Saturn Return In Capricorn

I started writing my Saturn transit through Capricorn workshop today. I never know how I’m going to produce these classes, but I always get them done.  Each workshop challenges in it’s own way. satori contributes but she also edits my writing. 

satori has a Capricorn moon. She judges! Invariably I wonder if I am messing things up. She’s always taken by how good the workshops are. I’m always relieved to hear this because I tend to make large promises. I must deliver or else!

So I started today and I so happy because the writing is coming really well. I planned to write an intro and then cover various (everything) while working with the charts. But rather than get into the charts right away, or to weave this stuff in; I decided the 2nd part would address the Saturn return in Capricorn, specifically; be it your first or your second.

I can do this because while it serves the people who have Saturn in Capricorn, it also serves the larger group because of the purity of the situation, but also because people in the class may know (or encounter) someone having their Saturn return. They’ll be able to help them.

This workshop is supposed to be comprehensive so I would have gotten to this somehow. I’d have weaved it in.  But I’ve done it this way instead.

Calling all people with Saturn in Capricorn. Buy the workshop. It will pay off in spades, I have no doubt about that!  It’s a chance to head into this confidence instead of fear. Get Ready To Get Real


Saturn Return In Capricorn — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa, there are so many who know exactly what you are speaking and writing about and can make an informed decision about what to purchase. And then there are those like me who barely know what our sun sign is. It sounds like this would be WAAAY over my head-on I’m still a toddler, barely able to make babbling noises…do you have some tips about how to become better educated?

  2. Alright, I’ll join. My Saturn return is next year. I really need to ace this thing, though, so I plan to participate heavily and take notes.

  3. Mars at 28 Sag
    Saturn at 0 Cap
    Uranus at 0 Cap
    Neptune at 9 Cap
    Moon square it all at 01 Aries

    Life’s about to get very interesting 😉

  4. Saturn return at 28° Cappy coming up in my 12th house… Plus the freaky conjunction with transiting Pluto! All connected to my natal Sun by an exact quincunx.It seems like more than I can handle! I’ll probably need all the help I can get.

  5. im woried im unnecessarily concerned regarding saturn conjunct pluto in my 7th house it also opposing my natal in cancer in the first.
    is this as hard as the [saturn]return given all the capricorn business lining up and especially as it will be squaring libra stellium in 3rd/4th & chiron in 10th??? :>?

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