Saturn Turns Retrograde Today, Frustrating People Who Want To Move!

With Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries, people want to move! They want to start something new. They want a fresh start!

Jupiter in Leo is trining the stellium in Leo. Many are up for a challenging adventure!

However, Jupiter is retrograde. It’s like wanting to board a plane that’s not get arrived at the gate!

Saturn turns retrograde today. I expect this to further frustrate an individual’s (Uranus) ambitions (Mars). I’m experiencing this myself!

I wish I had a tricky idea around how to deal with this. But the blocks are real, sort of like trying to be 5’5″ when you’re 5’4″ – too bad, right?

Work with what you’ve got. I see no other options!

Are you wrapped up in a frustrating situation at this time?


Saturn Turns Retrograde Today, Frustrating People Who Want To Move! — 22 Comments

  1. Once this tension breaks (Uranus/Pluto) hopefully these transits will show us what we were being pulled back for- we wan to go go go but Jupiter and Saturn say hold up kid, here’s what all that pain was about.

  2. I’m going to look at it this way…I’m always charging in, thinking I can do it all, and so much better than anyone else. Maybe pulling back on the reins is a good thing for me.

  3. Ah, I see how Saturn’s retrograde plays into the pretzel I feel part of! Yes … I agree with Cheryl. Pulling on the reins, and appreciating the power of pollens:/

  4. I’m hoping to finalize where I stand on a few relationships in my life that have stagnated immensely. To take a long hard look and trim the fat. I’m exhausted from the destruction that lay in wake but I have had an opportunity to regenerate. I can see I’ll need it.

  5. I was already frustrated with things not moving long before this retrograde. lol. Although, I’ve looked back at pivotal times in my life and major things have happened during a Jupiter or Saturn retrograde, so I plan on at least getting the ball rolling on something.

  6. All this stuff is hitting me hard. It’s harsh. I am embarrassed to say I just woke up. It was almost 11 am when I woke up. This is beyond odd because I am always up by 5:30 in the morning. I have things I have to be doing. But I slept hard. Completely the opposite of anything I would ever do. This is not going to work. I am booked out at my job for 2 weeks and its only going to get worse. (very busy in spring)

  7. Well, yes. I have a nice Mars-Uranus-Jupiter Great Trine in Fire on my Solar Return chart. I also asked for Elsa’s view on this, because it was already apparent I needed to change the career. 5 months later, I’ve been through a physical breakdown and diagnosed with a chronic health issue that I have to take into account in everything I do. But interestingly, what I felt was the right thing to do and Elsa confirmed could be my “niche”, is actually also the direction my body is telling me to go. So, I know I’m on the right track, just blocked. I also feel that as soon as Jupiter turns direct, and returns to the position it was around my Solar Return (this will happen in May), it will be all “go, go, go”, for me. I’m pretty certain that I’ll find myself in a completely different place by mid-October, when I’ll have Jupiter on my Ascendant and Saturn on my IC.

  8. Yes, been experiencing a lot of 2 steps forward 5 steps back phenomenon recently. Just grateful for the small victories right now!

  9. Growing that extra inch may be possible by stretching. At least my mind likes to be delude me like that lol. But in reality the most you can do is probably build long lean muscles to LOOK taller. I dont know where im going with that..Im 5’4″ but people think im taller..

  10. I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is frustration or not. I feel relief, yet I feel unsure of my direction. I am more grateful than I’ve ever been in my life- for my husband who is going to the ends of the earth for me to keep us together and my sweet son, who is unbelievably good natured. But deep dowwn and in the background, I feel desperate. I feel as if my time has just about completely run out to decide on where I want to go in life. Part of me feels scattered and out at sea, because for so long (10+ years) I swore my life would be this certain way, with this certain person. So you could say I feel conflicted still, but it is as much like that as just scattered and fragmented. Like I have a clean slate, if i can fill in the empty places where my dreams were supposed to be. Anyway, not sure if this has anything to do with the aspects which this article refers but thats how I feel.

    • It’s horrible to see how much of an escapist I’ve been. I’ve never been present in my life because I wanted this certain dream so badly, truely from the bottom of my soul. I dont think its these aspects as much as it is neptune leaving my 7th and pluto leaving my 5th. (Relationship houses) I wanted this consuming type of love, but now i see that I wasted my life life possibly dreaming up the impossible. (natally i have both neptune and pluto at 29 degrees, sextile and pluto opposes venus and neptune is sq. my sun/moon on the sn) Because I can’t have it. I have this other type of love with my husband, with all these battle wounds…its real love. It’s shameful really, how I have been since we’ve been married. My philosophy of relationships was completely immoral. But I have to forgive myself and move on I guess. I still long to be home by my parents, I miss them. It kills me to think everything i have and will miss back home…i miss family…and most of all (8th house speaking) theyre going to die someday. And its difficult for me to live with that. How much sacrificing is it worth, asks my pisces. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.

  11. Just today, I can see the old Saturn in Scorpio coming back for more. My siblings had a get together today and neglected to mention it to me. My one sister had the chance a couple of days ago to say something, but she didn’t.

    Welcome back, Saturn, to again conjunct my natal Venus in Scorpio and square my Pluto in Leo. I’m so sick of dealing with my family’s attitudes towards me. I didn’t do anything to them, but I’ve been dealing with my own private sh*t over the past couple of years and not one of them has been understanding or supportive.

    I suppose I’m getting one more shot at fixing this situation for good when Saturn moves back into Scorpio, but I’m not looking forward to it.

    • That would be the frustrating thing about doing one’s homework. Just because I change doesn’t mean anyone else does. Not everyone works their process. And hey, if it’s working for them, why would they. My north node is in the lower hemisphere of my chart. I think my ‘have to’ processing might come with that territory. Those old nasty socially imposed ‘loyalties’ don’t always work out. Letting go of the guilt about that was huge for me. It’s my soul. My responsibility to take care of it.

  12. O-O WOW… I just used a height analogy in a thread I posted!

    I was so disappointed when I realised Jupiter & Saturn were going Rx just when Pluto Uranus are making a last square. That takes out almost another year. We are being pushed to start afresh but we’re being hobbled. I imagined one of those frenzied events where the crowd pushes forward at the gates/ barriers & everyone at the front gets crushed to death.

    I figure it’s some kind of cosmic joke. There’s some force up there that want’s to see if they can explode human heads.

  13. Everything in transit is squaring, opposing or conjuncting my natal planets. I’m a Libra sun, with Neptune and Saturn there also, and I’m getting hit from all sides. Now Saturn (I thought I was finished with that) is going back to my IC, conjuncting my natal Moon and squaring Pluto at the same time.
    Outer factors, those I can’t control, are against me. I will just be meek, try to be tolerant and patient and shut up.

    • I am finding great solitude in being invisible these days. People cross my screen, do their performance, and move on. And I relish the times when I am in it together with people. I love joint creation. I’m sure I’ve said that before. It is such great fun.

  14. I am still searching out creative space wherever I can find it. There is so much policing going on. I did have a successful dining experience without being policed for one thing or another. Am going to try another one tonite. I mean why is it so difficult to create a good dining 1-2 hour dining experience together? I mean, come on. I have learned not to police back because that is wasted breath but it is still uncomfortable to be under the gun for no discernible reason. So yeah, the commandoes can be uncomfortable. That might be something that will accelerate with saturn in sag. Uber (jupiter) policing (saturn). I see the scorpios standing there. The policer is in their face. Scorpio just stares blankly while the policer goes blue in the face trying to make them obey. 😀

  15. Oh dear, they may just be itching for a fight. Senseless battle. Oh well, maybe that’s the definition of fun for some.

  16. Elsa you wrote “Jupiter in Leo is trining the stellium in Leo.” I think you mean the Aries Stellium. Just for clarification.

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