Saturn + Pluto – Power Management

For a client…

“You’re wielding a lot of power and authority and I don’t see any problem at all with this, so long as you have an outlet that’s appropriate. You most definitely need something to run.

As an example, I am also very cardinal. I run my blog, my business…they elected me President of my Woman’s Club. Doing this stuff prevents me from being a monster at home.

Specifically, I would see Pluto transiting your ascendant as power fused to your physical body. When you walk into a room, people are going to know you’re there. Now what are you going to do with this situation?”

Do you have power you’ve got to manage? Tell us about it.


Saturn + Pluto – Power Management — 42 Comments

  1. Yes, I have a cardinal chart. Pluto has transited my Ascendant. I’ve been able to channel it into work and other things but I think I could be doing more with it.

  2. I’m surprised there are not more people weighing in on this. Anyone with Saturn and Pluto in combination has to deal with this. Where are y’all?

  3. I think owning one’s power is hard. Astrology has been freeing for me in that way.

    I have a cardinal chart with an 8th house stellium square Saturn. That is Saturn/Pluto huh? I exercise a lot or become a nightmare. I also channel my anger into my work and try to use it to serve.

  4. I have pluto square saturn in cardinal signs. Cancer rising. Venus in capricorn. Transiting pluto, uranus and saturn = a lot of pressure, I really feel urged to step into my authority. Health issues give me a hard time to get to a point where I feel able to do this, however. Try to give myself some credit for the small steps, however.

  5. I think it can be hard for women because of certain kinds of mannered socialization. I think it’s hard, too, because people aren’t taught to value different types of power — masculine, feminine, yin, yang, etc.

  6. Saturn conj Pluto sextile Moon/Neptune. I painfully learned the only person I have power & control over is myself. Everyone else is off limits and pushing my agenda on others was cause for instant karma.

    More fixed than cardinal by far even with Sun/Moon in Libra.

  7. Saturn is transiting conjunct my Pluto in 12th. Pluto is conjunct my Venus in 2nd, opposing my 9th house Cancer. It’s also playing with my 4th/10th mom/dad axis.

    I’m working on understanding my family dynamics, a thorny topic. I really don’t understand my power regarding this topic. I talked to my Aquarius brother last night. It was good, though he was even more detached and clinical than ever, something I find rather annoying.

    Also, he got off the phone rather abruptly, leading me to think his fiancee came home. I think I have to just accept the fact that I may eventually lose him to the Abyss.

  8. Pluto is transiting my moon and ascendent in Capricorn. It opposes my natal Saturn-Mars-Pluto stellium in the 7th and 8th. I read this post earlier and felt its message. Power management is definitely my major lesson. I am mostly cardinal and fixed, so the lessons are long-lasting.

    Tommorow’s full moon launches a new project where I have placed much of that Cardinal energy. With that Pluto transiting my ascendent (like your client)”fused to my body” is so much the case for me.

    I am reemerging with this new project as a woman who used to be able to do face-to-face ‘step into the room with you’ energy. Now, I must use the internet to spread that ‘in the room energy’. Connecting and ‘selling’ my wares is the challenge.

    Is that Saturn with a time clock on Pluto?

  9. As a Saturn-Pluto and cardinal person, I was born with power to manage. I don’t think I have properly owned it as of yet in my life. I have some Neptune issues in my chart and have maybe tended to feel victimized when I gave my power away. I was not aware that I was giving my power away as I was doing it of course. As a Saturn-Pluto person it is my birthright to manage power. I better drop the fear business and take center stage in my life or else. Can you tell I’m having a Pluto Sun transit? lol It’s shaping me up BIG TIME.

  10. Saturn and Pluto in the first very close to my ASC. Heads turn when I walk into a room, I always worry If I have a booger hanging. Sometimes its hard, but can be nice in some scenarios. I feel like this blog reminds me to use my power wisely. Working on this..

  11. People don’t like to own up to their power bc it gives them “too” much responsibility IMO.

    I have Scorpio (1st h) and Venus and pluto there too and I love power! I’ve done a good job managing it if I do say so myself with the exception of having a powerful personality that is too much for some people. But there is not much I can do about that.

    Filters are my everything. Finding something to run is always the best way for me to go.

    I attract pretty intense personal relationships and I’m currently seeing a way to smooth those out. I think I’ve got something figured out but we shall see.

  12. Hi Elsa,
    I was lurking, seeing what people had to say, but you seem to need people to chip in. I have saturn in the sixth house at 29 degrees Capricorn. I have Pluto in Virgo conjunct my north node in the second house. Sun in Taurus, trine that Saturn. Sun is in the 10th house. Sun is occulted.

    Huge issue for me, and one I am trying to master. Neptune tricky stuff as well.

    Only recently figured out that the purpose of saturn pluto was self-mastery.

    Looking for another job today, trying to take on more responsibility. My current job is coming to an end.

    I would agree with what you are saying. I have not mastered it yet. Working on it.

    I am a manager.

  13. Yes so true. @Kathryn21 “purpose of saturn pluto IS self-mastery,” Cyclical lessons, that either wear ones edges down or create diamonds. I relate to Elsa’s comment that if the energy is channeled out then the monster is not in the house.

  14. It is a legacy, it is an inheritance, and I only recently figured out that it is a responsibility to take this on appropriately. I am still working on it.

  15. Natal square. I just don’t know what to say about that, except that if it is very natural for me to show up and really be there and focussed.

    Perhaps, this aspect is why it seems I am so often under attack. Or told to tone down when I don’t think I’m noisy at all.

    And I’ve become very sensitive to getting cranked up by others. It’s usually to get me to panic over some delusional drama or to start a fight. They really don’t want to see me in that mode, do they?

  16. Wow, you hit the spot with this post. I am a taurus bull sun, capri rising, sagi moon. My Pluto is in my 9th natally conjunct my MH. Saturn is about 5 degrees passed it in the 9th border to 10th H. Pluto is opposing mercury natally. I don’t know. I can’t control my anger sometimes. My husband says something or the other to infuriate me and then I just blow up after a while when I can’t calm myself down. One time, two times, 3 times, boom! I wish I knew how to channel my anger somewhere else. I don’t seem to have good enough outlets. I am not in therapy and trying to find solutions. I talk to my Mom sometimes but I feel guilty to say anything bad about my husband to her. I live with my husband obviously so he is always there. How can I not tell him how I feel? I feel communication is the best way to have a healthy relationship but every time I express myself I am punished or take the wrong way by my husband. It’s horrible and I do not know what to do!

  17. Peacebewithyou: I often tell people with that kind of Pluto opposition they need to be in charge somewhere. Or do research/inverstigfation work. Gotta channel the PLuto intensity (I think that is what Elsa is saying).Or Pluto square Mars: do martial arts, They have power and violence needing an outlet.

    I have Pluto/Jupiter in Leo on MC square Saturn in Scorpio in 1st Square. I always know how things should be done right!!! (really)(also Sag Moon (aeyayay) Miss bossy pants.

    People automatically defer to me. Think I am the boss. I think I am the boss. Authority figures are often triggered by me. I have been told I have big energy. I like to be the boss… but yet I don’t want/like attention. I just like things to be done right!!!!!

    But at the same time I often can’t live up to expectations (my own or others) Chronic illness for years(Saturn Retrograde in 1st) Lot of pressure turned inward onto self.

    All burred by Neptune square Sun and Mars in Pisces. Strange combination. I am a conundrum!!

  18. I have a Saturn/Pluto trine, 9th to 6th. So, it’s come out through work role, but also how my philosophy about life informs the work. W/ the trine, easier to handle responsibility and people who power trip. Doesn’t phase me much. Pluto’s squared my Asc last 1 1/2 years. Forced to take ahold of your life, pushy and aggressive sometimes is okay.

  19. @ Raven “I am a conundrum.” I feel the vibe as well. But am allowing the years of ‘chronic illness’ (12th House Moon being transited by Pluto in Capricorn) to be different thanks to Uranus. This is helpful thread, Thanks Raven.

    @Kathryn21 … you are welcome! Legacies are important to understand; and evolve from.

  20. I have a mars-saturn-pluto conjunction on my Libra ascendant. I’ve been running 3 miles a day for the past few years. With Saturn exactly conjunct my ASC I’ve always been thin, so I look like an ocd exercise freak at the gym since I go almost everyday…but the alternative is destructive city. Also making sure I have alone time is essential. I keep wondering if I have the essence of Pluto but I cant come to a firm conclusion. It seems I should since Pluto is conjunct my ASC and aspects all of my planets and angles except the moon and Jupiter (and Jupiter is in Scorpio 1st house)

    • @Carolina!
      I have exactly the same conjunction in 1st house on ASC.
      Been learning a lot about myself through astrology and learning to own my power in a constructive and positive way
      Pluto suqares my Moon~s Nodes as well..

  21. Thanks Mokihana, I went through the Pluto Moon thing as well a few years ago. That was fucking intense (forgive my language ). Emotional crisis big time.

    And I was thinking of the reference to Pluto/ Asc transit as well. I had that too.
    Elsa you described power fused with the body. In my case it was Pluto death… body broke (car accident) Total death of self, start of years of illness, pain etc. Probably made worse when Pluto hit my Saturn in 1st house shortly thereafter (which is squared my Pluto on MC. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    So basically Pluto hitting Scorpio Asc then Saturn plus squaring natal Pluto.
    I felt annihilated!!

    (luckily I have been slowly being reborn…)

    Upcoming Saturn return in 1 year will square Pluto…oh no here we go again!!!

    @carolinablonde: Holy shit. That’s a powerful combo in gentle loving Libra!! I bet people don’t see it coming! The iron fist in a velvet glove kind of thing?

    Good thing you are doing what you are doing. Martial arts would be great for you as well.

  22. Peace Be With You, does time away help? I’m not doing the co-habitation thing at present, however when I did the only way to survive was parallel lives. It was always a power struggle.

    Taking a class or doing a volunteer or something to find things for myself was the way to keep in touch with myself and maintain strength in spite of the negative battering ram. And I always took weekends away by myself when needed. It’s maintenance.

  23. I have Pluto square Saturn, part of a fix t-square, and I am cardinal. Self-mastery sounds right…

    I don’t know what more to say, though, as I’m still exploring the effects of outer planets in my life.

  24. Sorry am late to the comments as it’s a very good topic. I’ve been buried with family/legacy stuff the last few days and am just wiped.

    The whole (most that I’ve gotten close to their charts for that is) family carries a pluto/saturn signature as do I. Mine is saturn square pluto. Yes, this happens to me. Happens more to my mother, I think the key and it’s something I’ve been learning the hard way and then trying to talk to family members about is it’s about boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Sometimes being “nice” gives off the impression that you’ve no boundaries because you’re being welcoming or helpful.

    That whole serve or suffer come back to bite you in the ass because you never learned that you only serve in the amount you have energy for. (I speak for myself here) A lot of this comes from family lessons for me but then there is the female socialization.

    People want a piece of my husband, repeatedly, he has very few boundaries and is a “nice, easygoing guy”. I work with him to help him spot when this is happening and how to set boundaries so he doesn’t end up in a bad situation going “what do I do now?”

    I have boundaries, more and more as I grow older, thankfully my saturn is conjunct my mars and that allows me to, now, as I grow older to offer what i have energy for in service but to protect myself and get my own reserves back before I can offer more to others. It’s a balancing act and having good boundaries can keep you healthier and allow you to give more than you otherwise would.

    As for the cardinal, I don’t think it plays as much as the boundaries thing. And FYI, when you’re a public figure, as my husband is, then JUST because you are out in public people assume that you have no boundaries and there is nothing held back or hidden. People assume, just look at how we treat celebrities lives. Negotiating that line is difficult, false impressions are easily gotten when the person IS a pubic figure. I watch it happen all the time with my husband. It’s almost comical. But real. And has to be dealt with. It’s all a learning curve if you ask me. 😀

  25. My mom took her own life on Monday, and I know she was battling Saturn and Pluto issues. She was an alcoholic, and I think this Scorpio supermoon had something to do with her inability to deal with her emotional lack of control. When she got to a place where she felt she had no control over others; instead of taking control of herself, she chose to leave…her last attempt at control. I will be responsible for clearing her house, and the only thing I am interested in is finding her birth certificate. I believe she was headed into her second Saturn return (when it moves into Scorpio in Oct.)and was too much to shoulder. Will let you know what I find.

  26. It’s always incredibly neat how astrology can hit things right on the nail. I have pluto conjunct saturn in the first house with pluto conjunct my ascendent. It’s always about power with me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very positive outlets in the past and it’s still waning but moving on to more positive and productive. I wanted power over people and really, we can never control or have power over anyone. Certainly, it was a desire. Nothing positive comes from that. However; in anything I do, I absolutely need the power. I currently live with my mother in law and when I hear a demand coming my way, I cringe. If I was going to do whatever it was, I won’t do it. It has to be from my will, no one else. I dream of having my own business. I find the pluto/sat conjunct are always suspicious. Little random things are don’t like the lights off, always in need to be control.

  27. My natal Pluto is in the most Angular house, {if I remember correctly the 10th house is the most angular of all the angular houses}, and it squares my Sun in the 8th house. Now as a Taurus Sun I’m very easy going. My Ascendant is Libra and that is also very pleasant. But don’t mess with me. LOL.

    My Pluto in the 10th seemed to have jumped out in my life most often when protecting my children from the sort of rot that happens to them if a parent is not aware enough to step in and help them.
    I had to deal with a school Principle once who at first thought he wasn’t going to help protect my child from playground bullies. Well he thought wrong. I had the situation turned around within about 30 seconds because he had underestimated me.
    I suddenly stood up during my meeting with him, slammed my first on the table and yelled that if he wasn’t going to do anything to help my child then he could deal with my husband.
    I then left his office, went and removed my child from the classroom and took him home right in the middle of the school day. And I had my husband call the idiot Principle.

    Guess what ? I heard back from my husband that suddenly the Principle was totally willing to help our son. And he was pleading that we bring him back to school. So I did. My son later told me that the kids who had been bullying him were no longer a problem. In fact, due to closer scrutiny {which was what I had asked for anyway, someone to pay attention to the bullying}, due to more focused attention, those bullies were “benched” more often during recess because…..miracle of miracles….the teachers who had playground duty were actually catching the little bullies in action. Instead of ignoring the situation. And this is just a small indication of Pluto in the 10th. Believe me.

  28. Guess who has Pluto conjunct Saturn in the first house ? Interestingly enough it’s Kate Middleton. Pippa has the same conjunction but it’s in the third house.

    No wonder Kate latched onto William, no matter what he put her through. That power drive of hers. It’s why Kate took so much poo from William over the 10 years or so prior to the engagement. Kate took the tactic of monitoring / pursuing him and being a doormat when he dumped her then took her back. He dumped her a few times to go after other women like Isabella Calthorpe. The press called her “Katie Wait” and “the mattress”.
    Who would put up with all that ? Maybe a woman with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction ? Because William had the sort of prestige and power that she wanted. And felt entitled to.
    As a Capricorn it’s the same mode for Kate. A drive for power/status. So she has a real emphasis on that.

    In my opinion Kate’s Saturn conjunct Pluto hasn’t been used successfully or very well yet. She accomplished nothing in her 20’s even after getting her university degree. There was a lot of partying and a lot of William,and there were fights and separations. The story floated out by the PR department is that Kate worked for her mother’s business. LOL. I think that was a photo op/PR and I doubt she spent much time doing any work. If she worked then who would monitor William ?
    There has been a recent online news article about how lazy Kate is and it pointed out that 93 year old Prince Phillip does more “work”. So does 65 year old Charles.
    Kate has only 6 charities and she doesn’t often interact with them. But Sophie has over 70 charities and Princess Diana had over 100. Diana was also a mother,so is Sophie, so the excuse of motherhood is weak and Kate can’t really use it for an excuse. Especially since the “work” the royals do usually amounts to getting dressed, being driven to an event , spending and hour or two chatting with people and then going home.

    Diana did a lot more like real work, and for her it was because she went beyond the galas and glamor events. Diana was a real force, such a very responsible,caring person and everyone could tell she really cared. Diana wasn’t play-acting or being minimal. As for Diana’s Pluto, it was in her 8th house and conjunct Mars. She had Pluto power too, but always sincerely wanted to help people and work hard. I wonder if Kate will ever grow up ?

  29. Wow. Lots of Kate-haters in the media, I guess. I cannot imagine being in her shoes, as I am not her, so I will refrain from criticizing her.

      • It’s not really “hate” to point out what seems to be the facts.

        Mom bashing ? LOL. Come on. I understand us women supporting each other but you can’t use motherhood as an excuse to do so little. Imagine how much Kate help others if only she tried a little harder ? She’s been given the titles of “Dolittle” and “Cannot” buy people in her own country. I guess I’m not the only person to think she is a little lacking.
        Most mothers work full time,real jobs with no servants and no nanny. Kate doesn’t have to worry about that. She only has to spend a little time visiting charities or doing other public duties. It’s part time and it’s not really “work”. Kate doesn’t even have to drive ! Someone does that for her too.

        I pointed out that Sophie and Diana both did more than Kate is. They’re both mothers. And you say mother-bashing ?! I’m using Sophie and Diana as good examples. Diana was pregnant right away after her marriage and yet was still known for her amazing work ethic. And Diana was thrown right into her role with very little preparation or support and still did so well.

        At no time, not even the year or so Kate had prior to her first pregnancy, did she ever seem to take her role seriously by helping others except minimally. There she was, married and not pregnant for at least a year. There was nothing stopping Kate. And even after George was born there was nothing stopping her. Kate has a nanny and house servants.
        Like I said…most mothers have a baby and a full-time job with no pampering.

        Are you really so sensitive about a person like Kate who has the power to help many people much more, but she doesn’t seem to be interested in that ? A woman who throughout her 20’s had no career ? That’s a bad example for young girls. Funny how you react so strongly to criticism of her. You lump it all as “bashing”. That’s kind of sad and you seemed to miss many of the details.

        • What “seem” to be the facts.

          I’m not easily offended (and I am NOT saying YOU offended me, as I appreciate we are free to state our opinions on this blog) but I do have a problem when people feel free to tell others what they should do with their time and money. This applies to rich or poor in all societies (so long as they are not purposely hurting living things).

          That’s my final word on this.

        • to be honest, you sound jealous because she’s not your “typical” mother type that you would like. no offense, but Kate wanted this, and she feels immensely fulfilled with this type of living. Ironically, astrology showed you that too. I read that she actually has Saturn/Pluto and Mars in libra tight in the 7th house.

  30. I have Pluto conjunct Saturn conjunct my Ascendant in my natal chart. It’s difficult to identify how this impacts me because it seems to be core to my nature (Asc I guess). I am a woman and I am certainly powerful (Pluto?) physically (Asc or Saturn perhaps). My day job is in manual labor and I grew up in a family business that was also manual labor. I also have super strong sense of integrity (Saturn) perhaps from growing up in a religious family. I certainly have a healthy fear for the law (Saturn) but there is some room for fudging so long as my principles remain intact. I have difficulty with superficial conversation (Pluto) and a distain for doing things for money (all or nothing Pluto too I think). My childhood was not especially hard but in adulthood I have had difficulty thriving. Friendships come hard and career is not clear. I seem to be doing everything the long way oh and I definitely struggle with depression (canyousaysaturn). As far as hobbies I do improv comedy (Pluto square mercury?). But I seem to be more conservative than most theater folk (Saturn) Although my thoughts (mercury) have evolved (Pluto) significantly over the years. There is probably more to say but I got tired.

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