Saturn Return In Sagittarius – Setting BIG Goals

Vintage Sagittarius broochI wrote this for a man who is approaching his Saturn return. He’s trying to get his career sorted and he’s eyeing a gal in one of his classes after having taken some love-knocks…

“…She’s probably interested. Oddly, this is same sort of issue. What kind of man to you want to be? One who carries baggage (I’ve been burned before)? Or one who is able to set such things aside and move forward in a positive manner? Will you be a victim or someone who transcends situations that are disappointing or painful..?”

The Saturn return in Sagittarius is about your BIG goals. It’s about developing and defining your life philosophy.

Do you have Saturn in Sagittarius? How’s it going?


Saturn Return In Sagittarius – Setting BIG Goals — 24 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa – My natal Saturn is at 2 degrees 47 mins Sagittarius and am experiencing my second Saturn return- exact in a few days. My MC is at 6 degrees Sagittarius.
    Well it is going OK. I have been thinking quite seriously and deeply about life, death, my job, spirituality, friendships etc! My father died in April aged 93yrs (before his dementia was bad enough that he would have had to go to aged care) and I am taking on more responsibility for my mother. I am feeling those Saturnian restrictions but am quite happy and accepting of them. Also in the last few months I have a lot more clarity despite Neptune’s transit conjuncting my Ascendant. I have a little more responsibility at work. Thanks for the topic. So far I am finding the second Saturn return easier than the first. How long does the influence last after the conjunction? Best wishes to you and your client 🙂

    • Rosamund, I’m sorry for your loss. You sound on track to me. Saturn will cross your degree this last time…while the period may be heavy, I don’t think you’ll meet anything new…and also the results are in. You’re going to do it…grow up that is. 🙂

      Much love and good luck.

  2. Hi Elsa, I have natal Saturn at 6 Geminii in the 5 hous. Right now Saturn is conjunct my 28 Jupiter in scorpio, and my 0 Neptune in Sag. I am a Sag rising, and I can feel the push to move forward despite my fear. I am currently trying to decipher what is real and what is not in my life and if my ideas will work or not, as I prepare to post my first artical for my Energy Healing business I started. I feel my faith is strong and I feel positive that if I keep moving forward and stay deciplined, I will get my desired outcome in all areas of my life. I feel like I am shedding skin that I did not intentionally put on, in the last 15 years, and starting to feel like my old self again.

  3. I do have Saturn in Sag. I’m still waffling at the moment. I want to make changes but haven’t jumped off the high dive yet. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, but the time doesn’t feel right yet.

    • Timing. No body talks about that much in relationship to old father time, saturn. I’m always like oh crap, it’s time, am I ready for this? Probably not, but here I go.

    • Can’t thank you enough for reminding me of timing. Perspective shift. Venus is going to be progressing to libra. And it is trined by saturn and mars in my natal chart. Very cool. But oh no, I got stuff to get done first. : D Make room.

  4. My second Saturn Return is still a year away since my natal Saturn is at 19 Sag (also square my Sun at 18 Virgo). However, Saturn has been squaring my natal Mercury and Venus/Pluto at 0 and 2 Virgo. The first pass of that was harder, showing me some things in friends’ lives I would have wanted in mine (they’re much more well off than I am, retired, living a life I would have loved) and some limitations in my relationship that I had to come to terms with. But this last pass of Saturn squaring early Virgo planets brought a re-run of the exact same situation and this time around I felt more accepting of myself and my choices as being right for me. And I feel very committed to my relationship. So maybe this is somewhat of a preview of my Saturn Return a year from now. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the future, trying to plan for some financial security (Sun in 2nd house) for my later years, thinking about how long I can/want/need to work, etc.

  5. Saturn at 8 Sag, so here it comes. I feel nebuloucom pretty much, nothing, disconnected, tired. Virgo Sun. Aware I am just back at the mouth of the cave, used, people boldly wanting more and waiting to take and pretending it is normal to rob those you “love”….but seeing the nonsense for what it is and users for what they are. Quietly planning an escape. Tired of being nice and used and the whole selfless service garbage. Coping by going dead in side until i find my map. Saturn and moon in Sag.

  6. Saturn is transiting my 5th house. I have been in a loving relationship for over 5 yrs. and we are very happy but due to circumstances I live alone.

    I recently met a man who for some reason has started to intrigue me. I think he feels the same way but is married. We live close by and I visited his home and have befriended his spouse. I can understand why he may be lonely. He is much older than I am and I have been pretending to not flirt while doing whatever I can to be attractive and kind.

    I think about my partner and how I never want to hurt him, nor would I ever want to hurt this intriguing man’s wife. Fortunately I have learned in my advanced years not to rock the boat and not to gamble with hearts and minds. I sense alot of pent up lust in this man but he comes across as very Saturn, very disciplined and quiet on the surface but a raging inferno inside. Exactly the type of man I find myself very attracted to as I have Saturn in Aquarius in the 8th house.

    I just told myself none of us is going anywhere and to just enjoy the ride without rocking the boat.

  7. Having my Saturn return exact today in Sag in the 3rd house feeling good about my self in the future thou I have more responsibility I have to cope with on this second return. Did like a 180 change in my life this year but a good change that I can cope with !!

  8. My natal Saturn is at 6 degree Sag at the very end of 12th house (technically on asc) which is opposing my sun @ 6 Gemini (end of 6th house), also my Lilith conjunct my desc @ 7 degree Gemini. So my first Saturn return which is about hit my natal sun and Lilith. I have gone through life lessons in the past few yrs (had transiting pluto conjunct Neptune – I literally killed my dreams it was horrible, transiting Neptune is squaring both my natal sun and Saturn which is about to end). So yeah lets see how this one rolls for me

  9. Yes!!! I relate!!

    Saturn at 4 degrees Sag. Also considered myself “unlucky in love”.
    I’ve realised in the common denominator in every situation and it’s time for an attitude shift if I want to part of a healthy, mature, enriching partnership, which I do. A question I asked myself the other day – how do I become the kind of woman that the man I desire would want?

    I’ve also been questioning goals in the other areas of my life and working out how best I can “play big”.

    I’m loving my Saturn return so far! ? (Then again, Saturn and I have always been friends…Neptune on the other hand… ?)

  10. Yeah I’ve got Saturn at 7 degrees Sag in the 3rd house. Its my first Saturn return. So far it hasn’t been that dramatic. I guess it helps that its in the 3rd house, which leaves less ways for Saturn to completely screw with my life (as opposed to the 2nd or 4th house). Saturn has been conjunct my Mars for awhile now, which is at 28 degrees Scorpio. Which is like trying to run when you’re knee-deep in mud. But I have this natally… although in a wider conjunction so its just a little bit more difficult than what I experience on the daily.

  11. Lool… That sounds like me. I’m eyeing someone, they may be eyeing me too and trying to get my career sorted. And my Saturn return is in December.

    I don’t want to be a person of baggage but someone who doesn’t have it. It’s hard. Rejection is a bitch and failing in my current career isn’t an option either. Pressure. So much pressure.

  12. I have Saturn at 8 degrees Sagittarius in the 5th house. This is my first Saturn return. Since Saturn moved into Sagittarius the first time I have definitely been pushed to take my responsibilities as a parent a lot more seriously. I had to move my daughter and I into a new safer environment, finally managing to land a place of our own several months later. My own mother passed suddenly shortly after we left. Just before she passed I made the decision to quit my job to go back to school and finish my fine arts degree because I finally realized that I need to be creating in order to be happy. I hope I’m not being naive but I feel like despite the recent hard times, I am in a much better place right now. School is going very well and I am very happy. I also started looking at relationships differently and this has been extremely positive!

  13. Christmas Day Saturn will be on my Sun, and New Year’s Day it will be on my Moon and my Saturn 🙂 And then in February it will be squaring my Jupiter. And then next summer it will square and conjunct all those planets again! And then again in the fall! And then it will conjunct my Uranus and I just CAN NOT WAIT for Saturn to start hitting my planets. I am so freaking ready. I have all this energy bubbling up in anticipation. Saturn is squaring my Mars at 3 Pisces right now, so I have all that “I want to move NOW but I’m restricted” energy. Its a productive transit in a boring, responsible way.

    I want to be more adult so badly. I want to be completely independent. I’m staying at my parent’s house this fall so that’s not good. I’m 28yrs old, I’m too old to move back in with my parents. I’m also too old to live paycheck to paycheck anymore. And too old to suck at paying bills. I’m too old to be an irresponsible 20-something kid. I really want to have my shit together at least a little by the time I’m 30.

    I’m moving to China this winter 🙂 For a year. I’ll be on my own again, with a full time job, with a place to live, and I won’t be leeching off my parents. I’ll be fulfilling my Saturn needs AND my Sagittarius needs together. Maybe I’ll even make my job in China into a career – who knows? The job fits my MC to a tee!

    I feel tired of bouncing around with no direction. Don’t get me wrong, it was an AWESOME way to spend my 20s for the most part. I did a lot of stuff and sampled tons of things. But its time to get on a track and stick with something, and build up and climb up. All through my 20s I’ve kept starting over. New jobs, new schools, new majors, etc. You know what happens when you always start over? You never get a raise and you never get better at anything.

    • Amen. I think I know what you mean, Nymzie….. I just had my Saturn Return. Sometimes the adventure comes with staying and committing, as well. 🙂 After a crazy messed up set of jobs and non-jobs, and then getting my shit together, some parts of my life have become more boring admittedly, (so be ready for that)… but other parts have become more awesome because of what I let go… Bon voyage 🙂

  14. Hello friends!
    It’s my first saturn return, in saggitarious, I’m 29.
    And today it is EXACT!
    I’VE been thinking a lot about my life and future and made a decision to have big changes.
    Few weeks ago I thought about joining the navy, and today with the exact conjunction , I called the office and scheduled my test with the navy! This is a huge step, a huge change and definitely BIG plans in style of saggitarious.
    I hope it is right. It feels right.
    It’s gonna change everything and answer all my questions…
    God help me! I haven been so excited about anything in my life, even 2 marriages didn’t do the same for me,,,

    I’ll appreciate your comments

  15. my partners saturn returnn is in the 2nd house, his ascendant is in scorpio, we separated in 20212 when saturn ws in scorpio due too possessive issues n he withdrew within big time no communication so i gave him is space. he has now started too talk too me but am apprehensive,dont wnt too get too close to him at this stage, he met a gal on line dated her but, has said its over,this is 1 cautious aries asc, moon gem, sun leo, seems like FIRE N ICE ALL OVER AGAIN. HAAAAAA

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