Saturn Station in Sagittarius: August – September 2017

Saturn is currently stationing retrograde @ 21 degrees. It will turn direct on August 25th.  When it’s all said and done, Saturn will have sat at 21 degrees, July 24th through September 26th.

If you happen to have planets near 21 Mutable, as I do, I am sure you’re feeling this burn in. It’s excruciating and it’s permanent.

I can’t say I’m shocked. I’ve seen this coming, and if you’re in a similar boat, I bet you could say the same thing.

How will I Iive with this scar?  That’s the only question left to be answered.

Saturn enters Capricorn in December. That’ll be when the rubber hits the road. And yes! I will be teaching a class on this. Look for it, the second half of September – early October.

Who else can relate to this picture?  What’s happening in your life?



Saturn Station in Sagittarius: August – September 2017 — 49 Comments

  1. Yes, there’s scarring – I’ve had to end a long standing (social)relationship. While initially this is causing all sorts of huffing and puffing among associates, I firmly believe this is long overdue and all will be ironed out when Saturn straightens things out when direct. (Transiting saturn trine vesta in Aries, sextile natal venus in 10th)cardinal is strong in my chart(sun, moon, merc, mars, uranus, jupiter, saturn, nodes as well as vesta, eris) and this has been a trying Saturn transit, he has blocked all planned education and travel possibilites but as he’s travelling my seventh house he has had other things on his mind to delete. He’s going into my 8th house for Christmas, mmmm not much there to look forward to. . . grim reaper rather than Santa Claus.

  2. Elsa, I’ve been following your blog and newsletter for at least 3-4 years now and it is my time to vent!

    You see, I have Moon in Virgo in my 11th house at 21 degrees and Saturn is squaring it from my 2nd house! I also have a Mercury in Virgo at 23 degrees but that is feeling it a lot less.

    With the squares of Saturn, I have drifted from a lot of people and work is the main reason. I lost a girlfriend of two years and a best friend of almost 15 years with the main reason being work. My girlfriend was not that supportive and understanding of my workaholic tendencies and my best friend because I think I’ve outgrown him (he settled and has very low ambitions in life).

    I felt alone at times but I know I’m getting ahead and that I will be back stronger. It is difficult to develop new relationships now (especially with women) but I believe I will be able to do them after the dust settles and Saturn leaves from these two squares (My Moon&Mercury conjunction).

    I’m having my Solar return EXACTLY on the eclipse of 21st August! My sun is at 28 58″ in the 10th house. Any ideas on how that will transform my life?

  3. A sort of standby.
    In my 2nd house, a few degrees past nJupiter.
    I don’t currently feel being burned in (maybe later???), but more like immobilized.
    Comme to think of it, looks (and feels) like the animal being branded, up there in the picture, held to the ground!!!

    • Perhaps we are being saved from our own enthusiasm for things that cannot be. I appreciate the kindness of those who love me during this difficult time. I am using my own intelligence to review events and to prepare for the turn of the tide, as Saturn sits on my natal Mercury Venus conjunction. So please take heart, this will feel better next year.

  4. I’m a Libra Rising at 20 degrees (1st house) and therefore Aries DC at 20 degrees (7th house). I’m going through a break up where I’ve lost the man that for years I was in a very solid and loving relationship with. We were planning on getting married and having children soon, then out of the blue it all changed. I also find it interesting that he’s an Aries.

    I feel like I’m being held down and forced into a new identity that is at once I have to own but one I don’t want and haven’t asked for… feeling the burn is certainly one way to put it! I’m doing my best to deal with the scar but having a favourable set up from above would help, rather than all this celestial turbulence. But I guess that’s just life and how we grow…

  5. I have natal Saturn at 0 Cap square my Sun-NN-Mars-Merc stellium in Libra. My 2nd Saturn is just around the corner (already feeling it). Looking forward to your class this fall.

  6. “If you happen to have planets near 21 Cardinal, as I do, I am sure you’re feeling this burn in. It’s excruciating and it’s permanent.”

    I do have Moon in Cancer at 22, and yes, I am feeling this and it IS excruciating. At the same time, I have t. Pluto coming into orb (by opposition) of this very same Moon. Fun times ahead! (Already feeling Pluto’s swinging wrecking ball.)

  7. Hmmm…I’m not sure if it’s related or not. I just know I’m going through some next level crap & it makes me want to give up each day & I have to fight it AND myself. Could be a Pluto thing, though. *sigh*

  8. I have 23 degree Venus in Cancer. I’ve been feeling the burn since the Pluto/Uranus cardinal square. With the Sag Saturn, I feel much more free but at the same very aware of the burns I have in the love department. The lack of nourishment and value I’ve had for so many years because I was providing that for others 24 hours a day. I found a box of xmas cards that I forgot to throw away last year…I want to write the perfect card for my lover so I went through three xmas cards because I messed up on the first two. I love people very much and one-sided love and effort is always a burn. Sag in Saturn is helping me do the homework I need to do and always plenty of soul exploring in order to have a better future in that department

  9. I have Moon in Pisces at 21 degrees on the Descendant, it is the only natal planet being squared but my Ascendent and Descendant are squared by transiting Saturn, while it conjuncts the I.C. and opposes the M.C. I’ve made serious decisions in my life, that affect others besides me, so the entire Moon in 7th house Pisces is a trial. I am not sure I’ll like how it all shakes out when “the rubber hits the road.” But I am ready to move off this particular stretch of highway.

  10. This is my 19-22 Virgo Pluto Uranus and 23 Pisces Saturn. Any thoughts anyone on whether it’s less dramatic when it’s not personal planets? I definitely have big changes but they’re about being on the right track, building, rather than anything crumbling. I’ve had years of being on the wrong track so maybe it’s just the contrast that makes it feel ok?
    Or is the worst yet to come? Sure hope not 🙂

  11. I know somebody personally who is going to be affected by this. Their Sun is at 21 Gemini. I hope it helps with their lack of humility.

  12. Saturn has already torn me a new one with my Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Nodes. So many changes and neutering my superfluous relationships. I don’t look forward to it opposing my Sun when it moves into Capricorn! Especially since my chart ruler is the Sun.

  13. Natal Saturn in Sag at 22 degrees….GET OFF ME FOR THE LOVE OF BEES!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVE MOVE MOVE

    I have Saturn in the 6th.

    I am past done with this nonsense! Its been BRUTAL! One of the worst transits I have had to date (unless I go back and remember when Pluto sat on my Scorpio stellium in the 4th- that mess was a nightmare)

    This baloney has tried to kill me.

  14. Finally went through Saturn hitting and stationing rx square my natal Sun, and when I tell you the first half of this year has been a real test (although not as bad as I originally expected, but still a test). And it’ll be squaring my Sun again at some point this fall, but the good thing is that shortly afterwards it’ll trine my Venus and MC.

    My only natal planet affected by Saturn stationing direct rn is my Jupiter by a 2° sextile. I’ve been in the process of letting go of a few social relationships and ending an era.

  15. Directly opposing my moon sitting on natal Saturn. I don’t know how I will re-enter the world after this retreat. Eris and her stories are everywhere in my absence. Her stories can be quite harsh. I must invest in a softer one. Softer and stronger…she’s tough!

  16. Saturn is squaring my Mercury @ 23 Virgo. Could this be the reason why I’m getting back-to-back-to-back sore throats and nonstop nasal congestion (with little to nothing coming out?)

    Aaauuggghhh!!!! ?

  17. My husband has natal sun & ascendant @ 21 Sag, Chiron 24 Sag, & NN 23 Pisces. Not sure how I can help except to leave him alone. Lost his job 14 months ago, has had two offers since, but does not want to do that anymore…(!)(!) I do feel like breathing has been a challenge this year.

  18. My Moon is 21 Virgo and it has been very hard. I even wound up in the emergency room this afternoon with my throat closing from an allergic reaction.

  19. yep. Saturn is square my pisces sun exactly at 21 degrees. It seems like things have been hard for so long it is just seems like the new normal.

  20. Saturn is transiting my 12th house currently. It is snack dab on my natal Venus! It is affecting many aspects of my life. I am looking forward to Saturn turning direct.

  21. Saturn is 3 deg off natal Jupiter. Hard to distinguish if that’s responsible for all the scars because I have so much Pluto happening like conj natal DC/Saturn. But I do feel it is a time for structure, slogging through, so perhaps that’s it.

  22. Saturn is sextiling my natal Sun and Mercury so I don’t feel like I’m being burned. Mostly I feel like working in circles and not moving ahead. 😀

  23. My second Saturn return, Will feel trepidation when it heads into 4’Capricorn!Life has been spirally downhill already!

  24. Transiting Saturn is sitting on my natal Mercury. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. It’s been one of my quieter periods of my life. My mind is slower, too. I’ve lost my thinking cap.

  25. I am Capricorn rising with Saturn at 21 degrees Sagittarius, first Saturn return. What it really feels like is preparing for Saturn to transit my First house. Been doing lot’s of learning lately! Not much happening externally.

  26. Natal Saturn 22 Sadge; 2nd Saturn Return. Gulp. Hiss.
    I have been ground into dust. What a walloping! ALL forward action has been thoroughly blocked, then stomped on.
    Very thankful for your blog Elsa.

  27. Interested in your class on Saturn in Capricorn. I have a Saturn, Dad shares the Same Saturn, and my uncle who I love has his Sun sitting on top of both. A family signature. I am trying to uphold the lineage. Just figured out this stationary Saturn is oppose my moon. Trying to absorb the message. Challenges.

  28. Guess I did not mention that Saturn we share is reversed and at 29 degrees Capricorn. I know it is an important degree. All of us trying to get that lesson.

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