Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio: October 5, 2012

Mars in Scorpio*****Warning********* Not suitable For glass-jawed people who are lovely,

Saturn slips into Scorpio on October 5th, like a thief in the night. I mean, turn of page of the calendar and we’re there. There’s a whole bunch of chaos at the end of September, which will serve as an distraction for this thief, but I won’t let it distract me.

I love it when energy shifts like this. I am particularly attuned to Saturn and if you want to mind this as well, pay attention over these next few weeks to how your reality and/or the structure of your life changes.

To give you an idea what you’re looking for, I’ll tell you what’s happening in my life. First, I’ve gone further underground. Pressures (Saturn) have intensified (Scorpio). My work (Saturn) on the blog is more focused and taking place undercover (in the Colosseum).

My energy and access to energy (Scorpio) is limited, which has forced me to curtail my activities, and narrow my focus. My consultations are no longer about weighing serious decisions and more focused on survival in some way. People are being hit hard, having to deal with things no one wants to deal with. Loss, betrayal, depression, failure, fear, their own shadow and the like. All the stuff that is behind the veneer.

Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio ushers in a reality that is harsh, but powerful. It will not allow you to just put a doily over the rotten thing any longer. You’re going to have to dig in there and get at the root of the thing that’s clogging up your life and probably has for years.

All I can say, is you may as well get on task. Most definitely no one is going to do this for you and until you get in there and sort this out, the whole thing is going to stink, and I mean stink to high heaven.

Tell us how things have shifted in your life…

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Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio: October 5, 2012 — 60 Comments

  1. Ghasp. Bicycle Thieves. One of my favorite movies ever. I usually cry through it, the same as with Chaplin’s 1920’s and 1930’s movies. Guess I’m a sucker for the little people struggling against the odds as a storyline.

  2. “I love it when energy shifts like this. I am particularly attuned to Saturn and if you want to mind this as well, pay attention over these next few weeks to how your reality and/or the structure of your life changes.”

    Love it. For some reason, it excites me. I love changing. I love turning within and peeling off layers that are no longer useful.

    I was just laying on the acupuncture table and saying to myself that I have uncovered so much information within myself since I joined this board last month. (August 13th). I am no longer who I was. I am a new me. And there is still so much left to go.

    Thank you Elsa & Satori & everyone else on this board. You are all my teachers.

  3. I am no longer working at the company I have worked at since the day before 9/11. I saw my boss at a memorial service on the weekend. Fitting.

    I no longer have to worry about turning down social engagements I can’t afford. Saturn into my 11th, and my social life is very quiet.

    I am preparing for the worst. I am living with a knot in my heart. I will survive what comes.

    I no longer live in survival mode–as I have done for most of my life–but confidence I can survive. It’s waiting for the storm to hit that’s affecting me so deeply. I know it’s coming. It’s written.

    It’s life.

  4. That’s great Elsa. I get that. Because we all say “Happy Friday” and “is it Friday yet” “wish it was Friday”…but what about all the days in between. Are we living them or just surviving? Yes we are tired by Friday and all look forward to rejuvenating. And it all goes by so fast. “One more day, closer to death.” Yep!

  5. I don’t know if that was supposed to be funny, but it made ME laugh!

    I just received a text from my partner: why am I here?


    (He has 0 degree Scorpio ASC and Scorpio Moon conj. Neptune in 1st).

  6. The storm has been brewing for awhile now and claimed my house by force of wind and lightning last night.Survival???You better believe it.It’s sink or swim time for me and I’m a cat we don’t like water,LOL..

  7. Yeah, there are people out there who are in for a SHOCK. The news right now is killin’ me. I don’t make any remarks because…because. I just stand by with the oxygen mask, in case someone sees they need one.

  8. “You better believe it.It’s sink or swim time for me and I’m a cat we don’t like water,LOL..”

    That was funny, Sturbs. You’ve still got your sense of humor. 🙂

  9. Going underground to prove myself at work to get to another level by the end of the year, cleaning out my closets (literally since the move) to prep for an upcoming shift in my personal life. I’m sensing the change in the air like the ions before a storm and trying to get my “windows” and “doors” prepped for the incoming. All that I can really do at the moment. Everything else I’ll just have to breath through one moment at a time.

  10. @Elsa..the new’s is ridiculous.I will be amazed if the violence doesn’t make it’s way here after this election or possibly before.SAT in Scorp??I can only imagine all the possibilities…Sorry to be a thread killer guy’s.

  11. I love the warning at the top of this post. 🙂

    Definitely feeling it. I’m still tying up loose ends with Saturn in Libra but dealing with a possible betrayal, my shadow and emotions surrounding a huge loss from 2009 that I have never dealt with. Also turning 40 in November so I’m realizing where I have failed.

  12. I love the warning at top of the post too. It literally made me laugh out loud.

    How have things shifted in my life? I really feel I’ve done MOST of it already throughout Saturn in Libra. Sold only vehicle so restricted to home more. All unbalanced connections severed and done and healed mostly. I’ve prepared knowing Saturn is hitting Scorpio and when. But I still can’t see this being a bad thing for me. I’ve got more healing work to do and just ordered an arsenal of books about verbal abuse to clear up some loose ends of lessons that didn’t stick apparently. My energy is very restricted both on purpose and due to health but it feels necessary, like a good healing thing. I am on alert for others more than myself.

    If this does hit me in a big bad way, it will definitely be a shock. But I’m not sensing that. I’m sensing it is my last go to try to “live” well and if I don’t do that right, well then, by the end of S in S, I’ll be dead. And that’s fine because really, I am good with death honestly. It’s fine with me. I’ve been ready for years. lol (no worries, it’s just a reality ya know?)

  13. The weirdest thing is that last night setting the table, out of the blue I was thinking of untrained actors, so I thought of this movie and the actors- they were regular people, the two pictured, just plucked out by the director- he wanted real faces and hardship. Amazing timing. Satori, our Pisces degrees must be hooking up in the ethers …..

  14. I have shifted into survivalist mode. For some reason I have begun rationing and taking stock of everything. I have cut everything down (including myself), making my life simpler. Leaving nothing to waste. I’m sandbagging my foundations for wartimes.

  15. Just when you think you can’t dig anymore. Along comes old photographs. Just spent two days with my dad cleaning out some of my mom’s old memento’s.

    And of course with every old photo comes an old story, old feelings, and old emotions. For good or ill.

    Nothing rips at your heart like old wedding albums, theirs and yours.

  16. At the root of the problem: another old tooth will have to go, literally. The irony and elegance of that is knowing it’s the best solution.
    Saturn through Libra has been an awesome set of years teaching me to relate as a real-life woman with oddities and dark patches that have been washed out or washed clean with time. Neptune whipped us in 2007 and Saturn has handed us new, smaller posts to re-build upon. We prepare to insulate our tiny nest homes, watch how the squirrels do it, and make friends with people who have our backs(as we have theirs).

  17. ((daisy))

    gawd, I’m sooo ready for Saturn to move into Scorpio… really- I find it extremely hard to put into words how elated I am.

    I’m so sick of the whole doily thing and crave some reality (even if it’s ugly and harsh). I’m also more than ready to clean the pipes of SHIT that’s been clogging things up for way to long.

    It’s gonna happen, the support (sky) is there to finally ‘deal’ with the ‘shit’…

  18. With my sun, Merc & Pluto in Libra, Saturn has spanked me so hard that I’m not intimitated by my Saturn return in Scorpio. By the end of all this, we’ll be holding hands amongst the wreckage.

  19. (((daisy)))

    I can feel the build-up. I’m thinking I’m going to pop like a cork once the shift occurs.
    I don’t know what the end result is going to be, but I know there’s a sea change a-comin’. Trying to be ready for it. 🙂

  20. i’m in the middle of layers of my perspective peeling off. between my friend giving up on life and my baby about to arrive the quality of life and living itself is starting to burn hotter.

    also, have one of those saturn squares coming up, this time on top of natal uranus. (around the time uranus starts conjuncting my aries…) better get my grounding good to weather this one.

  21. ((daisy))

    Saturn is heading into my 3rd and I’m shutting down all non-essential communication because I need all my energy for my family and work. It feels great so far. I feel clear and strong. Scorpio is friendly to my chart and I’m ready (thanks to Elsa and satori).

  22. Saturn moving out of Libra and off of my MC and I am *relieved*. Things are taking shape; I have a really strong ambition to get serious about my work, future, *money*. I’m finding myself with serious and brand new financial ambitions I never had before. It’s not exactly about security though it might be about power — not power over other people, just personal power, just building reserves.

    Also having regular sex with a man my son calls The Boyfrang. After two and a half years being totally unbalanced I’m noticing it evens my energy way out.

    :). Don’t forget that part. When things go Scorpio sex is an essential nutrient.

  23. Interested and scared to see how does it works for me. “It will not allow you to just put a doily over the rotten thing any longer” — yea I’m doing it since 2008 !!

    Tired, but don’t know how to garbage it. Seems to me my God has tied me with this rotten thing, really need God’s help, because I know I can’t able to do that by myself and when God does it perfactly :))

  24. Saturn headed to my 9th. First it was my Saturn Return in Virgo, then Saturn in the eighth, smdh. My life gets more depressing to me as the days go by. Im just sad. Leo/Pisces rising. I will say I’m excited for the shift. I’ve had a not so bad year, I just keep thinking its Chiron that’s kicking my ass, and I won’t be able to do anything about it. The last two months the worst, like a dark cloud following me. Cut off my fair share, some pop right back up.

    Bottom line: Im extremely unhappy with my life, my efforts for change have failed. All my life. Stuck with what the universe hands me

  25. Love your post Eva. Saturn is moving off my MC and my 4 planets in Libra. It will be a relief.

    True about sex being an essential nutrient. I’m definitely feeling that as well.

  26. Sturbs said “It’s sink or swim time for me and I’m a cat we don’t like water,LOL..”

    Just remember Sturbs, BIG cats LOVE water. So maybe think of yourself as a Tiger not a housecat 😉

  27. “It will not allow you to just put a doily over the rotten thing any longer. You’re going to have to dig in there and get at the root of the thing that’s clogging up your life and probably has for years.” Maybe I need to deal with control? I don’t see myself as being controlling but am accused of it constantly by others. Fear of loss? Definitely. Fear of Abandonment? Absolutely!

  28. Saturn has been in my 12th house. My daughter with 5 planets in Libra in the 8th house died June 14th .Leaving us with 3 little children she was 29 smack dabd in her Saturn Transit..She had no earth planets at all. Her death has put me in a place that I will never recover from. Saturn will be conjunct my ascendant when it goes into Scorpio Hopefully I will have the courage to Stand up and take back my power as Grandma in this horrible situation!

  29. I have saturn in the 5th conjunct my moon…Hope I don’t have to worry much about my hubbies health…he is in good health now…Im hoping he gets the notion that he has to be disciplined about his eating as he is a typical meat and potatoes guy

  30. (((daisy & grandonna)))

    I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and the saying “Winter is Coming” seems to fit how I’ve been feeling.

    It will be my 2nd SR and I also have scorpio in saturn 2nd house. Ready or not it’s coming.

  31. I just cut all ties with my meddlesome in-laws. Years of politely putting up with them stepping all over any attempt of mine or my husband to set boundaries are over. You know how nice and clear the air feels after a big storm? That’s how I feel. Centered and clear. I’m heading into a big shift and I feel like there’s no time for any BS anymore. I welcome the shift.

  32. just when you think you’re not gonna cut off former bf you went through all saturn leeb with… he cuts you off.

    Just when you think you’ve had enough with relationship issues work issues arise, with people dwelling on their own Saturn in Leeb issues.

    I do feel the shift and I welcome it, graduating Saturn in Leeb is my goal…but letting people behind…so deceived…ugh. Why’d ya have to pick the dark path and say no to love? I’ll never comprehend.

    Bye, ex.

  33. (((daisy and grandonna)))

    My life has totally changed since Mars left my 12th house. Thank you, God! And my Mars return is Monday! The past two months when both Mars and Saturn were travelling together, I felt like I was sinking into quicksand and dying a slow and painful death.

    I made a decision to leave the place I moved to just a year ago. Things aren’t working out and I can tell I’m swimming against the flow here. Still have financial issues out the wazoo. I am moving back to the SW with no money, no home, no job. Oh, Saturn will be conjuncting my Neptune as it crosses my ASC.

    My biggest fear is that come this winter, I am going to be one of those women pushing a buggy with my cat in a shoebox and holding up a sign at an intersection asking for money for food.

    However….I had a dream this week where I knew I needed to go visit my father. He is in a nursing home. I need to do tons of forgiveness on him. I also need to visit my sister and my ex-husband. It feels like I am wrapping up some things before I turn over a chapter in my life. I have become much more focused and feel new-found strength after floundering for so long with Saturn in Libra.

  34. Hmm, still sorting this out. God, I hope I’m not one of those people who gets a clue-by-four from Saturn because she can’t figure out how to fix her own life.

    Recently (not sure if this is Saturn going into Scorpio or something else) but I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff. This is stuff that went with me through several moves as well as new stuff. My apartment simply hasn’t got a lot of room, so out it went. I don’t have the energy for clutter.

    Right now Saturn is in my 11th house and I’m not sure what to expect.

  35. Contrary to how others may categorise me due to my area of vocation and philosophical approach and the fact i am a very emotional and sensitive cancer sun, i dont have a glass jaw at all, infact very well trained at allowing the punches to flow and taking the person down with their own force for many years now, but it hasnt always been that way. Pluto in aspect to my merc has also increased my being undercover that was always somewhat incognito anyway thanks to my 1st house neptune in scorp, but now i have been called stealth so many times the past 6 months, mostly intended to be not in a good way but others, but i am very happy with the confirmation quite honestly, not that i let them know that lol!

  36. Saturn in the fourth – big serious family rot just got exposed today. It’s always been there, but this time it’s really ugly. There’s never any one person to blame, there is always an interwoven complexity to any situation but you can damned be sure that this is coming from the pathology of the mother, taking everyone down with her. And while it’s been underlying, simmering for years, it has also been in the works for years and is about to get very serious. Quickly realizing that I have to take care of the family. I will be the head of the household. Just got out of my Saturn return…like LAST WEEK it broke out of exact degree. So out of the frying pan and into the fire. I am on the way to building my own life, but things are still uncertain. Details of career are coming but aren’t yet worked out. It’s hard to know how to plan when there is so much uncertainty. I’m being called to be responsible without having a lot of specifics. I feel confident I can do this and confident that I’m doing the right things; but all that can be done is taking things one day at a time, and planning as responsibly as the limited details will allow.

    It’s strange because for me responsibility has always been about making plans, sticking to them, following through. In the face of such uncertainty, the right and responsible thing to do is changing, constantly in flux. There is an underlying anchor of what is right and wrong, but the way to carry that out is continually washed to and fro by the uncertainty. (Uranus).

    Things are happening, in a way that is both fast and slow, and they will never be the same. Saturn in Scorpio is very much a case of what has been seen cannot be unseen. There is no going back once you know/experience certain things. There is only going forward with knowledge of them, as painful as they are.

    But I’m confident I am and most of us are ready for the challenges, the surprises, much more even than we realize.

  37. I could not agree with you more! Im so over the Saturn In Libra.

    Give me truth i say!:-)

    I thank Saturn in Libra for making people appear nice over the past 2.5 years, even if they are simmering with anger (or some Scorpionic issue waiting to arise)..because now that Saturn is about to hit Scorpio, those issues/fears will be bought to the light of day…finally!
    & with Scorpio’s ruler in Saturn’s home of Capricorn, we have a mutual reception going on.

    The power dynamics are certainly going to change in the next few years.

  38. SaturnRxScorpio1985-
    “Im so over the Saturn In Libra.
    Give me truth i say!”:-)
    And I second that…enough of this pussy-footin’ around. It’s gonna hurt no matter how slowly you ‘pull of the band-aid’ I say let’er rip and let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I’m a Virgo so I can sense that stain under the doily and it makes me nuts. The sooner we expose the wound and give it a sound cleaning… the sooner we can heal.

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