Saturn Transit To Pisces Moon & Chiron In Sagittarius

Borgia faith and fearHi Elsa,

I’ve lost my sense of wonder. I’ve been living in the doldrums of life lately. Is it possible to have this on at all times, this energy flow although living in a suburban town and metropolitan city? I mean what’s a person got to do to feel anew? And I’m in the middle of my saturn return. I figured out what to do for a living but I have lingering feelings of what ifs about the entertainment industry and my sense of wonder peaks. Its the whole 9 to 5 work world with love in between or the daring venture artist scheme. I don’t know how to process my feelings too. Please help me make sense of the energy flow.

Dwindling youth & sense of wonder girl
United States

Dear Dwindling,

I’m going to focus on the “making sense”…

With Saturn @ ten degrees Scorpio, you’re actually beyond your Saturn return.  Reality has been delivered. Focusing on this transit is probably holding you back.

Currently, Saturn and Neptune are messing with your Moon in Pisces in hard aspect to your natal Chiron in Gemini.  It’s no wonder you feel (Moon) disillusioned and think (Gemini) things are impossible to fix.  This seems like a horrid combo to me.

You can address it by working with Saturn and Neptune.  There are numerous ways you can do this, but in short you want to make your faith and your fear work together.

When faith and fear clash, a person imagines the worst. They become disabled by fear.  But a person can also transcend their fear.

Personal to you, it sounds as if you had a dream that got reality-checked.  With planets in mutable signs, know that life can be viewed from many angle.

If your dream was wrong for you, is it not better you find out about it?

I think you can regain your sense of wonder, if you erase your old focus and redefine (Saturn) what is wonderful.

As a concrete example, some people remain attached to their ex, dreaming him or her up for years and years.

Other’s let the ties that bind them fade…and they float off to a much better pond. Faith, see? You won’t get far without it.

If you’re struggling with Saturn sq Neptune problems, check out my workshop – Keeping It Together As Things Fall Apart.

Got a question?  Ask here! Please mention your location (city, state, country, province…whatever). I think this adds something to these posts.



Saturn Transit To Pisces Moon & Chiron In Sagittarius — 3 Comments

  1. “You can address it by working with Saturn and Neptune”. This made me think, maybe losing one’s sense of wonder and being tasked with “redefining” wonder is going to be part of the Saturn square Neptune challenge, for all of us too? Good thought-provoking post.

  2. Going through first saturn return,
    Kick fear in the ass, and become aware of your surroundings,be assertive in what you want, some things happen good or bad, that’s life.
    The way you think of things affects your being and has an effect on what you attract. Carry something you like in your pocket.

    How can you lose ” your sense of wonder” on this floating magic ball we call earth

  3. Well. This hit close to home.

    Natal aspects – Saturn at 4 Sag (4th house). Moon at 9 Pisces (literally the cusp of my 8th house).
    So currently undergoing my Saturn return AND the Saturn/Neptune square is all over my Pisces moon. Hey, look, Neptune is there right now!

    I don’t mind my Saturn return at all. I’m loving the increased feelings of self confidence, organisation and maturity. I feel like I’m taking control of my life like a true adult and it’s fantastic. I’m all about the structure and discipline.

    Neptune on my moon? HATE. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. I have a bad relationship with Neptune. I don’t enjoy confusion. I don’t enjoy deception. I don’t enjoy “blurring my boundaries”. I love boundaries. See my love of Saturn above. I totally empathise with the letter writer up there feeling bored and disillusioned. I feel like my emotions are stuck and confusing and as much as I WANT to process them and move on and grab life and kick ass (I’ve always been a move on, grab life, kick ass kind of girl), I feel perpetually STUCK. Bogged down, confused and unable to make sense of anything emotionally.

    I realise both those concepts are contradictory.
    I feel like my life is a bundle of contradictions right now.

    I also hate the way I’m throwing myself a pity party.

    I feel it may be time to download the Saturn/Neptune guide!

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