a good number of Scorpio Moons around here (I am married to one) and I am glad of it because I get this same feeling from you.

I actually like all the Moons. I sure as hell like Leo Moons and Aquarius Moons, Sadge Moons, Virgo Moons, Pisces Moons, etc but when it comes to sustaining a person like me, I am fed at the root by the Moon in Scorpio and if you took these 2.5 days out of the month… well I can’t even imagine.

How do you fare with the Moon in Scorpio, be it your own, another person’s or by transit?


Scorpio Moon ‘Round Here — 24 Comments

    My ex had it, and I’m now in very, very, very deep with a man who has Scorpio Moon.

    Oh, he feeds me all right ::snicker::

    Quite a few close girlfriends with Scorpio Moon, as well.

    I think Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Moons do well together.

  2. I have learned to make peace with my own – I am always going to feel deeply and intensely. I will be suspicious of other’s motivations, and I will see through their bullshit. I am never going to “love” everyone – I have no use for self-centered jackasses. I don’t need to fit-in, because I am quite comfortable being alone. I will come to the defense of other’s – I don’t need to be “liked”. And those who I love know I would lay down my life for them in a heartbeat, and an enemy of someone I love is now my enemy too. Only a few will understand me, and that is all I need. Sometimes it sucks to not just want to go along with the flow, but I have learned to respect my need to not waste my time with people I simply do not like. But I know if someone needs my attention, concern, and just someone who truly feels for the pain they may be in, I am that person.

  3. It is the only moon that is very distinct to me after 10 years of blogging. I know when I am writing under a Scorpio and it is curious to me because it is in it’s detriment AND hits my 10th house (anathema to the Moon) and I just like it.

    I like the Leo Moon a lot too, for writing. I always feel happy, having Venus there but I feel deeply RIGHT with the Moon in Scorpio. It is the time of the month that sustains me is what I’d say. To take it away would risk something. My essence, I’d say. Because there is so much I relate to that can only be felt comfortably when the masses are brought down a few degrees. To me it is a Moon that will not be denied.

  4. I like the moon in Scorpio. And I like scorpio moons. I am comfortable unraveling the tangles, so to speak.

    As a cancer sun, I try to keep track of the my mood with the moon. The only ones I seem to feel uncomfortable during are Cap. and Pisces. Under the Capricorn moon I feel so alone and work work work. Under the Pisces moon, I am a total space head and can’t get anything done… or even keep track of my thoughts. My natal moon in virgo likes a little more precision. This does not correspond to people with these moon placements, I like the people just great.

  5. I can’t think of anyone I know with a Scorp moon, and, perhaps stupidly since she’s my chart ruler, I’ve never started looking at how I feel/process/whatever during a full lunar cycle (let alone multiple ones to find patterns).

    I do know I like significant Scorp in others and am absolutely surrounded by and drawn to Scorp risings. Sun/moons not so much, though, and that’s very odd and surprising… .

  6. interesting one this – I just took the past year to see where my natal Scorpi moon was each month and what I was doing during those times. Wow, it was a great excersize – seeing how one’s moon changes phases perfectly to make a big old circle of full times and empty times and harsh angles of course…, when my natal scorp moon had her full moon in Taurus I met an Italian man and there was lots of delicious food and sex kind-of-thing, obviously. That ended when my moon had her new moon in Scorpio in November – from full to new, from fecund to deep truth space, which seems to be safer as a solitary navigation for me.
    My lunar return each month will always have thorns and prickles, but it is also the time when I garden a lot and process major themes in my life and thereby come upon more meaningful layers of understanding…I know it’s a funny old word, but it’s like my monthly epiphany time.
    Thanks Elsa.

  7. I am nourished by Scorpio anything but have never tracked how I feel/fare during the lunar trek through the zodiac, either. I did have a good creative/communications day today, and the moon was conjunct Pluto, ruler of my 3rd. Thanks for the fascinating window onto the topic. I am going to start tracking.

  8. I have scorpio moon. My absolute favorite time of the month is Pisces moon. Its like a Michel Gondry film. I grumble at the Taurus moon, it always feels like walking through molasses.

  9. I have a Scorp moon…love it and hate it. Hate it: very very intense, deep, and rarely anyone I know likes to go real deep and so I feel very lonely a lot!! i also dislike the obsessive quality about this moon at times…it can be exhausting for me!! I absolutely love Scorpio’s when I can find one…I feel very comfortable around them, like I am taken care of…I feel an affininty, an unspoken bond. There is real substance there…no superficiality…and a real strength too. So, if only I could have more scorpio’s in my life to relate to …Id be a happy gal…

  10. My daughter has a Scorpio moon. There’s a purity about her feelings, a deep honesty and sometimes, rawness. It’s solid and real. Hubby’s chart ruler is Scorp and the family all has significant Scorp/Merc action going. I feel very much at home with the energy.

  11. I’ve also never kept track of where the moon is at, but this has inspired me to start doing so. Usually I’m at a pretty even keel, but there are those days when I’m low, low, low… Would be interesting to see if there’s a pattern.

    I get along well with Scorpios, though I only have a few friends with Scorpio moon. My first love was a Scorpio, but had a Leo moon — intensely intense!!

  12. North Node/ Uranus/Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn, Ascendant and Mercury in Virgo, so yes, Moon in Scorpio is usually very good time for me. I tend to feel very inspired artistically.

    Strangely, given that I’m surrounded by people with a strong Scorpio, I don’t know that many people with Scorpio Moon. Actually the Moon Scorpio at work might be the first one I know. But as with the other Scorpios surrounding me, I feel there’s a karmic connection between us – and with his Pluto sitting directly on my Scorpio stellium, there’s also an astrological indicator. I’ve no idea what’s that about, but I also feel he will be somehow called to duty – he is mature and responsable beyond his years, so maybe that’s why I get this feeling -, and it may involve me too.

  13. I love scorpios moons both the tranists and those who have them natally. I fell deeply for a boy who had a scorpio moon one degree from my scorpio sun. I just really couldnt get enough him. Hit me like I’d never been hit before and he stirrred to write some of most poetic, intense, raw writings/poems I have ever written. Transisting scorpio moons do the same this probably because scorpio moons hit my 8th house stellium. In fact we buried our 16year old dog this week on the scorpio moon. RIP my beautiful lil nikki

  14. I have moon in scorpio and when I first got into astrology and started doing all my friends’ charts I was surprised that all of my nearest and dearest had it too. I think scorpio moon get’s a bad wrap from its depictions on the internet and beginner astrology books. Mainly the “manipulative, vengeful, controlling” bits. Yes, lunar scorpios hold amazing powers of insight into the human psyche of others but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be used in such a negative way. I know I don’t operate like that and it saddens me that that’s a possible first impression someone could get from me when i say “i’m an aries/taurus cusp w/ a scorpio moon”.

  15. Also on the tangent of moon sign compatibility I’ll toss in my two cents:

    Compatible with other lunar: scorp, caps, virgo, aquarius, taurus (though probably more to do with my sun and venus being in taurus)

    Can deal with: aries, pisces, sagitarius, libra

    Have a hard time with: leo moon. The self centeredness can really grate at my nerves. Also I find them to be phony at times. Sorry lunar leos!

  16. I have both Scorpio moon and Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house (sex and death)… Not sure what to make of this all with Virgo sun and Pisces rising… I read a comment someone posted about feeling alone because people don’t want to open up on such a level. I feel the same! It’s all good! We’re great people!!! I tend to identify with the traits of Scorpio more than Virgo… Why? Who knows… I’m just reading into the wonders of astrology… I’m new to the blog and absolutely love it! Hi all! 😀

    • 8 house or scorpio sign or pluto is never an easy thing to say. What if you have all of them in one collecction. You know they could be vengeful but that comes from a hard root. But I myself can’t ever imagine myself without the sexy part of 8 house people (especially Mars and Lilith). They know exactly what to do seduct. It’s mesmerizing. I don’t know much about pluto in 8 house pain especially with Scorpio sign. That would be nice if you told us more. By the way, I’m 8 house Lilith in Pisces and nice to see you.

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