Saturn Return In Scorpio

Some perspective on one gal’s Saturn return in Scorpio:

“…Think about this is a big picture, a Saturn cycle – 29 years. One day you’ll look back at this time when you were lonely, and you’ll realize all that it taught you. You simply can’t grow and evolve without pain and lonely times. You are also on a process of defining your wishes, hopes and dreams and if you don’t like the current situation, what it tells you is that this ain’t it! You have to know that in order to switch gears, see? So you are on track here…”

Are you having your Saturn return? Can you see the big picture here?


Saturn Return In Scorpio — 12 Comments

  1. I have Saturn in Scorpio in my first house. So I thinking back of 29 years ago, and it was a time of transformation, I got married, bought a house and was a completely different person. This time my husband has cancer and we are going through another transformation. It is all inward for me and I am evaluating a lot in my life.

  2. Hey Elsa and all!
    Yes this is my first SR and I’ve been feeling the mometum up until October, little hints if anything. Now that we are actually in Saturn in Scorpio, it is becoming more intense. My Natal Saturn is retrograde in the 4th house and talk about issues with me losing the last bit of patience with old familial structures. Saturn isn’t really bringing me anything new per se but urging me, I think to move on and evolve. If looking at my solar chart Saturn in Scorpio would be in my 8th house and yes I am seeing how the beliefs I have surrounding my nurturing, weak structures from my upbringing, and other junk I never addressed from my childhood impacts intimacy. Am I lonely and frustrated sure BUT 2011-2012 have just reaffirmed that I’d rather be solo thsn with someone not reciprocating or healthy to be with.

  3. I’m having my Saturn opposition now. And, yes, definitely feeling the need to structure and work hard at creating my new career in Illustration (5th house transit). The big picture is becoming more clear, but the steps are still a little fuzzy. Like a good goat, I’m putting my head down and pushing forward.

  4. Oh, carol, I’m so sorry you guys have to deal with that right now. Stay strong, it sounds like you have a good foundation.

    @Cassandra – Yes! You’re on the right track. I went through a lot of those same issues, and am finally getting things in order, including relationships.

    Saturn in Scorp peoples: hang in there, and listen to Elsa. She knows what she’s talking about.

  5. I really enjoy Elsa’s advice and info. Thanks Elsa!
    My Saturn is within Scorpio, in the 8th house. I’m only 28, so I have no idea what it’s like to have Saturn in Scorpio, since I was only 1 when it happened.
    I’m currently in-between jobs. Should hear some news within the next 2 weeks or so, I hope. My savings are decreasing by the week.

  6. My Saturn is at 0 Scorpio. This is my first SR. The big picture is showing me that fear is the antithesis of love. To love is to be brave. To be brave is to choose love.

  7. First Saturn return. I feel personally that Saturn in Libra (the sign of my sun, Merc & Pluto) was much harsher so far. I have planets in the 8th so deep, dark Scorpio energy suits me. I love to explore the subconscious.

    Am feeling the pressure to evolve, travel, check things off my bucket list while I still have youthful energy.

  8. I feel like my current situation (saturn 0 degrees scorpio) has been meeting me half way.
    I feel it incumbent that I cultivate tolerance toward those behind the scenes aspects of life that I would rather take for granted: taxes, budgeting, general organization: sweeping the floor etc.
    As long as I am willing to serve the environment people become more accepting of my (Uranus-conjuct-Sun) nature. Taking the initiative to ensure the garbage is taken, the dishes are done and my rooms tidy opens the threshold of creative potential: Artwork has returned to encourage the muses, excerisize the daemon, slay the dragon and make me dance.
    Maybe it can make me a little extra money on the side.

  9. My saturn is at 2 deg scorpio, so i don’t see the big picture yet. What I did notice is that his natal position in my chart was more pronounced – opposite mars and mercury, and conjunct pluto – since I’ve never been as blocked and passive as I have in the last few months. And then the effect passed, and now I’m doing things again 🙂

  10. saturn at 27-28 degrees scorpio. i think i have three months more SR scheduled next yr. so far the strengh it has forced me to cultivate is quite surprising. i feel like a new born flexing my endurance muscle and marveling about it. it was rough but i think i see the big picture now

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