Saturn’s Transit Later Degrees Of Sagittarius – 2017 – Harsh!

sagittarius patchSaturn turned retrograde at 16 degrees in March, 2016.  He turns direct at 9 degrees in August, 2016.  Saturn will hit 21 degrees Sagittarius by the end of this year…and then pound the later degrees of the sign, throughout 2017.

The harsh language is purposeful. Jupiter and Neptune have modified the effects of the transit. It’s softened it and clouded it. Grace has been offered and escape, possible. Next year that will change.

This will affect all of us, but people with planets in the later degrees of Sagittarius (and other mutable signs) will be profoundly affected. With the transit out of orb of their natal planets and the “big delusion” created by Jupiter and Neptune, they’ve barely been introduced to this energy. I see it with clients. They really don’t think anything (significant) can happen to them.

Here are some clues…

High Flying People Come Down To Earth
Is Your Whole Life A Selfie?
Saturn Coming Down Hard On Liars
How To Be A Loser In 2016 And Beyond…

Those posts are plainspoken. If you can see how Jupiter and Neptune would blur the message, you can imagine how this might play without those protections in place.

When it does become difficult, check out the transcript from our workshop on Saturn in Sagittarius – A Real Education. A lot can be gained from this transit but it’s not going to be free or easy. On the upside, what you learn will last you a lifetime!

Do you have planets in the late degrees of Sagittarius or the other mutable signs? Are you ready for this transit?

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Saturn’s Transit Later Degrees Of Sagittarius – 2017 – Harsh! — 71 Comments

  1. Saturn will hit my Gemini Mars at 20 degress, and vertex at 21. Other then that, i don’t have planets at late degrees mutable. I suspect saturn opposite Mars will be heavy to handle.

  2. My natal sun is 23 degrees Sagittarius. Things have already been so excruciatingly painful for me for so many years the thought of another huge challenge is unbearable. All I read is the best way to work with Saturn energy is to embrace it but it’s not clear to me how you do that with bashed battered crushed arms. Ever since Saturn’s transit through Gemini very little has gone right for me other than discovering that bitterness makes more reliable companionship than most other humans.

    • I agree Dec 16 sag with sag ascendant – so much pain… lonely, desperate – broke. Even after surviving a terrible childhood, have worked so hard to put myself through school – build a life – thrived happy, healthy, prosperous, always good, caring, loving generous person – broken to the core. Have lost almost everything – and am a victim of violent crime. Tears in My eyes, lump in my throat I just try to wake up and breathe – this is blog was hurtful to read.

      • Now your comment I can totally agree with, because I can personally relate to it 100%. Just remember that in times like these, we are put through a challenge, and at the end we shall come out stronger than before. Wish you luck, p.s. Saturn in Sagittarius ascendent

      • Stay strong, be tender with yourself… you are a warrior even when it hurts. You WILL prevail and survive to tell about it. Me too!

  3. I’ve got Venus and Mars at 27 deg Pisces natally. Saturn will station Rx at 27 deg Sadge, my 12th House, and square both of them. I do not convinced it needs to manifest as harsh disillusionment necessrily. There are no one-sided coins. I am wondering what constructive and healthy flip side of that aspect is. There is certainly a positive expression for it as well. At least I’m gonna leave the door open for such a possibility. Escapism is one extreme, endurism is another.

  4. Transiting Saturn conjuncts my natal Sun in Sagittarius three times (because of the retrograde): January 2016, May 2016, and October 2016.

    Then in December 2016 (and again in August 2017) it conjuncts my natal Venus in Sagittarius.

    My 1st Saturn return is also coming up in a few years (I have Saturn in Capricorn).

    *sigh* I feel like I become more and more mature with each day which is essentially a good thing. However I often feel down and sad for no reason. ?

  5. My natal moon is at 28 degrees Sagittarius 12th house and I also have Neptune in Sagittarius at 18 degrees 11th house. I’m dreading this. Already had it rough since Pluto entered Capricorn, it’s now deep into my 12th House and it’s like hell on earth.

    • My Moon is at the same degree in Sag and my Neptune is a touch off of yours. In 2nd house.

      I agree with you; ever since Pluto in Cap (3rd house) it has not been fun. I am fairly certain my heart will be broken by the end of Saturn’s passage over my Moon since my Moon is the most aspected point in my chart. I wish it wasn’t like this.

      • I understand how you feel and what you’re going through. Moon conjunct Neptune in natal chart is not an easy to handle, especially now with Saturn moving through the same house. Think positive – I think this heavy feeling and pessimism will ease of once Saturn moves into Capricorn (it’s own sign) from December 2017. In the meantime, hang on!

  6. saturn conjunct natal saturn at 2 I thought I was out of the saturn return.(2nd)..but maybe it lasts the whole year, or the whole saturn in sag transit?..I havent noticed anything really about this return , except now,thinking about my future and wanting to make myself more secure financially and trying to pay off bills and see how retirement (if ever ) would look like.

  7. I have Sun opposite Saturn in late Pisces. When Saturn hit Lat Sag last time it was about new spiritual insights and taking responsibility for living consistent with them. It was very intense. Those insights have remained real and deepened but the people have all swirled away, as have many illusions I had about them all. Interested to see how it manifests this time.

    Time to review my notes from the Saturn in Sag workshop!

  8. Hmmmm Saturn turns direct at 23 degrees Sag that will square my Virgo MC exact and of course squarely touch my late degree Venus, Pluto and Mercury. I’m going to have to ponder what this might look like and prepare myself to roll up my sleeves so to speak

  9. My ascendant is at 25 Sagittarius. Not sure what may happen when Saturn hits it, but I am trying to cultivate faith and maturity to see me through.

  10. Saturn will trine my Leo Venus and Mars at least, but I have Jupiter at 27 degrees Gemini. Am I ready? I don’t know. I will expect a challenge though.

  11. My natal saturn is at 28 degrees sag. It squares my Mars and opposes my sun. It will be my saturn return. my life lesson is this Sag stuff. Heads up to get my ducks in a row. I’ve been lucky with the neptune and jupiter to help absorb some of these new lessons. I’ve had to learn faith, which is something I have not been to keen on, faith and doing the right thing.

  12. Chiron should finally finally be clearing my natal mars rx. Jeez Luweez. Back and forth back and forth. Progressed Jupiter is there at end of virgo. Will not leave virgo in my lifetime, unless you see me in guiness world records book: the old fart who just wouldn’t die. 😀 Natal Jupiter-Sun conjunct sextiling moon always been hard to contain. New moon in cancer within 2 degrees natal moon has me thinking I am growing a shell. Finally. It’s in my best interests. I’ve earned it.

    • Forgot. Saturn will be squaring mars in pisces. Hope that doesn’t mean another round with the finger wagging church ladies. Most likely will be dealing with egoes in some form or other. Saturnian types can be real crushers.

  13. Sag asc, moon and venus. I kind of expect it. My first sag in Saturn transit was horrid, worse than Saturn return in scorpio. I just have faith that God will get me through any situation. I am living proof of that.

  14. Saturn will hit my two planets in Virgo, but this doesn’t bother me. If it means that liars will be punished, then I am looking forward to this period.
    I am sick and tired of the false people around me.

  15. When I say it doesn’t bother me, this isn’t really true – a very, very, difficult time awaits me, I know. I am preparing myself.

  16. I’ll have my second Saturn return at 19 Sag (square my Sun at 18 Virgo). But it’s one pass. Jupiter will be sextile at 19 Libra and Uranus will be trine at 20 Aries, so hoping it will go too badly!

  17. Chiron at 27Aqu. Uranus at almost 26Leo. 3rd to 9th. Saturn’s educational lesson will be a necessity. I welcome it.

  18. I recall the last time Saturn went through the last degrees of Sag. My Sun/Pluto conjunction are right there at the last degrees of Virgo. My step dad died from a massive heart attack and life was changed forever. I have been feeling/thinking {Moon in later degrees of Gemini} that something disturbing is approaching and again, life as I know it, will be changed forever.

    The Jupiter/Neptune transits make it feel like there is a fog covering everything and it seems to slow time down itself, right now. But once that fog is rudely pulled away, look out! Some of us might be trying to reach for any fog/veil we can get, rather than have to face the reality.

  19. Saturn will square my Virgo Sun in my 10th house next year, and I hear that the Sun-Saturn square is one of the most difficult transits…

  20. My Mercury is 29 Sag, conjunct my Natal Saturn at 0 Cap. So I’m looking at my 2nd Saturn Return in 2017. During the first one, my father passed. This one, I’ve been steadily working the skills of keeping it together financially, while finally in a job I love with creative work flourishing on the side. I’ve had hard times before this, so I’m just … getting ready.

  21. I just have Moon, Descendant, Chiron and Saturn in the late Mutables. 🙂
    I don’t mind working hard, I just hope it won’t be as utterly depressing as it was last time.

  22. I love Saturn in Sag as it pertains to society as a whole. I think it’s wonderful and I am very excited for it to get out of Neptune’s way and make things more clear. I am also excited looking forward at the stage it is setting for Saturn to join Pluto in Capricorn.

    That said… I am so over it on a personal level. I’m sure it will still be affecting me in 2017, I have a loooong Uranus conjunction then, plus a blessedly short Chiron opposition, but it will be off my stellium and that should hopefully be freeing. Life is too restricted now, all my Sag vibes are DEAD. And my 8th house vibes are on overdrive. Why couldn’t it have been the opposite?? It’s not even the good 8H vibes like fun occult stuff. It’s other people’s money and sadness in society and the world.

    • Hi Nymzie,
      I felt that way too when Saturn transitted my natal Sun, Venus and Jupiter stellium for sure. Think of the fan and the sh*t hitting it. Damn, I was so dirty after it, so very very low in spirits, because that’s the thing about Scorpio. Seeing the truth and all – but happening in my 9th house. All my rose-colored glasses regarding people (that thing about being easily mislead about people’s nature) were CERTAINLY falling away from my eyes.

      Still, it was a drag. It was heavy. It was NOT nice. But very, very educating. Just like 9th house/Sag with Saturn hitting it. I didn’t feel truly happy-go-lucky on the Sag-vibes untill very recently (and yet – I don’t think it will ever be the same when I’m happy from now on).

      So: Hold tight! Hold on! Things *will* loosen up, but Saturn has to make sure you have learned your lesson. Still – it’s a drag. My goodness I know how you must feel….
      Hugs, Anette

  23. My NN conjunct Juno is 29degrees Sag. I have a hard time really understanding the nodes. I’ve read books and plenty of articles but it just hasn’t clicked in yet. Hopefully it will before then!

  24. Saturn is my ruling planet. It will conjunct my natal Sun @ about 17 degrees Sag as well as natal Venus @ 25 degrees Sag. I think that there will be lessons but I do not expect them to be worse than Pluto conjunct Sun in the 12th. That required a major transformation to survive ?

  25. I have:

    Sun 20 degrees Virgo (5th house)
    Jupiter 29 degrees Sag (8th house)
    Saturn 20 degrees Gemini (2nd house)

    Not sure how concerned I need to be. Probably time for a consult….

  26. Moon at 12 Sag, so I guess I’ll be pounded hard soon. Mercury at 23 VIrgo, and Asc at Virgo 12….so I’ll be pounded next year too! Though Jupiter is supposedly benefitting Virgo this year (Virgo stellium), Jupiter has been dancing with Pluto and Neptune and we Virgos face more bumps shortly…..

    So, I am now accepting that there is always a wall, there’s no way that’s good even in one’s Jupiter year (sorry! catch ya in 12 years!) and there’s nothing but bad things to dread around every corner. Okay!

    Fist pump of “Well, we’re the zodiacs beaten-down servants anyway, so here’s to rowing the Roman ship forever!” to all my fellow Virgoans! See you on the bottom again in 2017!

  27. Just once I would like to look at these head’s ups and say, wow, that is a lot, good thing I don’t have any planets in that placement, lol. My sun is 25 degrees Sadge, lots of lessons still to learn I guess.

  28. Yes, I have been watching for this in my own chart. I have ascendant, Mercury, Mars, and sun all in the late degrees of Sag. I’m also watching the Jupiter/Uranus opposition that will tightly conjunct my MC/IC in December 2016 and March 2017. This is the second time Saturn has moved over my Sag planets and ascendant. What will be will be.

  29. I got my shock early. Family thing – Neptune is square my natal Mercury. Saturn is Oppose my natal Mercury. Some truth came out. Unexpected. Oh – and it was a Venus Pluto kind of day.

  30. Hi there – I have Saturn in the 10th house nataly square my Pisces Sun in the first house so this transit is just a big old rerun of my life in general 🙂 My 2nd Saturn Return. I feel there are a lot of positives to Saturn in Sagitarius if one is comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like a lot of Pisceans my life has been difficult for longer than i can remember – at a certain point I just got with the program and started to let go of stuff – particularly around thinking I know how anything is supposed to look or be. What I notice in my own life is that Saturn in the 10th is definitely a sign of wisdom and success / respect at an older age – that is happening with this return and also I am finding I have leadership skills and visionary capacity I never dreamed being able to put into practice or realize. So yes I do feel there is an upside to this transit but I’m guessing that my (kicking and screaming) surrender to Saturn the Lord of hard lessons is what has allowed the Jupiter expansiveness to blossom. (Jupiter ruling my 10th and First House ) No pain no gain – that saying must have come out of a Jupiter/ Saturn square surely? I’m not scared anymore about the harsh lessons – you would not believe what I’ve been through already if I told you- a bit like Elsa’s story about her partner 🙂 I think I grocked earlier on that Saturn square the ascendant means life long hard lessons – to quote from Lawrence of Arabia I think – the trick is not minding that it hurts. My youngest daughter has an incurable illness – I see her put this particular wisdom into practice on a daily basis – so the upside of Saturn lessons? – you aren’t dead yet! Um that’s a joke …. I hope this wasn’t too intense for a first post.

    • Thank you, Kerry Ann, really appreciated the experience, wisdom & well-earned hope coming through your post– especially that surrendering to Saturn allows for jupiter’s grace. Hope that your daughter will find some easing of her illness

  31. I’m consumed by Pluto conj my sun and square my moon right now. I guess I’ll get there when I get there. One day at a time right now is the only way I can survive this.

  32. Firstly, just want to thank you Elsa for your short and precise planetary updates.
    I’ve got the Moon 11 degrees, the Sun 20 degrees, the North Node 17 degrees and Mercury 27 degrees of Sag. The major change this year is that, I was made redundant from my work, which was bad, but, also good. There has been some not so good family stuff going on too. But, back in the early 2000’s Pluto transited my Moon and my Mother then passed away at that time. I don’t think Saturn will be as devastating as that. As the saying goes, “Nothing is as permanent as change”.

  33. Saturn will square my pisces stellium (venus, mars and moon) while supporting my Aqua sun. I believe I’ll mature and it’ll be all work and very little play (Saturn transit 6th house). Been looking for a relationship and I thought Jupiter in Libra would be favourable… I might get lucky but it’ll be a mature relationship, maybe…?! In a way, it’d fit the bill since that what I want!

  34. I’ll admit, I am afraid of 2017.

    Saturn is transitting my 12th house and will cross my Ascendant.

    One of my teeth is bothering me constantly. It’s been needing work for awhile. But I lost my job and my insurance last summer. I work for two home care agencies now, but they’re both pretty much sending me to Obamacare for health insurance. I’m looking at 6-12 months with a bad tooth. My car is getting more wear and tear on it due to extra driving to see clients in rural areas, and it’s already on its last leg. My credit card is about to max out. Our roommate is taking an extended vacation, and we’re trusting that she won’t bail on the rest of our rental lease at some point (she’ll be gone for months).

    I see a big brick wall coming.

    • Update: The aforementioned roommate never finished her vacation. I saw her once in December and she was happy. By the end of the month, she and her boyfriend were dead. Car accident.

      As for the tooth, got a root canal. Now that area is bothering me again, so I guess I’d better get a crown on it.

      Car’s still running. I still plan to find a newer vehicle soon.

      Credit card still near maxed out. I’m considering a balance transfer. Meanwhile, I rarely touch it. Rarely need to.

  35. I have a 16 deg Gemini Sun opposite my natal Saturn at 22 deg., so I am having my second Saturn Return. Saturn going through my 12th house Libra was awful and I was diagnosed with breast cancer as it crossed my Scorpio ASC. The past few years have been really tough, but I am ready for the positive lessons that Saturn brings but hoping that I won’t have too many negative’surprises.’ God, I really hope not.

  36. Thank you for this interesting post – I’ve got a 25 Sag Sun and 22 Sag Neptune and am getting a pretty challenging education this year… but also, I guess, the kind of reality check I needed. But it’s led to seeing some long-standing patterns and beginning (just about!) to address them, including getting tested for ADHD (I’m 36, and have been ‘different’ all my life, creating a lot of pain and confusion for myself and others, which until recently I assumed was me being ‘bad’ or ‘faulty’ or even jinxed).

    It helps to read posts which keep astrology grounded – a reminder that this is time to be honest, work hard and eat humble pie, not spin a flattering yarn (hello CV) and wait for some luck…

    Weirdly, my old career was in research, and I quit because of the ‘data doesn’t lie’ belief I kept hearing from senior management. Data is a human construct and it can be misrepresented, unreliable, generated in a way that reflects bias or simply ignored if it doesn’t suit those using it. I hope that one outcome of Saturn in Sag is a more realistic, measured perspective on data, knowledge, and ‘education’ in the ‘just ask Google’ age.

  37. Saturn is T opposing my Moon (and Saturn Return as well). I noticed right at the Saturn Sun opposition point during this Rx cycle that it started getting “worse.” It’s much heavier and harder. That happens w/ the Mars Rx Cycle, too, and at Station Direct, a hornet’s nest. I never noticed or paid much attention to this part of the Saturn Rx cycle.

  38. 22 degree Sag sun here. Huge epiphanies I wouldn’t change for anything but the pain of dealing with them is something that would drop a Clydesdale.

  39. Ive been getting pounded since August, since Saturn stationned and turned direct square my Sun (21 degrees mutable – WILL IT EVER MOVE FROM THIS DEGREE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!) since the eclipses… I am keeping my head down, trying to make my way through the shit that’s been slinging from left and right,  one thing after the other. I’m extremely grateful for my support system, allowing me to whine occasionally and helping me emotionally. It’s times like these you know who your real friends are and who has your back. It`s times like these you learn to savour the happy moments even amidst the crappy backdrop.
    I’ve been here long enough to know the drill, when your card is pulled, you’re up, you just have to face it, go through it, make it to the other side. 

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