Understanding Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types

Hi Elsa,

I have difficulty understanding what an 8th house person is or a Pluto person is. From what I understand if you are either of the above, people have a good/bad reaction to you. If a person has a good reaction to you, can it change to a bad reaction and vice versa a bad reaction to a good reaction. Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/Pluto person?

Seeking Clarity

Hi, Clarity.

Great questions.  I’ll take them one at a time.

I have difficulty understanding what an 8th house person is or a Pluto person is.

Pluto rules Scorpio which rules the 8th house.
Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house are all associated with sex, death, rebirth, psychology, healing, intensity, extremes, the collective unconscious / shadow, and “other people’s resources”, etc.

If a person is a Scorpio or has a stellium in the sign OR
If a person has a lot of planets in the 8th house OR
If a person has Pluto prominent (on an angle, conjunct their Sun, aspecting a lot of planets in their chart…

It’s safe to say they’re a, “Plutonian” or a “Pluto-type”.

From what I understand if you are either of the above, people have a good/bad reaction to you.

Maybe. Some people like Scorpio energy. My Scorpio friend of forty years, Ben, told me that how much someone liked me was tied to how comfortable they were in their “un-comfort” zone.  (Tag – un-comfort) Ben is comfortable being uncomfortable. He’s had a good reaction to me for nearly four decades.

Others deplore Scorpio energy. They have the opposite reaction and it’s often extreme. Usually, this is right up until they have a Pluto transit. At that time, they’ll find someone like me who can help them navigate.

What you’re referring to though, I think, is the phenomena of how Scorpio energy sucks people in as it simultaneously repels them.  This is also real and it’s the most common experience. It’s like looking at a car accident when you drive by. You don’t want to look but then you look anyway.  People don’t want to come to this blog…yet here they are.

If a person has a good reaction to you, can it change to a bad reaction and vice versa a bad reaction to a good reaction.

Yes. It’s not common but it’s possible. Not just to me, but to any Plutonian person.  It’s possible to grow in appreciation for a person who is constantly in the shadow. You may come to respect or even admire their forbearance.

Let’s say I have a consultation with someone and I cut to the chase. The person might hang up, feeling upset with me. But six months later when all the stuff I told them manifests and they find it can be dealt with, exactly as I outlined, they’ll see the consultation in a different light. “I was really pissed off at the time, but…”

If you like Plutonian people, and if you’re used to them, you learn to transcend your knee jerk reaction. I have been told some hideous things by Scorpio, over the years. I knew, because of who was doing the talking, they probably knew what they were talking about. I kept quiet, poker-facing my feelings.

These conversations turned out to be some of the most important exchanges I ever had in my life. I was told these things because the speaker thought I could handle it and they were right.

Also, the Plutonian person has a reaction to you too. People tend to forget this.

Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/Pluto person?

No.  This is possible as well, but “projection” and “Pluto” are not synonyms!  What’s common is that the Pluto person carries the shadow for the collective. We do clean up.

Examples – My husband cleaning up after the mass suicide at Jonestown.
Or all my encounters with other people’s feces.

When you deal with things like this, some people don’t want to be around you. I wouldn’t give this to “projection”. You have a vibe about you. It’s unnerving to some and some people want to avoid it.

I don’t judge this, by the way. There are people who unnerve me too!

Add your thoughts about Scorpio / Pluto / 8th house types.


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  1. I have to agree with everything you have written here. I am a Plutonian type also. I have Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto in the 8th house. What I’ve noticed the most is that people are curious about me and my energy but once they get an opportunity to experience it they really are afraid of it. People really want to tell me all their dark secrets too. It really is amazing, they will withdraw from me but when they need someone to talk to about their problems, they just appear into my life. I really have learned to love this 8th house stellium.

  2. my husband told me last night that everyone, male and female always tells him all the personal stuff that they never tell anyone. lol sometimes i get really super jealous if its a woman telling him personal stuff. lol not because i dont trust him, it’s because i know that women love (i’m a woman so i know) it when they can pour all their emotional woes unto men, which is rare. And when a man listens. However, my husband (scorpio w/fire placements) has double standards at times and tells me that it’s not good when a man has to pour his emotions to another woman, if the woman is already married/taken. i told him that’s double standards *smh* but thinks that it’s worse for men because they fall easily for women who will listen and give them attention; it’s an energy he has that he knows is powerful, and he has to keep it in check.

    • lol i have a girlfriend who listened and listened to a man’s woes and personal problems and acted out as his counselor for a year, and he knows she’s married. He fell in love with her, and sent her birthday gifts and valentine and other gifts that were of very expensive value. My husband said it’s not good to accept because that’s “courtship” and she’s married. lol She had to cut it off with the man because he fell in love and she has told him adamantly she’s married. Sometimes, with good intentions, you listen and listen, to others and then pffff something goes wrong. Thankfully she cut it off with him and he can find another woman who is single that will listen to him. She is very plutonic as well. So i told my husband about it, and he said that’s not good she accept his presents because that’s “courtship”.

  3. I just want to tell some people who act weird and defensive with me, to get over themselves. I have better shit to do than ruin your life. I know its their ego that is threatened and its a natural reaction to someone who sees past that, but it gets old and BORING. So friggin boring. Theres no winning there.

    And people wonder why Plutonian types are reserved.

    Something just came to me too. I was going to write about how Im usually only vaguely aware of the people that I seem to bother, so its always kind of seems to come out of left field when they start going into triggered mode. But maybe part of the thing that is triggering is that a) I saw through you and b) it wasnt that interesting. (Not saying that uninteresting is bad. Most of the people I tend to love are uninteresting). But when someones ego is telling them that their secrets are especially shameful and the Plutonian person goes “eh whatever” to them, it causes a little rumble in their ego identification.

  4. There are a LOT of plutonians working in hospice, at least at my agency…I imagine in others too. Hospice people seem to be my kind of people. All of them…nurses, doctors, social workers, aids, etc… It is so comforting to be around people who are authentic. I can genuinely talk to these people and not feel repellant.

  5. “When you deal with things like this, some people don’t want to be around you. I wouldn’t give this to “projection”. You have a vibe about you. It’s unnerving to some and they want to avoid it.”

    *This* Thank you for putting it into perspective. I unnerve some people…including my own family. It can feel very isolating.

    Anyway, there’s this guy who works as a hospice aide (rare for a guy to be doing this in the first place) where I am, and he has a scorpion tattooed on his hand. I really want to ask him about it. I think he’s a Scorpio. I really like this guy…he’s very quiet, observant, kind. I wonder what his story is.

  6. This is bang on. I have been very close friends with a guy who has a Scorpio stellium. Talk about rough.it has turned my life upside down.for better and worse.
    The pain has been excrutiating. But I figure its much harder being him than me. I figured out alot of things about myself. Some pretty(Ive grown stronger and more grounded). Some worse (realizing my own self delusions). I need a break to adjust my life to what Ive learned and to clean up a few messes Ive made for myself.. I feel awful because he never gets a break being who he is but I know in my heart Ill never walk away or abandon him and will return stronger than ever. For myself and him

  7. I was the cleaning lady for 20 years. 🙂 Pluto rules my 7th, parallels Sun, conjuncts Jupiter out of sign, squares Saturn in Scorpio in 7th, sextiles Neptune in 6th and inconjuncts the MC. The planetary NN of Pluto is also on my Sun. I like to think that Jupiter’s rulership of my 8th is mostly supportive to understanding all things 8th house- Scorpio with my Pluto-Jupiter conjunction.

  8. As many astrologers have pointed out, Pluto in Capricorn is the ultimate destroyer of societal lies, and therefore empires and tyrannies…As a Plutonic 8th House type myself, I can only applaud such destruction…

  9. Husband has Pluto conjunct asc, Aries rules his 8th, so Scorpio energy is natural there. My daughter has Pluto conjunct Asc and her Sun, Mercury & Mars in the 8th house. I have Pluto in my 7th house. I can’t possibly be repelled by them because I adore them. You could say I am obsessed with them though! However, they both do that “repel/attract” thing to so many people in their lives.

  10. Thank u for then info.
    Can u tell me if I’m Plutonian or not please if u can.
    Sun in Scorpio. Scorpio in 7th house
    Pluto in 8th house. Mercury in Scorpio
    Sun parallel Pluto. Pluto parallel Chiron
    Mars sextile Pluto. Moon opposition Pluto
    Scorpio decan 1. Descendant Scorpio
    Uranus quintile Pluto. Jupiter quintile Pluto
    Pluto sesquidrate ascendant. Pluto semi -sextile Chiron. Neptune septile Pluto
    Sun octile Pluto. Pluto sesquidrate north node. Mercury semi sextile Pluto

  11. I guess this includes me since I’m a Taurus with the Sun in the 8th.
    Don’t they call this mutual respect?

    I’ve found myself several times over the years getting close to or otherwise assisting ppl to their transition.
    Often they’ve been my elders – i.e. grands, parents, seniors who’ve mentored me or were parental in some way, some friends as well.
    It’s like I can tell that – the way I put it – they’ve entered a room with one door they’ll never come through again.
    There’s a window but it’s just for show.

    I remember when my mom dallied then entered that room.
    Because my mom was so special to me and had a relationship so tight we could dis uss anything I shared this with her.
    Of course she was a Scorp w like damn near her entire chart in Scorp lol.
    So of course she was all in it and was just as fascinated as I.
    That’s another thing – you can’t talk like this with any n everybody.
    But 8th house types can go on for days and not blink an eye.
    I think it’s why my best earthly connections have been and continue to be Scorps.

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