Saturn Transit Conjunct The Ascendant

blue saturnSaturn leaving the 12th house to cross the ascendant to transit the 1st house is always a big deal! It only happens every 28.5 years. Saturn transiting over your ascendant marks the end of one period and the distinct beginning of the next.

“You’re being unnecessarily hard on yourself.  You’re not the first person to make a string of bad decisions. You’re finding out is that you’re human. That’s positive!”

I wrote that for a client who’s dealing with the aftermath of Saturn transiting her 12th house.  It’s common people lose their way during this transit! I had this experience myself.

It’s also common that a person become concerned about their public image when Saturn transits their 1st house.  They feel pressure to pull themselves together somehow. They feel people are judging them.

“…As painful as this is, it’s introducing you to reality. People do think these things about others, at least some of them do. 

The realization may be terrifically humbling. But it also puts your feet on the ground, so you can take action (1st house) once you’ve defined what it is you want..”

I suffered tremendously when Saturn crossed my ascendant. The transit can be brutal. You can be floating along in some kind of denial and then, WHAM!  You wake up in reality, realizing you’re going to have pull yourself together.

Do you have Saturn crossing your ascendant? How are you faring?

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Saturn Transit Conjunct The Ascendant — 137 Comments

  1. I have my ascendant at 16.49 degrees. I had to play an important gig when it was bang on asc and I completely lost my bearings/felt I had to fight the whole way through. plus a few days previous I had given myself a bad haircut.

  2. Hi Elsa,

    After a near crossing (before a retrograde) early last year, Saturn crossed my ascendant last autumn and is now in my 1H.

    Growing time for me (no earth, neptunian Pisces woman): feeling my age (not looking it yet – hardly ever did – but feeling old and the looks will catch day), more responsibilities at work and at home (my poor past financial management has caught up with me so living with a tight budget and feeling poor till I qualify as child psychotherapist and go back to working full time) and lots of becoming real of what a partner in love can and can’t do (neptune energies are way too idealistic – no human csn live up to them)

    It’s a painful process. Spent the whole weekend at the library and will have to sacrifice most of the year to complete my studies. Saturn. I will be so happu when I do it.
    This process is necessary, so although I am the most serious ever (need fun but I don’t feel it – saturn in the first), I now my life will look a truer reflection of my wishes.

    True that I am now noticing past bad choices and that I can give myself a hard time!!

    One does take oneself more seriously. Any attempt to keep a Peter Pan (gemini planets, uranus rising here) attitude ends up depressing me as I have many internal conflicts going on. I can’t deny reality with this transit. Cardinal cross in the skies is not helping either! (Well it is, but you know what I mean)

    Learning about my fears too, very Saturnian theme. And I have loads creepping out. Learning that life has limits and so do I. With my gemini planets and neptunian energy…the transit is hard.

    My boyfriend keeps on saying how serious I am (bless him, we met before the ascendant was crossed last year) but I will observe his responses to the same transit when Saturn crosses his Sag ascendant next year!

    The transit is difficult, a wake up call (not uranian type) and will clear my life for a more substantial phase.

    One day at a time. Key during this transit to eat well, sleep enough hours and exercise (weight training, good for bones -saturn- which I never did before) despite the tensions and hard work around us.

    Good luck!

    • Saturn is heading towards end degrees of my 1st house now. It has stomped over my ascendant a couple of yrs ago, then Merc and the Sun last year. It still has Neptune in its sights but the most challenging part is over now. Your experience resonates. I felt confused, a fraud, ugly, ageing in a bad way not the positive growing wise way, lost my way, adrift, invisible, dried up, grey, questioning everything about myself, my decisions, my past present future. My body and mind, my emotions felt as if they were under a harsh cold light of a lab or a morgue or an interrogation room. I felt no hope as I could not see beyond this difficult experience. I isolated myself from friends, family, people in general. Repelled those who may have wanted a relationship. Amputated (thanks Elsa for this term) those who I felt needed amputating. Contracted, rationalised lifestyle and belongings, became very frugal to the point of austerity. Despite my profession with great income potential I pulled back, stopped work and lived off my tax return. I became very good and not needing stuff. I also felt undeserving.
      However, recently something changed. I turned a corner emotionally, psychologically, physically AND spiritually. It feels as if I have been lovingly mended, laundered with care, dried in the warm the sun and a gentle breeze, pressed on a delicate setting, laid out on the bed before being worn. Perhaps because Saturn has passed my Sun late last year.
      Hang in there, the challenging experience IS worth it.

      • Thanks for sharing your experiences Jomad.
        It helps to know one day I will feel different…at the moment it’s all seriousness…even when trying to have fun I feel a bit fake as I’m reflective and serious below the surface…

        Got a better understanding of this former classmate with saturn conjunct ascendant natally. Bless her. I like her more now that I get where she’s coming from.

        Good to know there is hope for a clearer life as saturn gets closer to the end of my first house 🙂

      • Very well-worded description of what you went through. It stayed in my mind and I came back to re-read you.
        It sounds a bit like how I’m feeling these days. Saturn crossed my asc some time ago, I don’t remember anything specific (afraid to check it out?). This year Saturn is squaring my Sun and Moon (opposite in natal). Big upheaval I think.
        I wonder, did you reduce your life-style willingly because you felt this was needed for you evolution?
        Well, I’m happy that you are lovingly mended with warm sun and gentle breeze. That is such a nice way to express the process. I love it!

      • Wow Jomad – you describe the Saturn AC experience with amazing accuracy, and so beautifully; i wonder where your mercury is in your chart? 🙂
        I have Saturn Conjunct AC natal – so my life can be heavily flavoured like the transit you describe; i’m always searching for the laundered version of me, ‘dried in the warm sun and breeze’ it’s my vocation in some ways :-)…However, I am blessed with a trine to Neptune from it so i am really good at applying serious discipline and organisation when it comes to making my dreams happen…and i can do them on a budget! hahaa 🙂

        It sounds as if you have passed the test of the transit and have graciously re-moulded and evolved, thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

      • Dear Jomad,
        Thank you for…”It feels as if I have been lovingly mended, laundered with care, dried in the warm the sun and a gentle breeze, pressed on a delicate setting, laid out on the bed before being worn.” I could use some of that! Transiting Saturn has just conjuncted my ascendant and venus. It will conjunct my sun in around 2 1/2-3 years (haven’t done exact calculation). I definitely feel tired, and bored with my job and turning 46, feeling kind of old and cranky. Asking what have I accomplished? Where do I want to go? (and not knowing) I am always optimistic (Sag ascendant) so I know things will work out fine…but still aware that this is a turning point/rough patch type period. Reading your words makes me excited to hang in there! I’m going to put your words on my refrigerator. <3

        • Jomad…your words were amazing in this post dated 2014. Many agree here!!
          Saturn is conjunct my ascendant today, December 15, 2016. 20 sag.
          And soon it will hit my moon at 24 sag. I must confess I’m not sleeping at night.
          Naps during the day and withdrawing somewhat. Upset with myself over my bad habits and growing older. But I take a lot of comfort in your wise words.

          And best to you, Molly. We will make it back to our jovial optimistic view on life again!! ?

          • Best to you too! I am already feeling my exuberant self returning…but in a more calm, grounded and wonderful way. I guess like a mature exuberance that no one can ever take away. It’s solid. I have read that Saturn brings rewards for hard work and I feel that happening. :0>

          • One resource for evaluating Saturn’s contact with the Ascendant is Grant Lewi’s “Heaven Knows What.” The contact with the Ascendant marks the beginning of the long passage of Saturn through what Lewi calls “the obscure sector,” last until Saturn contacts the 4th house cusp (Nadir or Midnight point).

            I’ve been through these transits twice. (I’m 69.) For me, both of the times Saturn contacted my Ascendant, I made radical breaks with previous life conditions–which had become intolerable. I think the self has an opportunity to completely recreate itself here, set out on a different path, and begin making an entirely new life. In a sense, this transit forces you to do that. You MUST take some kind of decisive action to overcome very negative conditions. For me, by the time Saturn came down my Ascendant, my life had devolved into a total no-win situation. To continue in those conditions would have been to accept a very complete “loss of self.”

            Here is a good parallel: Imagine you are a young man with a wife and child, living in Czarist Russia in 1903. There is a strong likelihood that you will be drafted (for the second time) into the Russian army, to fight Japan. Besides the freezing and starving part, you will likely never return to your family. Very decisive action is needed. You decide to immigrate to the US, and save enough money to send for your wife and child.

            This was how I experienced the Saturn contact with my Ascendant, both times.

            Decisive action in response to this contact–a break with existing conditions–will expose you to a long period that is difficult and dangerous (the 7-year transit of the obscure sector). Lack of decisive action here is a lot like doing nothing and getting drafted into the Russian army. You will go through the obscure sector either way. Will your response to Saturn’s contact with the Ascendant be an active assertion of your will to improve conditions? Or will it be passive acceptance of someone elses will, to your nearly certain detriment?

            As a immigrant to a new world, you will have a rough ride for about 7 years, until Saturn contacts the fourth house cusp. You will build your character and create a new and better self, and a new and better life. If you are passive, you will allow yourself to be crushed. The possibilities for a better life will be foregone.

            • Sharon, that is such a great description. I’m having my 2nd saturn conjunct ASc right now, on Cap 16, and all I can say is TG I know about astrology. On my first transit, I met my now ex husband, and married him as neptune hit my Asc, & marriage ended suddenly and absolutely the moment saturn hit my Desc. In the 15 years since, as Saturn has come back to my Asc, I’ve done a lot of work on myself, moved interstate for the first 7 of those years, and back again 7 years ago.
              I’m sort of coping by going to the gym and doing a lot of body work; like someone else mentioned, I’ve stopped working and live simply, from savings. ( I did work hard, for many years, Cap after all.)
              I have no idea what will be happening next, my progressed sun will change into a new sign in October, I’m 65. It’s exhausting, especially with these eclipses.

  3. The days and weeks around the actual crossing I felt tension in my body (back, shoulders) and was juggling pressure at work. Just tense for weeks. I did fear the crossing which probably didn’t help my muscles.

    Also, before and after the actual crossing I was exhausted all the time and slept a lot and still felt tired. Doctor found nothing in my blood tests. A friend who had had the transit before me (she doesn’t follow astro but I knew she’d experienced it before with Virgo rising) said she had the same tiredness and doctors advised her to exercise. So I did and still do. Helps a bit.

    Now I’m not as tired as when the crossing!

  4. When Saturn 2010 transited my Ascendant, he had just passed my Pluto/Uranus in my 12th house. I had during that time (Pluto transited my IC at the same time, and Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter opposed my Moon, Uranus squared my Jupiter) just gotten divorced, gotten seriously sick, moved countries and this and that. On the very day of the transit I went to an astrologer in Berlin and had the most illumating consultation. He said, the next couple of years will probably be the most tranforming in your life. In the old days, people would have put you in a convent for the time, so that you could cocoon in piece. I went on sick leave for 18 months and went into therapy with another astrologer/psychologist/clearaudient and it certainly helped…

  5. Saturn is currently conjunct my ascendent. I was fired without cause a couple if weeks ago. There were reasons I knew about that were out of my control but cannot share publicly. I recently had a baby girl (December), also, and shortly thereafter realized I could not have a highly stressful job AND be a good mother to my child, so I am choosing to see this as a blessing in disguise. Still. Money is a big issue. And because of money, it is negatively affecting my marriage.

    I think this is meant to be a giant re-set button for me, and I wasn’t happy with my job prior to this. I do not know what I am supposed to do at this point though. I feel like I don’t know which direction is best and I am keenly aware that I cannot mess up.qqq

  6. I had Saturn conjunct my Ascendant in October of 2010 when it was in Libra. I felt very unhappy at the time with my job situation. I was given a lot more responsibility that I didn’t want, but because of my age (57 at that time) I tried to make the best of it.

    Well, less than 2 years later when I had my Saturn return, I left the job because I knew they were planning on getting rid of me anyway. Aside from a couple temp jobs, I never found another real job. I’m too young to retire, yet too old to be of interest to most companies.

    I would describe Saturn conjunct the Ascendant as a grueling time of hard work. In hindsight, I wish I had looked for a new job instead of accepting more responsibility.

  7. I’m Scorpio rising natally but the most of my adult life I have a Virgo asc. It’s was the most difficult time in my entire life when Saturn was in Virgo, lots of malicious people trying to take advantage of me, I couldn’t find a job after I graduated and I was evicted from my apartment, my parents refused to help me, I was living like a gipsy, one week here, one week there; I thought I’m going to die, it was about physical survival. Right now my life is much better, I have some crap at my work and I’m looking for another job. But it looks that relocation chart is more accurate. So, Elsa, does natal ascendant is less important then relocation ascendant?

      • Well my ascendant is 23 Scorpio (giving me Regulus at the MH) and Saturn has just stopped moving forward right on it and is now retrograde for a while, which means it will again cross this point in a few months time. Ugh! And, having natal Saturn conjunct Sun in the 12th at birth, it’s a heavy weighty time; even my progressed Saturn is at 6 degrees Scorpio and looks to be there for a few years! At least in my natal chart, the Sun is combust Saturn (0.46 and 0.54 Scorpio) and thus supposed to absorb the effects (or blend them?!) of the conjoined planet. Relocated ascendants help change the aspects and transits, but when it doubt, check the natal aspects, tho they can help with a bit of a breather! You do a great job, Elsa, thanks for interesting reading!

  8. Crossed mine in October and I went through a ROUGH few months… but I’m finally coming out of it and seeing major rewards

  9. I had a major illness and lots of other problems when Saturn transited my 12th. I recovered and solved my other issues when Saturn was in my 1st.

  10. I have asc on 16 degrees scorpio, and I must say that my life has been very difficult the last three years. Saturn first conj my natal moon, then my venus and mercury, and finally sun, neptune in my 12th and crossing ascendant. Right now it is conjunct natal mars, but I feel (hope) the worst is over. Still I dread the saturn retrograde when it will cross my asc, sun, nept again. At the same time pluto is square natal moon, and uranus opposite natal moon. I have been through heartache, clinical depression, losing my home, moving in with my mother, out of work and out of money, and experienced communication as insanely slow, like walking in syrup. I’m starting cognitive therapy this week, and I have a hope it can help me.

    I’ve come to appreciate time spent alone, to study, read, and doing crafts. I feel I’m at a point in life where I have to restart just about everything, and have also started a new, four year long education in this period. I’m 52, and have chosen an education strictly for the purpose of getting a job. Not something I would even had considered if I was 25, sadly. It is hard, but also strangely rewarding. I have also become a lot more serious about my crafts, and have opened a webstore. although not too optimistic about my artful adventures. But I hope, in time, that I will be able to see life as a fun, pleasant, joyful and exciting experience again.

  11. Saturn is in my 1H and it’s a really tough time right now. Trying not to be depressed, but reality has creeped all the way in. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive. Trying to earn my confidence. Facing fears. Still feel confused about something’s especially with Mars transiting my 12H. I just want it to be over. Sometimes I feel like I can’t carry on, but I know right now is temporary and I’m going through a transitional point in my life. I relate to everyone who has posted. Ready for this period to be over with!!!!

  12. Saturn transit from the 12th (virgo) into the first house (libra) was one of the most traumatic experiences i ever had. It was also my first Saturn return. I nearly lost my mind. For some time I thought i was pregnant (even if the test always came negative) and i kept telling my self that it WAS a pregnancy. But psychologically, i was only denying my period for months. I could also not deal with the thought of being a single mum. I have Saturn conjunct my ASC and maternity doesn’t come to me very naturally; not to this day.

  13. At first glance I went back to summer of 1991 for my crossing over. I went through a devastating loss of who I considered a sister and best friend in NYC – and she was a virgo – and kept kind of being passive aggressive with me – talking about me behind my back sort of thing and everyone secretly hating me. Chiron was transiting my Descendent in Leo. This girl DID teach me a lot about listening to others, validating them, not just giving advice, “fixing them” one-upping them, competing with my friends – and just accepting them. What amazing healing that eventually gave me….I told her that I really owed her a lot (we have since mended our fences). At the same time as this sad split, I was beginning to really move ahead with my acting career, starting making new friends, moved to my own place and started to really be independent. Amazing how accurate these transits can be.

  14. OH! i am in the middle of sat TRANSITING my first house now…. last yr when it was in 12th…between horrible depression the first part of 2013, and not knowing what to do with the rest of my life…all of a sudden with the help of the URA transit hitting my natal Venus and trining my URA+MC conjunction… I began the moving process and moved to a new state where my previous music career could flourish. Once everything got set for the move, it was amazing that I actually had set the move date for the day that SAT was just beyond the conjunction of my asc. I am in a bit of what i think might be a karmic situation with my living arrangements and I have the strength of Saturn guiding me (not taking any crap!) Uranus is doing a major job of activating a totally new and different career choice in addition to the music which I have been doing for years….. When i first started studying astrology 30+ yrs ago….i read over and over that something in my chart indicate success later in life….and if this is my turnaround then it was all correct. Always a serious struggle, but now things seem to be flowing in the proper direction for success….. and it is the 2nd half or maybe third of life….

  15. Saturn passed over my ascendent (then back and over again) last year. I can say my fun factor is at an all time low and work/life balance is extremely off. That said, I have sun conjunct saturn natally so I know how to buckle down and plow my way through it. Hardly the toughest time in my life. Just all work, work, work. It’s not going unnoticed though… so maybe there’s a silver lining? Can’t wait for some fun to return 😉

  16. ASC is 20 degrees Scorpio so I’ve been dealing with this since fall. My whole life blew up between Mid-September and late November. December and January were largely involved with surviving the emotional, financial and spiritual shocks, changes, and reconfiguration. It’s hard to pin it all on Saturn–Pluto square natal sun, Uranus opposite natal sun. Uranus conj natal Jupiter. Fun times. But–funny thing is, I dodged a bullet. The guy who left me in slow motion and without explanation, walking away from his commitments and from a very long friendship, turned out to be MEAN. Entitled. Cheating. I have somehow survived problem after problem and am starting to feel unafraid. Powerful. Even happy. So right now Saturn is sitting there between my ASC and my 25 degree Scorpio moon. I’m ready to re-build but this time on solid ground with an eye to what I have to give the wider world. i still feel sad about that woman who loved that guy, and all her dreams that won’t come true. I still have bad moments when I wonder why he wanted out and what she meant to him. But any 30+ year friendship that crashes and burns in a matter of 3-4 weeks–and with no chance to learn what the heck happened–would have done even more damage had it gone on, with me unaware of the huge differences in our values about honesty, fidelity, commitment.

    • Wow I have Saturn 1 degree away from my Scorpio Ascendant now and I just had to cut someone out of my life who was a deep friend (or so I thought) for around 18 years. Same reasons that you mentioned, realized he was a false person, did not respect me at all as I witnessed on one shocking day last week when he said something cruel and shocking in front of and directed towards my 4 year old child. That was the last line crossed by him. It wasnt the first time he showed himself to be a Narcissist, cold, overly harsh and punishing towards me but now he made this suggestion of violence towards my son and I said no more. Gone!! Glad I found out before another 5 or 10 years wasted with a person that I realized wears a mask or a variety of them full time. SCARY but big reality check. Also have been working very hard juggling being a full time mum and working on a home business. Next year 2015 should be a breeze compared to what I have been through since Saturn has been in Scorpio.

  17. I’m 6* Scorpio rising with natal Saturn at 5*….This is my second Saturn return.
    I’ve been blessed with the gifts Saturn can bring…learning to take responsibility for myself, limits that are allowing me to learn about acceptance and trusting a Divine energy.
    My natal Moon…19, Mercury at 22 and Venus at 28 are all in my 1st…in Scorpio
    I have been in the eye of this storm emotionally and intellectually. Some days my thoughts and emotions are down to earth and practical, other days they feel bleak as can be.
    I did not prepare for this day and I can really only hold myself responsible for the sad state of my affairs and future. I’m a widow, after 30 plus, and have absolutely no clue where to turn. Every door looks so promising and optimistic, only to be locked tight….financially, issues with kids, an out of the blue detached retina…
    I’m hoping a roller coaster and not a free fall.
    My Sag Sun reminds me that tomorrow is a new day….
    I’m looking forward to more in-depth articles …Thank-you, Elsa and my Saturn mates
    It really helps to know I’m not alone.

  18. Scorpio rising not sure where since still trying to get exact birth time~last 5 years hardest of my life, just surviving a huge challenge daily, so much downward drag.
    Pisces sun/moon in 5th
    Grateful for this post, ty

  19. .Saturn is going to leave my first house in October. Reading your posts it is like seeing my own thoughts.
    I found that this process is\was accepting reality. Having Saturn natal in first house this felt like like a long lost mirror.
    Taking care of my projections, being able to take more responsibility for those bits of me that I’ve passionately wanted\searched from others.
    ”Someday these childish dreams must end to become a man to grow up to dream again”- these lyrics are stuck in my head in last two weks.
    Leaving 20’s and coming to this new territory still feels kinda shaky but… I see I am not alone 🙂
    Thank you all
    Peace 🙂

  20. Saturn is transiting my 12th and is natally 6 degrees Capricorn Rx in 1st house on cusp. Pluto is currently transiting on the cusp of 1 & 2 and Mars is opp Pluto. Let’s see, horrible year at work with new manager, brought home the stress, hubby internalized the stress. Let go back in September as I questioned a obvious forgery. End of October hubby walks out says cant live like this anymore (Pluto is transiting his 7th, Saturn transiting his 5th and on his Scorpio moon = mean and angry and very depressed). Shocked cos hubby makes $300 a month and he left which is when friend pulled up the info on Pluto transiting his 7th, telling me to not fight the planets, he wants gone and divorce to let him go. So here it is March and am still unemployed and trying not to fret about money when there is less than $5000 and a divorce looming. I look older from the lack of sleep, stresses for over a year and a half now and with the new energies coming in, feeling overwhelmed. Uncontrollable crying jags. Have no idea what want to do, as I like being in control, in the know. Tired of just surviving. Dreams/future expected shattered and have to start anew trusting the universe and source and my angels and spirit guides especially about finances, values, self-undoing/self destructive nature, and just me being me and how perceived. Scary. When will it turn around and I can thrive? My soul is tired and I am doing my best to not fight the planets.

  21. Not crossing my ASC yet but it’s smack on my Sun. Or it was a week ago? It will be crossing my ACS in 2015 and it will then bump into Mercury then my natal Saturn. By then I will hopefully have worked out what it is I am going to do for the second half of my life. I already am aging and just letting my GregY grow out. I actually have gotten complements!… Lol. Not sure what I am in for but will be tracking for sure, trying to stay one step ahead.

  22. Saturn tr. my AC/1st house 12 years ago. The worst time of my life bar none. It changed my life radically. A maturing process for sure. I feel like I will never be that carefree, fun loving person again. And, I miss the free spirit I used to be sometimes. Of course, Pluto was tr. my 7th at the same time, so that probably had a lot to do with the massive changes. It did force me to straighten up my act though :). A good friend of mine is going through this Saturn transit now. It’s been tough to watch him struggle….but he actually seems to be coming out of it now…and better. Big hugs to all you guys going through this. Saturn through my 2nd house was pretty good actually. I worked really, really hard, but I finally started asking for and getting the $$ I deserved.

  23. It’s the impending change that bears down on me sometimes. It’s knowing that my life is going to be very different somehow but not knowing how that is going to happen. Following leads and hunches. But I did not feel like I had direction with saturn in the 12th. Now it’s like, oh yeah, that’s where I was headed. It’s all in the choices of venue for me right now. Decisions decisions. It was much easier when I was a rover. Much more organic process. I made some choices that limit my mobility. So I have a framework now to work within. I like the framework but it has its own challenges.

  24. i’m a 0 degree scorp asc so once saturn entered scorpio it was on my ascendant. i am the only one that gains weight during this transit FML! my astro friend was like “You gained weight with saturn on your asc?!” “Yep!” Nobody told me truffles were so high calorie! They looked like slightly bigger Raisinets!

    • Sand, thanks for reminding me of the weight thing!

      After years holding extra kilos I have managed to lose 7 kilos and return to my late twenties weight (I’m late 30s) Saturn was at 20-23 degrees when I starting losing it. My ascendant is 11 degrees so in fixed sign think it takes some time.

      Did you have a jupiter transit at the same time? I’m asking as my dad’s girlfriend lost weight (tons) with this diet years ago.

      On another note, as anyone experienced feeling less inclined to drink alcohol? Since Xtmas nota glass! Just curious…

      • Hey that’s good to stop the alcohol – I quit a) gambling, b) cigarettes after over 30 years, and 3) won’t use most drugs in spite of rheumatoid arthritis; letting my gray grow out too, tired of coloring my hair. This is the time to stand tall in our own light and independence and be how God made us, where we will get what we focus on – as I think, so I am! Happy Equinox to all as the year turns from the end and the culmination in Pisces back to another new beginning as the wheel turns again to Aries and spring…

        • Waaaah! I miss coffee. It was sending me over the edge. And hey people are so helpful to ‘old’ people. People with grey hair that is. Little do they know what lurks within. We ain’t old, just grey.

    • I lost 13 kgs when saturn entered my 12th, AND I quit smoking after 35 years. I also started running and lifting weights, I highly recommend that, -it’s like lifting OFF weight in all manners of speaking 🙂 When saturn entered my 1st house before xmas, the weight started to creep back on, slowly, and it’s hard to get rid of this time. I also became lazy with the weight-lifting, more depressed and generally very insecure about my life, work etc. I’m so tired of the heaviness…

  25. HOLY MOLLY!!

    Reading most of the comments is giving me the frights!!
    My saturn is @ 6 deg sagi 912/1st house) right opposite to my sun @ 6 Deg gemini (6/7th house) so natally I have sun opp saturn.
    In sept 2014 it will briefly enter my 1st house and then reenter again by mid 2015 finally reaching the my natal points in Sept-Nov 2015. I m scared to death. I already have transiting Nept square both my sun and saturn on and off since last month. which makes me feel like I m losing grip from life. confidence is a big hit but to mention the gloomy phase.

    I hope the coming up experience will be better than transiting nept conjunct natal pluto. MY GOD that screwed me big time. Killed all my dreams.

    • Ann,
      Hoping your transit (opp included) is not too hard. I do think the transit helps get things in order (losing what is not necessary)

      After the neptune transit, having saturn help rebuild things and dreams after the disolutions (neptune disolves and one gets to see illusions where they exist) will be a good thing. Building things of substance (not meaning to say you don’t have this already) as it’s the synchronicity of the transit order, first nept, then saturn.

      Just my thoughts!

  26. This turned out so cool. Saturn is in my natal first so this is my third round of this. That caused me to review cycle 1 and everything that went down that time around. And then cycle 2 and everything that went down. And now I am jazzed about cycle 3. It’s another adventure so I got back in touch with my gypsy soul. Saturn is the 10th house ruler and I have sun jupiter in virgo there so no worries. There will always be adventure. Virgo is an intercepted house with pluto on the midheaven squaring saturn so’s I don’t really know that I have a choice with the big guy pluto there: stagnation not allowed. If I’m not havin fun, I will pay. As satori says, muahaha!

  27. I just quit my job. Couldn’t take another bullying boss so working my notice it’s horrible. No job to go to and relying on my husband for first time to see us through, but am scared. One of my best friends died suddenly when Saturn was in 12th last year, and I agree there is little fun about, but I keep trying anyway! Off to Paris for my birthday with no money, I hope we can live a bit bohemian for a few days…

  28. 3 passes over my ascedant between June 2004 and May 2005 followed closely by my Saturn return in July 2005. Had some wonderful success at the time on some levels, yet on others (and once my return hit) couldn’t get any recognition at all, was blamed for mutual projects not working, then had a major car accident – felt like a great weight had landed on me – like some kind of punnishment. The heaviness hung around for the next 7 years as saturn transited my first quadrant. After crossing my IC last year, it finally feels like I’m digging my way out of a deep dark hole I wondered if I would ever get out of.

    • Phoenixrising,

      Interesting remark you make of saturn transiting the first quadrant. Just read Grant Lewi’s book Astrology for the Millions (good read, maybe a bit too gloomy in some respects) where he repeatedly mentions the ‘obscure’ transit of saturn in that quadrant and how once it crosses the IC a new starting phase begins where saturn starts to rise (4H to 10th house) and things improve gradually.

      Moon in gemini here sharing.

      (Of course the reading made me panic a bit about the years ahead in the obscure area but will see it as working under the radar, building (saturn) something that will manifest stronger once planet transits the 4th house cusp)

  29. Thank-you Elsa…. Oh Cris! I am aware of the obscure phase between the AC and IC crossing, and have been clinging to this idea knowing things will improve as she makes her way northward! Been using this phase to understand myself, my motivations, building my foundation etc… I haven’t read Lewi’s book, but will seek it out. Another excellent text on Saturn transits as seen through the lens of the Hero’s Journey is Erin Sullivan’s book “Saturn in Transit” I can’t put it down! Fascinating! 🙂

    • Phoenixrising,

      Hehe, Sullivan’s book helped me while saturn transited the 12th. Will revisit it tonight – thanks for the reminder.

      Elsa did tell me in a reading last year that this first house transit is a new chapter of my life so will look at building a foundation during the obscure period. Will need to keep reminding myself a few years of work won’t hurt (no earth in my chart.)

      Betty Lundsted’s Transits book also has helped me with saturn transit (squaring my venus three times this year -one hit, two more to go.)

  30. Wow can’t quit reading all these fab posts, so pertinent! Another thing with taskmaster Saturn who also rules like Father Time, remember to keep healthy boundaries, delineate yours/mine, emotionally as well as physically, get your ducks in a row and don’t take on others’ troubles…remember to also have some fun.
    It makes me think of the saying to be grateful for all things concerning ourselves, even those deemed to be negative. But also, don’t box yourself in, leave an escape route!
    Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant; we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
    Use the Force!

  31. I was 26 when Saturn crossed my Virgo Asc in 2008 and at that time I was working on a project between Serbian and German government. It was a part-time job, I would work for 16 hours a day for a week and then had several weeks off. It was well paid but I was depressed because I couldn’t find a full-time job. I moved to a different city and started living with my (now ex) boyfriend while Saturn was in Leo, so I didn’t have any friends there, I had a lot of free time and being a Virgo rising I felt pretty useless. My progressed Moon was in Pisces at that time so that contributed to depressed, energy-low feeling. I got a volunteering job to fill my free time but I was really unhappy there. I volunteered for 9 months hoping I would feel better about myself, but that didn’t happen. Then I got a full-time job in January 2010 but got fired when Saturn entered Libra.

    I also felt very old at that time and I thought I started looking old over night. I even had one small cosmetic surgery in 2009.

    Not long after Saturn entered Libra (it was my 1st Saturn return) and my progressed Moon moved into Aries, me and my ex split.

  32. I should make a post on this. My fingers and wrists have been really sore lately with arthritis. My husband has been opening and carrying things for me and even the wet jet mop makes my hands hurt after using. One of my stocking stuffer gifts this past Christmas was a battery operated can opener that works great. This is the Father Time aspect of Saturn, I suppose, that Vonnie above is talking about.

    Saturn went over my ascendant last year 4 times with the retrograde at 11 degrees. I got a cortisone shot in my knee when it was exact in May, and I am waiting to see a Rheumatologist this winter. I don’t care that the appointment is so far into the future because I don’t really want to take any step-up drugs.

    It’s really funny (seriously) that it is so simple: I have to limit how I use my physical body or I will pay. Even ripping up paper is a potentially self-destructive activity now.

    I don’t mean to sound down or like I am droning on here, because in some ways it really is fascinating. I am having to do just what Vonnie posed above, “set healthy boundaries”. I probably wouldn’t even try to do that if I wasn’t being forced to on a physical level.

    When I experienced this transit in 1983/84 in my twenties its energy was similar, only I felt it in my career. I did my student-teacher practicums at that time. I had to concern myself with my physical presentation, project a mature serious yet fun and enthusiastic persona and conserve my energy to do the job. I was formally evaluated, often without warning. My clothing, my hair, the quality of my voice, as well as my lesson plans and actual lessons were up for evaluation. My effect on the students was also measured. My rapport with everyone had to be just grrrreat!

    It’s the same principle. You have to focus on yourself in a positive way during this spot of time in your life — that is going to help you in a permanent way. People around you may not “get it” or “get you”, but I think we know on some level what we have to do even if we are floundering in ways.

    When my Saturn return came in Sagittarius a couple years after this, most everything I went through during Saturn’s transit of Scorpio in the first house paid off. I got a job in my field, and because of that I met my husband at my job……things turned out pretty good.

  33. Saturn is almost done with my first house and I’m still not sure I know what to do. In the 12th, I found my life being a little reclusive which was a good break. When it crossed my AC, my life went crazy busy and hasn’t let up since. Right as it crossed my AC, I also buckled down and lost 18 lbs. but as the transit continued, I hit health issues (Uranus transiting my 6th) and life got even crazier so I couldn’t eat right or exercise and my weight shot up again. Try as I might to lose the weight, something always thwarted it. Most recently I had my thyroid removed. I put on 10 lbs in the 2 weeks after surgery. So I don’t know if Saturn is telling me that I need to accept myself as I am (old family “tapes” insist that I have to be perfect to be loved) or that I need to work hard and persevere to get this weight off. I wish Saturn would give me an instruction manual :-).

  34. This is going to be a long wait. Saturn will be conj my asc by december and things have already been delayed career wise since it was in my 11th, conj my pluto in libra.
    I also have sun in 12th in my past solar return chart.

  35. I always think of Saturn crossing the ascendant as the end of Saturn through the 12th. It seemed almost liberating to have Saturn out of my 12th house. I can always tell someone who has it. They have a peculiarly wrecked sort of feeling about them, even if they’re usually a together person. I seem to have noticed that Saturn through the 12th makes a person feel as weak as they ever felt, and even if it ends with knee surgery when Saturn finally crosses the ascendant (Capricorn rules knees and bones and knee injuries are common with this transit) one is finally able to use their Saturn once they get used to the heaviness. I’m wondering if this makes any sense to any of you who wrote about your hard Saturn/Asc experiences?

    • Knee injury was definitely part of my Saturn transit through the 12th.. my knee has never been the same again. So yep, your comment definitely makes sense to me!

    • My experience with this transit in a nutshell.

      I haven’t gone through the explosive beginning that comes along with Saturn crossing the ascendant yet, but am approaching it within the next 2 months as my rising point is at 28 Scorpio.

      Holy cow, Saturn detouring through the 12th is no joke. I always considered myself someone who was well put together, had everything aligned, blah blah blah…HA! Saturn entering my closet of skeletons said otherwise. I do feel that it is a really profound time once one finally surrenders to all of the drudgery that surfaces and just decides to brave the storm. We all know that feeling when we have nice clothes on and go outside and it’s just pouring, and even with an umbrella we still seem to be getting drenched; with my experience of this transit, I got down poured on, and no umbrella was offered. For a while, I just moped about it and stayed upset, but then finally realized that I could use this time productively and just surrender to the process.

      It’s my belief that if one continues to put off, use the old escape routes, and just dicks around like always with it, then going into the first house will probably be a nightmare. On the other end, if one did the work that needed attending to in this foggy and hazy place (as that’s what Saturn wants most, is work to be done,) then it’s crossing over the ascendant will should be a birth of sorts that allows one to blossom into the potential of all they are, dealing with first house stuff. Being in the last 2 months of this transit I’m already feeling invigorated again and see the clouds parting on the horizon.

      Bring it on, 1st house Saturn 🙂

      • Saturn crossed my asc at 28scorpio last week. It’s still rolling along slowly at 28scorpio, and LOTS of things are ending! But, and this is good, I feel the seeds of lots of things beginning. They’re slumbering at the moment, but I feel them growing. I feel “me” again, but a better me, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
        The first part of Saturn’s transit of my 12th house was at the end of Saturn in Libra.(My houses are a little wonky.) A year before this, while Saturn was in my 11th house, I met a man who seemed charming, romantic, etc. It was a facade. When Saturn crossed into my 12th, this man cheated on me….I should’ve dumped him right then. I didn’t. I held on to illusions, and him. I did this for the first year of Saturn in my 12th, and my life became a descent into the foggy, clouded, despairing depths of the Underworld,(the man went on to cheat on me two more times that I know of). There were other issues as well, family and past hurts, not wanting to face my own inner demons, all the 12th house issues, even more so because of Scorpio there. I really thought I was going insane for awhile.
        Then, in October of 2013, I said to myself, “Me, you have to face and open the pandora’s box of your 12th house for your own sanity and peace. Saturn there is giving you a chance to work hard, clean out the skeletons, dig to the bottom of the box, let go of the garbage, and grow. It will be hard, but it’s an opportunity, if you let it be.
        I broke up with the cheating, lying, mentally ill Narcissist the next day. I worked hard, so hard, on many issues from my past that were hurting my present. I let go of many, many things, and people. It was HARD WORK!!! Still is in some ways, because I cleaned out a lot of personal underworld sludge that a lot of people I knew didn’t “get.” I changed. This pi$$ed a lot of people off who thought of me as their midnight therapist on call.(Sun in Cancer/Moon in Pisces) The ones who couldn’t accept it are gone. The good people are still around. In some ways I feel alone because I cut out a lot of people, but I don’t feel lonely. I feel that I’ve cleared away a lot of dead growth to make way for new growth. I’ve walked out of The Underworld.
        The very day that Saturn crossed my Asc. The man attempted to contact me again, like we were friends. I told him very firmly not to ever contact me again, in any way…and I felt free. The Saturn in 12 lessons had come full circle.
        There will be tests as it transits my 1st house, I’m sure, but I feel that I did the work I needed to. I’m willing to do so again.

  36. Oh my GOD! Reading these great posts (and Elsa’s writing on this) really drives home the old saying “misery loves company”!

    Saturn conjunct the natal ascendant – “Something Wicked This Way Comes”!!

    I have a 21 degree Scorpio ascendant, and right now Saturn is conjunct it at 22 degrees. Like many others here, this past year (and present time) is without doubt the most painful, traumatic, anxiety-ridden and fearful time of my life. Saturn in my 12th house was HELL – lost in a fog, dazed and utterly confused. When Saturn was at 19 degress Scorpio I lost a job I loved, friends, and had to give up my apartment and move in with friends.

    I was always a person who loved being alone, but transiting Saturn on my asc has brought utter loneliness into my life. I am suffering from fear, depression, anxiety attacks, and insomnia. Low energy and lack of self confidence. I feel utterly drained and lost. And like others here, the weight of transiting Saturn on my asc makes me feel my age (52) for the first time in my life. Painful, painful period for me, yet, I hang on the hope that somehow, some way I will be reborn. This too shall pass. Speaking of “weight”, I have lost weight and can’t seem to put it back on while Saturn sits on my asc. Damn! I have quit smoking – trying to emphasize the positive aspects of this BRUTAL transit.

    Thanks for the great topic, Elsa. Let’s all hang in there.

  37. 19* scorpio rising and I am in pain. PAIN! ;( I am 28 years old..and Along with my Aquarius Sun, merc and venus square my ascendant, you can just stick a fork in me, im done..tired, scared, not sure whats going to happen to me…Plus saturn is currently retrograding back towards my ascendant, only to hit it 2 more times! As saturn comes back, I feel myself going deeper into depression! I find it quit hard to get up and go to work every day. This is the worst karma ever…I too have quit smoking after 10 years..

  38. Glad to see I’m not alone here, what with the, yes, BRUTAL forces of transiting saturn to the ascendant. I’m 20 degrees Scorp asc, and it just retrograded back to my ascendent for the second time since January. Keith, I agree about the pain and depression aspects – I am simply exhausted and overwhelmed by this transit. I’m also losing weight (although eating the same amount as always) and find it incredibly difficult to keep the weight on.

    The depression is crippling. One astrologer I know compared this transit to the 12th, asc, and 1rst house as “birthing pains” and “gestation” – boy oh boy was she correct! I believe the Scorpio ascendant (and planets in Scorpio) bear the hardest, most intensely painful process of transiting Saturn. This period of my life is the lowest, BUT I know the rebirthing process is destiny.

    One more thing. My astrologer pal told me that while going through this hard transit that I should, more than ever, pay attention to my North Node sign and purpose in order to focus on the future and where I should be steering myself through after this transit is over (and during the transit as well). Jan Spiller’s “Astrology For The Soul” outlines each North Node meaning and purpose in-depth, and is a must read.

    Thanks so muchh for posting this, Elsa.

  39. Hi! I am 5 degree sag ascendant and I am going thru a weak and low phase in my life, though not new for me. Pluto transit a few years ago in H1 wasn’t easy on me either. My career success has stalled but the real challenge is in my relationship house, had a string of unsuccessful ones. The last one ended a month back and I feel terribly isolated. I also have progressed conjunct sun. I know a lot of heavy duty transits ahead of me. Anxiety and little depression engulfs me in the present. Any advice you lovely peeps have? Thanks much!

  40. Saturn has been hovering near my Ascendant and finally moving off since it started moving forward, of course. I’ve noticed been feeling the heaviness more so since the Sun has been in Leo and just squared Saturn, not long after squaring Mars. What is amplifying everything for me is my progressed Mars is at 19′ Taurus in my seventh house. Mars will be one degree from meeting up with Saturn in my venus return chart, which will be two degrees from directly opposing my progressed Mars. I just wonder how this will influence my love life for the coming year? I’ve already had plenty of disappointments with guys I’ve been meeting being really flakey or just not what I’m interested in. Will this theme continue throughout the year with these aspects in my venus return chart? I forgot to mention my Venus is at 13′ Leo so the opposition will also square it. Ugh!!!

  41. Well, today, September 1, transiting Saturn is at 18 degrees and moving closer to make its third and final conjunction with my 21 degree Scorpio asc.
    It is so true what is said about Saturn retrograde- once it leaves its station degree and begins to move towards a planet or angle (in this case, my asc) you can literally feel the building energy and intensity. And with Saturn and the ascendant being IN Scorpio, intense is an understatement.

    I feel as if I’m wound up like a rubber band or in a pressure cooker. No joke. This transit is just devastating, and there are days when I really don’t think I’m going to make it through. Everything I had in my life I lost when Saturn entered my 12th; before that, I was literally flying high with a great job that took me around the world. Gone. Friends – gone (and I’m afraid to say much of it was my 12th house screwed up persona). No job, no money, God almighty.

    That all said…I instinctively know this all had to come to pass as this 28.5 year cycle is now nearing its end. What terrifies the hell out of me is not knowing what is going to happen to me. I’m also not thrilled at the fact that I’m soon to be entering the “obscure” phase of quadrant one (houses 1-3)…but…when I look at myself honestly, I really do need to revamp my persona, my outlook, my whole inner and outer being.

    The last time Saturn left my 12th and conjuncted my ascendant (in late November, 1984) my mother passed away (when Saturn was in 12th at 11 degrees Scorp), and my entire family disintegrated. Lost ties with siblings, and had to forge ahead to create my own identity. It’s happening again, now, in 2014. Karma, and what goes around. This has been, bar none, the most devastating period of my life.

  42. I actually found Saturn transiting the 12th house a hundred times harder than it’s been since Saturn moved into my 1st house. Three close friends tried to commit suicide (all failed, thankfully), another close friend had a breakdown following her husband leaving her, and another was diagnosed with cancer and has gone through three years of bouts of chemo and radiotherapy. In one way or another, all my friends and family were having a hard time and I seemed to spend all my free time rushing about trying to ‘be there’ for everyone. My long-term relationship finally really ended (it had been on-off for years), financially things were very tough, I damaged my back at work, and I came to hate the job I’d been doing for several years (which I had previously loved), because the company I worked for was inundated with work and others weren’t pulling their weight, which meant most of the responsibility fell to me. The job I was doing was extremely physically demanding and very long hours, and I was taking painkillers like sweeties, in severe constant pain for several months last year (I thought it was the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, which runs in my family, and it took months for the back problem to be diagnosed – and I’m very thankful that it wasn’t RA!), and wasn’t eating or sleeping much. I also caught every virus going, when normally I’m never ill, and felt utterly run down and exhausted. I kept applying for other jobs and out of the dozens and dozens of positions I applied for I had ONE interview, but the post was then filled internally. It felt as if I was living down a well with no hope of ever climbing out, and I felt incredibly alone. I am quite a Saturn-y person, and generally transits of Saturn have been pretty positive in my life, but I really lived the twelfth house.

    Since Saturn crossed my ascendant, Life has become much, much easier! Yes, it was a reality-check, but in a good way. I began to realize just how hard I push myself – often unnecessarily. I’m learning to stand up for myself more, learning to say ‘No’, putting my own needs (like food, and sleep!) first, learning to ask for help or cooperation (Saturn has also been criss-crossing my moon on the descendant by opposition), and learning to value my skills and abilities more. Some relationships have fallen by the wayside, but it’s been my choice. I’ve been inundated with offers of work and people wanting to help me, and a friend and I are setting up our own business. I have a sense of life opening up again, new possibilities and opportunities. It will be hard work, but I am more than ready for it.

    My image has changed, too, in recent months, and I no longer get people exclaiming, ‘I thought you were about 25!’ (I’m 39 this year) but I’m fine with that. I have noticed that people have begun treating me with a lot more respect, which is interesting.

    Natally, I have Sun and ascendant in Scorpio, with Saturn in the ninth (using Placidus – the 10th in whole sign) ruling the third and fourth houses. Saturn forms an out-of-sign trine to the Sun, but is contra-parallel by declination and is also in opposition to the Sun by antiscion, and the Sun is in the terms of Saturn whilst Saturn is in Leo, so there is mixed mutual reception there. The only other strong aspect Saturn forms is a sextile to Venus (plus a sextile to Pluto and a trine to Neptune, if you use the outer planets).

    • Thank you for your post, K. I can resonate with your 12th house transit experience- “down a well with no hope of ever climbing out”. I’m so glad Saturn transiting your first house has been a positive experience for you. I hear this from others, too. I’m hoping the same for me…well, obviously!

      Before Saturn entered my 12th house over two years ago, I was, for the most part, a very happy, jovial (and intense, having a Scorp asc) and upbeat kind of guy. The last year especially has been horrendous – not an ounce of joy in my life, and even to smile is forced and artificial. It’s as if my whole world is permeated with seriousness and intensity.

  43. Thank you all ror your enlightening posts. I am definately able to see that I am not alone in my misery with this situation. I found that for me personally, saturn through the 12th house was not all that bad, with a more detached feeling of ease and more confidence in my abilities. It was not the greatest but compared to passing the ascendant it was relatively easy. I did have the sense that endings were on the way and suffered sleeplessness and an intangible anxiety. It was strange because I did not know what this intuition was or where it came from or what it was trying to tell me. When saturn got close to my ascendant at 8 degrees scorpio and also conjunct my natal neptune at 15 degrees, I started to feel as if I were under a microscope at work, felt very anxious and very much resentment for the fact that I had been doing the work of four persons for 18 years. It is as though I had made myself a mayrter , unwillingly without my knowlege, and the light came on to set a boundry for myself and I quit work. I did not want to throw 18 years away but I could not stop myself. I was overworked, overtaxed, underappreciated and done. I had no power to stop it and I hated it but I had to end it all. I was living an illusion and I could not continue. At the same time neptune was conjunct my natal saturn in the 4th so we could say this was a double dose, overdose of saturn and neptune energy. I feel terrible about strapping my husband with all financial concerns, very guilty and my confidence is at an all time low. I have never felt this bad in my life. I hope it gets a little better when it goes out of scorpio. The last time it crossed the ascendant in 1984 I got married and it was a better crossing but now I am 50 and I feel old and used by an employer who knows no boundaries in what it wants from its cogs and spits them out with no remorse.saturn brings a hard dose of reality and removes illusions. I wish all of you much love and strength in your transits of saturn to the ascendant. You are going to need all the support you can get more than likely. Thank you Elsa for this, it is affirmation and an education all at one time, a real two-fer.

    • Indeed, a hard dose of reality and the removal of all illusions is what I (and many others) are facing now. Much like yourself, my 1984 Saturn transiting the ascendant was not as rough (although my mother passed away, which devastated me to no end) and there goes the family ties – buh bye!) but it was NOTHING compared to this one, this time. Sometimes I can’t even find the words to properly articulate what I’m feeling.

  44. Hi – wanted to chime in on the Saturn passing over Ascendant thing. I am a Virgo (4 planets there) with Scorpio ascendant (I have Venus and Jupiter right on my Scorpio ascendant – in 12. and 1. house). I also have a tight T-square occupying my 1,4 and 7th house between Neptune, Moon and Saturn respectively. Obviously – because of all of this – I would be closely affected by any Saturn transit as it is involved in so many dynamic aspects in my chart. Here is what happened to me in the last 4 years (Saturn passing over my stellium in Virgo, and passing over my ascendant and my optimistic Venus/Jupiter/ascendant conjunction). My husband (who I fatefully met 28 years ago when Saturn just passed my ascendant) and who is represented by my Saturn in 7th house as well as my Venus in the 1st house (ruler of house Taurus)got severely depressed and had to go on disability from his work. I had to care for him and take over all of our household duties, as well as everything to do with our two children. I took over money management as the money was tight and was actually extremely good at it. In the meantime – last October – my father died. My mom got severely depressed and is very depressed still. My husband started getting better and I thought he will be well, but immediately after going back to work he got worse again. This time his sickness took him to another extreme, spending tons of money and bringing us on the verge of bankruptcy. I am devastated and I’m contemplating divorce now. Our marriage was an ideal one until 4 years ago when he got sick. Now, my life is in ruins, but strangely (must be the optimistic Jupiter on my Ascendant) I still hold out hope.
    I have to say – my life was a pretty peaceful and smooth sailing until now (although I did go through the civil war, had to move to another country far away from all my family and had to start a new life here). But the last 4 years were definitely the worst ones ever, and I’m hoping for a bit of a break, although I know I will probably not see one in the next year at least. Sorry for such a long post. I used to actively practice astrology and I totally believe the influence the stars have on our lives.

    • Rene, so sorry to hear how challenging and roughthe past four years for you. I hope all comes out well for you and your family. I too absolutely believe in all things astrological; it’s uncanny how accurate the Saturn and Jupiter cycles are, for example.

      • Thanks Johnnie and Elsa :))
        Johnnie, I also noticed Saturn is definitely a good predictor of events for me, as well as Mars for some more short-lived but intense events. What I also like very much is – doing my solar return charts every year. I have been able to forecast some major years in my life just by looking at my solar returns.

  45. I will have Saturn crossing Sag soon. How do I prepare? It’s been a rough three years for this Taurus with Saturn in my 7th!!! What do you suggest?

  46. Saturn is now 10 degrees before my ascendant in sag(0.05) and 6 months ago I already started taking more care of my physical body by loosing some fat around the stomach and getting rid of skin problems. I went to a dermatologist the other day due to a suspicious looking mole on my forehead that appeared 3 yrs ago and kept growing since then. I´m so nervous right now waiting for the results. Not exactly a fun period.

  47. I’m the same a “someone” I’m a sag rising and I’ve been loosing weight, just paying attention to my appearance in general. More make-up than skin care.

  48. Transiting Saturn in the 12th says “contemplation of our failures” and marks an end of a cycle bringing with it discontent and confusion. Others says it marks “a serious, heavy period of time” where major psychological spring cleaning takes place.

    Saturn conjuncting Neptune say roughly the same thing…people “have a difficult time understanding themselves and coming to terms with bad habits & anxieties.” There is a feeling of doom and self-criticism

    So, I lost my teaching job in June and over the summer was constantly reviewing the dramatic way in which I lost the job, and still am. (the ruler of the 12th is on the MC). I wake up noticing fear that my career is over. The fear can be quite palpable and entrenching and is not fun.

    These days, I am meditating a lot and trying to get these irrational fears under control. Cause I’m not working I spend a lot of time alone probing & experimenting the falseness of the ego and the truth of what is real. The ego is one sneaky SOB and I’m doing my best in simple observation of various states of fear and panic.

    It seems like a powerful conjunction especially in the 12th. I also have 4 natal planets in the 8th. Any insights or comments regarding Neptune would be appreciated. thanks

  49. Thank you everyone for sharing their experience. Saturn will be crossing over my ascendant on December 5th 2014 at 28 degrees Scorpio and right into my 1H. I feel like I am hidden away in a cave from the light of day and I am about to emerge. I’m excited for this new birth. The 12H transit was super rough. My mama passed over when Saturn conjunct my natal moon at 9 degrees Scorpio. I moved countless times. I was laid off from a decade long job this past June which I had well outgrown a long time ago. There have been many many work start ups that have flopped. Finances have been down right challenging. I don’t have a mama or daddy or a partner to run to for help. The financial tightness is driving me Choo Choo for cocoa puffs. A charity paid my rent last month thank goodness. I love to live a carefree life of spending (Leo Sun) but I have found myself using the words economize and conserve regularly. I am proud of all the dollar bill stretching that I have been doing. It’s giving me the strength to know that I can get through anything. I have not had a partner in a decade. I have not had a love interest in well over a year and a half. Finding work has been challenging as well. I want to build a good foundation right now. I don’t just want a JOB. I want to put my energy into my passions. I have always been a writer on the low and I finally started blogging over the past few months. It feels really good. You can check out my blog about holistic health and wellness here: . I just started working with an artist cultivating her image which I love but this project is going to take a while to grow into something. I am also starting a part time job next week for the holidays at a clothing store as a sales associate. Yes this is a job in which I did at the end of high school 28/30 years ago and how weird that I am starting here again. My goal is to get out of the house and connect with new people. There are new experiences to be had and new opportunities to be explored. I feel, sense a big ending right now and that a new beginning is almost here. Oh but then it will retrograde back over my ascendant in the early spring. What will the retrograde bring as Saturn revisits my 12H again till August? No more tightness please!

    • Blessings to you Niche, you have endured quite a lot from what you have shared with us. Saturn always delivers this hard hitting challenges that weigh oh so heavily, but eventually do come to better us in ways we would have never thought possible in the moment of anguish.

      I, too, have my ascendant at 28 degrees Scorpio. So we are literally in the heart of this conjunction right now, with Saturn right on our rising point. It’s crazy how strikingly similar our experiences have been with Saturn detouring through the 12th house. It was a time of deep isolation, reflection, and introspection. So much death and revulation was done. I feel as if I spent so much of the time in a watery daze; utterly lost and confused.

      Now, even as much pressure and heaviness is accompanied by it, there’s a fresh new start looming on the horizon as we cross over into the first house; now being given the time to reclaim our sense of self and personality. How are we in relation to the world and ourselves?

      With Saturn in the 12th, we have all of these endings and deep introspection into what’s no longer working so that by the time we get to the first house, we can learn to express ourselves with out all of the dead weight that would have only held us back.

      We’ve worked hella hard, now it’s time to reap the rewards. Wherever we invest ourselves and fully do what it is we know we need to do, we’ll always be awarded with the accomplishments that Saturn delivers.

  50. Hi there! I read over this page while saturn was transitting my first house a weeks ago, and I wanted to come back and share with you guys how the whole lesson/reward turned out for me now that saturn is leaving my first house, and I hope all of you going through a rough saturn moment will have faith after reading my two cents ;).

    It all started when saturn first crossed my natal 5 degrees scorpio ascendant on november 17th, of 2012. Between that November of 2012 and now, i was staulked by a strange man that i barely know, i was assaulted, i lost my job, i was evicted from my apartment, my grandmother died, a friend committed suicide, and the man i was engaged to left me. These bad things kept happening to me over and over again and I felt like I was repetitively stripped of all joy I ever had, but this is because Saturn was trying to teach me a lesson. I’ve struggled with codependency disorder my whole life, and I never had a true sense of self. Now that saturn is two degrees away from exiting my first house, I have finally realized the lesson that saturn was trying to teach me, and that is self-love. Because I didn’t love myself before, saturn stripped me of all of the things that I used as alternative fulfillment (my significant other, my career, and my finances) so I could finally see that all we really have is ourselves, and if we don’t love and accept ourselves, we will never be able to truly give and receive love with others. This lesson was really hard, but it was worth it. Through losing my partner and job, I was forced to heal myself and then rebuild my life with my strength within. Now I am happier and more confident than ever because I’m vibrating on the frequency of love rather than the frequency of lack. After I made this realization, the physical world fell into place, too. My finances evened out, my living situation got better, and my health is great. It will all pay off for you too, so keep pushing!

  51. Saturn has been sitting in my 12th house for too long and I have indeed felt like I’ve lost my way, even lost my Self. I’m 68 and find myself regretting all the choices I’ve made in my life; have had a “passive death wish” for almost a year. Nothing seems good anymore, nothing seems like it will ever work out. This is brutal indeed.

  52. Aloha to all,

    I posted here back in October as Saturn was finsihing up with my 12th house and prepping for entrance into my first. It hit my ascendant the beginning of December at 28 degrees Scorpio, and is now gearing up for round 2 in the next week or so as Saturn’s retrograding back through Scorp. this summer.

    There’s no doubt about it that one can feel the heavy density of Saturn as it hovers of such a significant point, planet, or angle in the chart. The rising point being where and how we experience the world around us, how we’re being perceieved, and where we are placed at in the world is a big deal.

    For me personally, it’s been a bit of an idenitity crisis, but also very invigorating in the sense that this is the beginning of a whole new cycle. Through the 12th house, Saturn taught us a lot about endings and discarding all that needed to be gone so that entering into the first will be as clear as possible.

    As per usual it seems, tons of new reponsonsiblities get taken on during thisn transit; even more so when it’s at it’s closet to the ascendant point itself. Between home, work, and personal aspects of life, each one has delivered a fair share of extra duties that I wasn’t expecting.

    I relocated to Hawai’i for a while, but came back to a new position at work that I was, at first, quite excited about, but quickly came to realize it was 10x difficult than I thought it would be. Here in these situations, Saturn is asking of our mastery. It’s not about quick fixes and easy scape routes that get something done as quickly as possible. It’s about showing up in a way that shows true dedication and a willingness to thrive.

    Willingness and flexiblity is what will really make or break a person during this transit I feel like. It’s no secret that Saturn can be a bit rigid, so hovering over one’s Scorpio rising point especially, it can give off quite the overly-serious, structured, crazed type individual. How flexiable can we allow ourselves to be during this? It takes a willingness to be aware of what’s going on and to just be present with the process.

    Life seems to pick up it’s pace to a whole other level, as Saturn through the 12th is much more laxed and laid back, although emotionally quite overwhelming. Things speed back into the gear in the first as Saturn wants your sense of self to be at it’s best, because this is the filter that the rest of your chart cycles through.

    I found after it hit my ascendant the first time, that the further into the first house it got, the heaviness lifted. If you can survive the inital entrance of the house, the back and forth of it crossing over the point through the retrogrades, you’ll truly transorm.

    Don’t miss out on this truly amazing time. Nobody said it would be easy, but it’s a process to really work with, therefore getting the rewards Saturn always delivers in return. Self mastery at it’s finest.

    Happy transiting to you all~

  53. Thanks for the topic, and to everyone for sharing their experiences. I was looking for information on surgery with Saturn crossing the ascendant, as my sister just learned that she has an ovarian tumor. The doctors don’t know yet whether it’s cancerous but have scheduled her for immediate surgery to remove the tumor along with her ovaries and uterus; the surgery will happen on the day Saturn retrogrades into her 12th house at 29° Scorpio. Similar to the pattern others have described, her 12th house Saturn transit was a tough one. About 18 months after a traumatic brain injury, she returned to work just as Saturn was entering the 12th. After a year of struggling with a job at which she had formerly excelled, she had to acknowledge that it was too much for her altered capacities and took a leave of absence. A year later, as Saturn first crossed into her 1st house this spring, she was just finding a new rhythm in life when, for the third time in three years, a routine exam revealed a tumor…not altogether surprising that this time it’s ovarian/uterine since she has an 8th house Cancer sun—both house and sign rule female reproductive organs—and the sun had just crossed into Cancer and her 8th house when she got the news. Saturn will cross her ascendant for the last time in mid-September…fingers crossed that the sense of easing pressure and lighter burdens others have spoken of follows immediately thereafter!

  54. My family moved to Michigan (dad’s job transferred him) when Saturn entered my 1st house. I was bullied the entire time we lived there. No doubt my odd wardrobe and weird mannerisms fueled the bullying. I felt ALONE.

  55. Hello, everyone. Thanks to all for posting their incredible personal accounts of Saturn transiting the ascendant. I just went through this (22 degree Scorpio ascendant) and it was, bar none, the most brutal, emotionally and physically draining and devastating period of my life. Saturn is presently at 28 degrees Scorp – just a few degrees into my first house, and I feel as if I have just begun a long rehabilitation period from the isolation and depression of my two year plus twelfth house transit.

    One point I would very much like to make: don’t expect a sudden and dramatic changeover/change of energy when Saturn is just into your first house, and even venturing through most of it. Saturn slows things down – time can seem an eternity. Yet, we require Saturn’s transit of the first house to slowly, very slowly, re-align our energy to create a new identity – one that will not truly manifest or begin its crossing of the IC. In short, be patient – Saturn crossing into the first is NOT like the light switch is suddenly turned on…but you will feel a change, a subtle change when Saturn is just into the first. This energy will slowly, very slowly increase in both tempo and intensity the further Saturn moves away from your Ascendant, and deeper into the first and subsequent houses.

    Peace and love to all my fellow Saturn ascendant transit voyagers.

    • Yes, that me lately, wrecked. I’m only being half tongue in cheek, but feel totally squashed by Saturn lately. It’s as if I can’t lift my head up from the morass, I prefer to be home alone and not have to mask my heavy saturnian gloom. Saturn Retrograding again now, on my Cap asc. I so appreciate all these posts here, Bent said something encouraging, as many of you do. Perhaps by simply acknowledging it, instead of a relentless pushing through, helps.

  56. Well Saturn is going to be conjuct my Asc on 9-12-15. It has been rough since 2008. Been thru 4 lawsuits, 6 attorneys and now last month I got a DUI. Ironic I was at a retirement party for a couple who both worked at the county jail. Was told some kids kept feeding me shots…took pictures of me lip locking with some 80 yr old and who knows what else. I don’t remember anything after a certain point. I certainly don’t remember leaving. My husband just died last year and was friends with some of these ppl. I hadn’t been to any kind of party for years bcuz I was my husband’s caregiver. They should not have let me leave. My life is ruined now. I’m 61 and can’t believe I trusted these ppl. They should have taken my keys no matter what. I feel I was set up but it’s my saturn karma and obviously can’t do anything about it. I’m still devastated tho and can’t stop crying. I don’t drink and drive and have never disrespected my husband or myself. Pardon my french but WTF!

  57. Oh my this has been a lonely trying ride with saturn in the 12th
    going over asc on the 22nd of dec 2015
    in the beginning of this transit i hurt my back at work dr gave me pain meds
    never liked pills still don’t …but needed the to work being self employed with 2 kids ……12 th house issues surfaced, people for no reason started to just fade away, bonds came unraveled, the feeling of a dying has come over me
    im not saying suicide, just like I’m not me anymore, I’m a pluto over the asc survivor… so i know this will pass but this is really hard during christmas


    • Hey Brian, I too felt a sense of “dying” when Saturn transited my twelfth house a year ago. Friends vanished, the past itself just evaporated. The first house transit is no picnic either, but it’s nothing like the twelfth. I also experienced major Pluto transits to my sun, mars, venus, and mercury around the same time (conjunctions)…wowza. The proverbial snake shedding its skin.

  58. My husband lost his job of 29 years in October as a part of a huge company-wide layoff. Saturn was crossing his ascendant during that time and even as it hovered there two weeks earlier, his boss told him he was ok and his department was done with layoffs there. It was a shock as he was working on a multimillion dollar project that he invented. Their loss.

    • So many of us lost jobs, homes, relationships, etc., as Saturn crossed our Scorpio ascendants. It may not be any consolation, but your husband is not alone, and, like all astrological cycles, it is impermanent – life WILL go on for your husband and for all of us, and we will rebuild and reap the rewards, as Saturn begins its new cycle, especially after it crosses the IC (4th house), where things REALLY take off on a whole new level.

  59. I found saturn transit through the 12 progressed house to be the worst….
    …and very much the same expirience as all the abbove.
    thank you for sharing- good luck!

  60. I can relate to so many of these posts. Saturn crossed my ASC back in October and I honestly thought things would get better. Saturn transiting my 12th was rough but I got used to it ans embraced the lessons to be learned. My natal Sun and Mercury-Pluto conjunction are there, and my anxiety-depression was triggered as I approached the end of law school. I’m a reclusive Scorpio anyway so once I accepted the limitations, the isolation wasn’t so bad. I was tired anyway (pMoon was also in 12th). In pretty much all of 2015, Saturn dabbled between my 12th house and ASC and I took the bar twice, failing both times. When Saturn crossed my ASC for the final time, I was taking a course to complement my MA (I started it just before entering law school) and decided to pursue a career in the field I got my MA in, rather than taking the bar a third time. I’m confident in my choice but I’m having no success in getting a job. I can’t even get an interview (despite Jupiter being at my MC all of this year.) I feel blocked in every way. My life has come to a complete stop while for my family and friends, it looks like they’re moving full speed ahead. I already struggle with feeling cursed (natal Saturn is in my 1st house) and this is activating it all over again. I really don’t see any way out of this and I don’t know what to do.

    • Samantha, I have 21 degrees Scorpio rising, and I am in the exact same boat you are in regards to the job situation and life coming to a complete standstill. Has been this way, really, since Saturn transited my 12th house (which really was hell on earth). But, we must be patient (easier said than done, I know!); this part of Saturn’s journey in our first house is just part of a 29/30 year cycle…and like everything else in life, it too shall pass – Saturn will eventually move on, and so will we. I feel ya, sister! 🙂

      • I agree Saturn through the 12th is extremely painful and draining and feels like it goes on for way too long. But it passes as everything does. The only constant in life is change, a good thing to remember in such times.

        • I absolutely agree, Susan – impermanence in all things is the key blessing in everyone’s life. “To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn.” The first house Saturn transit isn’t easy, either, but, for me, not as severe as the twelfth house transit was.

  61. Speaking of Saturn transiting the ascendant/first house and change and transition, here are some impermanence quotes:

    “In that inevitable, excruciatingly human moment, we are offered a powerful choice. This choice is perhaps one of the most vitally important choices we will ever make, and it determines the course of our lives from that moment forward. The choice is this: Will we interpret this loss as so unjust, unfair, and devastating that we feel punished, angry, forever and fatally wounded– or, as our heart, torn apart, bleeds its anguish of sheer, wordless grief, will we somehow feel this loss as an opportunity to become more tender, more open, more passionately alive, more grateful for what remains?”
    ― Wayne Muller, A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough

    “It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words, “And this too, shall pass away.” How much it expresses! How chastening in the hour of pride! How consoling in the depths of affliction!”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

    “Impermanence and selflessness are not negative aspect of life, but the very foundation on which life is built. Impermanence is the constant transformation of things. Without impermanence, there can be no life. Selflessness is the interdependent nature of all things. Without interdependence, nothing could exist.”
    ― Thích Nhất Hạnh, Your True Home: The Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat

  62. Saturn transited my twelfth house along with progressed moon. It truly was a slow death. I had an undiagnosed condition the entire transit and it wasn’t until Saturn was near the ascendant that I was properly diagnosed and began receiving treatment. I used to sit in the hot tub at night and stargaze, meditate, and pray. The gift throughout that illness was the supernatural experiences I had while sitting in the hot tub. Really beautiful gifts from Spirit. When Saturn crossed my ascendant incidents at work made me realize how deeply I disliked my job and how unhealthy it was for me. By the time it crossed the second time I was stronger, had left my job, felt physically better than I had in years and decided it was time to live on my husbands income so I could finish healing and be a great mother. What a joy filled time!! Saturn across the ascendant, for me, gave strength, focus, ability to make and stubbornly stick with decisions, self will, and desire to be happy.

  63. Im already feeling alone isolated, constricted and feeling the pains of past mistakes and saturn is still in my 12th. Im just going through pluto conj my asc, when saturn gos conj my asc pluto will still be there plus it will be square my natal pluto the uranus oposed uranus kicks in. Im faltering already feeling depression kicking in and everyday is a struggle. I really dont know if im gonna make it through the next few years.

    • 1) You’re not alone!
      2) Allow Pluto and Saturn to prune your tree, so to speak… new growth is imminent.
      3) Read about others’ experiences here, it’s a great blog, and can allow you to get a footing on the #1 fact, that you’re not alone.
      4) Ask for help, if you think you’re clinically depressed, there are great resources out there.

      I came in today to read how others are experiencing or have experienced this transit and am so touched by the turnout! Any transit is relative to your soul’s evolution, to which sometimes it is very difficult to surrender, though necessary for the transformation.

      We’re stronger than we think 🙂

      Much love and support to you; and thank you, Elsa, for providing such a groovy place to enjoy!

      • “Allow Pluto and Saturn to prune your tree”
        I love it! All planets are our friends and helping us towards our deepest wants and happiness!

  64. When Saturn transited my ascendant in my mid forties I had breast cancer. I was told by Indian astrologer that it was karmic disease and Saturn a karmic planet. Since then I am watching this planet very closely so I am prepared to whatever it throws at me.

  65. Saturn is transiting my ascendant. I have never felt this much anxiety before. I also started to change my appearance and look more professional. Currently, I am working in a job that isnt suited for my personality but I can not leave, so it is giving me a lot of anxiety. I agree with you, I constantly worry about how others preceive me, more than I did in the past. I constantly worried how they are going to judge me. It’s an extremely exhausting transit. I can’t wait for it to be over. I am tired.

  66. My brother has natally a precise conjunction of the ASC with Saturn and he never worries about how others perceive him. Instead he simply does whatever he wants, no matter how much this hurts others. He also doesn’t care much about how he looks. Anxiety is only there when he can annoy me with it.
    I don’t say that Saturn at the ASC wouldn’t be seen. My brother is 190cm tall and that’s often enough for some respect and authority, which is neither deserved nor backed up by anything else. He is also in a bad health. But Saturn at the ASC doesn’t make fear other people’s judgement.

  67. I am about to see Saturn cross my ascendant on Dec 28th, and I was born with Capricorn rising, so I am really curious to see how my lifelong experience of coming to befriend and channel Saturn, working hard, etc will flavor this transit for me. My life has always been about hard work and a fair amount of sacrifice, so maybe I will see some major gains in my work with this transit? I am a Scorpio and Jupiter just entered Scorp for the next year, so it is an interesting time, nothing too draining or exhausting or limiting on my horizon yet.

    I remember when Uranus crossed my Ascendant in my 20’s and I went through a lot of big changes- new name, new circle of friends, ended some addictive patterns, etc. so I have A LOT OF RESPECT for the outer planet conjunctions to the ASC. Uranus has also been hovering around my IC nadir all year long, and my up-til-then mother suffered a massive stroke (quite Uranian), so I again have great respect for any transit of the major angles. I am just hoping that Jupiter in Scorpio may help soften whatever challenges or upheavals are looming for me during this potent astrological time.

    Elsa- do you have any thoughts about how a Saturn transit of the ASC might differ for those who have Cap rising?

    Thanks- just found this page, and I love reading about people’s experiences!

  68. I’m also wondering how this works. My super sag stellium experiences major windfalls with jupiter, but saturn’s recent move over my stellium (in the 12th) has resulted in no motivation to speak of over the last 2 years or so. It’s been feeling pretty yuck!

    It seems that when Saturn shines she wants us to work harder than we’ve ever worked, however this doesn’t seem possible without (internal or external) motivation.

    My natal ASC is at 2’57 cap- not sure if the lack of focus is just the vacuum before saturn makes it’s move? Does anyone else have any experience with this?

  69. My partner has just has Saturn through the 12th and it has been a gargantuan effort for him to do the daily grind (working in the office/corporate world). I think when Saturn hits your 1st you will still be working hard but you will see more tangible rewards. Saturn through the 12th is very psychologically, emotionally and spiritually draining and it brings many issues from the past (both childhood, teenage years and past life experiences to face up to again). Its very hard work internally which is why self discipline and motivation for external life pursuits are weakened.

    • Thanks Suzi- that’s the feeling I’ve been sitting with too- the daily grind has really felt like a grind, whereas it didn’t prior to saturn in the 12th! The explanation also makes a lot of sense. I’m hoping this improves when saturn clears the ASC by a few degrees!

  70. How very healing to have these shared experiences here to share, thank you. I have a Scorp Sun with Cap ASC at 8 deg, Saturn has been pounding my 12th house Sag… Neptune, Moon, Mercury, devastating, lots of psychosomatic pain, I’ve been seeing a psychotherapist for 3 years. I left the woman I was just about to marry, this was a positive move, it happened as soon as Saturn moved into the 12th, her Neptune used to sit right over my moon, I was being taken for a ride by a narcissistic monster that ended up attacking me publicly through a social media smear campaign, in which she disclosed to over 100 mutual friends details of my child abuse that I had entrusted with her, (by the way she…she calls herself a therapist) amongst other horrendous experiences, this has resulted in my re-traumatisation. I now live with complex PTSD, no job, no sense of self, and I have lost 90% of my friends, I live alone and have very little connection with other people. Currently finding it very difficult to make new connections although I am quite lucky to have a roof over my head and basic needs are being met. I feel really deeply for those who have lost the most basic of support systems. My Sag moon gives me optimism, I can only hope to start rebuilding myself in the near future.

    I have a question concerning the right time to undergo major dental surgery, (SO SATURNIAN!) Would it be wise to wait after Saturn has made the first pass over my Cap ASC or would it be ok to start on this process now as he is already in Cap? The first stage of my dental work would being implanting titanuim posts into my jaw bone to later have loaded with porcelain crowns, which to me translates as Saturn (bone) in the 12th house (unseen – jaw bone) then after first pass into 1st house (Crown – visible) ? wondering if I’m on the right track, or should I wait for Saturn to be completely out of the 12th house?

    Thanks again for all the sharing.

    • Hi scorp sun cap ac,

      How very brave you have been. Your sag moon indeed is a blessing 🙂 Keep up the good work to find the equilibrium you deserve after your harrowing experience with your ex.
      Can i just say regarding teeth treatment – something i myself need and have researched health in depth for 20+ years – any metal implanted into the mouth is not a good move for our health. We are in a physical body – which operates on an electrical basis – + and – charge between all minerals/vitamins and body construction complexes. We all know how conductive metals are. People opt for gold fillings which is the most conductive of all. In the mouth saliva is a fluid medium which ENABLES the charge from the metal teeth..thus influencing our ‘electric body’.
      Please do look more into this info before going ahead with such drastic orthodontics.
      Is there any way you can have these repairs done without using metal? Composite toughened plastics would be a better alternative to metal.
      I say this for you have ptsd and you don’t need any further health complications.
      BTW – grounding is a practice i would recommend – for any health issue. It allows the electrical discharge to take place from the body – out to the ground. This is vital for health. We all wear rubber soled shoes everywhere. Get your feet on bare earth for 5-10 mins a day to help discharge, essentially, static electricity from the body. Especially if one has metal in their mouth already.
      I hope this helps, i wish you strength and endurance on your new journey – you will get there and many reading your words im sure admire your determination and amazing inner strength – you’re an inspiration 🙂

  71. I’ve been reading a lot lately about this transit. Mine will be happening in March of 2019, on top of Pluto also transiting my ascendant. I’m not sure what to expect, but for a while now have been pulling away and turning in a great deal. Getting a lot done as well. Hoping it’s not ultimately brutal. Pluto moving through the twelfth house certainly felt like that. Thanks for writing this blog. It’s very helpful.

  72. Everything will change, lessons will learned
    Saturn will leave you lonely at times
    I myself took the time to build stronger foundations with the blessings of Saturn.
    Pluto on the asc. He’s another story I found
    He will take things that no longer serve you whether you like it or not it’s easier to just see what he is trying to do by helping him release it .. when he was opposite my Venus my marriage fell apart but I met the love of my life shortly there after .
    Now I have Saturn opposite Venus in the things that I thought that I care about are being tested formation now I have Saturn opp Venus and the things that I thought that I care about are being tested . Friends and family are disappearing but as I look at them they were relationships that were casual and not serious outer planets are great teachers and they take so long and do it gradually instead of all at once tap into that energy but eventually your life will be different and less you change your perspective you’ll notice it’s better have a great day .

    • Well said Brian! Saturn and Pluto have affected my life too. I dropped the people who were negatively affecting my well being. Adjusted my relationships where I gave too much of myself and found a better balance. Saturn and Pluto are in my first house at the moment and I’m still learning how to change SLOWLY!
      It’s not easy. My toy poodle has been a tremendous help in this process.

  73. I don’t have saturn crossing my ascendant but when it was close to crossing my ascendant years ago you helped me a lot, Elsa, with providing me a framework to navigate my life at the time.

    The transit completely helped me structure my life more the way I wanted it to be or I wanted it to be in years to come. It does impact a lot the other angular house/angles (4th, 7th and 10th.)

    It wasn’t a quick structuring process – Saturn takes time.

    My life really is very different since Saturn transited my first house years ago. In a good way, and in a more grown up way!

    One thing that I’d share for those who have Saturn about to cross their ascendants: save money and find ways to secure income avenues. I say this as Saturn later transiting my second house caught me unprepared and inmature and it was tough!

    Luckily for me Jupiter is now transiting my second house and I had put down some financial habits and structures (saturn) in the last years during that Saturn in the 2nd house transit so that now I can expand my income accordingly.

  74. Yes!

    Once Saturn crossed my ascendant my jaw broke down after years of being in the wrong position and I had to get both jaw joint surgery and then my jaw put into the right place – which basically means breaking your face and inserting tons of plates and screws in your skull. I looked horrible for a long time and had to re-learn how to speak, eat, and open my mouth.

    This is so textbook. Saturn being the ruler of bones. And I had incurred jaw karma (LOL) for ignoring a problem for 30 years.

    But all is well now (it was a VERY tough road however) I look a but different but everyone says it looks like I had a facelift and I look loads younger. Thanks Saturn. LOL

    I’m Cap rising so the man is still hanging out in my first (combined with Pluto) and I’m being tested and honed.


  75. Tr Saturn ingressed my 12H on December 21, 2018 and is part of the Sun and Pluto stellium. Tr Saturn will remain in my 12H until January 30, 2021.

    Tr Saturn was in my 12H for 34 months: February 10, 1989 – December 25, 1991. This time period was very isolating as I chose to be a stay-at-home mom after giving birth to two children. (12H – hospitals for child birth; self sacrificing.)

    Tr Saturn was in my 1H from December 25, 1991 – June 2, 1995. Christmas day in 1991 was sobering as my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died after Tr Saturn ingressed 27′ into my 2H. (1H Chiron – wounding/personal sadness; and Moon – mother.)

  76. I am middle degrees of Capricorn sun and moon, my Aquarius is my ascent; I guess it is smack at me
    Intense lately ,resoundingly giving ,so proud I have this space on my planet ,my winter
    Winter cold luscious cold
    Stars cut bright days feeling a additional sunshine fast moving
    Had wonderful food past weeks
    Wrapping dehydrated mangoes on all meats and lettuce ,Christmas fat
    Feel content,strong,alone
    Tomorrow another treasured day

  77. Saturn has retrograde over my ascendant a few times, I don’t know why he always like to bully me. If Saturn is father, yes I always feel bullied

  78. Saturn moving toward second hit and find myself at a University job with lots of ambitious people of which I am not one. So out of step–have already had a public ostracizing in a meeting for some views on an issue that were not considered “PC”. So now I am hyper about how I am viewed, as others have mentioned and feeling constricted as a personality. Car accident last Fall and now having to initiate a lawsuit against my own insurance company for non-payment. Tooth pulled. My life feels like all work and appointments for the above. Not fun! So work, law, teeth (bones) ruled by Saturn. Also father (Capricorn) becoming unhealthy. Definitely feeling confined, trapped and lonely. Feeling of lack and hardship, having to tow the line. Boo

  79. OMG! I was literally just looking at this researching this morning before I saw your post because Saturn is getting ready to hit my ascendant. So, I looked up Saturn’s retro path and because of this Saturn will go over my ascendant 3 times this year! THREE TIMES!

    Direct (until) May 11, 2020
    Retrograde May 11, 2020 – will turn retro at Aquarius 01°
    Direct Sep 29, 2020 – will turn direct at Capricorn 25°

    So Saturn will go past my ascendant at 26 degrees Capricorn while direct then when Saturn gets to 1 degree Aqua will will stop and go back, again going over my ascendant at 26 degrees Cap until it stops at 25 degrees, then it goes direct and for a third time will go over my 26 degrees ascendant in Cap.

    What shall I expect from this!? I had no idea this was going to happen, I mean I knew Saturn was going to hit my asendent and I know Pluto is going to hit my ascendent and I know all of this is in my 12th but now this realization. Wow!

  80. Make it stop already! I’ve got Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all moving through the 12th.

    All of my natal planets are in Houses 9-12 within 94 degrees of one another, the past two years have been brutal. Breakup, moving, car loss, moving again, job loss, complete lack of direction, awful judgement regarding new friends, loss of long-term friends.

    I’ve learned so much. I know and feel in my heart that it’s all leading to the true version of me, the version of me that can only be reached by going through the things I have.

    But I’m exhausted. I’m ready for some place to feel like home again. I’m ready to have a job that makes me happy. I’m ready to feel like myself again, only a renewed more evolved version of myself.

    I always come out of hard times even better than before, and am an eternal optimist. But this has been rough.

  81. Saturn will cross my ascendant degree three times this year due to it’s retrograde. (once already, 29, 03). Things are brutal already, I’m not sure how I can cope with this two more times this year :/

    How is everyone else in this position faring?

  82. Aw it’s a terrible time for all of us with Covid 19. I experienced Saturn going thru my 12 house (the house of undoing) and finally crossing my ascendant. Lonely, scared and didn’t sleep well. It’s true you do learn from Saturn, the teacher. I made some smart decisions to take care of myself, like moving , finding affordable housing. But I did this alone. No partner , just distant kids.

    But I was born with this in my 8th house, if you believe in houses. I have a Saturn conjunction Pluto. 1947. So my life has always been tough, but I have often soared thru really tough times. I’m an optimist at most times. I wish you the same. Don’t lose hope. Learn. Penelope

    • Just a few days after this post I had my first Covid symptom of shortness of breath. I had returned from a shopping trip first thing in the morning, and I was wearing a mask the whole time. Several days later I was very sick. Covid. Lots of indigestion, nausea and diarrhea. Insomnia for months. Foggy brain and confusion. Couldn’t do my taxes which I had started online. Anyway I survived, but never saw a doctor and know I have long term problems. “Long haulers” we are called. That was 8 months ago. I joined a study and await the results. I don’t know if I have immunity for long or if I will be reinfected. I have A- blood type which I read is more susceptible. However I am feeling a little better but still have incredible fatigue. I can only manage a very simple day. I take vitamin D (3000 units) and Zinc 50 mg and vit C and Pepcid AC which helps with nausea. This is recommended. Gosh I hope you all survive this pandemic and slowly get better. My heart goes out to all who have suffered a loss of a loved individual. Take care of yourself.

  83. so Glad I found this post and thread. 26 Cap Asc with Saturn passing over and Pluto not far behind. I feel lonely, fearful, and stuck. Its awful. But reading all these stories help me realize I’m Ok. Its just the sky. I can adjust. It might make it all easier to deal with.

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