Saturn Square Uranus: This Isn’t The Way!

dominosEach person has their unique life experience.  You add to that whatever knowledge a person purposely acquires.  There’s no end to the possible variations. If a person opts to continue to have experiences and to gather knowledge, their world view will change, incrementally or profoundly depending on what they learn.

Broadly speaking, people have become more and more myopic over the years. Just the act of staring at your phone illustrates this. Point being some people are going to expand more than others.

You can see from just these two short paragraphs, the wild variance between each person. No two are alike! Yet there is profound pressure to lump them all together. I’ve written about this for twenty years!

At one point in my life, “The Borg” was considered a bad thing.  It’s miraculous how this has changed. We’ve got a lot of “me too” out there now.

I’m not talking about the “me too” movement. I’m talking the catch phrases I see in various places.  Each person in the forum repeats what the person before them said.

This is the way!
This is the way!
This is the way!
This is the way!
This is the way!

I don’t know if these are real people and it doesn’t really matter. People read exchanges like this, over an over and they absorb them. You don’t even necessarily notice when you fall in line with the hive.

I’m sure you’ve seen this. Now go up and read the first to paragraphs again.  See how jacked this is? We’re all magnificently individual but all of this is voluntarily set aside in order to conform. And if you don’t?

If you don’t, you’re not going to fit in!
And few appreciate a misfit.
Fit in or be shunned!

Now think about what you have to sacrifice to fit in. It is staggering. In reality you’re a unique but social pressure dictates you pretend to be a single domino in a long line of them.  You pretty much have to lop off a lobe of your brain to do it.

This isn’t the way!


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  1. Of course people are cutting off part of themselves to fit in.

    They are not safe if they stand out. The whole either you are with us or against us has taken over our whole culture.

    Are you gay? Not acceptable anymore. Not physically safe. Cut that part of yourself off and you might survive the workplace or school.

    There is no more live and let live.

  2. I love the domino picture, Elsa. Its a perfect representation of the Borg. When one domino falls, all the rest follow and its quite a sight to see if there are enough of them. I think its really a depiction of the fragile state of our world today.

    Personally, I have Uranus in my 10th house, natally. I never followed the “rules”, but also suffered the consequences. I didn’t care as long as I did what felt right for me. I like to hear all opinions but in the end mine is the only one that matters for me.

    I really feel bad that so many people are missing out on real life experiences and succumbing to group think, the hive mind , influencers, etc. Its easy to agree and hard to be different.

  3. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. I’ve come to better understand the scope of the losses we live with every day.

    I got my head around this, thinking about a gal I know. She’s an oddity and a number of levels. She’s very intelligent and pure in some way. Maybe like what you see with some level of autism. In whatever case, she has a brother.

    Her brother is the architect of this huge thing, impacting millions of people. It is his baby!

    She doesn’t like his baby. I don’t like his baby, but setting that aside – he is the one individual on this entire planet that created this thing. Not orchestrated it – but created it. Like someone says, “Write me a book that achieves, X.” He’s the writer here.

    Anyway, this pair of siblings is very interesting they’re both highly individuated from the whole of society. And they have these commonalities; let’s say, family values. They stay in connected though they are worlds apart. This importance of this was instilled in them as children?

    My point is, both of these people are unique pieces of a giant whole. To make them stand next to each other and pretend to be the same is pretty much an unimaginable horror. This is not what they were designed to do!

    So take this scenario and multiply it billions of times over. This is the state of our world at this time, in my mind. The losses are incalculable.

  4. I love that quote. The subculture I am from are children of the Military. Military Brats. When you move 10 times before you are 18 – and living on military bases- the prime directive is to fit in. Period. It is about survival. However, when your dad gets out and you move to civilian life, you are forever different from the civilian population. Always an outsider. You cannot live in 10 places before you are 18, including overseas, and not have your mind opened. We are called 3rd culture kids by various researchers. However, a military brat always knows another military brat – and when you run into one – it is like going home. This group has a strong mars and uranus signature.

    Your post makes sense.

  5. With the awful pandemic and its multitude of affect, plus the horrifying state in eastern Europe, I do wonder if a portion of the human race is falling in line as a possible subconscious, survival mechanism. Now I tell myself, ‘this too shall pass’, but will it?! (Aries w Sag rising, Uranus and Pluto in the 8th, Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th)

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