Saturn’s Transition From Sagittarius To Capricorn (End Your Tale Of Woe)

saturn oranmentI wrote about Saturn’s transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn, back in April. It was about visualizing your future in preparation to commit to a goal. I have some more remarks to make at this time.

I just finished writing four newsletters to be sent over the next week or so.  They jibed with something I’ve been thinking about for weeks.  That is this fact: some people just can’t seem to graduate.

I’m talking about people who do the same thing, over and over…tell the same story, over and over. It could be anything but often enough, it’s a woman telling her relationship tale of woe, which sounds exactly like her relationship tale of woe from ten years ago.

Yes! I wrote that and I mean that. The story has not changed in ten freakin’ years!  Are you kidding me?

What’s even crazier is the person will claim to have grown in leaps and bounds, according to their narrative.

I want to say, “Duuuuuude! You’ve moved in a circle!  Not only that, the circle you move in is tiny. Like a dog, chasing it’s tail!”

In a little more than two weeks, Saturn will leave Sagittarius (higher education) for Capricorn.  For Godsakes, graduate!  Don’t be someone who has learned absolutely nothing.  This is the time to r-e-a-c-h.

Ask yourself, are you doing your best?
Or could you be doing one hell of a lot more, if not for your inflated ego, your excuses and your choice to blame others?

I’m sorry if that seems harsh, but with Saturn in Capricorn, you will be judged. You’re expected to be responsible and if you’re doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason, people will notice. Truth is, they already do.

You’ve got two weeks to get on the right path. If you’re not there already, then scramble. If you are there, think ahead to Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto. This is a deep commitment you’re making. Till death do we part.



Saturn’s Transition From Sagittarius To Capricorn (End Your Tale Of Woe) — 40 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa

    I’ve got moon and Saturn-Pluto conj in Libra, exactly sextile these days. Libra is my 8H,so your last sentence “Till Death do we part”

    Wow, that hit home!
    my S/P conjunction is cuincunx Chiron (just as Saturn’s ttansit to transit Chiton is now). Pressure to ubderstand and heal your wounds, and for some reason that “Death do us part” has always been so very painful for me in relationships.

    I sat today and thought about what my vision and goals had been during Saturn’s tour of Sag. I think it comes down to seek the truth in my relationship markup. I was being harshly (mis- or unfairly) judged in 2016 by my employer and my ex BF. Some of it might have have been due to the Saturn/Neptune square that obstructed Saturn’s truth seeking work.

    A lot of truths have been uncovered about my history the past months and I have sorta cone to a better understanding of me, and my history with the opposite sex.

    As Saturn heads into my 11th/12th house, could one of these goals maybe be to commit to heal from these truths, and let go of bagage not usable anymore, thereby obtaining greater emotional maturity, improving my boundaries (my Libra moon will have a party here….)

    I don’t have great, grand vision to commit to, only the truth about my heritage (8H) and how it affected me in my relationships.

  2. I have rewritten most of my narrative into a positive spin. I’m not angry at my ex. I’m thankful that he gave me two beautiful children who have grown up into beautiful adults. I’ve made peace with the family members I wish to keep around and no longer communicate with the ones who are toxic. I have a beautiful home and family and am deeply loved and overwhelmingly blessed in many ways.

    But recalling those precarious times are what shaped me into me into who I am. I carry all the hard won lessons and wisdom from those times. Was it easy during that time? Hell noooo. It was difficult AF and I would never want to repeat it. Nor wish it upon my worst enemy. There were many times I almost ended my own life because I didn’t understand why life just kept piling up on me. But I didn’t. And am I better for it? Yes. It’s made me appreciate with vigor what I have now. Pressure cooker of life, right? Put me in it and I came out better, smarter, and more compassionate now. I’m a tough bird. ??

    Maybe I should revisit that narrative though. Just to make sure I’ve truly graduated. ?

  3. Elsa I love the way you put things really it is like you just pluck stuff I’ve been thinking out of my head and put it out there but you say it much nicer than I think it which is good.

  4. Recently, my husband made a statement, “You’ll have the rest of your life to regret it.”

    I think people have lost sight this can happen…or perhaps it’s something they’ve never encountered.

    If a person doesn’t understand this now, they may by the end of 2020.

    • This IS an interesting time to consider the narrative of my life, and does it keep going round and back to my home of origin expecting to find something (that’s not there, anymore)? Saturn through Sat transited my natal Venus and Jupiter (all that love and luck expanded). I got an unexpected phone call from my cousin, who just turned 89 … and was born on the cusp between Scorpio and Sag. It was unexpected because 1) my cellphone rarely works where we live, and 2) I wasn’t sure this cousin was still alive:/ Anyway the essence of our phone call from this Saturn figure was DON’T RUSH INTO THINKING you can move back home. She’s never left and she truly cares about me and the reality of living with my chronic illness.
      In your first Saturn post you wrote what needs to be rebuilt can’t be the same as the stuff in the rubble. Sometimes, you CAN’T go home is the answer. New story. Different spin.

  5. So interesting. My long term friendship with bennies has its progressed composite Sun at 29 Sag and progressed composite Saturn at 1 Cap. Both are 11th house placements and there are oodles of other stabilizing and sexy angles. These transits do have us discussing what makes things more real.

  6. Ive recently realized what the commitment i made to spirituality, when saturn entered into sagittarius in my 12th house, was more profound that i could have imagined. I didnt realize how deep that desire in me was until recently. Its no joke and this is no casual endeavor. I know im on the right path. God is guiding me.

  7. That’s really harsh, Elsa. And typically a Saturnian narrative. Not everyone has to commit to “Till Death Do Us Part”. This isn’t one tier growth expectation for EVERYONE. I won’t judge her or anyone based on struggles, hardship and setbacks. I refuse to be cold and insensitive like those you think have their proverbial “sh*t together”, when they haven’t had major catastrophe occur (Tower) fall apart over and over again. Different paths for different folks. That is all.

    • That was personal to me, evelyn and if you don’t think I’ve suffered a string of catastrophes in my life, you’re not been around here very long.

      I think you are the one who is harsh.

      There are different paths for different people, I entirely agree. But Saturn conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn does not spell FLUFF on any level.

      • Well, Elsa, if you’ve suffered a string of catastrophes, I would think that would make you all the more wiser and empathetic rather than be more judgmental and caustic (Saturnian). Thank God I am a water/air dominant person who thinks and feels more deeply and compassionately, and I wouldn’t change an iota about that. “The world does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” ~Dalai Lama (a fellow Cancer)

        • You’re the one judging. Jeez. Man you don’t even know me. How about you come up with enough compassion you go find an astrologer you like and leave me alone?

          Seriously, I have problems this very evening, probably beyond you widest imagination.

          If you want to read my blog, fine. But if you leave another shitty comment, I will delete and block you.

          If you can muster up an apology, that would be best of all. You’re not always going to be right and I assure you, you profoundly wrong in this spite of deep feelingness.

  8. Lately I’ve been really interested in the progression of Saturn throughout this entire “season”: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. I feel that Saturn entering Capricorn marks a new direction…the beginning of a new story.

    I was reading over a lot of old journal entries. I wrote so many of them when Saturn was in Libra, I was all about the abstract, intellectual thinking then. I was able to identify what I want in a general sense and make some positive steps forward in life, but I didn’t have a strong enough emotional “core” until Saturn went through Scorpio. My life became more stable then, in tangible ways and on a deeper level.

    Saturn in Sagittarius has been all about learning, exploring, testing things out in the world. Now with Saturn in Capricorn I want to become the best version of myself and make some real, concrete change. As I take steps toward that now I’m realizing how much I actually HAVE learned over the years. I just have to bring it all together.

  9. Why is Saturn considered to be entering Capricorn in December, instead of entering Sagittarius?

    The actual planet Saturn won’t be ‘in’ the actual constellation Capricorn until December 2020, when it will be entering in conjunction with Jupiter, but this is when Saturn is said to be leaving Capricorn.

      • Ok, but aren’t the zodiac signs based on the constellations? What does it mean for ‘Saturn to enter Capricorn’ in terms of zodiac if not entering the constellation?

        • The tropical astrological zodiac and the astronomical constellations are not the same thing. The zodiac and the constellations used to line up a few thousand years ago, but because of the precession (or wobbling in the orientation) of the Earth’s axis of rotation, the zodiac has shifted westward along the ecliptic, so that Saturn moving into the tropical zodiac sign of Capricorn is actually still in the astronomical constellation of Sagittarius. Early astrologers have known about precession for at least 2,000 years, and Western astrologers decided long ago to use the tropical zodiac instead of the astronomical constellations. If you want to known more about using the constellations in astrology, research Vedic/Indian astrology, which uses the constellation-based sidereal zodiac.

  10. I know these things but I am scared AF to commit. I’m not that good, and I have SO much to learn. Really how am I going to learn everything so that I am not causing more harm? Thoughts so many thoughts. Stress. Feelings of deep inadequacy. I’ve been so unhappy, but it’s all phantom sadness, not from anywhere in particular. I still haven’t healed these rooted feelings of being lesser than and dumb and undeserving for some reason and it’s pissing me off.

  11. This is so interesting because I haven’t connected Saturn with my love life up to now but I seem to be graduating, i.e. no longer returning to a love situation. I did it once, took me longer to get back to myself than it did the first time around, and I no longer plan on getting myself into that s**t again.

  12. I thought I’d graduated, I mean I did all the prep work, trimmed the fat and merc saturn slapped me one today. There’s major transits going on, saturn square natal chiron, pluto square natal moon/saturn, chiron opposite natal pluto, pluto conjunct natal merc, chiron conjunct chiron. I agree with all you’re writing Elsa, but how do get yourself out of the circle? I really thought I’d got there. Maybe it’s the eye of the storm and I need time to get facing in the right direction, I don’t know. But at this moment in time, I’ve just been ‘Mugabeed’! It could be this is the signal to get out of the circle and head out on the Trail Blazers path alone. I’ve got a stellium in aries and north node too, so maybe this is the path forward. I have to go back to the hermitage again, time out, reflection. External actions and reactions are proving my way is not going to work, despite my beliefs and efforts.

    • The way out of your circle would be personal to you. If you’re stuck and you’ve been stuck for years, you’re going to have to really stop and evaluate what it is you’re doing. You may need help. You know. Stop and ask directions.

      I’ll tell you about someone who is not in a loop…

      I have this client; I’ve worked with her since she was about 20…maybe 19. She’d met a boy and she was crazy for him…but he was outside her culture which is a major NO in her world. So she was in a world of hurt…she’s a Pisces.

      Anyway, I worked with her. She worked with the boy, she worked with her parents…she stayed in school, maintained her grades…graduated, married the boy, faced temptations and she now has her first child, which is her latest challenge.

      But can you see how this girl is traveling? She’s growing. She’s building something real, that’s valuable and long lasting. She is not a dog, chasing her tale.

      This does not mean she has her life together. Her life comes apart here and there, over the years. I consult with her 1-5 times a year, depending. Just whenever she get stuck, she writes me; she gets unstuck and moves on.

      I have never heard the same complaint from her, twice and hey! I know this is not usual. I’m just presenting this as an option…or a model to aspire to. She’s a problem solver. She does not like pain….at all. So when she’s in it, she digs on and finds a way back to bliss.

      So in her case, at least, she does need help. She and I have a good connection that is unique in her world or her realm. If she can’t resolve a situation with what she has on hand, she taps me to see if I might have the key.

      If I fail, I’m sure she moved to the next option. You get the idea. She’s just not going to stay in the muck and the mud, she doesn’t like muck and mud!

  13. i was told once ,insane is doing the same old same old and expecting something different.Hurrah for change,even when not by your own reading your writings

  14. I came out of my lifelong tailspin for a couple of years but then fell back into it. Old traits are hard to unlearn. Something happened and I’m still digging out, mentally. I know there is a better life out there but haven’t quite got to the solid ground yet.

    • I mean, I started life ok but growing up, I learned all the wrong lessons and lived life hating myself. Looking back, I can see I made a lot of self-defeating, stupid decisions based on a lack of self-belief. Then I found a way to overcome (for a while) but then I let myself get knocked down again. I’ve been trying to get back on the horse ever since. I’m not quite there but at least I’m not actively sabotaging myself.

  15. Saturn Pluto. I know this signature in my family and I know what it is. It can be harsh. It is more like no rose colored glasses. We were military and southern. In my life it has been the hydrogen bomb. (I am not saying anything about NK – what I am saying is there has been an affiliation for a variety of reasons). This is a good article Elsa, and I probably want to do a deep dive into this. I have Saturn Pluto opposing my progressed moon and progressed sun in the 12th house. I am trying to get in front of the curve in regards to health and work. I have no illusions about what it can be if I don’t take control.

  16. Aw, my heart super goes out to this person. It could so easily be written about me, right Elsa? I can relate.

    But I think everyone (the Pisces person in the comments) come from such different places in their personal and spiritual work, and have such varying psychological make-ups, it’s hard to compare.

    For me, on the surface, it may appear to others that I haven’t made progress in 10 years of work on myself and relationships. But I know the time I’ve put in, the work I’ve done, how far I’ve come (granted my progress is slow at times and breakthrough at others – and always well-intentioned), how I’ve dedicated everything to becoming awake and aware. I wish I were more of a quick-learn. But my waters run deep and so the work I’ve done has been largely internal, maybe even “invisible” to others – but it is real. I have made myself a solid human inside. And I’ve done so, I believe, creating the least amount of suffering to others – though maybe too much of a shock absorber myself. And now I’m an amazing momma to a little girl (that is one huge relationship success) and have strong friendships that I’m grateful for.

    Romantic life? Ha. Still a work in progress. And, again, on the surface, my look the same as it ever was. I suspect at some point this work will show up there too. But because it hasn’t, doesn’t mean huge shifts haven’t taken place.

    So maybe it’s the same for this person. Maybe they’re just stuck in an unconscious pattern or don’t know how to change it? Haven’t gotten help? Or think they are getting help but really staying stuck–perhaps unwittingly.

    I envy the people who are those quick starts. I’m not like that – also because I’ve made the work my life, and tend to be a student of it – studying human relationships, the nervous system, human connection, psychology. It’s all so fascinating to me. And has become a lifelong passion. Whereas I think other people may be like “Quick get me out of here!” I love to delve into it and deeply understand what makes people tick.

    Anyway, hopefully this person finds his/her way out soon especially if they’re suffering in it.

  17. Thanks for the post Elsa. Timely.

    I’ve actually recently realized that I have a lot of work to do in my relationship (Sat transits my 1st house) and weirdly enough, I feel that if I want more meaningful relationships (of all types) with people who are emotionally available I’m going to have to stop being/seeming/behaving in an emotionally unavailable way. I’m going to have to learn to be vulnerable, without props.

    It’s going to be one heck of a ride.

  18. My stumbling block is I have a lot of emotional loose ends and dont know which one I should be nailing down.too little time so you say.
    I am passionate about operating from a place of integrity but ownership is a little spotty.
    Thanks for the shot across the bow though.
    Capricorn in my 4th house and a bit into my 5th house.

  19. HAHAHAAA!! “Your moving in a circle…and the circle is tiny!” I am laughing so hard right now!! It’s more like..spinning in a circle while standing still. Yep..I get it! Now..what to DO about it. This is the part that always throws me off. *sigh*

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