Scorpio Mom Is Afraid Of Damaging Her Child

scorpio dollDear Elsa

I recently gave birth to a wonderful little girl. I know I’m a difficult person to live with, so I’d like some advice.

How do I handle my unique little one without damaging her too much?

New Mom

Dear Mom,

The very best thing you can do for your daughter is to get over the notion you are going to damage her. Where the hell is this coming from?!

Your daughter is going to decide her self-worth in large part by how her parents rate themselves. Can you see this? If her mother is strong and confident, this allows her to feel the same. Because she comes from you, yes? She came from your body and if so if you are flawed and fucked up, then she must be as well!

Please don’t underestimate what I’m saying… and I’ll give you an example.

I come from notoriously bad parents. They were horrendous at the far, far end of the continuum, but you know what? They were Italian! And they were cocky as hell, on this front.

They taught me that being “Italian” was the best thing you could possibly be. Italians were the best looking, best personalities, best everything, etc. etc. etc.


And then my parents tore me down in every way you can possibly imagine. I left home when I was a teenager, with a pair of rubber sandals and the sundress on my back. But you know what? I had enormous self esteem. I did. I thought I could kick ass all over the place, and know why? Because I was Italian!!! And Italian people are the best, did you hear???

Now I don’t mean that literally. I am just trying to impress upon you how incredibly important it is that your daughter feels the people she comes from are stout in some way. That they are stand up. And it is your job to provide this. So do it!

And as an aside – you’re a double Scorpio, did you know that? And perhaps this is why you’re afraid. You know instinctively that you are very powerful, but get this:

Power is NEUTRAL until it is directed. Yes you can heal, or kill. But you have a choice here, so why not make it today? Why not commit to using every resource you have to empower and support your child. Can you do that?

Of course you can. And she is blessed to have you.

Good luck.


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