Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio: October 5, 2012

Mars in Scorpio*****Warning********* Not suitable For glass-jawed people who are lovely,

Saturn slips into Scorpio on October 5th, like a thief in the night. I mean, turn of page of the calendar and we’re there. There’s a whole bunch of chaos at the end of September, which will serve as an distraction for this thief, but I won’t let it distract me.

I love it when energy shifts like this. I am particularly attuned to Saturn and if you want to mind this as well, pay attention over these next few weeks to how your reality and/or the structure of your life changes.

To give you an idea what you’re looking for, I’ll tell you what’s happening in my life. First, I’ve gone further underground. Pressures (Saturn) have intensified (Scorpio). My work (Saturn) on the blog is more focused and taking place undercover (in the Colosseum).

My energy and access to energy (Scorpio) is limited, which has forced me to curtail my activities, and narrow my focus. My consultations are no longer about weighing serious decisions and more focused on survival in some way. People are being hit hard, having to deal with things no one wants to deal with. Loss, betrayal, depression, failure, fear, their own shadow and the like. All the stuff that is behind the veneer.

Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio ushers in a reality that is harsh, but powerful. It will not allow you to just put a doily over the rotten thing any longer. You’re going to have to dig in there and get at the root of the thing that’s clogging up your life and probably has for years.

All I can say, is you may as well get on task. Most definitely no one is going to do this for you and until you get in there and sort this out, the whole thing is going to stink, and I mean stink to high heaven.

Tell us how things have shifted in your life…


Saturn’s ingress into Scorpio: October 5, 2012 — 60 Comments

  1. The phoenix is about to rise. Two years of holding back. No more holding back for all of society. People will voice opinions and no longer be part of the status quo. Its time for the rise and fall for everyone just how they choose to land is the formidable question.

  2. Wow! My Scorpio 2nd house contains my moon and part of fortune. My Capricorn 4th house contains my nadir, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. I realize I have been underground since June. (Thanks Elsa) Saturn in Libra handled the “Boomer” dental transformation, thanks to a financial gift from my best friend. My home (“sweet spot”, Libra Asc.) has been my sanctuary. I have been serenely unemployed since June. I intuit work when Saturn hits my 2nd house on 10/23. Saturn is my ruling planet and will trine planets in my 4th house. My Life lesson has been alchemistic, I’v turned many a sow’s ear into a silk purse. I was weened on difficulty and restriction. Pluto has made himself at home in my home. Thanks to my 12th house natal Saturn, I am brilliant when my back’s against the wall. It is going to be difficult, I will be calm whilst carrying on. 🙂

  3. I am 29 y.o. with saturn conjuct saturn at 0 degrees scorpio, con. pluto. (!!!!) I need to make a decision: to begin my first ‘career’ as a custodian at the hospital or at the mall as a supervisor. I have the hospital job but have my practicum at the mall. The hospital is on call, intense, dangerous, the mall might be less interesting but with regular hours… perhaps that would better suit the frenzy of these aspects? Harsh but powerful? hmm

  4. It is squaring my sun. Not only that but I have some crazy transits going on right now with the nodes and saturn:
    Transiting NN conjunct my Saturn
    Transiting NN conjunct my South Node
    Transiting Mars conjunct my Saturn
    Transiting Mars conjunct my South Node

  5. Yep. The end of September was chaotic and now IS digging in time. I told a massive lie to one of my best friends and kept it going for years. It wasn’t with negative intent but that doesn’t really make it any better. Now, the lie is out. I can stop the lying and try to recover from what I did, hoping he will do the same. This is scary and for the best, since taking it all back isn’t an option.

    Your scopes are incredibly accurate.

  6. Something happend in my carer on 30 sept. And after that day i went thrue so much time thinking of my self as a person, my personality and so..but yet i dont feel that energy from saturn. I just dont hope it wil come as a shock when it transits in to my sign 5. October.
    Sorry if my english is bad.

    Im 21 living in Norway

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