Saturn Retrograde In Libra: Reviewing Your Alliances With Others

Saturn is retrograde in Libra conjunct my natal Mercury in the 9th so it makes sense I’d think and write and publish on the topic.  Besides the fact I am Saturn-ruled, I am just plain interested in relationships.

With Saturn retrograde, this is a good time to review your relationships and various alliances with other people.  It hit me hard today, working to maintain relationships with everyone under the sun is just plain stupid.

It was my husband who told me once, the only people who matter are those who stick with you. I can’t see that he’s wrong, can you?

My intention at this point is to not waste one minute of my time on people who don’t like or appreciate me. This ought to give me an hour a day back at least, which I can then invest in people who do like and appreciate me.

I have lifelong friendships, 30 years plus. I have other friendships that span 10 years. I can’t remember the names of the people who did not stick with me throughout the years and that says it all.

I am currently making new friends, or trying to. If you don’t want to be one of them, please understand when I pay you no mind.


Saturn Retrograde In Libra: Reviewing Your Alliances With Others — 16 Comments

  1. I, too, am very interested in relationships and am allowing Saturn in Libra to guide and teach me.
    The deal with wasting energy with people who do not like/care for me was worse when I was younger. I would see someone with qualities that I admired and wished I had for myself. Subconsciously, I would begin to mimic them..almost like I would morph to their personality and try to “fit in.” It took me a long time to recognize this. And, i still catch myself doing it every now and then but am quick to recognize and cut it off. I still have that secret desire tho..I see a strong confident in your face woman and I think, wow, I want to hang out with her and then I just try..really..too dang hard to win them over. Never works..and I speak from recent, very recent, experience.

    But, I’m glad I do recognize now, so that I can invest more energy into people that “get” me and like/love/care about me just because I’m me. And believe me, that number is very very few.

  2. ‘This ought to give me an hour a day back at least, which I can then invest in people who do like and appreciate me.’

    This made me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

  3. Ha ha, opal. This blog gives me broad exposure with brings consequences. I do know I am very satisfied with with the new alliances… my woman’s club, the gal who is editing the newsletter now, several women in the class I am taking and it just makes sense to drop one thing for the other.

    I’m bored, too so that’s another reason. It’s just not interesting.

  4. It is stupid, and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t remove myself from the company of a few people, before things got worse. In the past, I’ve just walked.

    Now I’ve got a new, nasty surprise with someone. I need a few more healthy relationships – right here, not long-distance – and a healthy relationship with a man. I can’t take much more of this.

  5. “My intention at this point is to not waste one minute of my time on people who don’t like or appreciate me.” this is a very worthy intention. i think i will try to adopt it.

  6. It’s just something so simple about when you do the sums, and realise, hey, look at this time that could bring be bringing joy, instead of angst….it lit me up:)

  7. I am lucky to have wonderful, loving people in my personal life. Some relationships span 10 – 40 years. Deep and lasting friendship takes time, it’s not a quick fix. A first meeting may begin as fun and friendly but inevitably someone will experience a loss of some sort. It might be illness, a move, death or divorce that enters the picture and that’s when you can count your real friends or be counted as a friend yourself. Room must be made for healing and change in friendship. Saturn teaches boundaries and in Libra, appropriate use within our relationships. The first relationship is to ourselves. We might notice how much time and attention we provide for ourselves on any given day. A long bath, meditation, a walk in the woods and good food can nurture the body and refresh the spirit. I’m a much better friend to others when I’ve invested in my own company. Sometimes it’s confronting and other times, a pleasant surprise! I like to take myself on a date to the movies; back row, popcorn with brewers yeast. It’s amazing what a lift I get and how much more available I am to others afterward.

  8. Not one more minute. It’s such great advice, and with the very recent practice I’ve had I believe I’m gonna, like Dixie said, “try to adopt it”, too.

    Thanks once again, Elsa.:)

  9. I can completely relate to this. I am going myself through a period where I feel a strong need to sort, still.

    Personally, I also find that we all have limited amount of energy, and of ourselves to give. So might as well give it and invest it in Win-Win relationships 🙂

    And I’ve always been a fan of quality over quantity. It’s just so much more satisfying when I do three, ten or so things with all my heart rather than attempt to do 100 and feel absolutely scattered and as if I keep delivering a bootleg version of myself! -_-

  10. @ Kim – Thanks! With lots of Neptune in my chart, boundaries aren’t always easy for me. I can give to others what is hard to offer myself. Sometimes I still over compensate, but hope to get the lesson this time around at my second Saturn return. It’s been a long learning journey, but worth every “fall on my face” moment. 🙂

  11. Transit Saturn is in my 9th too Elsa, but as I have Pluto transiting my 11th house, I have it difficult at recognizing which is the aspect that is affecting me the most. Felling a lot as you describe.

  12. For several years, holidays have been the worst. Feeling obligated to spend time with my nasty stepmother, and my sisters weirdo husband. My bf would always point out, “everytime you come home from going there you’re so upset and depressed for like the next two weeks.” This year, I just said “fuck it.” I’m not going. I love Christmas, but it always end in misery. I had to explain to my sister – the self-appointed matriarch (libra sun, in the the fourth, libra moon in the fourth, cancer rising)- that it’s become pointless to subject myself to people who never make me feel good, but actually make me feel like shit everytime I’m around them. I don’t want to live like that anymore, life is too short. This is now their problem.

    So I didn’t go to my dad’s Christmas, and my sister is now divorced, so that turd husband of hers wasn’t at our mothers family Christmas. And it was wonderful. I had a great time with my family. I could relax and be myself and not have to plan out things to say ahead of time for the topics my stepmother would bring up to make me feel worthless. It was a great experience and I now feel closer to everyone else in the family. It’s nice because I also have stopped associating my entire family with these feelings, which, in the past, has led me to somewhat alienate them. Chuck the shit people the eff out of your life. Anyone who regularly gives you grief should go. Your quality of life with sky rocket.

  13. Cherie, I finally get it. I will no longer give to others what is hard to give to myself. No more! My saturn is in aries retrograde 7 house. Wow what a journey of 27 years of hard lessons. Thanks to saturn in libra i get it.

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