Saturn & Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn – April, 2019: Falling Back

Ignatius of AntiochPluto will turn retrograde on April 24th at 23 degrees Capricorn. Think about falling back, for real and deeply.

That sentence is awkward on purpose. Here you are slogging through the mud, you may even be stuck something more akin to a sewer. Now you’re supposed to fall back into it?  There is nothing comfortable about it.

Less than a week later, on April 29th, Saturn will turn retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn. If you thought you were going to be able to stand your ground, this will be the “two” in the one-two punch. Many people will be knocked down.

This reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s quote, “If you’re falling, dive.”  But when I read that quote, I think of some graceful swan dive. In this case, we’re talking about something a lot more gritty and dark.

If you have Capricorn in your chart, you’re probably familiar with the concept of being “punch-drunk”. It’s the point where you’ve been hit so many times, you can’t feel it anymore. I have a lot of experience with this, both literal and figurative. When it happens to me today, I dive in one way or the. I leave the damned ring at my earliest opportunity!

Now that I have sufficiently scared everyone, let me state clear, I am Saturn-Positive!  Once you’ve hit the deck, either by your own action or in reaction to some blow from the outside, it’s not as if nothing good comes from it. I made this clear with this post:

How To Deal With Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn

As for the dates and such, here you go:

Pluto retrograde on April 24, 2019 @ 23 degrees
Pluto direct on October 3, 2019 @ 20 degrees

Saturn retrograde on April 29th, 2019 @ 20 degrees
Saturn direct on September 18th, 2019 @ 13 degrees

I recommend, you focus on Saturn because the issues that arise under Saturn transits are generally something you can control in some way, to at least some degree.

If you have planets in Cardinal signs between 12 – 25 degrees, you’ll be most affected.

I’m one of these people. You?

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Saturn & Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn – April, 2019: Falling Back — 43 Comments

  1. Libra 21
    Jupiter 13
    On one level I’m so tired of the s*it kickin’

    On another I’m grateful, as I know this is soul weightlifting ?️‍♀️ time and I’m building good muscle tone for assisting my son. & for students of all institutions and life experiences I may encounter, including the ever evolving student at the Center of ‘my’ existence.

    Yet another level – must be the Pisces effect: reminds me of doing ‘cid as a Youth when I remained aware the walls weren’t really breathing and I could witness the trip without deep fear, all the while learning about the power of perception.

    • Eeep. 4th house Libra 21 Sun
      Jupiter 13 Aries 10th house

      The Pluto Saturn action all up in my 6th house of daily living and work and health.

      • Been thinking a lot about 6th house matters – which always come off as so boring. As mindfulness requires attention to the here and now – I’m realizing how essential this Saturn Pluto (and in 2020 Jupiter) process is in this life I’ve got going on. 🙂

        Interesting that Virgo Moon contemplation came up too – Virgo being the 6th house in the origin chart. It is my 3rd house of early education (teaching grade 6 now), brothers and sisters and neighbours – definitely getting some lessons on that score and communication (being the Gemini house).

        Love Astrology – it is just so darn helpful for processing one’s life.

        • Teeceedee7, I feel you! Between 2009 and 2016 my Libra stellium got bludgeoned by Pluto square and Uranus opposition! Huge losses, one after the other. I thought I couldn’t survive, but for the love and support of family and real friends who believed in me when I lost faith in myself. I can assure you that the strength you mention will carry you through. Now, after ten years, I’m in the light and much wiser looking back. You have the advantage of wisdom going into it. I am sending you love and good wishes!

  2. Thank for good advice, as always. I have Moon in Taurus in 19 degree. And my MC is in 11 degree and Saturn will come close.

  3. The mud allegory !! It’s what I’ve been feeling ?I’m so tired , I feel angry and my energy is off , I would like to be wanted somewhere but lately I feel so heavy and as if I take up the space of a medium heap of dirt , with the smell of sulfur . Even my therapist won’t see me???

    • I know what you feel!
      THE WHOLE LAST PART OF 2018 Saturn was knocking my Libra Moon down + my progressed moon was squaring my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in my 9th house from its progress in the natal 12th house, close to the natal ascendant.

      My energy was so low I was so depressed and tired and exhausted and everything in between. It was a drag and it hurt and you get so numb because life has been playing socker training with your heart.

      It will get better!

    • Sun 5, Jupiter 9, Mercury 15, Mars 23 all in Cap. With Neptune at 15 Libra to add to the confusion. Been under the gun so long I forget what normal feels like.

  4. I simply does fuss about it anymore. Mercury 20° Aries, Mars 20° Libra, Jupiter 26°Cancer. I mean what can I possibly do other than be a decent person?

  5. Rx Saturn and Rx Pluto in my Capricorn 12H will trine my 7H Virgo Mercury, Virgo Venus, and Virgo Juno. I see this as a great time for retooling my personal relationships.

    • I have s similar situation with Pluto transiting my 12h in Capricorn and a Virgo 7h sun 22 degrees
      And mercury in Virgo 7h. My natal Saturn is 22
      Degrees cancer My natal Venus is 19 degrees Leo also in7h. I got married last July with love but my husband has borderline personality disorder and ptsd ftom Viet Nam and life is a roller coaster. I want my marriage to work. Does this Pluto transit indicate s break up?

  6. My Jupiter, Moon and Uranus are in Cancer (2o, 23, and 25 degrees)in
    house 11. Neptune is in Libra, at 23 degrees. Pisces is on the cusp of house 7. Saturn and Pluto going retrograde in house 4.

    I don’t know what awaits me…. I watch it quietly.

  7. I love the possibility that all this Pluto, Saturn, Retrograde, Cap energy might reach a climatic explosion and incinerate everything, me to ashes, leaving me naked and at risk of excruciating death (figuratively). Only so I can recreate me into a new masterpiece filled with passionate vibrant color and excitement. I’m also tempted to hide under the bed till May.

      • I unwittingly launched a Plutonic missile yesterday. I say, what nuclear reactions, actions (aka Karma = South Node in Capricorn = Saturn = Karma) will come my way?? No going back now!

      • Its on my 10th house, squaring my Aries Moon at 1st house and pluto at 7th, opposing my 4th house Mercury and trining my taurus mars at 2nd
        Also sextiles and quincunxes the rest.

  8. Cancer Sun 25´in 8th house – affected for sure – but also scorpio Asc 25´ I am not without power – Saturn Pluto in 2 house

  9. Hello fellow astrology lovers. This Pisces with Cancer rising loves your writings, but now feels that can add something to the debate. With 22Cap Mars in 7house I am observing the Pluto&nodes&Saturn take control and add seriousness all over. My Natal retrograde Uranus in Libra in 5h, witch I love for his creativity, even being so unpredictable, was greatly affected in the past years, surely also by Uranus transit in opp. It brought mostly quick new accuitances. Just by the book and now being in taurus I hope the few but lasting ones will stay and form.
    Saturn so far was tought for me and he IS testing me and all of us again. I respect him greatly. I have it nataly in 12h squaring my virgo Moon in 3h and IC plus 10h Mercury and Venus. Tought one, yeah. The typical loos of the childhood over passing father. When I lost my prematurely born twins, Saturn was over 4h, but transiting 5h it gave me strenght and endurance to try again and now i have 2 healthy girls. Transiting 6h and crazy Neptun, I had chickenpots again in my life ??? after all that I started to laught with the Teacher. Althrough He has no imagionation, He has some film noir kind of humor, if I may use that word ? Sometimes you have to take things literaly with Saturn. He is moving to 8h soon, so I hope all he takes is some money in some lost valet 😉 He always takes something. Like nice skin leaving you with marks from chickenpots. I decided to have no problems with 3 holes on my face, for example. My Venus has integrity after all.
    So till now I can work with Pluto, since his influence in slow and curently nice for 3 decan Pisces. With the Teacher or Punisher or Judge witch could also be said for Saturn you get hard skin and it can get even harder. You sometimes wonder how much, but that makes no sense.
    Plus side is you can live with all that. If you find will to live. Even without answers. You can still breath and be, you find your strenght somewhere, and that is the essence isnt it. If you want to live, you live.
    There is always tomorow for my 12h Dark thoughts to scare me, you know what I mean 🙂
    Love to all

  10. I’m getting a colonoscopy to check for inflammation in my gut on the 30th. Will both planets going retrograde less than a week beforehand be good or bad? They’re in my 1st house.
    I have Mars, Pluto, and the North Node in cardinal signs within the degree range affected, so this affects all my angular houses.

  11. Pluto and Saturn in 12H Cap, retrogrades start right between my natal Sun and Mercury…

    The song “Shake It Out” by Florence and The Machine is a perfect anthem of this transit for me.

  12. 23 Capricorn Midheaven, opposing 25 Cancer Mars in the 4th which conjuncts 26 Cancer Uranus there too. Huge family upheaval and power-plays. 11 Cancer Sun….hoping Saturn doesn’t oppose that again while Rx. I also have a 0 Cap moon in the 8th with Jupiter sneaking up on it, but it too, has gone Rx. These have been very trying times for me, with a death in the family, following by family fighting and power plays over his estate. I’m learning to let it all go. Pluto can have it all.

  13. Saturn return 17 Capricorn 7th House . Would that conjunct Pluto at the moment? Neptune conjunct Mercury 10th House.I have a natal yod with Uranus that I think is being triggered..The pressure is unrelenting at work as is the constant effort to get over it and move forward …. Sometines siideways. Cancer Moon Rising…

  14. Yup. 21 cappy is my DSC, 26 cappy is my NN, squaring this dance from libra is my Uranus at 14 degrees. I think I feel lucky that my 26 & 28 cancer merc & mars are out of the action for the time being (a 1 ring circus vs a 3 ring circus).

  15. How does a Retrograde Saturn manifest if it crosses the return degree? Does it “hit” three times? So close to Pluto has me wondering. Ive been doing the work, sidestepping the drama but have noticed some low level sabotage at work and dealing with self sabotage in my marriage.

  16. Moon 24 in Cap 9th
    Nep 19 in Libra 6th

    Natal moon trines Sun & Asc in late 12th H Taurus & squares Merc & Jup in 12th. Don’t know if I’ve been more focused on Uranus’ transit of Taurus or Pluto & Saturn crowding my natal Moon. However, so far it has been early stages of tectonic shift – husband into forced retirement nearly 3 years, some money risked w adverse consequences, probably moving, getting older, beloved dog just killed, and family member just diagnosed with CA of brain & lung. In ICU tonight w perforated colon, hit or miss for next 24 hrs. His wife died of massive stroke when Uranus entered Taurus last year.

    One thing I remember reading, although I cannot remember if it dealt with Pluto transiting natal moon OR Uranus’ transit of Taurus, is to not hold onto anything too dearly. This may be my new mantra.

  17. First Pluto at 21 Cap squared my natal Pluto at 21 Libra. Now Pluto at 23 Cap is sextiling my natal Uranus at 23 Scorpio. I’m just perennially exhausted to be honest.

  18. Interesting comments of how Saturn and Neptune are effecting people .I count myself lucky this time around ( mercury retro was a little difficult )n regard to myself :-
    Moon 23.03 Virgo , Saturn 22.58 Cancer AC 21.32 Cancer (that could be interesting ) and tailing of Venus 16.58 Cancer
    ( 12 House ) Neptune and Mercury were not a happy pair ,
    I had a few things stolen , teaches non attatchment ,

      • Hello teeceedee,
        Pluto this time skates close to your Moon ,
        For me it does not only come close it breakes through and hangs about for quite a while ,I wonder what will happen ….

  19. Hi, Elsa! Great post! The only planet I have within your specified arc is Mercury at 22 Aries. To be honest, I have noticed a lot of people lately taking (unwarranted) offense at some of my comments. For me, Capricorn is in my 11th House of Friends and Associates, and it has been a LIFE-LONG struggle dealing with friendships. (In my birth chart, Mercury in Aries forms a grand trine with Jupiter/Sag and Mars/Leo!)

  20. Mars in Leo , a lot of fire and I expect courage also ,
    tweeking the Tiger’s tail , often gets a painful response .
    Especially when the Tiger is powerful . good luck ,fight bravely . don’t expect any-one to come to your rescue ,
    They will not , one look at your opponent and they will be on their way

  21. Well, today’s the 24th and here I am wondering what the heck happened all of a sudden. Can’t be everyone else that is wonky, must be me. But then I spoke to someone in my work environment about it and she added more wonk that she has been experiencing. It’s not dangerous (as least not yet), just odd. I have been thinking some about pluto and guilt for a few weeks now for some reason. I suppose projection of guilt might best describe the weirdness.

    Okay so I just can’t take it to heart.

  22. Hello every one ,I read these comments and see how brave people can be .I ame also affected by this transit of Saturn and Pluto My Saturn bumps around in my 1st H. Cancer 22.58 and my Moom in the 3rd at 23.03 Virgo , so the smelly stuff flys by but does not Land on me.Fot me Neptune is a lot mote frustrating , relationships for the past years have been evasivie Neptune was square my Sun 15.55 Gemini 12th.H and now Venus Trine at 16.58 Cancer also 12th H .But the unsettling action is Neptune square Uranus 17.30 12 H.
    It is chaotic , planning is useless, everything falls in a heap , when least expected , my Bank is the worst payments not made ontime into my account then unexpected ammounts turn up the Gov. gives and takes in a shambolic manner ,
    Finances , are crazy , along with women not talking or not talking productively ,Life is full of tricks and bumps hold tight, big mistake . hang loose big mistake hold on with the left hand big mistake, right hand the same answer , let go and hold on to what you think is right ,got it .at last

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