Scorpio Eclipse: October 25, 2022 – Under Pressure

under pressureThe solar eclipse in Scorpio will take place in the early morning on October 25th at 2 degrees.  Venus is also at 2 degrees Scorpio so this will be quite intense.

Venus is generally favorable in a situation like this but the planet is in detriment in Scorpio so it’s a bit iffy.  I’m more concerned about Pluto in Capricorn squaring the triple conjunction. The aspect is not super tight but Pluto rules Scorpio and it’s the only planet affecting the eclipse so it’s focused.

Pluto in Capricorn is not at all fluffy. Either is Scorpio.  So what I’m getting here lots of Scorpio energy, under pressure. If you’re anything like me you can already feel, and in fact, see this coming in.

This seems the quintessitional video to represent this energy. I’m looking at structures collapsing (Pluto in Capricorn) and people kissing (Venus)…

There’s a grand trine on this say which should allow at least some people to stay out of the mud… but there will be mud… and blood.

The blood is most likely about your roots, your family and your ancestors. You’re deeply connected no matter what you head tells you. Don’t be surprised if you feel this in some stark way, under this new moon.

How do you feel about this eclipse? Does it aspect your chart? How?


Scorpio Eclipse: October 25, 2022 – Under Pressure — 82 Comments

  1. I have Pluto @ 7 degrees in my second house. It’s has trines to a Mercury/Mars in the 10th, Juno in the 6th, and I dunno what it’s called when it’s Neptune @ 7 degrees of Capricorn.

    Seems like there will stuff popping up about work??

    • I just found out that one of my coworkers daughter (very young) had been sexually assaulted. I have no words honestly. My heart goes out to her.

        • I’m still grappling with the news… me and the other staff want to do something, anything for her, but what can you do in a situation like this? Thank you, Elsa. I’m sure this compassion will reach her in this time. All blessings for her, her daughter, you, and just everyone whose just suffering and been suffering.

  2. I have Pluto in Virgo at 2 degrees in my transit chart, looks to Square my Sun, conj my Pluto (my Sun is in Scorpio as well) but it also trines my Moon (Virgo), my Venus (Capricorn) and Mars (Scorpio). So on the whole not too bad?? I don’t feel any pressure right now but we’ve a ways to go.

    • And Elsa, it may be true about Capricorns and Scorpio energy not being warm and fuzzy, though I am very sentimental and soft hearted! Maybe it’s my upbringing. And with a Virgo Moon at 0 you’d think I’d be tough as nails, but I cry when I see human interest stories that are touching and do not like a lot of violence in films. I was kind of a Wild Child in my youth but I grew out of that pretty much. I also will to help anyone who asks me. Even hardcore and darkly moody Scorpios scare ME!…lol

  3. I have Pluto at 4° Virgo squaring a natal stellium in cancer, Moon Mercury Saturn and IC. It looks like my Mom is going into long-term care. I’m estranged from my siblings and my dad. It’s the first major thing that happened after breaking my codependency and healing my trauma. I’m no longer codependent but now it feels like I’m orphaned because before I suspected that they wouldn’t be there if something happened but now I know that they’re not going to be there if something happens to me.

      • Thank you. I will be OK — it’s what I was programmed to do — soldier on! There are lot of positive things happening at the same time, and the Saturn transit of Pisces will stabilize my 4th house stuff (I’ll have Saturn trine moon during that transit, so maybe there will be a stabilizing of her mental function or something) and Jupiter will cross over my Ascendant at 11 Aries next spring. I think things are going to return to “normal” after my Pluto opposite Sun.

        Today I visited her and it was depressing. She has severe borderline personality disorder and it’s killing her. The whole time I was there she wouldn’t look me in the eye, tried to change the subject numerous times, and it was business as usual for her in terms of her attempts to manipulate me.

        It is super sad, but I am thankful that I broke free of this system, even if it is painful. I suspect my Dad is also Cluster B (narc) and my brother has been diagnosed as a narcissist, too. I’m the only one who didn’t develop a mental illness as a result of family trauma. I didn’t know that either until the Pluto transit.

        I could go on but you get the idea. 🙂

    • Christine, I’m so sorry – this is hard. I so hope you get the support you so very much deserve, from friends and/or animals. xx

    • Best wishes Christine, I hope you find love and support. Many of us tolerate the intolerable as we are frightened of being alone, – you are courageous.

      • Thank you. I feel like it was all out of my control. You might have heard people talk about the ascension process and the Great Separation. I think this is exactly what happened. I do have a lot of help and support right now. I appreciate your kind words.

  4. This sucks. My venus in Leo is square pluto in Scorpio both are 2 degrees.

    I will be dressing in all black with an red hourglass on my back.

  5. The eclipse is on my pluto and square my aquarius asc by about 2 degrees. Somehow I’m not phased as I have surrendered lol

    There’s a sextile to my mars and jupiter in cap, though. I’m not sure how to utilize this energy other than not playing in traffic.

  6. With a natal Pluto in Scorpio at two degrees, and Mercury conjunct Pluto transit in Capricorn (not to mention my 5deg Taurus Moon), it’s easy to say my “spidey sense” is tingling.

    The chickens are coming home to roost at my current place of employment. A few make $35+ an hour and will be scrambling to adjust their livelihoods after reality strikes from today’s audit. One guy just signed for a house, another is leasing a new Tacoma, and another couple are check to check with a boat payment and two car payments.

    They make good money but live outside their means.

    Or my boss has made another deal with the devil, but eventually all things come to an end.

    As for me, family ordeals is my theme. My older brother has Pluto at 0deg, with Saturn not too far ahead. He recently visits our mother only to tell her “oh…I cannot do this, it’s just too hard for me to bare”. She has quadriplegia, yet he wants to be the main event. My anger rages.

    “I saw more than I could know, and I know more than I could say” is a quote which comes to mind. I am becoming friends with the mystery. Pluto is deep, recondite, renewing, and must be experienced, no?

  7. This eclipse happens on my natal Neptune – and the natal Neptune of many of my peers of course. Really not sure how this will play out…..

    • Mary, the eclispe is on my natal Neptune also at 2 Scorpio! I am trying to spin this eclipse into a renewal for my spirituality … I have started praying like it matters! For my children my husband and the earth! I’ve always been spiritually focused/ astrology, angels, sensing and aligning with a bigger compassionate vibe …( SUN 7 Scorpio conj NEP) but now i am realizing I could be much more intentional. Or i could easily just smoke pot to get through the afternoon… I am feeling some powerlessness here with the eclipse and Neptune vibe.
      Would love to hear your experience!

      • Hi Lynne, sounds like you’re keeping your vibration high and you’re open to whatever happens to you spiritually on this eclipse – good on you ! My natal Neptune squares my Venus in Leo. Hopefully I’m done with my old ways of trying to turn frogs into princes !!! Working full time at office work, and caring for my mother at home until she had a stroke 6 weeks ago and is now in a nursing home. Going to work, caring/visiting Mum, and minding my dog is pretty much main focus of my life currently – Mars criss-crossing my IC – so I can’t imagine how any Sun/Venus eclipse on my Neptune is gonna play out. Of course, my Mum may die soon – that could be where this is gonna take me next. I’ll let you know how it goes for me Lynne. Wishing well for you. Mary

  8. The Venus/ Sun conjunction will be on my natal stellium in Scorpio (Mercury 0, NN 3, Sun 5, Uranus 7, Mars 13). And Pluto will be on my natal Moon (Capricorn 27). This eclipse will happen just after a post will be made on social media where I am photographed next to my abortion stories to encourage and support other women in their choice. Revving up to this, I have had many of my suitors reach out to me to tell me they are in love with me. Sadly, I am not eager to see any of them. I would very much enjoy a birthday kiss from someone I am in love with, though.

    • Hi A Marie- I too have my sun at 5 Scorpio! Would love to hear what you’re learning about this eclipse- I am getting such wildly divergent opinions about the impacts of this eclipse conjunct my sun. I have to decide today about whether to appear at a major public event on our birthday this Friday. Traditional astrology says to lay low and stay inside, not take risks, etc but I am feeling the opposite impulse as my sun is in my 10th house of career.

      • Hi Kathleen- Personally, I would be too curious to see what would happen to not go to a major public event on a birthday eclipse time! Plus, Venus is there. So, she would soften things.
        If it is in the 10th, does that mean you have an Aquarius Ascendant? (My Sun is in the 4th.)
        I have a lot going on in my life at the moment, so it is hard to discern what is corresponding with the eclipse. My Plutonian college aged daughter is moving home. I am proud of her for making that choice/ knowing what she needs. I’m magnetizing an overwhelming amount of work and personal life attention, mostly good. Unfortunately, I did stir up some unexpected drama recently that I am bracing myself for impact over. An ex from 15 years ago moved back to my hometown to spread a lie about our breakup back then. I participated in an art project this month that exposes his lie. The whole thing was inadvertent on my part. It’s complex and a very sensitive topic. I truly wish we could bury the hatchet. But, without communication, all I have is to make peace with him from within.

      • (Part 2) Kathleen- Now that I think about what I wrote and with the caveat that I have to see how this week plays out, I do feel supported in a way I haven’t been supported in the past. The woman running the project I participated in is part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation and she came to my defense. This is the first time in my adult life that I feel understood and looked out for by fellow (albeit younger than me) adults. My heart swells at the notion.

  9. Hi Elsa and all
    Feeling the build up of a wave
    Scorpio sun 18*…NN 10*Scorp
    2nd house with mercury 29*
    Libra rising at 8 with Jupiter 19 and Mars conjunct Neptune at 1 and 2 degrees

  10. I am Scorpio ascendant 2° Uranus at 3° and north node at 6° opposing Chiron and Lilith in Taurus 2 and 3°. Stelium in Virgo Venus 11 mercury 17 mars 25. I have moon in Taurus 17° conjunct Uranus transit. I had a lot of problems with my older sister and especially my mother. This transit opened my eyes to many things I didn’t use to see before in my relation with them. I feel something ended between us as a family. What should I expect from this eclipse ?

  11. My natal Saturn is at 2 degrees Scorpio, 10th house. Why does everything in my life seem to come down to Saturn?? Ugh. I have an important presentation the morning of the eclipse. I’m really hoping eclipse does positive things for my career. I feel like I’ve already paid my dues and then some.

    Thanks Elsa for keeping us in the loop! No matter how it goes for me, it’s always nice to be prepared

  12. The Sun, Moon and Venus (in my 9th house) will square my natal NN in the 1st. We are actually planning to move to a foreign country. I already know its gonna be intense 😬

  13. Two major aspects, trine to Sun in Pisces (1 degree orb) and square to Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, also very close.
    I’m Scorpio rising and eclipse falls in my 12th house.
    Expecting this to hit me very much in several aspects, family, relationship, money 🙄

  14. My ascendant is in scorpio at 2°🥲.
    My sun is in Taurus (7H) Saturn in Aquarius (4H) with my Leo’s a lot. I can feel it already. Crushing and transformative at the same time.

  15. Trining my Cancer Sun by 2 degrees and sextile my cappy moon by 3 degrees and in my 5th house. Since this is in a fellow water sign, it could be helpful. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a ‘smack upside the head’, but maybe it’s a ‘smack to remind me to watch the traffic so I don’t get hit by that truck that’s oncoming’. That would definitely be helpful, but still a smack is a smack ;). Maybe it’ll bring new beginnings for my triple sag that will help her; or ways to facilitate the care she needs. That would be helpful.

  16. Mars 1 Taurus opposite Neptune 2 Scorpio square Uranus Leo 4 opposite Vesta 6 degrees Aquarius. Just received call from the Nursing Home my sister fell off the toilet and hit her head. She’s at the hospital undergoing various tests.

  17. I already feel pressured, I have a t-square with Uranus 3 Scorpio opposite Chiron square Mars, DSC on Leo.oh my, I am boiling inside…
    It is a very hard time..

  18. I always appreciate your heads ups. I can feel this coming. This Mars square Neptune was no fun either. I have had some lessons of getting back with my Mars (Boundaries). Thanks again. Looking forward to more information and how best to manage.

  19. My ASC is 5 degrees in Scorpio. The Moon and Venus are conjunct it and then Pluto is loosely squaring it. I’m not sure if I feel the pressure or not.

  20. Hi Elsa my accendent is 1 Gemini my mars in Scorpio in 6 th house I am a 5 planet leo including Venus @ 8 and Pluto at 20 where will I feel the upcoming eclipse thank you 🙏

    • Probably, due to your Leo and Scorpio but I can’t tell because the degrees aren’t mentioned.
      Your Gem ascendant is got involved. Any planets 0-8 degree of Leo or Scorpio are involved.

  21. I can’t seem to escape any of the major energies lately!! Natal Saturn 2° Taurus. Progressed Mars is here too, opposed natal Jupiter 4° Scorpio. Sun is 26° Capricorn, so it’s conjunct Pluto and activates the out of sign square to Saturn and progressed Mars situation. If that’s not enough, my progressed moon is at 25° Aries, square my ongoing (2 years) Sun and Pluto conjunction. And transiting Mars is at 25° Gemini, square my natal Mars 24° Pisces which is conjunct transiting Neptune right now. I like the Venus/Sun conjunct my 4° Scorpio Jupiter in the 9th, but Saturn and Mars are opposite that energy. And I like the sextile my progressed moon makes to Mars in Gemini as it stations, but it still squares my natal Mars that is conjunct transiting in Pisces at 23°…seems like the good, the bad and the ugly are all possible!

  22. Oh, boy, solar return the following day… Solar return stellium in Scorpio in the 4th house, with Scorpio moon on cusp of the 5th. Happy (?) birthday?

  23. My Sun is at 1.55 Scorpio in my 3rd house. The only aspect it makes natally is semi square my Moon in Sag. I’ve had a rough relationship with my sister for the past few years. We used to be best friends before we did the Camino together in 2019 and then she moved in with me to start a business together. Now she no longer lives with me and we are no longer business partners, but most importantly we don’t talk anymore. Do you think this eclipse will be the energetic turning point to getting back to where we used to be? (She has Jupiter at 5 degrees Scorpio on her Ascendant opposite Saturn/Moon conjunction on her descendant).

  24. Hello Elsa, my all-time favorite astrologer!

    This exactly *to the penny* conjuncts my natal Neptune. How bad is this going to be for me? Will it make my cloud/fog you explained to me worse?

  25. I have Saturn at 2 Taurus opposite my Jupiter which is square my Moon. I’m wondering whether this is to do with my current health issues which are likely to involve examinations and surgery very soon. Finding it hard to sleep at the moment.

  26. north node at 3 scorpio in 12th house…mars about to transit my eighth…thinking of moving back to look after my mum and save the house and dig the land… she’s also a narcissist..with sun at 0 degree aquarius..pluto will be bang on her sun in march next year. anticipating heart problems I guess.

  27. Scorpio Sun ’55 degrees
    Leo rising
    Scorpio North Node
    Scorpio Mars
    ….My birthday is October 25th. I feel like I need to prepare, or be out in the elements, but also probably should just sit down somewhere and be very, very still.

  28. if the orb of this eclipse is too wide for Scorpio placements planets for any impact, how do we judge the results? only house based?

    • I wouldn;t say the orb was too wide in either of our cases..just mention the mars transit because it’s a reaffirming pattern of scorp 8th house/cancer related action happening…

      • oh sorry – i misread who you were. Not sure I understand the q. I guess it will still colour themes. I look at house placements to find out more about which ones.

  29. Hello Elsa! Please give me a scenario for a Dbl Aqua, Mercury & Venus In Cap with Scorpio rising during this Scorpio Moon.:)

  30. My progressed sun is starting to go into Capricorn this year.
    It will at least be trained by this one. But the square-ish with Pluto and Venus might tell another story.

    We shall see.

    This eclipse also trines my BF’s cancer sun, he is doing an therapist assesment of having ADD this day. This will generate some kind of story to tell afterwards and from here, in his life forward, I guess.
    Big shift for sure!

    Also, I have 4 personal planets in Scorpio, in the later degrees. This one will be a Biggie – and so will the next in November too.

  31. Natal Moon 1ª Libra in 12th house, Sun 1ª Aquarius in 4th house. Words can’t explain how I feel as the reconciliation with my mother in May after 15 years estranged, falls apart yet again. A long distance relationship (or any relationship) is hard to bear when someone does n’t want to communiicate any other way than through email. I need to hear her voice and see her on the internet at least, but she refuses. Her narcissism is devastating, “discard” phrase is happening right now. I don’t want this, but I have to go no contact. This eclipse says it all.

  32. Ooowwuuuuhh my Midheaven is at 1 degree 58 minutes Scorpio so this eclipse is RIGHT on it….Pluto in Capricorn is transiting my empty natal 1st house. Eclipse is not really aspecting any of my natal planets except Chiron at 6 Taurus and Venus (Rx) at 8 Scorpio (not an astrologer so I don’t know if those orbs even count)

    I’ve actually been feeling really good the last two days, after 2 months of emotional pain and stress and one notably unfortunate event (one of my cats went missing 2 weeks ago and has not returned). I have been feeling a sense of hope and possibility again, both for myself and the world. So far rather than “intensity” it feels more like I’m filling with energy in a pleasurable way. Is this how it’s going to be or is the intensity wave going to hit me later?! haha

  33. Pluto in my 7H sq this conjunction in my 5h. My ex spreading rumors and after 7 yrs of being split up(?)and reason we split was bc she was living a double life cheating. My younger sister 45, has end stage MS and is in a nursing home and wants to see her 11 y/o daughter which her husband alienated their daughter. Adults >abuse< power not just "have power". Pluto is about abuse and sq means people are being abused in masses imo.

  34. I am trying to look back at my journal to look at the eclipse in January 22, but I was jobless and wanted to start a business. I was still grieving the loss of my dad the prior year. Not an easy relationship and his illness wasn’t easy.

    – My North Node in 22 degree Aquarius; SN is Leo; Mercury in 1 degree conjunct w/ sun in 8 degrees Pisces in the 5th H; Moon in 4 degrees & Chiron in 7 degrees Aries; Ascendant in 18 Scorpio.

    I am focusing on my self esteem, I’ve doubled up on therapy 2x a week. I don’t know what else to do but lay low. I always worry about work because I haven’t been gainfully employed even though I make food money now—it took me most my life to get here.

    Anything else I could be doing besides cleaning out my closet, donating things I don’t need to charity??

    ((And thank you in advance))

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