Saturn Square Uranus For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius In 2nd Half Of 2022

bullfighterPluto in Capricorn sees structures of all kinds, collapsing. Meanwhile, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus have been squared off since January of 2021.  The square is weak at this time but it won’t stay that way.

I decided to write this because, frankly, I’m astounded by the fixity of the Fixed signs. I know that sounds stupid but I’m just telling you what I see. Hella stubborn and I don’t even talk that way!

Now I’m not talking about everyone of every Fixed sign on the planet. Maybe you’re Fixed and on the move but a lot of your people are not. Oak cabinets (Taurus) don’t go flyin’, right? I’m not so sure this will be the case come, August, September, October, through the end of the year.

If you have planets in the early degrees of Fixed signs, I’m sure you’ve experienced change. This is primarily for the people with planets between 15-29 degrees Fixed who may be in a haze with the planets in Pisces.

Current the square between Saturn and Uranus is 9 degrees apart. This can be ignored. In the near term, the gap will increase to 10 degrees but then what?

Saturn will turn retrograde at 25 degrees Aquarius on June 3rd. Uranus will be direct at 16 degrees. At this point the square will begin to close.

By the beginning of July the square will be 7 degrees apart.
By the beginning of August, we’ll be a 4 degrees apart. At this point, we’re all going to notice!

This square peaks in October at 18 degrees but the planets remain squared off until the end of the year. December 31st, the square is 7 degrees apart. You can see how this comes in (like a cold front, most likely), peaks and then recedes.

I don’t think this is going to be pleasant. I’ve come to this conclusion because of the extreme Fix-ness, I see all around me. I want to be clear, I am not dogging the Fixed signs. Pretty much everyone in my life is Fixed. These people anchor my life and always have. But this is why I see this – I have a front row seat.

As for what to expect, it’s the structure of your life that will change; dramatically, in most cases.  If you’re in the group, I really feel I cracked the code on this square. I shared my idea in a very short video – Getting Great Results With Saturn Square Uranus.

This is just not the kind of storm you can ride out. It’s as if an UPDATE is MANDATED.

For the record, 13-28 degrees will catch the bulk of this.

Whose got planets in the mid to late degrees of Fixed signs?  Is there something you’re trying to resist?


Saturn Square Uranus For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius In 2nd Half Of 2022 — 17 Comments

  1. Yes, this is me and my Scorpio stellium! And my Leo partner, and our Aqua son! We’ve got a tough time ahead of us, and we’ve all got very (separate) solid ideas about what we want and where we’re going. What I’m trying to do at this time is embody my Libra Sun and diplomatically guide us all to a place we can agree on. Ugh!

  2. This is a trip. I just had a client in this group, not get a job she wanted.
    This was reversed by the time I finished writing for her!

    ha ha ha.

  3. “These people anchor my life and always have” This is one of the nicer statements I’ve heard about people strong on fixed signs, thank you!
    Scorpio stellium, some of it squared Aquarius. I’m often heartily sick of my own fixity but by now I know my own patterns quite well and just have to accept it.

  4. Things are changing for me so rapidly that I just go with it.

    I wasn’t happy with all the jobs I had over the past two years. That was my resisting point. I’ve finally settled in somewhere, and… I may move. 😤😤😤

    Going in the direction of the rapids seems odd for Sun/Mars conjunct in the mid degrees of Leo, but I have stelliums in Virgo and Libra.

  5. This post came in handy. I am half, half and a tiny bit. Half fixed, half cardinal. And a tiny bit mutable/2 planets.

  6. This sounds really stressful. I have 22degree Sun in Scorpio as well as 27 degree ASC so something regarding my ego and how I see myself may be due for in upgrade.

    What have I been resisting? Doing my PT exercises. Facing my limits as a person. Getting Therapy for family issues.

  7. 3 planets in Leon within those degrees and 2 in Scorpio within those degrees.
    In fact, looking for ward to change as I feel my life has become “fixed”. Not resisting anything. I have always floated along the river of life. 12th house and 3rd house involved, so anticipating more necessary inner changes and changes in how I communicate and relate.

  8. Virtually every day now, I am hearing devastating things from the fixed signs – one has lost his son in a motorcycle accident, and was there when it happened, one has lost the sight in his eye due to a surgeon that has since gone on the run, one has just found out his wife is cheating…. no one is being spared this, by the looks of it and I’m wondering how long we can all hold on.

  9. Taurus sun ,Leo Ascendant
    Degree’s are all 1-15*
    I am already feeling like I m sitting on the wing of a Boeing 747,with all 4 engine’s on Full Thrust.

    Feeling this strongly

    I don’t want to take off
    I know I have no choice.
    Basically i m Fxxxxx

    • Gosh I hope not. We share the same sun and ascendant signs, very close by degree as well. I’m definitely in the muck of this with you! I’m hoping however we end up reinventing ourselves, that it’s ultimately for the best.
      There’s a saying that comes to mind, you can deal with fear by F**k Everything And Run, or…Face Everything And Rise. I’m hoping to do the latter.

  10. Mars in Scorpio 22. Today I am clueless. Having Mars Scorpio .. that’s my energy source, depth and intensity. Combined with being Cancer rising…. I’m all pincers! Searching for the next grab onto.

  11. Scorpio stellium Mercury 11, Saturn 14: Venus 18, Sun 29.
    Mars in Aquarius 21, Pluto 26, Taurus Asc 24.
    Actually, this is a Grand Cross, never any fun! I especially don’t like it when my Pluto takes a hit at the bottom of the chart. Heck, I don’t even like the monthly moon affecting it…let alone the Saturn conjunct Mars (got hip replacement) squaring Asc and Scorpio planets. Ugh,

  12. “If you don’t like me, just leave.” How many time has that been said to me and I’ve said to the same person for many decades, yet here we still are! This could be the defining moment.

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