Saturn Transit Square Natal Mercury & Mars – Physical Therapy

Saturn in Capricorn is transiting in hard aspect to my natal Mars Mercury conjunction in Libra.  Aside from sorting my relationships, I’ve started physical therapy.

My physical therapist has been on the job for nearly 30 years.  She’s the Saturn figure. We work in partnership – Libra.  But I’ve also got to discipline (Saturn) and push (Mars) myself.  I have to adhere to a schedule (Mercury). I run through the assigned exercises, twice a day.  Textbook astrology.

Understanding the transits, makes it easy to grasp the situation. I can also be pretty sure I will (eventually) have a positive outcome if I persevere.  For a person like me, with Saturn Neptune issues, clarity is a great help. This is why I love astrology.

What happened when Saturn squared your Mars (or Mercury)?


Saturn Transit Square Natal Mercury & Mars – Physical Therapy — 5 Comments

  1. Elsa, thanks for everything you do and happy 2019! I love the readings I buy from you!
    By the way, do we have the same birthday???
    Many blessings for a prosperous 2019!!

  2. During the first week of February in 2017, I began preparing my house for sale by having it repainted. Tr Saturn (house/structures) was squaring my natal Virgo (it was an item on my
    long “to-do” list) Mercury (scheduled the appointment with the house painter).

  3. I actually got fired during my saturn square mars transit! And I LOVED that job. It did much for my sense of self worth, so I felt the loss keenly and not only because it was so humiliating but also because the fight I picked felt so righteous. Truth was I was being too abrasive for my own good.. I was standing in the way of myself and my own ambitions – natal mars conjunct ascendant, square MC, all within half a degree!

    And so Saturn made the ingress into my 4th house at the exact same time, making me aware just how much useless baggage I was carrying around that truly was holding me back… and with that, all of my old structures and plans, just fell apart. It was absolutely brutal! I felt powerless, neutered, controlled, scared of my own impulses. It completely shattered my ego and sense of direction.

    But I found out that I really didn’t need my ego. I don’t need to hear myself roar for me to know that I’m invincible. And in the 2 years since, I’ve found a new path that is more aligned with who I truly want to be. The transit made me kinder, more humble, and more focused. It fine tuned my machinery and put steel in my spine!

    Looking back, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It was worth all the tears and all that anxiety.. I guess that’s Saturn for you 🙂

    Happy New Year, Elsa!

  4. My mercury is in sag. My mars in Taurus sun moon and Saturn in Capricorn , I have been in a swamp of feelings last week but a few hard laps thru
    Memory lake(swill, )I know right now
    Today I am living the dream I had
    For so long,it’s not me getting hurt
    Any more ,it doesn’t have to be me.
    I am here today,hurrah!happy new year

  5. Another libra entering physical therapy. Excellent! I love the recovery going on. The one I know had major back reconstruction and had to wait the many many long months to start her therapy. Already last September she was saying she was sick of it and wanted her life back. Happy New Year to Libra.

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