Saturn’s Transit Through The Late Degrees Of Scorpio…Entering Sagittarius 2014-2015

Heads up to people with planets or angles in the later degrees of Scorpio!  Saturn will turn Rx @ 23 degrees in March of 2014.  This means if you have placements between 24 and 29 degrees, you will not see a direct hit until the end of 2014. November to be specific.  It’s a fast pass too.  Saturn hits Sagittarius on Christmas eve!

Now if you have planets at 28-29 Scorpio, you’re going to catch a station when Saturn turns retrograde. This will be June-Sept 2015.  It will be intense!

If you have planets between 24 and 27 degrees, there will be just the one pass. This transit will be felt even though it’s not on your precise number.  However, I still think this indicates you’ll be best off to get it right the first time.  No re-do, see?  You’ve got a one-shot deal so take it!

Got planets in the late degrees of Scorpio?



Saturn’s Transit Through The Late Degrees Of Scorpio…Entering Sagittarius 2014-2015 — 48 Comments

  1. This post, read early in the morning, had me thinking and revisiting Saturn’s transits through the zodiac for me. I do have late Scorpio going through my 10th House; it makes sense to assess just what the journey has been about. Better to get it right really meant asking myself: look at what you’ve learning since Saturn started into the 1st House?

    It has been a great lesson in accountability, Elsa seeing where I persist in being resistant to change(a very old habit) and how well I’m done to value myself without bullying myself or others. And, is the role and the authority I bear a proper fit for me now? With Saturn going through the 10th I think I have more info to work with now…and then, Saturn in Sag will ask: are you in the right company and collaborations?

    Thanks Elsa.

    @Just a Girl … right! And for me, that means looking back, remembering what ground I’ve ALREADY covered.

  2. my saturn is 2 degree sag…hello 2nd saturn return! not really looking forward to this , but hopefully wont be all that bad! I guess it is time to

  3. I have Uranus in 24 Degrees Scorpio in my 11 house.
    What can I exptect..?
    I was born with sextile Saturn_Uranus , Saturn is in my 9 house in Virgo natal.

  4. No early degrees. I am in the thick of it right now.
    Mercury- 0
    North node- 3
    Sun- 5
    Uranus- 7
    Mars- 14

    Happy Taurus eclipse tomorrow! I am smiling as best I can. Perhaps more will pull through when those personal planets conjunct my Jupiter in Taurus at 28 degrees.
    Thank the heavens for meditation. Without it, I’m sure my current respite would be in an institution instead of my crappy section 8 apartment.

  5. My Part of Fortune is 26 degrees Scorpio and my Eros is 27 Scorpio in my Second House! I am Saturn’s daughter, it rules my chart! I expect happiness in simplicity.

  6. I hope to start my doctorate in Sept 2015. My moon at 28 Scorpio in the 6th will be squaring my Aqua mars/merc in the 9th… Hmm…. on the down side, what I can think of is a health problem deterring me from starting university and research. I really hope that’s not the case… How can I look at this positively…maybe just the beginning of lots of hard mental work and research? I sure hope so. I hope my health is not a serious issue. I mean, I feel healthy right now…

  7. My saturn is 28 degrees 39 Scorpio …I have several intercepted houses…. my 8th house is 4 degrees 45 Libra my 9th house commences at 11 degrees 30 Scorpio…my 10th 4 deg 51 Sagittarius … I am at a crossroad in my life… one chapter closing and another beginning… Saturn still in my 8th… when can I expect it to go into my 9th and can you help with what I can expect in the days I am approaching… thank you so much.

  8. Hi there,
    On a bit of a different topic…….does anyone know what the effects will be when Saturn transits Sagittarius in 2015??

  9. I have a jupiter/Neptune conjunction @ 29deg Scorpio in my fifth, opposing natal Saturn. How big of a rock to hide under will I need ?!

  10. Hey Elsa, I just became aware that Saturn will be conjuncting my natal Mars (22 Scorp)and MH (23 Scorp) in early 2014. I recently finished with Pluto transiting my natal Saturn (5 Cap) and that was no fun at all. Do you have any advice for me on the upcoming Saturn transit? Thanks, Karen

  11. My Saturn is at 29 degrees Scorpio, yikes! Its my Saturn return! Saturn is sitting there in 6th house with sun and venus (though Venus is only at 1 degree, therefore making it in “infancy” stage and rendered weak, or so I read…

    so does this mean my saturn return will bring death?

    • My Saturn is at 29 degrees Scorpio as well, in the third house, conjunct IC at 00 degrees Sag. I also have Sun at 21 degrees Scorpio. Yikes, I think I need a very large rock to hide under.

      • When saturn went over my part of death the older man downstairs died. When jupiter went over the girl next door hung herself and now Uranus is coming to it.
        The saturn return on the other hand at 58 gave me the final puzzle piece which brought all the nonsensical strivings into perspective and the sense of completion lasted strongly for a couple of weeks. I thought my life was over. However, it continues to surprise in intervals. On turning that corner though was a life threatening illness and strong efforts to get well with many positive new age tools,minor disappointments and finally a life changing decision through a sense of time running out. It has all brought me to spirit right on for the third saturn journey.

  12. Oh great! My Saturn (0 degrees) returns on christmas eve…this will be interesting!! Thanks for the update, I haven’t looked at the 2014 ephemeris yet

  13. Brilliant – I just Googled to find out when Saturn hits 28 Scorpio, as that is where Venus sits for me… Intriguing stuff. Uranus at 27 Scorpio too so I have a feeling theres going to be quite an epic twist in whatever plot unfolds… I am a Saggie but have just been through a hardcore SR in 12th and in last month of Saturn putting me through 1st house paces so really any more limitations and stripping back seems hard to imagine… Have done sickness, weight loss, agoraphobia, job losses, family security loss, loss in love and the ‘oh crap am I looking old?!’ thing… And grateful for all of it because without it I’d be the fool I was back early 2010… But this still sounds like a real mind-bender…

  14. Hi Elsa, I’m loving your FB and website entries. I have Jupiter at 28 degrees Scorp in my 4th house. I wonder how Jupiter and Saturn will get along? Balance each other out? Saturn tones down Jupiter’s overly confident ways and Jupiter lightens up his old friend Saturn, just a tad? And in the 4th house…

  15. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding…
    Can someone please give me a few quick guide words on how this translates….how will this affect an ascendant at 29 degress scorpio??
    Thank you!

  16. !! Saturn has entered my 2nd house (18 Scorpio)… And starting next year will start on my stellium in Sag. Saturn at 3, Mercury at 7, Uranus at 18, (3rd house) Venus at 21, Sun at 28 (and Neptune at 3 Capricorn)….. So I’m in and out of the heavy heavy for the foreseeable future (aren’t we always). Love the feeling of having a heads-up and that it’s all work that will see results.

    With my moon at 11 Aries I have been feeling this cardinal square, T-square, cross. I can see the Pluto effects more than the Uranus. Don’t totally “get” Uranian energy. Jupiter is in Aquarius for me so I feel like I should probably get it, but I can’t see it.

    Should be interesting to go from Pluto to Saturn. I keep having this idea of getting a loom at some point set up and teaching myself to weave for this soon-to-be Saturn time…. Possibly even learning to spin my own yarn to weave with.

    Thanks for your amazing work Elsa!!! (PS watched a 1 minute video of yours recently on projection and victims!!! Love love love love. Thanks for spreading the word.)

  17. Saturn’s been passing over my Ascendant then conjuncting natal Neptune at 21 Scorpio late last year. It goes retrograde around my birthday hmm, hitting old Nep again in April and yet again in Oct. I recently decided to work with the Saturn and started yoga classes. I push myself to do it and am hoping it will really help get me through and succeed this year. It could change my appearance, constitution, body image and spirit. I am learning the lesson that if you want to be free, wishing wont make it so.

  18. Just found your site Elsa!

    Neptune @25 Sco – 4th house

    I was feeling unsettled about this and as I looked over at todays newspaper I saw this

    ” It’s 2014! Your dream house awaits! Find yours now”

    I moved around dozens of times in my teens. Been living in my current house almost 15 years which always felt strange.

  19. South node and Neptune at 20 degrees Scorpio. So I hope this passes me by. My misfortune has been ongoing since Saturn started transiting my FIRST house in 1998. I got fed up in May 2009-FIVE years ago.

  20. Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Scorpio 21.50 Ascendant Taurus 9.58
    Moon Capricorn 4.09 II Gemini 9.08
    Mercury Sagittarius 6.52 III Cancer 11.23
    Venus Scorpio 5.13 IV Leo 15.30
    Mars Leo 6.51 V Virgo 18.04
    Jupiter Cancer 5.25 R VI Libra 16.19
    Saturn Leo 29.52 VII Scorpio 9.58
    Uranus Scorpio 12.43 VIII Sagittarius 9.08
    Neptune Sagittarius 14.59 IX Capricorn 11.23
    Pluto Libra 15.31 Midheaven Aquarius 15.30
    Lilith Gemini 22.51 XI Pisces 18.04
    Asc node Libra 14.35 XII Aries 16.19

    Hi, can someone help me to determine when Saturn will be directly affecting me and what this will mean for me in 2014 & 2015? My Sun sign 21.5 degrees Scorpio, Ascendant in Taurus 9.58, Saturn in Leo 29.52.
    Would appreciate some insight

  21. Just found your article…My Mercury in scorpio 28.15 degree. Also scorpio in 7th house birth chart and saturn in virgo in my natal chart. Moon sign is scorpio..How 2015 saturn transit in scorpio will affect me?

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