Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn Challenges An Aries Moon

Mars in AriesI’m working with a Capricorn with an Aries moon.  The moon is at a late degree so it’s getting pounded…

I write:

“I will be candid with you – you have some horrific transits over the next year or so.  Expect it to be GRUELING.  However, if you play your cards right, you can get a good ending out of this.

Take that concept and marry it to the idea of living another forty years.This should vividly illustrate, it’s in your best interest to show up and fight like hell.”


“It’s good you have defined goals. A Capricorn needs a goal.

You also have an Aries moon which needs a CHALLENGE.  You have a mighty challenge!  If it’s not a mighty challenge, then it’s not really a challenge. So far so good!”

This person has to fight for their life. Can you relate? Will it help you to consciously opt to stand up and fight with everything you’ve got?


Saturn & Pluto In Capricorn Challenges An Aries Moon — 11 Comments

  1. Late degree Aries Sun here…

    Well, I can certainly relate with this post…

    I generally consider myself a tough cookie, but I can say that, psychologically, I have been feeling some serious psychological dips recently. Feeling heavy, if you know what I mean. It really FEELS like I am fighting for my life, because it’s like someone turned the lights off… seems like there is no hope in sight. Even life itself seems kind of pointless under these transits. It’s like there is nothing interesting to do, nothing to go after, because, after all, everything dies in the end, doesn’t it? Yeah, certainly looks like depression…

    I regularly have to do some serious mental recalibration to get through this – or, conversely, not think at all and just breath or do something, anything… I think being present and meditating could help, since I have come to realise the impermanence of all things that people usually go after. And, being highly self-reliant as I am, and having cleared my social circle from the people who were dragging me down (apparently, there were quite a few), I recently realised that all this solitary living isn’t helping me under these transits. So I am very happy just to hear the telephone ring and a friendly or familiar voice on the other side of the telephone line.

    Yeap, that’s the stuff these transits are made of…

    Really hope everything works out in the end..

    Much love to anyone else who’s going through the same..

  2. I’m a Capricorn with an Aries moon and I get completely bored without a challenge.
    Nice picture too.
    You seem a little dramatic to me though Elsa. Usually things aren’t as extreme as you make them seem.

    • You don’t live in my world, Chris. If you did, you might decide I understate things, wildly.

      I am also writing to a specific individual who I probably doesn’t think this is dramatic enough.

      In other words, it’s not about you, if it’s not about you.

  3. I so agree people not living my life. Couldn’t possibly get the depth of the intensity of our real. Capricorn Moon at birth, Saturn parks on my Asc and will hook up with Pluto in the 1st House. Grinding and grounding down an essential nature is tough work and the best sort of rigor needed in my culture that teaches us to carry the load Because it’s yours!

  4. Yes, I very much relate to this. To the utmost. I am surprised how much these transits feel like an almost literal physical weight, or pressure.

  5. I know someone with same placements but in the early degrees. He was literally fighting for his life while Pluto was transiting both sun and moon. It was brutal! He’s great now but it was just horrible. We thought he’d never make it.

  6. I can relate to this completely. I have an Aries Midheaven, with a stack of planets in the later degrees of Capricorn. I feel I have a lot more strength and empowerment than I ever used to. If I have to fight like hell, I’m up for it.

  7. I am cancer june 21st 1976. Natal Moon 24 degrees aries just between 7th and 8th house. Transit Pluto & south node coming in my 5th capri house. How can I use this energy in favor? I literally have no energies.
    Love your blog.

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