Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius

rest in the gardenMy husband have Jupiter in Sagittarius, at a early degree. Saturn is transiting his Jupiter at this time. We’ve definitely nailed down our future here. We’ve manifested (Saturn) his vision (Jupiter).

He’s got his new vision on a drawing board downstairs..literally. That’s a pic of it right there. He intends we rest in peace in  the garden where we paid for our niche in a Columbarium, just last week.

He just made a remark. I decided I would use it to write the conclusion for my Saturn in Sagittarius workshop. His philosophy (Sagittarius) is mature (Saturn) and it’s holding up.

Do you have Jupiter in Sagittarius? What degree? The results are coming in at this time. Was your vision realistic or do you need to regroup?


Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius — 19 Comments

  1. I have Jupiter in Sag in my first house at 23 degrees. Saturn is in my 12th house still for awhile but I’m upgrading my web site and adding things.

  2. I have Jupiter in Sag at 10 degrees H4. My vision was so far off. I thought I’d be with someone I had considered the love of my life. I was overly idealistic. I used to believe in love…of the highest/most spiritual variety…that it would prevail…now I know that love is not enough. My Jupiter rules my 5th and conjuncts Uranus, my 7th ruler. My Jupiter also rules my Sag Neptune H5…which rules my Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces H8 and squares them both..

    I’m at peace with it now. Not ending up with the love of my life and having babies/creating life left a hole in my heart, especially since I had to come to terms with the fact that everything i wanted and everything I had doubts, which kept me stuck, were indeed possible…just not with me. but as cheesy as this sounds, now I can fill the empty space in my heart with new and more grounded aspirations. Its humbled me. I have more appreciation for what I do have. I went through the whole gamut of emotions already…despair, rage… But I forgive him now and forgive myself. Baby steps now…toward a brighter future.

  3. I do have Jupiter is Sag 1, 7th house. Your husband and I have a couple of similarities in our charts. I suppose my vision was to stay married and married I still am. I’ll have to give it some more thought.

  4. Jupiter in Scorpio (late degree) for me – in 2nd house. I concertized (Saturn) my vision (Jupiter) of what really matters to me (Saturn, & 2nd house) in close relationship (Scorpio). 🙂

  5. This is a great topic! My own Jupiter is in Leo and when the t.Saturn conjunction occurred back in mid-2006, I accepted an offer to take on a large (Jupiter) leadership (Saturn) role.
    And when t.Jupiter in Virgo recently landed on my natal Saturn last month, I was, once again, thrust into more leadership roles. Some voluntarily and some involuntarily. It’s all good though –it feels awesome to take initiative. ?

  6. i have jupiter at 14 sag.
    right now saturn is heading toward my sun/neptune at 2 sag and while things are definitely manifesting, it feels very intense and chaotic. but also, its a bit hard to separate the usual experience of boundaryless chaos from the more structured saturnian kind. hmmm…
    manifesting a vision? ok, i guess i need to first clarify what that vision might be.

  7. Yes, I have Jupiter in Sag at 28 degrees, so my vision is starting to manifest at last, with the pace starting to pick up now. I imagine this is supported (if I can remain focused) by Neptune currently conj natal Chiron and opp natal Pluto. I’m very grateful for this kind of celestial support, with Saturn now in my 12th, and Pluto STILL conjunct my natal Saturn and T squares. It goes without saying (?) the cardinal pressure has been intense, but I’m seeing more light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Jupiter is in the early degrees in Sag in my natal chart. My dreams tell me to recognize when I make myself ‘too small’ … in the form of a dearly loved old friend on four legs and a tiny body, Smidgen came to me and repeatedly jumped onto the bed. She loved being on our bed in those days. She was also a very frightened tiny dog, who pee-ed at the slightest threat. She kept doing that in my dream. WHAT? I was not looking at the indicators with dream-mind but am now. But, for all her apparent tininess, it was she who fought off Raccoons who would invade her place!

    Was my vision realistic? Oh my gods, my vision is larger than I give myself credit. Fortunately, my ‘helpful people’ (Sag is in my 11th House of Helpful People) showed up from my long past. Reminding me to give over to the smidgen of unfurling goodness, happening in perfect time!!

  9. I have n Jupiter at 19° Sadge in 2nd house.
    I’ve never really had a vision (just tend to go along with things), so can’t say whether this was realistic. But I do need to regroup! Too many things, a lot no longer appropriate, all over the place. (Ah yes, perhaps aquiring these things in the first place, THAT was not realistic!)
    For a while now I’ve been figuring I should downsize. So Saturn through 2nd house seems rather appropriate.
    But I think it’s going to be tough.

  10. I’d say that’s really tricky. He probably wants or will get an opportunity to do something in the real/physical world, but its not the time to do anything. As it will turn to dust, vanish into thin air, and he will be left with nothing and will not be able to go back to what he had. My advice, wait for it to pass, everything eventually passes.

  11. Jupiter round 2 degrees tenth house Sagittarius
    Guess am not getting what it’s been about tho, hmmm
    Sun moon first house Pisces

  12. I (somewhat) recently experienced Saturn conj my natal Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s interesting to read this as manifesting your vision; it happened. It was hard and took sacrifice and death of an old life and serious discipline, but it happened. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this the next 30 years it comes around… Powerful stuff! (I wonder if saturn conjunct natal Venus works the same way???)

  13. i’m experiencing the opposition right now. reworking things pretty heavily, getting the opportunity to start nailing down the framework. and let go of irrelevant things. lots to learn from some very experienced people around me.

  14. I have Jupiter in my 5th house at 15 degrees, and Saturn is on it. Saturn was on it in Feb 2016, and found the best paying contract of my life. The contract ended in Aujust. We are in Novembre and have not found any source of income since August (not from a lack of trying). I am living on my savings and it is melting fast. Times are hard now. Even if Jupiter is transiting sextile to my Natal Jupiter.

  15. Hi – natal Jupiter 27 Sag – with trans. Saturn 23 Sag right now in my 4th house – ( hitting off natal T square ) opposing natal Uranus 22 Gemini 10th house – square natal Sun 28 Pisces in 7th.
    Waiting to hear from bank about loan for dream come true home – all very chaotic – wonderfully upside down – Transiting Saturn Trine Mars on 12 house cusp -(non stop momentum) – trans.Jupiter in 2d Trine Uranus in 10th – Trans Mercury conjunct natal Jupiter- Mercury sextile Mercury-
    ( staying focused on positive outcome:) just love astrology! Thank you for any insights –
    3/18/48 4:42 p Boston

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