Scorpio Ignoring Scorpio – Is It Hopeless?

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Dear Elsa,

I have a Scorpio female friend who is freezing me out for the second time. The first time, I got her back by appealing to her curiosity. I am as you see a Libra Scorpio cusp and seeing the designated thing through to the bitter death.

I love her very much although we’re just mates and the frustration is really starting to show when all my phone calls are not answered and emails not replied to. Is it hopeless?

On The Cusp
United States

Dear Cusp,

It may be hopeless. I am sure your friend did not like being manipulated back into a relationship with you; however you have what may be a potential ace in the hole.

See, you’re not merely a Scorpio. Your Sun is part of a stellium in the sign that includes Venus, Mars, Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith. Further, you are possibly a Scorpio rising as well, plus your have Pluto (rules Scorpio) tightly sextile your Moon. And translated this means that you are a Scorpio on steroids, which means one of two things in this circumstance.

Either you have thoroughly repulsed this woman and you can commence to chewing your arm off or alternately, if you can take a long enough, hard enough look at how you behaved here… if you humble yourself (Capricorn Moon) and get a better grip on your own psychology, i.e. – become aware of and watch your tendency to manipulate people – you may enjoy a rebirth in this woman’s life. MAY.

So do you want to do that?

Good luck.

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