Saturn Transit The 8th House: Fear Of Death

Most of the people I know are either afraid of death or more commonly, they just don’t want to do it.  They don’t want to die because they feel there is something they have to do, or they worry how their children will fare without them or in some cases, they just plain like being alive.

While I understand all this, I just don’t feel these things personally or at least I didn’t feel them until I had children.  Once I had children I did feel a responsibility to them but some years ago when Pluto transited my Sun, I did all this writing and became released from that.

I literally wrote thousands of pages and at some point I realized I was done. I felt I had created a legacy akin to what my grandfather, Henry did when he died leaving a carbon copy of every letter he ever wrote over a 50 year period. There!  If I want to know who my grandfather was; if I want to access him, whatever I am looking for is in there somewhere.

Having created a similar resource for my children (which included my peaceful thoughts on dying), I realized I have no anxiety whatsoever about dying which was a great relief and this status has held since (5 years +).

This means that whatever I produce now is gravy from my perspective. In short, as long as I am here I will write stuff for whatever people can glean from it but I do feel my dues are paid.

I also feel reconciled with whatever I have been paid (or not paid) in compensation real and ethereal. This gives me tremendous feelings of tranquility and I consider it achievement on a grand scale.

Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Also important, do you think you ever will be?


Saturn Transit The 8th House: Fear Of Death — 10 Comments

  1. So far so good. My emotional/psychological accomplishments especially.
    As for my accomplishments on the physical plane they are constantly morphing and so in that regard I consider myself anon-going work in progress.
    I have many diverse interests and about a million goals…but if I were to have to stop here, I would be more than happy with what I’ve done.

  2. I am okay with dying…I haven’t quite finished the writing part for my kids, I’m working on it, but I have seen enough to think that no matter what happens they have a good foundation. During my Pluto to the Sun, I turned a lot of things around and made peace with the past and spent a lot of time and energy instilling in my kids strength, independence and love.

  3. When I go I go, and I’m not sure when I came to some acceptance of this. Possibly during my Pluto to the son as well. That sure taught me that I better love and live authentically while I’m here. In fact, I’m more afraid of not being able to cram lots of authentic lovin’ in between now and…whenever.

  4. Kashmiri, I know it’s a typo but I really like the idea of “anon-going work.” I’m a secret work in progress, you guys! 😀

    I’m satisfied with what I’ve done so far. I may not be proud of it, per se, but I’m sure that it was the best choice I had when I made it. Though I would like to get more done before I croak if at all possible. 🙂 But if I die tomorrow, I’ll die content if not very accomplished in the grand scheme of things, and that’s fine by me. I’m more happy with what I’ve done psychologically/emotionally than anything that could be measured more tangibly.

  5. I’m scanning your archives, and digging up the gold of your writing legacy, Elsa. From it, especially this one, I have something worth spreading around: open up access to everything I’ve written … let the words fly. That might just be the trick I’ve been trying so hard to learn. Saturn and Mars are natal in my 8th house. Thank you, Elsa.

  6. if I die tomorrow, then so be it. I believe that death is fated. of course, there is so much more I want to accomplish…but I don’t believe we can control our demise.

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