Getting Real with My Saturn Return

I have observed something recently (and by recently I mean over the past few months.)

I’ve been writing about my Saturn Return. Not just in my last piece here but I’ve mentioned it off and on for a while now. I have used the phrase “things are getting real.”

And each time it elicits what I consider an odd response.

People parenthetically hug ((my name)) and/or offer their condolences, and while I appreciate your good will, your sentiment, I observe it as though tossing a ball and watching it fall upwards. It’s not what I was expecting.

And no, it’s not because I have Sun conjunct Saturn and I think I don’t deserve your virtual embrace.

It’s because I have Sun conjunct Saturn and this is the time of my life I have been waiting for!

“Things are getting real” is a lyric set to the tune of my glorious awakening. My life up to this point has been a cloud shrouded in a haze, dappled by a fog with a Gaussian blur. A long dream of which I was aware but not ready to escape. And in that surreal fugue I sailed into a rock, the rock that held the sky in place, for it peeled up at the horizon and revealed my blinking eyelids strobing something stark and sturdy.

I am finally starting to get a grip on some things. Things have become grip-able.

So when I say “Things are getting real” this is not a lament. It is a joyous testimony to the tangible influence of Saturn. At long last, things are getting touchably real.

Where were YOU when things got real?



Getting Real with My Saturn Return — 13 Comments

  1. I totally get this Nota! My saturn return tore me away from the old me and my old life. It was mildly traumatic at the time – but more than that it was invigorating. I have so much more strength, wisdom and vitality!

    My default setting now is happy. If I’m not happy, I act and do something about it. As a taurus with aqua rising and a leo moon, there’s a whole lot of fixed energy in my chart, but I’ve suddenly found a way through this. My SR was an awakening. Sounds like yours is too 🙂

  2. Always real. And always find it odd when people hug me virtually. People hug me a lot on here and it’s never what I’m aiming for and is always surprising.

  3. Wow. This was written so well.
    I have a question – if you’re seeing someone who’s going through their SR, especially now as Saturn’s going retrograde, what can you expect? What should you to support him/her? Can you expect him/her to come out of the SR more confident [about your bond], or more clearsighted and perhaps more ready to go it alone?
    I don’t know if your SR touches upon any relationship/friendship/love issues, but… I’d really appreciate your insight here

  4. When I had to clean up my father’s shit because he refused to wear his diapers. That was last year with Saturn conjuncting my sun and Pluto squaring it. I was 43.

  5. Elsa,
    That makes me think about my 7th year on earth. That’s when my dad (Saturn) had his first stroke and landed in the hospital. Ever since then I thought of my dad as having one foot in the grave (despite being around for 20 more years).

    I also agree that the SR is not as macabre as the reputation it gets. Then again, I’m a year shy of my first return. But in my experiences with Saturn so far, I’ve actually found it liberating to know the limits, the ‘rules of the game.’ A clear-cut hierarchy is in a way a level playing field.

    I’ve had a lot of Saturn figures in my life, and I have mostly *made* them into Saturn figures, because I seek out authorities for my own purposes. I resent authority figures that have not earned their power (see organized religion), but if I respect you as an authority figure, then I’m an excellent student because I know it ultimately helps me, and you can’t let pride get in the way of self-improvement (Virgo).

  6. I’m smack-dab in my SR right now. I was terrified for awhile when I started awakening to the things that need to be changed(Which is/was A LOT), but now I have used it to get in touch with my personal power, and I am so grateful. There is much that still needs to be revamped, but I’m beginning to feel really hopeful for the first time. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. Things got pretty real as soon as I was born! I was already scheduled to be given away to a certain person, who should never have had charge of children, and was indeed given into her ‘care’ at a few days old.

    Saturn Rx opposes my natal Sun and both square my Jupiter/Chiron

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