How To Deal With Saturn Transiting Conjunct Natal Pluto

Many who read here are either having this transit or they soon will be. It’s a transit that scares people.

This transit will most definitely will bring you in contact with some dark realities. There’s a simple way to deal with this transit. Simple, but not easy!

Saturn transits pressure us to do the right thing. Pluto adds depth. The answer then is to do what is deeply right, even if you fear it may kill you. Because it won’t kill you. It will heal you. And let’s face it. Sometimes things cost.

Allowing that to sink in will empower you beyond your wildest imagination. This is really a transit you want to get right. It’s about being a powerful grown-up.

Tell us about your Saturn transit to natal Pluto.



How To Deal With Saturn Transiting Conjunct Natal Pluto — 69 Comments

  1. First pass was last year (?) and with the Rx Saturn will soon conjunct again. It’s in my 10th, and activates my Cardinal T-square.

    I have been working very hard–to dig as deep as I can (this is aided by Pluto transit to my Moon and Mercury).

    I think being in my 10th, the usual suspects are being upturned. Feelings about family, my earliest childhood memories, my workplace, my aspirations.

    I have Capricorn so feel very sound and solid about growing older and also being the best I can be. I did the typical Cap thing and surrounded myself with the best/most efficient help possible (I count you and your blog in this statement, Elsa).

    I am here to learn so I will continue to grow. I have come back to myself. Neptune moving out of my 2nd helped clear up any confusion I had about my values.

  2. yep, coming up in about 3 months for me, and i have pluto at my midheaven, so something tells me i’m in for a change of course… or several haha.

  3. Oh man, when I think of the money I could’ve banked…values yes, but also straight up MONEY! I was making far more money than I am now and I plowed through it. I’m aiming for debt free by 40 and do believe it’s possible but am kind of annoyed by myself. C’est la vie!

  4. Well, I’ve been waiting for the posts to start on this. I too have this as a conjunction on my mid-heaven (looking at ephemerides, Saturn is exact today over my Pluto and 2ยบ away moving toward my MC).

    I can’t decide how I’m handling this yet. Right now I feel like I’m in hiding underground and biding time. I weathered the Saturn in Virgo return with a lively amount of drama and growth. Now I’m getting whacked with more Pluto; I had Pluto transiting my Sag ascendant in 2004/2005, which in retrospect set the stage and players for my Saturn return.

    I also have all this with natal 7th house Venus squaring Uranus. It feels like in some ways I’m drinking from the firehose.

    Nice time-stamp btw, 111 follows me and has become a “lucky number” of sorts.

  5. This transit is scheduled for december 2011. Saturn will conjunct nPluto in the 5th house. It may be a lesson to learn regarding love? creativity? I need a major self esteem boost in order to handle both. But before Pluto, Saturn will hit my Moon (emotional roller coaster). So I can wait to read about that one too.

  6. This scares me and has me TOTALLY stressed right now. I’m about 6months past it and I still can’t see what the ‘deeply right’ thing is. Like h, this set off my cardinal t-square but in my 3rd house. Also like h, pluto was transiting my moon in my 6th house~I’m so glad you’re here h!!! :o).

    My take is if I’m paying for it, I’d like to get it right this time around! Feels like I’ve been caught in this current, not being able to make heads or tails of which way is up. So I’ve been swimming sideways for so long, with still no clue.

    I’m living by default cause I don’t have the info I need and that’s not sitting well with all the cardinal in my chart :o(. I need directions that just are not here yet. Trying to stay open to the idea that at any given moment they will show up and I’ll be taking off (in unison with the uranus in aries energy).

  7. i really wish i could be more insightful as to my experiences with my recent saturn return, my current saturn at MC and coming up on pluto. but i have my moon conjunct uranus tightly squared to mars conjunct jupiter, in scorpio and in the 8th house, and for me, things are always in a constant state of change and upheaval. so i can honestly say that i hardly ever feel these types of transits. it’s like any ole day for me.

    neptune in the second though, i feel. and perhaps i too could be debt free by 40… i was smart enough to go on an all-cash system for the duration of this transit though, so maybe it won’t be as bad as it could be…

  8. My first pass was late 2009 – whenever it hit 6*/7* Libra, and it hit me hard. I felt awful at the beginning of September 2009, felt better during the second half, and October was touch and go. November had me going for a small something I needed to take care of, and then being upset by someone – I let them ruin my Thanksgiving and my Christmas holidays. (Pluto is in my 11th with Placidus, 12th with Equal.) I can’t believe I let them back into my life, when I’d actually heard a calm voice telling me that they were insignificant in my life (from that point onwards). I reconnected, when I had no thrill in hearing from them, but that still didn’t stop me from getting hurt. I was better off not speaking to him at all – until I could be sure there would be no emotional reaction to *anything* he had to say to me.

    Last Summer was awful, and I was fighting depression/suicidal urges for a few reasons, and I *hate* that. I can’t remember exactly when it was conjunct my saturn once again, but I think my Pluto and Jupiter were involved in the grand cross.

  9. By the way, this is why I came back to your blog. You point things like this out, when I need to hear them. Another astrologer was talking about doing your natal Saturn, and I had no idea how to do mine.

    I have noticed that, other than the sinking here and there, I’m keeping my chin up – crying for a little while, but not curling up and not moving for twenty-four hours.

  10. Elsa,
    You said, “Because it wonโ€™t kill you. It will heal you and letโ€™s face it. Sometimes things cost.”

    My second Saturn return was in 2007, just after my 60th, and around the time we were homeless, living in our car on the beach of my childhood ‘best of times.’ Saturn is conjunct/in a stellium with Mars and Pluto natally in the 7th and 8th, so healing and not killing me has been a life-long experience. Doing the right thing deeply has meant digging into the value of remaining emotionally attached to my culture, or loosening that grip on me for a different future.

    Saturn is taking me through my paces, with relationship and shared resources. Those relationships (both with others and with my cherished beliefs about who I am) and inheritances that sustain me will weather the transit … others will dissolve. I like how you put it, Elsa.

    Slowly we rebuild a life that is small, but more solid and real. Learning HOW much is enough to be okay, is the lesson, and that is a great lesson on the way to becoming a powerful grown-up.

  11. what I wrote about this on the boards:

    I volunteered in a bunch of research studies, at a university hospital, for some Drs who are trying to figure out the autonomic nervous system. They don’t know much about it, unfortunately.

    Seemed like a win/win situation since the waiting list on the clinical side is over a year, and I am local too.

    I have Pluto in Virgo in the 9th.

    This is what I wrote on another thread:

    “When T Saturn was on my Pluto last year I volunteered for one study that turned off my (screwy) autonomic nervous system, which kind of felt like a rehearsal for dying but was also kind of an exciting adventure in a Flatliners sort of way haha.”


    Looks like a paper has been published from that one study already.

  12. Saturn was exactly on my Venus-Pluto conjunction in 2007 when my mother died. Yup, it can pack a wallop. (She had Alzheimer’s, so it was really a release for her. But unexpected.) I had a lot of emotional issues from our mother-daughter relationship, so it kinda did work as a final push to be “a powerful grownup.”

  13. all cash is a sound way to go:)

    “my moon conjunct uranus tightly squared to mars conjunct jupiter, in scorpio and in the 8th house, and for me, things are always in a constant state of change and upheaval. so i can honestly say that i hardly ever feel these types of transits.”

    I can definitely see this, which these kinds of chart aspects you have! I have Saturn in my 8th as well as Saturn/Pluto in aspect so I can relate (that is if I understand you correctly). Flow??? That’s what it feels like to me–tapping it, wanting it, having it, keeping it..

  14. Saturn conjunct Venus/Pluto here. The death of my marriage. Mediation this week. Welcome to the Big Show.

    It’s funny, because one thing I have learned through this transit is how to be accountable for my own emotions. I realized this today, as I heard someone say some ugly things about me after I very honestly and politely decided not to sign a business contract. I cited my stressful divorce as the reason, and was kind of taken aback by this person’s reaction. It made me realize how ridiculous it is to push your anger and feelings off on someone who comes to you honestly and openly and admits where they’re at.

    Compassion in spades from this transit. Birthed in the fires of hell.

  15. Thanks, Elsa and h. It’s a sensitive spot in my chart. I’m sure the transit won’t be quite so dramatic for most people!

    And sorry to Le Ciel du Scorpion as well. Venus/Pluto doesn’t make anything easy.

  16. This happened for me late 2008. Yeah, it does feel like it’s going to kill you, but it’s really going to make your life better when all is said and done. However, that’s going to take years – three for me so far, and I’m not done yet! My husband lost his job for the third time, we had to file bankruptcy, which brings me to being freshly divorced now. I am now in the process of rebuilding my life. Off to post about Uranus in Aries!

  17. Awesome post. I did the correct thing, not what I felt like doing, at the time (Summer 2009). Which in hindsight was also the best thing for everyone especially myself.

  18. Wow, I’ve been around here long enough to know not to be scared of transits… but this has got me scaried now.LOL!

    I have Pluto Conjunct Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio on my ascendant. Wow, pretty scared here. Can I just avoid the whole thing? I’ve got plans here, I’m trying to finish up school here man, don’t come mess it all up!! Agh.

    Powerful Adult my butt.

  19. Saturn was conjunct natal 4H Pluto when I was 16. Had to leave homeland to move to Europe, to a country I didn’t know the language. It all got sorted out eventually, and I’m using the languages for work, but boy I was out of my comfort zone – had to leave my friends behind to a completely new environment.

    4H Pluto exactly (few seconds away) quincunx natal Sun (8H Koch, 9H Placidus).

  20. I am SOOOO looking forward to this yet again in June. (sarcasm = ) ) This happened for me in Oct 2010. Squaring Sun and Venus like others on this post and in my third house.

    It hit me with how I deal with my day to day stuff..and still is actually.

  21. Pluto is at 16 Scorpio.. No idea when it’s going to conjunct. Anyone know when it’ll hit for me?

    “The answer then is to do what is deeply right, even if you fear it may kill you. Because it wonโ€™t kill you. It will heal you and letโ€™s face it. Sometimes things cost.

    Allowing that to sink in will empower you beyond your wildest imagination.” I already feel this though, can’t even imagine how it’ll be when it actually conjuncts!

  22. “Powerful Grownup” – I like it.

    Pluto at 10 Libra. Had the first pass, then the retrograde pass. In June Saturn will sit on my Pluto for about a month. Being in my 2nd house, becoming a powerful grownup means learning how to harness my own ability to create financial stability for myself. I’ve become interested in business, which I have never been interested in before.

  23. It was tough – the last pass was August of 2009 for me. I was realizing that I was going to need to make some very tough decisions regarding my living situation – which I did end up changing. A lot of depression, but hey, I’m a Cap Moon so kinda used to it.

    I also decided to go back to graduate school to study something I’ve wanted for over 25 years! And it’s been SO worth it!

  24. eh, we picked the wedding date for different reasons, but it turned out i married when this aspect was exact.
    going to be interesting. certainly teaching me all kinds of things.
    and i’m actually in a career oriented job for the first time ever. lots of other things chewing up the woodwork, too. feel like i’m being transformed into something else. something a bit frightening. but right.

  25. eh, we picked the wedding date for different reasons, but it turned out i married when this aspect was exact.
    going to be interesting. certainly teaching me all kinds of things.
    and i’m actually in a career oriented job for the first time ever. lots of other things chewing up the woodwork, too. feel like i’m being transformed into something else. something a bit frightening. but right.

    still in the middle of it, really. have no idea what i’ll look like when i get out.

  26. I have had this transit twice in my life. The first time I acted like a grown-up but I didn’t behave like a grown-up. It took time to realize that I didn’t get it right the first time. The second time around I am behaving like a grown-up, but it took the backing of a pluto transit with it. And yes, the thing I got wrong the first time, well I am actually getting a chance to do it over. It would have been so much easier had I gotten it right the first time around.

  27. Thanks for writing about this!! it’s about to be conjunct for me (23 of April)and you said it: it feels like a matter of life and death (to me)! Everything in my body is on red allert shouting HELP! and at the same time l feel like no turning back and l just need to go through it and see through it. l have this irrational fear wich is consuming, sure the easy way will be to just go through life allone have ‘control’ tralalala but that just deosn’t work now. What will it bring me?? uhmmm l hope the things you said.
    l am always resistant to change and transformation initially. Buy l have to remind myself it’s ok to feel pain l sure wont die even if it feels that way and if ‘l do’ l’ve been there before!
    l realized l was ok with everything when l had ‘control’ of the situation and l did everything to have control, now feeling out of control just feels like l’ve bought myself a ticket to Hades :)yay! l think l should just face ‘death’ with a big smile on my face! Because entering a relationship now just feels like death!

  28. Mine won’t be happening until the end of this year… first Saturn return, right on top of my natal libra pluto in the 12th, conjunct the ascendant (which is barely scorpio). Progressed moon just entered the 12th. All square my sun down at the bottom of the chart. Like others have said, it can be difficult to recognize “deepy right” feelings. But, it can be a fun and challenging task, as well as a service to those we love!

  29. Today saturn was exactly conjunct my midheaven (15 deg libra). It was going back and forth pluto (12 deg libra) during retrograde all year. I’m going through hell. Was involved in a clandestine relationship with a man all year long who claimed he would leave his gf to be with me, and of course, I stupidly fell in love with him and believed him like an idiot. Meanwhile even though I got more responsibility at work and worked my a** off, I now have absolutely no motivation whatsoever for my job and don’t care about it (and I work at a great firm and am successful – but now success is totally irrelevant to me, I only want to be a wife and mother, I have no interest in achieving things in the outer world.) I never thought I would turn into a person who doesn’t want to be successful. Nothing matters to me any more than and except being in love. I pray every day that things will turn around because I have been driven to the depths of despair and suicidal thoughts by my inability to find someone who loves me for who I am. (and yes I know – being depressed and suicidal certainly isn;t helping, but I am suffering greatly.) I’m 34 and I just feel like there is no one for me – and when I do fall in love, that person doesn;t want me either. I feel guilty for caring about this at all when people are suffering all over in society and the weather is totally messed up and stripping people’s entire lives from them but it is what it is. It’s interesting to read the comments about this tranit on this and other blogs – seems it is difficult for a lot of people. I have north node at 17 libra so hopefully nothing bad will happen with saturn conjunct north node too. Jesus that’s all I need, another saturn transit. THANKS OLD BUDDY!

  30. Not feeling so infinite anymore.. Saturn is comming closer to my natal Pluto/Saturn conjunction in 8th..
    I don’t know what’s going on really, only that i’m trying my hardest to push forward at all costs. Last month i decided to become trust worthy, all i’ve been doing is failing, it doens’t even feel like my fault. I took a job just as Jupiter went Rx, and i’ve been given a week to prove myself, where the contract clearly stipulated that there would be a 3 month probation, it’s not that i’m bad at my job, it’s that i’ve risen too high too quickly and i can’t help but feel they are looking for excuses to push me out – my collegues love me because i empower them at work, but management are scred shitless (my opinion) it feels like they will do anything to see me go. They screwed up my payment in teh first month, i was paid half , then paid half, half a month later, i’ve been messed around since i arrived, while also having dived into a serious relationship with a woman where i feel i can’t be relied upon, this is hurting. I have also just bought a house, I’m 28, it’s hard to have to concentrate on so many things at the same time, MONEY MONEY MONEY – nowhere to be found, and the stress and pressure is so much that i see myself being crushed by this transit. I can’t allow this to happen, i can’t allow this devistation, i must succeed at all costs, i have so many enemies, so many trials.. i have been waged war upon – and it feels like an old feud. Perhaps previously i was wreckless, but i’m here now. totally here. Elsa, i feel like Juno came at the right time, she’s an aquarian, i am a leo. She’s light, i’m heavy. She’s much older as well. She is so keen for change, so friendly to me, kind, giving. why do i feel like everything happens at a time when i can’t give anything?!

  31. My transiit is due end of 2012. Natal pluto is in the 4th Scorpio. Im correlating it to me finally going into therapy for domestic abuse suffered years ago. At the end of this year Im hoping to jump ship with the past and relocate to another continent. I have a feeling the outcome of the therapy will make or break my ability to psychologically take the proposed changes on. I have a feeling that my trial will be to do with overcoming fear of stepping outside my comfort zone. Not being able to overcome this fear will result in an aborted birth (and for me to loose so much of what I hold dear) – yet the fear is so immense. Thanks to astrology Im able to prepare before the transit actually hits. Eeeeeeek

  32. Good morning all,

    Saturn conjuncts my (Scorpio) fifth (5th) house (natal & retrograde) Pluto October 2012.

    I really don’t like the sound of it because I have two school age sons (4 & 8).

    On the contrary, fifteen (15) years ago I loved writing and pencil coloring, but I grew out of it. Lately, I’ve reopened a “how to publish your own writings” book from the closet. Three (3) years ago I attended a continuing education class on the subject and convinced my way out of it.

    Obviously, I have ‘superior’ fears of my own success. A further example of this is, I’ve had an Associates degree in Information Technology and have yet to leave my Secretary/Office Support job of five (5) years. I’ve had my degree four (4) of those years (I’ve talked myself out of ‘not leaving’ this job) even though my monthly is $300 short of paying the bills but child support covers everything…and then some.

    Now thatII type this all out, I feel that the Saturn conjunct Pluto has something to do with me moving forward in my vocation (5th house individual creativity).

    Looking further into the sixth (6th) house my North Node is three (3) degrees from Scorpion (natal and retrograde) Saturn as the sun transits into the 6th (there could be something about my health too).

    Meanwhile, Uranus (retrograde) teeter-tots Aries, 11th house cusp. Fierce (Aries/mars: transiting 6th house Sagittatarian natal/retrograde Uranus which teeter-tots the 11th) battles it out with my 5th house of individual creativity.

    All in all, I want to protect my children from any “demons” that may pop out this Saturn/Pluto conjunction. As I have deceitful ex-husband that likes to make false reports to CPS when he doesn’t get his way. Hence, the concerns.

  33. I have Saturn Pluto conjunct in the 12th house square a stellium of Jupiter, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd. Venus is also in Scorpio in the third/four degrees from the nadir at the but is trine Saturn. Right now Saturn, the Sun, Mercury and North Node are sitting on my stellium squaring my natal Saturn/Pluto. In the last two months my mother died, on the day of grand square and grand trine (Aug. 29, 2013), and our house flooded (when Jupiter exactly squared my natal Sun in Libra). Additionally, transiting Saturn is sextile transiting Pluto, semi sextile my natal Neptune and inconjunct transiting Uranus. I am shedding my skin. I am feeling the natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction most. But I am also feeling like I have a pile driver inside of me.

  34. Well right now iv got transit mar and saturn conjunct my natal pluto.. square square my midheaven and transit venus!
    Wow i dunno iv been ina funk the last few weeks this is a weird one.. its in scorpio of course and in my 6th house..
    Do you have a an input. . Just feels a bit stuck nd teired even doe im good mood a stil looking ahead ๐Ÿ™‚ thanx

  35. Saturn conj Pluto while Pluto conj Saturn 05-09 time frame. And, the Moon involved w/ the Pluto Saturn one. Watch your finances and your health. Keep expectations simple.

  36. When Tr Saturn was in my Sagittarius 10th and squaring my 7th House Virgo Pluto in February 2015, I wrestled with the decision of breaking up (7th H) with my Marine (10H Sag) boyfriend. It was very difficult for a variety of reasons (Pluto) but, in the end, it was absolutely the right thing to do (Saturn).

  37. I had Pluto transit to Saturn. I experienced it as a handshake. (Yes, of course, I had random interactions, Saturn Pluto in nature.)

  38. Saturn conjuncted my natal Pluto-Sun Libra conj. in my second house 2009-2012. I was working too hard for a struggling company I fell ass-backwards into- but I learned the skills that have allowed me to be self-employed and in demand and very happy today. I had no idea at the time how it would all turn out.

  39. My Pluto in 8th house Scorpio squares my Saturn (conjunct ASC, 1st house) and Mars (6 / 7th house). So it’s part of my natal T-Square. When T Saturn moved into Scorpio in 2012, my relatives reentered my life. Inheritance questions/issues rised up and still continue to this day. I started university.
    When T Saturn was conjunct my natal Pluto, I was under very strong pressure finishing my thesis and getting the right results, mostly due to a lack of supervision. I felt like I wanted to run away from the situation, but couldn’t. Usually I leave a situation behind me, if it doesn’t work or causes suffering. But the situation forced me to face it and imprisoned me. At the same time money was getting tight.

    I was also very low on energy. But this might be tied to T Neptune conjunct my Saturn.

  40. I have natal Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 3rd so I can kinda see and figure things out for myself… (even though many people don’t think I can…)

  41. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted my natal Pluto in Scorpio in December 2013, May 2014, and September 2014. It was definitely a tough year but I remember I felt like I became more mature, focused, and goal-oriented. ?

    Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will conjunct my natal Saturn in Capricorn in January 2020 (I will also have my first Saturn return at the very same time). Honestly it does sound a little scary. ?

  42. Excellent material!

    The best, and sanest, information on Pluto transit to Saturn I’ve seen in a long time. Yes, Pluto empowers you, and to do the ‘right thing’. Saturn and Pluto together…what can I say? You grow, you attain true grit, you get staying power. This transit has been with me to a T for a long time!

    ‘Allowing that to sink in will empower you beyond your wildest imagination. This is really a transit you want to get right.’ Beautiful. Thanks, Elsa.

  43. This thread is a little older, but I came upon it because a friend wanted to know, how bad this transit might be.
    I checked when I’ve had this aspect, and it was exactly conjunct on July 24th 2013 .. when I went to Vegas with my then boyfriend and we tied the knot! (Please don’t judge ๐Ÿ˜‰ This “marriage” lasted less than 2 months! I was quiet devastated, but it all turned out pretty well for both of us. We went our separate ways.. My taste in men and my self-perception made a huge change, I think for the better! .. and a short time after, I met a new boyfriend who’s still very significant in my life! So for me this transit went quiet well! But maybe because I am Scorpio Asc and Pluto is in my 12th house conjuncting it. My natal Pluto also trines my Sun. My moon is in 8th house, my SN is in Scorpio. So the whole concept of change and crisis is not too unfamiliar for me. I know that life afterwards always gets better in some way. Hope this works out for you the same way, too!

  44. Together they will be on my Dsc! I always try to do the right thing. That is the only good thing about getting older. You have learned not to take short cuts ….you just wade through the thing and do what is right. My relationships with my family are actually the best and the strongest they have ever been so ….I don’t know what else to expect. I will just hang on for the ride I guess. And, always consider them first, and do right by all of them. But, I always did that anyway. I love them. So, its easy.

    • The conjunction is when you can bring it home. The square, you’re either at 1st or 3rd base. So these transits are different, with energy in common. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Does the energy change if the planets are the same, but reversed, i.e., Transit Pluto conjunct Natal Saturn (instead of Transit Saturn conjunct Natal Pluto)? Does the Saturn/Pluto message stay the same, regardless of which is the natal and which is the transiting planet? Or are there differences in how the energies play out?

  46. So I looked back in the Ephemeris and the last time Saturn transited my natal Pluto, conjunct, my mother passed away. And interestingly enough Transit Pluto was newly entered in my Sun sign at 1 degree of Capricorn (11 & 12H), and the next few years following came the inevitable demise of my family of origin. Yes… grew up, was shown the reality of things, did the right thing for me, and made some of the hardest decisions in my life. Not the same person and I am better for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I’m wondering what similar issues may occur with transitting Saturn and Pluto conjuncting in about a year? When Saturn conjuncted my natal pluto it also squared natal Saturn and it was a major turning point that involved a choice to take on a responsibility that came with a huge cost that impacted my life for years. And it involved seeing people’s dark sides as they grabbed power and the ending of some family ties forever. I do hope the transit in a year doesn’t involve people abusing power.

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