Saturn Transit To Venus Or Jupiter In Sagittarius

I wrote this for a client, with Venus in Gemini aspecting Jupiter in Sagittarius…

“…You will have to land this plane in order to get the solid / loyal relationship that one side of you wants and needs. Think about it.  You can’t be constantly traveling and open to EVERYTHING, and invest in a grounded partnership. You will have to make a concession at some point.

In simple terms, this is like having a million dollars, and a 400 million dollar vision.  A person can’t have everything they can envision or imagine. A forty hour work week (analogy) is part of life…”

Is your vision of love and life, realistic?


Saturn Transit To Venus Or Jupiter In Sagittarius — 8 Comments

  1. I have jupiter conjunct uranus in sag 4H sesquare venus in the 9th. also they square my merc. I am crazy crazy idealistic and just crazy crazy most of the time. I have the most intense craving for freedom and fun, adventure.. . I want it all. That is an understatement. But I am more set on one ‘vision’ and know that’s where my true values lie. Its just being so mutable is my weakness- I constantly second guess myself. So i hope saturn helps.

    • I’m up late thinking atm… which in part is due to uranus/jupiter energy. I have them conjunct and atm transiting uranus is on my mars in H9 and transiting jupiter is exactly on my ascendant at 16 leo. Transiting jupiter and uranus are trine natal uranus conjunct jupiter. Anyway,, i can say this is beyond anything ive ever felt, energy-wise. Ive turned into a freaking gambler… Really never would have thought…. but back to the point i came here for…….about jupiter in aspect to venus…. i feel like im definitely unrealistic. When this supposed ‘great love of my life’ said he loved me, i totally exaggerated his words into meaning like LOVE LOVE. But i completely ignored the facts: like, he would not respond to me 95% of the time and i attributed it to is scorpio-ness or whatever… and then when he WOULD respond, i exaggerated his response. I was deep deep in love with this man…words can never describe the depths of my feelings for this man who i believed with my whole heart was my soul mate. But reality is reality and he never showed me anything real. Sad. I am now wondering is being realistic is ‘settling’ for me. Im confused.

      • I’m still ‘expecting the unexpected’. I have no earthly clue how anything will play out in my life. Saturn is my only hope. At this point, I’d like to set my mind on something. Stay here…live with the consequences, go there…live with the consequences. Cept there feels more scary because the unknown factor. And here feels like my soul is kept in prison. I wonder if I’ll always feel so damn confused. If so, I’ll probably never be happy anywhere.

  2. HAH No. I am not realistic. I’m going to go everywhere and do every thing 🙂 On the plus side though, I do have Saturn conjunct my Sag Sun and Moon and that brings me down to earth a little. On the down side, that conjunction is squared by Jupiter 😉

  3. I am already used to this energy and I have to say–you nailed it! I’ve got natal Venus/Moon in nice aspects to Pluto, Ascendant, and Jupiter but also in harsh square to Saturn. Anytime I get too pie-in-the-sky for my own good, a reality check will be served in haste. Lol. So Saturn moving into Sagittarius is hopefully going to help me ground and fulfill some of my many goals (but not before decluttering many of them!!)

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