Saturn’s Ingress Into Capricorn – Heavy Responsibility

Saturn will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn in about six weeks. I pay close attention to these transitions.

I’ve noticed that clients are booking hour-long consults rather than thirty minutes, which is unusual for me. I’ve consistently claimed I could cover most issues in the shorter time period. I’ve got Mars conjunct Mercury for one thing – it’s fast. I’m efficient by nature but I also don’t want to waste anyone’s money or anyone’s time, including my own.

I know some people think astrology is some parlor game entertainment, but this is not a game to me. I’m a serious person, highly focused on helping anyone who hires me. I was talking to a friend yesterday about going from doctor to doctor without anything concrete coming from it. I can’t stand that. As an astrologer, I am going to get to the root of the problem. I won’t have it any other way. My reputation is at stake.

So now people are booking hour-long consults and I see this is necessary. The concerns of the clients are deep and they’re dense. It takes time and effort to get through them, not just on my part but on the part of the client. I’m finding the same thing in my Saturn in Capricorn workshop.

You know how you take your car in for service…it’s just an oil change and they check the fluids and the air pressure in your tires? That’s one thing. But sometimes you get in there and you need some major overhaul or something significant addressed.  And when this happens, you know your need it. The mechanic is not kidding.  At that point, car ownership becomes a heavier responsibility.

It’s okay, because it has to be okay, if you want to drive.  It’s okay so long as when they give you your keys back, they’re done the repair correctly and completely. You want to drive away, knowing you’re safe and the problem is taken care of. You want to know, it’s not going to be you broken down on the side of the road as others drive past you.

That’s what these consults are like, a this time.  Things have turned completely upside down. It used to be that 80% of my clients booked 30 minutes which was completely sufficient. The other went for 60 minutes because they knew they needed it.  Now people are booking an hour, 80% of the time. I’m glad because it’s necessary. It’s just a harder job and that’s all there is to it.

I think there are two reasons for this. First, Saturn in Capricorn is serious business. But beyond that, Saturn is heading to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in 2020. This makes it deathly serious business and deep down, most people realize this.

That doesn’t mean you should be afraid. Just get your car into the shop, right?  Get to the doctor or to the astrologer or to whoever or whatever it is you need to keep on keeping on over the next few years.

How do you feel about Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn?





Saturn’s Ingress Into Capricorn – Heavy Responsibility — 15 Comments

  1. Lol – my Chart Ruler is Saturn, and I have had Pluto “prepare” me already going through Capricorn in my 12th, so I’ve done 7 years of serious homework already at a deep personal level in life… so yeah I’ve got this – no matter what!

    I haven’t got anymore to lose. I ain’t attached to anything that I am worrying about loosing, because I practice internal happiness, non-attachment and acceptance of what-is.

    The only other thing I could loose, could be my life, and I ain’t afraid of death, nor am I necessarily expect it either! :-)))

  2. I’m scared. With Libra Mars in opposition to Aries Mercury, both at 20° I can only imagine the destructive forces I’m going to be up against.

  3. I don’t know….sounds kind of scary but Saturn in Capricorn is in its home placement, so I’m hoping that’s good. My second house which should be Capricorn-ruled is intercepted, so what does that do to the energy? I looked back at the dates for my last Saturn in Capricorn and I was in 7th-10th grade. Not an overall pleasant time, that age in general. During that time my Dad got re-married to his second wife, and they also divorced. I think he also re-married the third one during that time. My mother moved us back to her hometown during that time. Natal moon 8 degrees Cap. Square Pluto in Libra, Sun in Aries, opposite Saturn in Cancer-grand cross. Might need an hour consult!

  4. I’m a bit concerned because it will be entering my 8th house (where Pluto is already transiting) and my only source of income is alimony (ex-partner’s money). It’s a bit scary.

  5. I’m looking forward to it!

    My natal Saturn sits right on Capricorn’s front porch (at 0 degrees) so this is a known energy to me.

    An energy that says: plan, set boundaries and a schedule (milestones), commit, and work hard.

    Saturn is all about building something solid in a disciplined and responsible way. Something that will stand the test of time.

    What is there to fear? Other than yourself? Because all this is in ~your~ hands. The control (responsibility) is in ~your~ hands.

    Me? I’m already brainstorming my plan, what it is I will build during this transit.

  6. Natal Sun, moon and mars in Capricorn, so slightly apprehensive here. Also have Pluto in Libra. At least Saturn is at home in Capricorn.

  7. I’ve been experiencing this thing. And now with all your blogging about saturnian status, I am terming it statustude. Weird projections of authority abound. I like being able to term it, to box it. To be able to write it off as a thing. I am having to be direct and instead of getting into it with the elevated ones I just say ‘back it up.’ I have to take a stand for myself. It’s a boundary I have to draw. At base, I think I am a humble person, and I know it reads, but that does not mean I have to let myself be abused.

  8. So far I’m feeling the mantle of responsibility. But it’s turning out to be a bit different than what I thought.

    It’s in my 1st house, and what I keep hearing is messages that I need to take better care of myself. I’ve gotten lost in taking care of others and worrying about others. I guess it’s time to take care of myself, too.

  9. I am having a dispute involving my bank (Capricorn) and my grocery store (Cancer). They are right next door to each other.

    Last week I withdrew $300 cash from my bank. I used the cash to buy groceries. One of the twenties the bank gave me was rejected by the automated machine in the self-checkout line at the grocery store. I tried using it in three different machines. Each time, the machine spat it back out. When I complained to a store clerk, she got out her marker and tested it. She said if it turns brown, it’s fake. A faint brown line appeared on the bill. She said, “I’m sorry but we can’t accept it.”

    I went to the bank next door and told a manager what had happened at the grocery store. I explained how I was absolutely certain that I had received the twenty dollar bill from his bank. He very politely told me that the conterfeit detecting machine at his bank is 100% effective. I asked him to test my twenty in his machine. He did so and then told me that the bill was genuine. I then asked him to test it with one of his marker pens. He did this. The bill showed the same shade of brown line that it had when tested by the store clerk. To the store clerk, the brown line proved that the bill was fake. To the bank manager, the brown line proved that the bill was genuine.

    The bank manager offered to exchange my twenty for one of his. I told him, “No, I don’t want this swept under the carpet. It has not been resolved to my satisfaction.”

    Next, I went next door and asked to speak with a store manager. I explained the whole story to her and asked if she would be willing to support me in my dispute with the bank. She said that she would need to talk with the other managers about it. We made an appointment for 8:30 AM tomorrow, when the bank next door will be open. She will let me know at that time whether or not someone from the grocery store will be willing to go next door and discuss this issue with the bank.

    At the moment (January 23rd) transiting Pallas (wisdom and pattern recognition) is at 0 Taurus, Pholus (catalyst, a small event with a large consequence) is at 0 Capricorn, Varuna (all knowing creator god) is at 0 Leo, all in aspect to my Moon at 0 Libra.

    So what do you think will happen next?

    To be continued…

    • The mystery of the counterfeit twenty has been solved to my satisfaction.

      Both the store clerk and the bank manager got the same results when they tested the bill with the marker, but they interpreted the results differently. After pondering this, I decided to see what I could learn about the markers on the internet.

      I learned that if the mark turns amber the bill is genuine (but this is not a reliable test as many counterfeit bills pass). If the mark turns dark brown or black, the bill is counterfeit. Each time my bill was tested, the mark turned amber. The store clerk was not well trained. I remember the look on her face and the unsure, questioning way she said, “If it turns brown, it’s fake.” She really didn’t know what she was doing.

      Once she told me that the bill was counterfeit and she could not accept it, I had difficultly changing my mind about it. At first, I couldn’t believe that the bank would pass me a counterfeit bill. The machines must be wrong. But then once I was denied permission to buy my groceries with it and it was my last twenty dollars and it was a Sunday when the bank was closed, so I had to wait, it became obvious to me that it was a bad note. After all, I wasn’t able to buy anything with it, was I?

      But that’s not clear reasoning.

      I returned to the grocery store and spoke with the manager again. She told me that she would correct the situation with her employees.

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