Scorpio and 8th House Types Sensing Death

Pluto roman godScorpio and the 8th house are associated with death. Scorpios and people like me with a heavy duty 8th house are exposed to more than their share of death. Often they can sense a person’s impending death.

I’ve had the experience many times and I’ve been on the other end of it as well. For example, some years ago I was called back for a suspicious mammogram. My partner at the time, with his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, laughed at the thought I might be ill. He knew I wasn’t.

I frequently know someone is going to die even when others think they’re not. I also tend to know when people are going to be okay, despite their dire situation.

I don’t know how or why this is.  A person is either dead (dying) or they’re not. I don’t recall ever having a strong sense one way or the other and having it be off.

I may not know, but when I do know then I know. I can’t remember the last time someone’s death came as a surprise…or their non-death for that matter.

I’m pulling up this thirteen year old post because this continues to happen. There is not really a lot of conversation about it. I would like to better understand it.

Other Scorpio / 8th house types want to weigh in on this?


Scorpio and 8th House Types Sensing Death — 114 Comments

  1. I have an empty eighth house. Neptune resides in Scorpio all by herself. Still, I grok what you are saying and seem to have this ability myself, not perhaps to the same degree, but what I am curious about is… What do you do with that information?

    • Empty 8th house here also, Orlando. I’ve always been able to predict events – and attribute this to 12th house moon trine Neptune w/trine to Merc,MC/Venus. I will envision something I want/place that thought on my forehead and most of the time have acquired what I was looking for that day – doesn’t always work, but most often. Perhaps you have strong placements other than 8th?

  2. In may case, I tell my inner circle. For example when the soldier called me to tell me his son was going back to Iraq, he was distraught. I mean, he was SHOOK (this was about 3 years ago) and I got the call in the dressing room of a clothing store where I was half naked, trying on clothes.

    The soldier’s son was injured on his first deployment, he was damn near killed so you know. But I stood there and checked my gut and had a clear sense he would be okay… 20 months I think he was going for but I just thought for sure he was coming back in one piece so I said so.

    I stood right there in the small room, I’d been on the phone about a minute and found myself telling him I was pretty sure he’d not be hurt.

    “I know it is risky to say this… I am not trying to downplay the dangers of war, I know people get hurt and killed all the time but I am telling you that is not going to happen…” (he was imagining the worst)

    I am not sure the soldier took any comfort from what I said at the time which made it even stupider to say in case something DID happen but the fact is, I could see plain as day so I told him.

    After his son was sent out and had been there awhile, I think the soldier did take some comfort after awhile but I continued to tell him what I believed to be true. There were more than a few times things got very hairy where he was at but I always did see him coming home. I told his son this too, eventually.

    On the flip side when satori’s young friend got cancer last year, I told her that she was going to die for sure… satori already knew.

    Many of you know that satori and I met via a death (search “tale of two pisces) and we both knew about that death too.

    Anyway, I say nothing “at large” but if you are a close intimate or sometimes in the case of a client, i will tell them if it seems it will be helpful either to alleviate fear or allo a person to prepare.

    I really try to help people get out of the way of trucks I can see coming. Anything else seems unconscionable. Also, to leave someone to worry when they might be reassured is pretty lousy too.

    • My daughter Maian,who was the recipient of “ghostly” visits when she was a child,has the gift.Empty eighth house, Mars conjunct Pluto in the seventh, in Scorpio,along with the Sun and Mercury in Sag.

  3. Oh God. Elsa, for the past several months, I have felt reluctant to contribute here, compared to how often I was contributing in the months before, for this very reason. It’s an energy that’s just felt too dark and mysterious and I fear, too crazy to others.

    I don’t even want to share who I sense this about (there’s more than one person)..or why. I don’t talk about it with anybody, and don’t know if I can unless I learn how to manage the energy. But in one way or another, I see how it’s always been with me.

    I have Gemini sun in 8th. Pluto’s transit through Cap must be triggering my intense awareness?? I wish I knew what to do with it.

    The fact that you even posted this–wow.

  4. Hi Elsa! I have Chiron in the 8th house. In 9/06 my Grandparents visited and I knew my beloved Grandfather was dying the moment I laid eyes on him. He was extremely skinny, checked out emotionally, etc. I voiced my concerns without mentioning my premonition. Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer in 1/07 and passed 9 months later.

    Thanks for sharing your story, love your blog!


  5. With 3 personal planets in the 8th and Pluto involved I do have this knowing but there is a paradox because though I am prepared, when it happens, the reality of it comes as a shock anyway. I’m not sure why that is.

  6. Thank you Elsa!

    I asked him at the funeral to let me know if he’s all right. Next morning I got up to pack, turned the lamp on, got to business when the lamp suddenly turned off and on. Year later, I was in my Grandmother’s garage (his former domain)when a hose fell off a stand suddenly. Wasn’t standing near it, no breeze, put the hose back on the stand and shook it, but it wouldn’t fall off. I know it was him, which brings great peace and acceptance. 🙂

  7. I have an empty 8th house but I can be pretty good with knowing someone’s time is almost up. Maybe all my scorpio stuff.

    Sadly there is someone I know now, my brother-in-law’s dad, he has been ill, and I saw him and I just know, he does not have much time left.

  8. JinJan, I’m on board with you, I have personally experienced communications with loved ones passing, (according to James Van Pragg, check out his books) most often passed ones stick around for about a year to ensure that their loved ones are ok, and they love to use electronics. I’ve seen/heard and from close friends, unusual bird sightings, radios being turned on, radios turned on their side, a hat or garments showing up in unusual places, banging on walls at night, a beautiful feather appearing out of nowhere in the foyer, a significant old song played from someone’s car in a parking lot, etc. etc

  9. Had very telling dreams before my mother died. Yeah, i always “know” things in regards to family, i get the “feeling.”
    Not sure if this extends to anyone else though. I can feel trauma around a person (from their past) much much more than i can feel death/dying around them.

    Hmm. Actually, i may be wrong, i just take it for granted what i see/understand intuitively. Moon and pluto conjunct in 1st. Chiron in 8th.

  10. Both me and my little brother have this ability…
    One week befor we found my dad , I knew he was dead…It just came to me suddently….the day before my grandmother died , by brother had to call her after not speaking to her for almost 2 years…he just felt he had to call, he felt something was up..

  11. Chiron, North node and Saturn in the 8th and Scorpio Mars Moon – couple of weeks ago I had a dream I was on a plane from America to England – i.e. west to east. There was a sunbird on the plane that I was very worried about. I kept going to check on him. Towards the end of the flight I was very worried as the bird could no longer fly and was lying upside down.
    5 days later I heard a wailing sound and walked outside to discover my neighbour had died.
    I am unable to pinpoint exactly, but everytime there is a message precursing the passing. I also receive dreams/images after the death…like my grandmother flying free and gloriously happy after living in extreme pain with arthritis and then passing.

  12. Mari – will definitely check out the author you mentioned. Thank you! Another incident happened in Lake Tahoe a year after his death. Walking in the forest with my family, with me straggling behind when suddenly I see a pine cone standing upright in my path with no other pine cones nearby. Another sign. 🙂

    moonpluto – I also have Pluto in the 1st and this placement seems to lend to the ability to sense and ‘see’ into people, which in my experience makes them uncomfortable.

  13. Yes, I know when close relatives or friends are about to pass away, and I think it’s not because of my sensitivity but because they contact me before it happens. Sun ruler of the 8th house conjunct Pluto.

  14. I have Uranus and Pluto in my 8th house, which explains why there have been so many deaths in my life – of people, relationships, friendships, jobs and homes. Tho’ thankfully this has also brought multiple regeneration in the same areas.

  15. sometimes in the case of a client, i will tell them if it seems it will be helpful either to alleviate fear or allo a person to prepare.

    Thanks Elsa- This is what I was digging for.

  16. My mom has that ability. She always knows. She has an 8th house Saturn and told me to go, got me there in time to say good bye to my 1st husband. long story. other incidences as well.

  17. Yes Jinjan, and i dont like it when scorpios do it to me! Makes me uncomfortable! Scorpio types are deeply deeply perceptive and i like to hide in my Cancerian shell. They r the only ones i cant fool

  18. The 8th house always fascinates me. I’ve had so many weird experiences with my own 8th house in Scorpio. I haven’t been able to perceive death for anyone close, but then again, I haven’t lost anyone close up to this point (knock wood).

    I used to have premonitions about celebrity deaths, but this hasn’t happened in a while.

  19. Elsa, you may have already written about this, but after reading your post, it dawned on me why you are so perfect for the soldier. Because of your 8th house, you may be the only person who can take care of his moon and intensity of his life. Beautiful.

  20. Hope there are no trucks coming this way…but I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best…:)

    My Scorpio was surrounded by death growing up, he lost three good friends to suicide. Now he works in a hospital with what he calls “the living dead”.

  21. Hey Elsa, I love your blog:

    Almost identical to your ex, I have Sun, Merc, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio. Fortunately, I have not lost many loved ones, but I have lost a couple dear friends when we were very young. But the reason I’m writing is because I’m wondering if you or any of your readers have had any experiences like these, which I have from time-to-time. I can be walking down a busy street or driving through town and see a stranger at a bus stop or walking on the sidewalk, and I can just know he or she is near death. It’s not invisible, there is a color or lack thereof to the person’s skin, a sort of dead energy emanating from him or her. It’s not an aura exactly, but a little like those toys we had as kids where you could see right through the person’s skin to their veins and organs underneath. It’s as if the person’s soul is starting to leave and it leaves a visible void.

    I’ve never told anyone about this because I worry they’d think I was nuts. So I’m telling YOU!!!

  22. Hi Lisa, I can relate. I see something similar and think, “Dead man walking”. If I am in the right company, I just say it, “That’s a dead man. See that man right there? He’s dying.”

  23. I have Chiron in the 8th house, and my Moon (4th house Capricorn) is trine my Chiron (8th house Taurus). My chiron is square my neptune, conjunct my mercury, opposite my uranus, and square my saturn.

    Recently I’ve had some odd experiences. Twice so far I’ve had dreams that someone died, and a week later the person died. Both have occurred in the last month. Also, I keep having dreams about twin boys, and people who have two boys keep popping up into my life.

    Can you comment on my Chiron placement? Also, should I expect these dreams to occur more frequently in the future, and what would be the best way to handle this?

    *These are not the first psychic experiences I’ve had, but these are the most clear and recent. I feel like my abilities are getting stronger.

  24. Last monday a good girl friend of mine died of cancer, she was a scorp, like me 🙂

    we were part of a japanese tea creemony group, so our teacher a japanese stop talking to another very dear person of the group. one of the things my friend wanted to do in life was to arrange a reconciliation between them, at the end she did it, at her funeral.

    I couldnt help thinking of astrology when this happened,

  25. Weird thing bout me is, I no longer feel attachment and it makes me keep questioning

    Saturn in 8 house

    Then when all motives gone, is it healthy?

  26. I have Pluto conj Uranus in the 8th H opposing Mercury in the 3rd H (communication). I sensed a funeral of my grandfather 8 months before his passing. I could smell funeral, sweet smell of flowers, incense etc. There was nothing wrong with my grandfather at the time so I didn’t know whose funeral it would be but he was diagnosed with cancer two months later and died within six months. I also sensed my neighbour dying. Obviously, I didn’t know he died at the time but a spirit came to communicate with me, asking for a nearest church late evening. I found out a few days later that he died of a heart attack in his room (downstairs from me). A test one can do is to tune in with photographs to differenciate live and deceased people. I get an absent feeling from the photograph of people who are no longer here. I also have lucid dreams, the stuff you dream manifest. Things like these makes me feel if our lives are already set. Well, it must be if it comes true as it was planned. I don’t want to be a fatalistic astrologer but it makes wonder how much free will we have. What seems like our choice may not be our choice if you know what I mean. I’ll keep on searching.

  27. This is a topic that I can really relate to. Here is where I want to use the Koch House system, because it puts my Sun, & Pluto in my 8th house with my chart ruler Uranus and leaves my Scorpio planets in my 9th house which is where I feel they should be. But oh do I have experience with this topic and I inherited from my mother and her family. My mother has no Scorpio placements, but her Cancer Moon in her first house makes her very sensitive to things and her Neptune in Libra falls in her 4th house of home. She has always been haunted and anyone with her will be witness to it themselves. She would break down and cry suddenly and we knew to expect a tragedy, from fires to deaths. She will have death dreams too and her mother had dreams of death and so did my mother’s dad. It was strongest through both sides of my maternal family. And I inherited the crying spells, dreams and other warnings. Birds and knocks are two other death warnings that we get. Anywhere from 1 year prior to a loss, I will hear someone/thing frantically knocking near me. When I go to check, there is nothing to find. What is more, this entire year of 2016, I have had bird omens more than ever. I swear! In January, a red tailed hawk just appeared and sat so close that I could have touched it. I was in utter shock and I didn’t even see where it went. This happened in a Walmart parking lot! Within days, I started hearing of deaths. I had always wanted to see a hawk close up instead of just watching them circle in the sky. Now, I can say that I got my wish, but at a steep price. And all year, birds and other animals have acted very oddly around me. Strange things, dreams, & other things that make me think I may be in for a shock in the near future. I could write pages about this topic. I have journals full of events throughout my life of the weird things that have happened to me or my family & friends.

    • @Tonya, that is my mother’s gift, although she has a stellium in scorpio though. She is very very sensitive and attuned to animals and birds knocking on her window as a warning. I’ve always believed my mother over the years too, but if she told people out of the blue (you cant just tell anyone) they’ll think she’s gone bonkers. but her gifts have always come true. She doesn’t keep a journal sadly,but she’ll remember many things when I bring them up in the past. She tells me the most out of the family. She used to share these things with grandma before she passed.

      • Thank you for sharing that with me. I love hearing that others have these kinds of experiences. And yes, some people look at you like you are out of your mind. But we know the truth and we’ve seen it happen too many times. And with us, the closer the person is to us, the more the warnings happen. And the knowing feelings. I call it a curse, there is nothing to be done but wait. My sister in law and I have also seen a woman in white outside at night walking in the yard before someone close has passed too. My husband’s family is strongly psychic too. [I could never be with anyone that didn’t believe in these things.] My husband will hear his name called and run to answer but find no one there. I will also hear his name being called and find no one around when someone in his family is about to pass. Another thing that happened back on December 7th of 2015, my husband and I were at our friend’s house and his girlfriend looked at the clock over his mantle and said it would be scary if that clock stopped. Sure enough, that clock made a loud noise and stopped working and I told them to expect to hear of a death. That clock never worked again. And on December 11th, my husband’s great aunt passed from a massive stroke. Forward into January on the 8th, my father in law had gotten home from the hospital and everyone was at his house and I had walked over to our house to get a light bulb that had blown out over at his place. Well, I heard what sounded like a man walking up the porch steps onto the porch and into the house. I was in another room and waited for my husband to walk in to scare me or something. No one was there! In February, one of my husband’s aunt died suddenly. But those footsteps were loud and unmistakably a man’s step that walked right up to the room where I was. Needless to say, I took off running. As long as I have had these things happen, they still spook me.

    • Yep, that shock happened February 10, 2018 when one of my husband’s uncles on his mother’s side died suddenly from the flu and then two days later on the 12th, my husband’s dad died suddenly at home.

  28. Nope. No sense of impending death. Hate that oftentimes people come into my life only to die off a short time later. Freaks me out. I must be a crossover person. I don’t remember signing up for that.

  29. I rented my friend’s studio for my two weeks in Lima, Peru while she slept at her mom’s; a block away. My boyfriend’s dad, (her uncle), was dying of cancer a few blocks away. I swore I could hear an owl hooting every day, while my friend laughed that there were no owls in Lima.
    I arrived home by plane just in time to grab my daughter’s car and drive to my podiatry appointment, where I had finally convinced the doctor to inject my foot with cortisone every couple months, which was dissolving a lot of scar tissue- but her Celica was shuddering and shaking, and barely made it to the hospital.
    For some reason I walked in and, instead of accepting the injection he was ready with, and I had fought so hard for, I said, look, there is nothing else we can do from here, right? I might as just accept that this is as good as it will get, and live with it, right? I had my shoe off and there would have been nothing stopping me from getting the injection I had anticipated for months, but I surprised myself by saying something completely different!
    I got back in the car (AM rush hour, SF bay area 101 N), and hoping my car would make it to my mechanic, in SSF. I got just under two wide overpasses which led to the San Mateo bridge, and I threw a rod in the fast lane. I coasted with no power onto the small berm in between the 5 lanes rushing both north and south, and east and west above me, and noted I was in a dark, heavy, cement covered tomb like space- totally disconnected from the world rushing by around it. I called my friend, to see if he could pick me up, and he said, “wait a minute, they are calling me from the hospital in Lima”. He came back and said, “My dad just died! They took him to the hospital, and they set him in a chair in the room, and they said there was nothing more they could do for him, and they just called to say he died just now.” The exact things I was saying to my podiatrist. He died the exact second my beloved Celica “died”.
    That morning, my friend walked a half block from her house to go prepare the body, and had to duck under a low hanging tree, and her face came within inches of a small owl. She flipped. His dad was reported to have described a beautiful white woman that looked like me sitting by his bedside for the last two weeks of his life, talking to him, consoling him, preparing him for death.
    My 6*Mars, 6*Moon, 8*Mercury, 10*Neptune stellium in Scorpio in the 3rd always plays out like this. I feel their pain, I hear their words, and it only takes having met them once in my life. I mimic their actions, experiences. I love it! Shows we are all one!

  30. Elsa – do you have any thoughts on last night’s shootings at another Macy’s store in Washington state? Tr Venus (rules beauty and fashion) is currently 1 degree Scorpio (Mars and Pluto rules death and violence).

    • I don’t know Jayne, but despite being sold a back pain remedy that made me feel like I was overdosing last night while alone visiting Argentina, I was still able to change money and purchase a beautiful pair of loafers and handmade incense, and the bus driver, when he heard of my experience, put me in a special seat before everyone boarded and then crossed us over the Andes in record time, surely thinking I needed to get home before I died! I still feel like hell!

      • Tiabiamama, skip the cortisone injection, and find yourself a good deep-tissue bodyworker/Rolfer in the Bay — They can get rid of scar tissue with a lot of deep massage (I’ve done it, was in incredible pain, not anymore). It takes a few sessions, do a bunch if you can.

        Your stories are fascinating!

  31. I have an empty 8th house myself. But last year in September I had a dream of an owl telling me my ma was going to die soon. Within the next few months she steadily went downhill with her health and taking care of herself. Around Halloween I told my bf I knew she was going to die on my birthday. On November 16 I got called in to the care home and there my ma told me she was dying that day. And she did.
    Throughout those months I knew in my gut she was dying.
    The few years before that when she got ill (alcoholism cirrhosis) I knew she was going to live for awhile, she was a tough ass old broad (triple Gem, sun/moon/Merc conjunction opposite Saturn) even when she and doctors were saying it won’t be long,I knew she had some time. But I knew exactly when it changed, down to the day of her death. My sun is in Scorpio 12th, Neptune conjunct AC, and Mercury Scorpio 11th.
    A few crazy things happened at the moments of her passing, seeing the bright light, her aura colors and energy shapes finally leaving her (I was doing Reiki) and the energy shifts in the room.
    I’m curious because Mercury was Cazimi the sun exact in those moments, if that contributed with helping manifest the white light for me to see it clearly.
    But I feel strongly with 8th and 12th house placements, you are able to see beyond the veil. Also Mercury water placements or in strong aspect to Pisces or Pluto.

    Thank you for letting me tell my story here.

  32. This thing with scorpio’s being perceptive I think is over-emphasised.I have a very scorpionic brother whose main perception is coming from a place of how weak/strong is this person? This is the focus of his perception.How witty,introverted,intelligent,considerate,sophisticated etc. is not beyond his perception, but his psyche does not seem interested in these things,for him,strength is everything.He also has the scorpio sex thing going on with parties at his place for consenting adults.Lots of leather and lubricant.Enough said.Luckily, he has a moon in libra which makes him a lot less brooding and brutal than most of the scorpios I have met.

    • The Scorpio can be base and like the serpent which doesn’t care about the higher realms. They can either live in the pure pleasure of physicality or they can transform themselves like the phoenix and rise above all material things and shun the baser side of their self. It has to be up to them but any of them can rise above by sheer willpower. They are either or…they either LOVE or they LOATHE. I have strong Scorpio/Pluto influences and I am like this. I can never just mildly be one way or another. OMG! I absolutely hate it when others want to remain in the shallow end. But other factors in a chart do modify a person.

  33. Thank you for this. It has happened so many times to me, so much so that I finally stopped thinking it was all just a coincidence. Eighth house ruled by Scorpio, with Venus and Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house trine
    Chiron in Pisces in the 12th house.

  34. I think I do have the ability to sense when someone is gravely ill and about to die. I once met a janitor at my workplace who had a grayish hue about his skin and a somber aura…I confided in my co-worker that I thought the man was about to die and she shrugged it off. That was on a Friday and the next Monday I heard he passed away over the weekend. No one knew he was sick. He had just gotten the job a week or 2 before.

    Another time, a priest at my parish has the same look and I commented to my husband He looked like he was going to die and my husband agreed, but he’s a Scorpio… About 3 weeks later,the priest was in the hospital in ICU… He had gotten an infection that went septic. Luckily he didn’t die, but he is still in the hospital months later. His organs keep failing one after another and he keeps having surgery after surgery. He did not know he was ill.

    Kind of a creepy skill… :/

  35. Another thing I can tell us when someone is in a toxic relationship. It doesn’t matter what kind of image the couple tries to potray- the whole world can think they have it going on- but I can pick up when someone is “dying” in a relationship, without fail.

    I have both luminaries in the 8th btw.

    • Did not shock me one bit when Brad and Angelina split. Really, I could she Angelina had been dying inside for years and years. I can see it in celebrity couples and in couples I know irl….doesn’t matter.

  36. Elsa
    With my Sun, Uranus and Pluto in the 12th house, my Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces in the 6th house and my moon in Taurus in the 8th house, I dont think I predict death per say.
    But perhaps it gives me insight as to whether someone is ill or has deep psychological issues/wounds. Sometimes just looking at peoples photos. My male friend shows me pictures of his wife and children and friends and I can see not only their temperament but what is going on emotionally as well…what their psychological issues are.
    I have never been wrong. When I describe them I almost talk in their voice saying things they would say or how they perceive themselves and their relationship with others.
    However, I CAN sense when someone or an animal is ill or dying if I meet them in person and touch them. I can sense both physical and emotional pain when touching their body or looking in their eyes.
    I dont know if that is an 8th house thing or not. Perhaps my grounded Taurus prevents me from opening up my intuitive channels too much. Im wondering if which planet and which sign would influence the level of intuitiveness. Thoughts?

  37. I have sun conjunct Pluto and four Scorpio planets. I can’t predict shit:) I’m cool with it though. There’s some things I don’t want to know.

    • You don’t want this thing. I recall in July of 2005, I was going about my business as usual and suddenly I burst into tears and went to my knees bawling in sorrow. I sensed a massive loss of life to the south of me and oh man! Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a month later. It sucks when this happens. A person can be accused of being a drama queen/king or absolutely schizoid. In fact, my mother was diagnosed as Schizophrenic. She was/is just haunted. The time that she was diagnosed was right before 9/11/01 happened. I really think she was picking up on the huge loss of life. My husband and I both had dreams before the tragedy that showed us a horrific coming event. Yes, there are some things that a person just does not want to know.

  38. I have Pluto conjunct both Venus and Uranus in my eighth house. Depending on the house system, I end up with Mercury and the Sun conjunct in it as well. I have always known when people are going to die or live. I just feel it. It’s almost like they are so raw and honest and naked in that state of crisis that you can sense their karma more easily? Occasionally, I will know when. A man that I worked with for years died recently. I had a feeling he was in the last stages and that was confirmed by a fellow co-worker. When I found out, I sat on my bed and said some prayers for his aid. When I was doing that, I heard “He’s going to die on your birthday.”, very clear in that inner voice that sounds like me and not me at the same time. Two weeks passed, and he died on my birthday. It’s become normal feeling to me, but that one really kind of knocked me out.

  39. I don’t have anything in the 8th except my South Node in Pisces and some unimportant asteroids.

    But I’ve been able to indirectly sense early death in certain people. There’s simply a different energetic field in people who die young versus those with a longer lifespan. They’re more ethereal.

    I don’t know how to explain it in words because it’s so palpable to me on an intuitive level but to best describe it, it’s like everybody on this planet has an expiration date predetermined from birth. It’s written into their DNA and their aura. And they live in a way that is as wholly enriching as possible because they know on a core level they don’t have the time that others do. Generally, they’re either reckless or selfless or alternate between the two. They don’t want to miss a single moment of anything.

  40. I have been sensing a lot of death at a global level. A lot of people dying. It scares me to say this but I have had days lately when I think I am sending my own death. However this could be my Scorpionic Phoenix dying and being reborn. I am starting my crone phase and there is grief around this. Another piece: I feel the planet dying. …hope I am wrong.

  41. This is just my take but I personally believe The soul and the body are bound at birth.
    When the soul energy starts to detach there are telltale physical signs
    But all animals have this ability to sense death.
    There are those that are just more intuned than most people.
    It means You are an intimate with your instincts. Its a gift
    It usually comes on the heals of the gift of being a natural healer

  42. My mother is in the hospital right now. She is dying. Last year I knew, actually I felt that this year would be the year when she would leave this plane. She is a Taurus and whereas in some areas she was very giving, she also was abusive and competitive toward me. I love her, yet I got tired of her neglect, abuses and such about five years ago and withdrew from her at that time. That was when her decline started. I know that when I was around I was a source of support, balance and healing for her. Still, I grew tired of the abuse and disregard for my feelings. This is a difficult moment. Regardless of how she treated me, I still love her very much and have compassion for her deficits. Yet she hurt me so much. Throughout childhood and into my thirties, I never heard an “I love you” from her, and she never acknowledged my good qualities. She enjoyed them, yet she did not mirror them back and especially not when I needed this most, in my childhood and adolescence. She is a very interesting person who engaged in a mix of very kind behaviors and others that were downright malicious. Not easy being raised by a person like this. Still may God bless her and help her in her transition.

  43. I’ve not developed that sense enough to benefit anyone. In hindsight I could look back and see but even though I recognized something was wrong at the time, I didn’t really pick up on it correctly. I remember seeing my neighbor on his front porch one Saturday and waved as I went off to breakfast. Something told me to go over to him but I thought I’d do it later. He was killed that day under murky circumstances. Two cats disappeared and with each one, the final time I saw them I had this sense I should stop and spend some time with them. I failed all three times. I knew the last time I visited my grandma that it would be the last time but that’s just common sense under the circumstances. I wonder how much intuition is involved in sensing death and how much is just a gift for it.

  44. Death has always been around. I don’t see death as a bad thing nor morn heavily over it anymore.
    I have a stellium in Scorpio with an Aquarius 8th house sun. I smell fruit or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches around death. It’s a feeling/smell. Very odd how something perceived as dark can appear so sweet to me.

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