Saturn Square Neptune Dealing With A Fluid Reality

Soon, Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces.  The entire collective will be dealing with a reality that’s constantly morphing. Your self esteem or confidence is here… then gone.

People with planets at the early degrees of the mutable signs are already affected by this. I wrote this for a client, yesterday:

“…Let’s say you’re a model, a pro. Some days you feel great. Other days, not so much. You still have to get out there and walk, don’t you?

Work that angle. Feel the fear, the repulsiveness, the confusion, whatever… you still go do your job.

As an example, do you know how I feel when I write this? It doesn’t matter does it? I’m a pro!

Think of this when it’s show time and you think you suck. Too bad, so sad. You wanted this gig. You got it, now perform…”

This aspect will be in effect 2015-2016. People with Saturn transiting their 12th house, Neptune transiting their 10th house, or Saturn and Neptune in aspect are also affected.

If you find yourself struggling to fake it while you make it – I wrote the book on this in advance – Staying Stable As Structures Dissolve. Check it out!

Are you are aware of something eroding in your life? Loss of control?


Saturn Square Neptune Dealing With A Fluid Reality — 18 Comments

  1. Reality is always fluid. People just mosty don’t notice it, because it is usually changing slower for them. That gives them time to adjust without thinking about it.

    • I agree. But I think Saturn sq Neptune is going to throw people for a loop. I’m sure of it, because it’s already happening.
      Half my clients at this time, are dealing with this in some form. It’s going to be the next big thing, post Uranus Pluto.

  2. This saturn will be conjuncting my 6º12′ Sun and 3º03′ North Node Sagittarius, in 12th house. I’m seriously thinking abt getting a consultation with you!. It’s been a long time since I havent seem any good news, and I still can’t see any. Soon this saturn will square my midheaven, which is inconjunct with my natal saturn.

    (this same saturn was squaring my natal saturn at 26º28 Aquarius and conjuncting my 25º51 Pluto in Scorpio. I thought that after this, I was going to have a moment of relief haha dumb me).

  3. yeah ok, just my Sun, my Moon, my Mars, my Saturn, my Pluto….. 0_o

    (And, yes, feeling this. And, yes, hauling onward while feeling it.)

  4. Q: “Are you are aware of something eroding in your life?”
    A: My muscles. My bones & joints. My fingernail quality for no apparent reason. My prime/best years of my life, which are all to waste, thanks to Kleptocrats trying to control my life.
    Q: “Loss of control?”
    A: Yes. Kleptocrats are continuously stealing, and trying to steal all of my rights, and control of my life.

    I’m continuously making improvements in my diet.
    The truly difficult one is exercise.

    And, Kleptocrats are out of control, because this is a Kleptocracy, so… The rest of us simply have little-to-no control because we are imposed upon so much that our own self-control means nothing. Our lives all depend upon things out of our control, controlled by Kleptocrats, whom use that position to use & abuse us.
    It’s nigh impossible for me to meet anyone I’d like to meet, because they control everything online, and there’s no such thing as a way to meet people not in a work-place, school, church, or somewhere full of drugs & predators. The few existing alternatives are only for the rich, the Kleptocrats. This entire society is anti-marriage, and anti-family. It’s a MIRACLE to meet someone compatible if you’re not common/average in your immediate area.
    Look at city planning set ups. And, look how adults meeting other adults has been shoved into places that are the obvious hunting grounds of predators, where you’re then supposed to adopt a rape culture, drug culture way of things instead of find love, and happiness.
    The few websites for meeting other adults not as bad as going to a bar, or a club? They’re run by Kleptocratic trash who rig what sort of matches can turn up, such as race-restricting it over their personal racist views. I’m glad I don’t give a penny to these sites, because they’re all about either NAZIism, or rape & drug culture.
    And, any site NOT like that? Well, it’s just plain obscure, useless, and full of the same predators, racists, and bot-accounts as the other sites are full of.

    It’ll take a miracle for me to so much as make a new friend, let alone to get a boyfriend.
    It’s no longer an option.
    Everything that existed to do so has either been taken away, or corrupted.

    • I think you may want to talk to a therapist or pastor, even a doctor about some anti depressants, your negativity, anger and judgemental, restricted view of the world seems to be doing nothing but making you lonely and miserable. there are wrongs in the world but it’s not all bad. in looking for a compatible boyfriend, reread your post and ask yourself if you were a man would you want to date you? what light,positivity or goodness are you putting out that would make anyone want to talk to you, be around you much less be in a relationship with you? Just trying to shed a little light and perspective your way. lighten up, wishing you good luck. it’s really not that bad, you’re scaring yourself.

  5. “Your self esteem or confidence is here… then gone.”

    Yup! I’m massage therapist, single mom and medical biller. My confidence has always struggled. The last few months I’ve felt like I was finally kicking but. Believing in myself. Yesterday I got my first negative review. No comments just “no I wouldn’t recommend to a friend” WHAT? WHY? What did I do wrong? Was it the pressure? Did I talk to much? To little? Not enough lotion? To much lotion? Did I forget to do an area they requested?
    And I’ll never know. It tore me up. Then Gemini boy reminded me we can’t always make EVERYBODY happy. That we never know what’s happening in a persons life that they put onto us. He’s right and I have to let it go or it WILL effect treatment of clients in the future and my health.
    My Neptune has been being squared by Neptune from the 10th. Now saturns moving in to conj in sag in the 7th

  6. Iggy Pop gave an emotive and inspirational lecture in the UK recently. He said ‘Be yourself and just keep going’ and ‘Diversify!’ He knows about survival at 75. Deep respect.

  7. Saturn is pulling away now from my natal Neptune in the 1st. Not sure if I feel better yet, but my life is morphing into something else. It’s like picking through all my old personas and choosing the bits that have the most promise and future sustainability. But there is an element of hanging in there, both financially and in other ways. It feels like being a new baby bird sitting on a cliff edge.

  8. Hi Elsa–I hope you’re feeling better and that family are all well.

    Just a question–how come we’re already feeling Saturn in Sag so much more than we usually feel the next thing coming alone? Is it because of the Neptune square–Neptune aspects always a little messy. Or is this analogous to the extra wide orb we allow for Jupiter aspects, because there’s just more expansion as part of the 9th sign’s nature (and its ruling planet’s nature)?

  9. have sun @ 5 degree Gemini opp Saturn @ 6 degree Sagi natally present. Last year I had to go through Transiting Neptune square my sun and now this and next year I have to experience Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Saturn which will not only square transiting Neptune but also opposite my natal sun.. Oh boi its gonna be a very busy year!!

  10. Not only do I not have the strength to fake it right now, I’m not present on the stage to fake it. I’m sure the colleagues are wondering what happened. But it seems like a universal blockade keeping me from some situations, some people, and some ideologies. I stare at reality in its eyes, like I got this, then a completely new paradigm shifts, and I’m left standing in the rain in my underwear, like it was cool last year. Sometimes two weeks ago was last year, and it’s like I travel light-years in two days. Then how do I explain this to people who see the same face all the time? In my head is not only a sci fi epic poem, the plot could change completely in a sudden… tsk tsk

  11. Neptune is transiting my 8th and has been squaring my moon in the 10th for, like, ever now. (It’s moving out of orb but still…) And now it’s begun its opposition to my Saturn in the 1st. Can you imagine how painful that is both financially and emotionally?? (especially with Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th for the past 3 years. I’ve been a freaking basket case… ???

    Everything I thought I knew has pretty much played out in contradiction to it. ? But I learned a valuable lesson– the only way to cope is to control what I *can* control. My response to everything dissolving or is going up in flames is releasing my attachment to possessions and ideas and unfulfilled dreams. We own nothing. Not even our bodies. So to obsessively worry about it is a moot cause. That was very freeing! (And very Piscean ?)

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