Saturn Transit The 9th House – Spiritual Difficulty

Saturn in Libra is retrograde in my 9th house and I have had a terrifically difficult time over the last couple weeks. I should be defining (Saturn) my beliefs (9th) at this time. I’ve been at it awhile but this current leg of the transit has been downright arduous.

I don’t see people work as hard as I do at various things and I wish sometimes, I was less of a teacher’s pet. But I am the way I am, so I’ve got to work hard on this, though I just about had it with banging into walls.

I also find this process very lonely. It’s hard to find people who care about their spiritual life. This is a solitary pursuit in many ways but with Libra in the 9th, I want to relate to someone.

Is Saturn transiting your 9th house? How’s it going?



Saturn Transit The 9th House – Spiritual Difficulty — 24 Comments

  1. Not yet. This will be Saturn in Scorpio for me. So, I’ve paying attention to what you have to say about it.

    I already agree with this part tho:
    It’s hard to find people who care about their spiritual life. This is a solitary pursuit in many ways

    Very hard to find. Even in a church. I have a strong need for “fellowship” right now and I’m not finding it.

  2. I dont have saturn transiting my ninth but my sun is there and I understand the importance of focusing on spirituality. It often times is a lone pursuit, and not everyone can understand lofty words and thoughts about your beliefs.

    Saturn is transiting back over my moon/pluto in my first house. Talk about standing in front of everyone exposing my beliefs and yet feeling alone!

  3. I have this. I was hoping for a job that let me travel, but what can ya do?

    I must say that I have had a revelation that the past five years has shown me how to have true faith. I mean that I can now let go in a crises and let God show me the way, and be calm about it. I’ve been watching Joyce Meyer in the morning and I lover her sermons – I understand my faith clearly now. I understand what to do when it feels like the Devil is in charge of my life. I know how to fight it now.

    I would have never learned this if I had not had the complete life restructuring that I’ve had. Still in progress, but good so far.

    I keep seeing this lesson reiterated over and over to me in the past few weeks – struggle brings wisdom. It’s wisdom you would never have gotten otherwise. Also, miracles come through hardship.

    However, I now realize that my mother, who goes to church every week (I don’t have a church yet), doesn’t have a clue. She thinks you can bribe God. She thinks she only has to pray in church on Sundays because she’s too busy the rest of the week. WTF? I see things on an entirely different level than her, but I have to refrain from preaching to her. I think it’s better to live by example.

    She told me she thought I was “crazy” to pray for a house surrounded by trees. Well, I got that house, and why was it “crazy” for me to want that exactly? *shakes head*

  4. I’m having this with saturn on my sun (10th) maybe because my sun is ruled by venus, which is in the 9th.

    Also, a continuation of not being able to formally study, which started with saturn in the 9th.

    Email me if you want. I’ll even talk on skype if you want elsa. πŸ˜€

  5. I’m having this transit too. On the spiritual level, I find that all my relatives/friends that started to question their spirituality came to talk to me, not because I know about that, but because they considered I was “changing”.
    Also I feel the same way as you do about this path being very lonely one.

  6. Saturn is also transiting my 9th. I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on youtube watching Kathryn Kulhman, go figure.

  7. I have natal Saturn in 8th and I understand this fully. This is my whole life. Teacher’s oftentimes need to be alone or be the lone one in order to gather their knowledge and make meaning of it all, then resemble it to teach others.

    Working hard at/on these spiritual things – this is also my way, and ‘wanting to relate to someone’ this way – I feel this way most days.

    My friends have feeble interest,I feel this spiritual ‘drive’ is a personal one.

  8. Saturn is S-L-O-W. And very thorough. He demands that you have great patience and personal integrity, and that the work that you do has true worth and substance. I have Saturn in the 9th house natally, and I have spent most of my life sorting through all the different philosophies that are on offer in order to determine which are substantial and worthwhile, and actually WORK and bring concrete results, not just in theory, but in practice.

  9. Sorry you’re having a rough time, but I can so relate to the fact that the spiritual path is often a lonely one. I’ve met quite a few people along the way who have made it less so, but it’s definitely the road less traveled.

  10. Saturn is transiting my 9th house, and the spiritual path requires exploring the roots of my beliefs. Today was an especially large cosmic blast forcing me to ask how prepared I am to wear the shoes of an elder.

  11. @Elsa, I have the same 9th house cusp and Saturn transit. So far, it has brought me a crisis of faith, extra classes for the degree I’m working on and my first ever appearance in a courtroom. This transit is annoying in every way possible

    I’m glad you had a breakthrough.

  12. Loneliness has been a topic of discussion on the farm…

    I think loneliness is a natural part of the spiritual path, it is deeply personal, and it forces you to really examine where you stand with your beliefs, your values, and your faith.

  13. The hardest thing with the spiritual path is to be alone ut not lonely, and since we a dealing with libra it might be especially difficult. However e good thing is, once you do, it is a turning point becaus you are debeloping a relationship with your own self, your soul etc, so you become both the parts if the relationship. Many people don’t have that relationship with their soul or selves and look for someone to fulfill our own inner voice or wisdom, so enjoy making friends with your soul, you might find you like hanging out with it

  14. I’ve got Saturn in the 3rd opposing my 9th house Sun and Mercury. I am currently in the throes of learning about Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian spiritual healing. I guess that’s the difference between Saturn in 3rd aspecting planets in 9, as opposed to Saturn in the 9th itself.

  15. Saturn through Virgo was my 9th House. I did experience a bit of a break (removal)from my spirituality. I can’t say for sure why this was. At the time I was living with someone who was embracing spiritual concepts wholeheartedly and trying to ‘make me see.’ (He had Mars/Merc/Jupiter all within one degree in Sag).
    My response was to shelf it. Not very mature but a knee jerk reaction (I was raised in a very religious home where I was expected to adhere to the belief set I was taught, and there was no room for questions).

    Saturn is now in my 11th House and I have a different thing going on, but I have found a way back, and recently my inner religious/spiritual work has expanded out even further. I’m learning new things, it is a solitary pursuit but I prefer that. I feel my spiritual path is one that I am destined to take alone. That’s what feels right to me.
    Sag ASC; Sun rules my 9th. Jupiter opp. 12th House Neptune.

  16. I am experiencing my Saturn Return in the 6th house… Have been very focused on my health and my lifestyle and things like keeping my house tidier and making my own beauty products. And keeping plants alive. πŸ™‚

  17. Loneliness is not the end. It is the last step and we are meant to feel loneliness to its fullness before we are able to make the final leap.
    The final leap is into the silence. The place where we no longer feel lonely, unloved or on our own looking for others to companion with on our journey.
    The silence is universal love.

  18. Very helpful. Progressed saturn in sag. And I betcha if I looked back at what was going on in my chart when I quit my last occupation, saturn would be just in to my 9th. Interesting.

    The silence and the lonely, I think so. It is just a change and if the progressed chart means anything saturn in sag will be there for awhile.

    And it does involve a wider world perspective or universal as mentioned. The silence thing is funny. Like funny strange. I really sense that I am living deeper and louder than ever, but here’s the thing, no one can hear me. All the feedback I was getting was negative anyway, I think I just gave up my attachment to all that on some level.

    My recent thrift store book steal for 49 cents was Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth. I get it.

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